Nothing is more comforting and yummy to me in the winter than hot chocolate. It reminds me of coming in after sledding all day and snuggling around the fire on our first floor, watching Christmas cartoons with with my little Auntie who lived with us, and sitting in ski lodges (all 6 times I skied! ).

Hot chocolate can still be an occasional treat. It should not be an everyday food- as cacao contains caffeine and has toxic qualities, even when labeled as “raw.”

There is a big difference between cAcAo and cOcOa. Cacao is the raw form of the cacao bean. Cocoa is the cheap, more processed variety- which has been roasted, alkalized, molded into heated cakes, the cacao butter/oil pressed out then powdered. You can get cacao at any healthfood store, or find some great online sites where you can buy it raw, organic and in bulk.

My Vegan, Superfood, Almost-Raw Hot Chocolate
  • Unsweetened almond milk
  • Raw, organic Cacao powder (if you can only find nibs, make sure to grind them first in a coffee or spice grinder)
  • Stevia
  1. Heat the almond milk- either warm or really hot, depending on your taste. Add a 1 tsp. or less of cacao powder and sweeten to sweeten. Ahh. Sit back and enjoy!


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