Raw Beauty Tabouleh Salad


Okay, so I’m pretty obsessed with my tabouleh salad right now- and I think once you make it and try it, you will be too!
It is delicious, fresh, super easy to make, and packed with health and beauty benefits.

This herb has so many health benefits. I try to throw it into my green smoothies every day, and this dish is another way to incorporate it easily into your diet. Parsley is rich in the beauty Vitamins A and C, folic acid, and has flavonoids that act as antioxidants- which put the kabash on free radicals creating damage to the cells.

Parsley is also very high in iron, and the high vitamin C content assists the absorption of iron. It is a blood purifier and helps to kill bacteria in the body.  Parsley is an excellent digestion restorative remedy. It improves the digestion of proteins and fats, and because of its high enzyme content, parsley benefits digestive activity and elimination. It also helps cleanse the liver of toxins and rejuvenates it.

If that weren’t enough, parsley is also high in Vitamin K, chlorophyll and essential fatty acids- and helps balance hormones in us women! Now I bet you think of parsley as more than that a dinky garnish you push to the side of your plate with the edge of your fork! :)

HEMPSEEDS: (One of my favorite seeds) Hempseeds are 33% easily digestible plant protein, and 3 tbs. serves up a whopping 11 grams of protein! Loaded with Omega 3 fats, and the beauty minerals magnesium, zinc, iron and phosphorus, these little seeds are perfect little gifts of nutrition from nature. These are NOT of the same strain as the um, smoking kind of hemp, which contain THC. So don’t worry, you won’t get high from them (only a natural high from the amazing flow of nutrition!), they are legal…and they WILL help your skin and hair will look gorgeous.

LEMON: Lemons are amazing cleansers included in a water cleanse and should be included regularly in your diet. Lemons contain hundreds of enzymes and are one of the most restorative foods for the live. So here is yet another way to get more lemon into the diet- what a Godsend.

(And finally…) The Recipe!


Raw Beauty Tabouleh Salad
  • 1 huge bunch of either curly parsley or Italian flat parsley, or 2 smaller bunches
  • ½ white onion, diced
  • 1 organic tomato, diced
  • 5 heaping Tbs. of hempseeds
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • ¼ cup of first cold-pressed olive oil
  • High quality sea salt, to taste
  1. Chop the parsley and throw it into a large bowl, along with the tomato, onion and hempseeds. In a blender, combine the lemon, garlic, olive oil and sea salt and blend until a smooth consistency.
  2. Pour over the salad and mix well, and you’re ready to go!!
  3. ** Note: If you cut up an avocado on the side to eat with this salad, the way I do sometimes, this would make a wonderful, filling, and super nutritious raw lunch or dinner.

I hope you love this as much as I do. :) Have a beautiful rest of your week!

xx Kimberly



Last updated: Thursday, June 18, 2015
  • http://Veggie-Wedgie.wordpress.com Veggie Wedgie

    I LOVE hempseeds and I am sure this is great! You actually reminded me I have some hempseeds in my fridge, I am definately making this this week!
    Also, these flowers grow in Greece as well! Gorgeous.

  • lauren

    Do limes offer benefits similar to those of lemons?

    • http://kimberlysnyder.wordpress.com kimberlysnyder

      Hi Lauren, Yes they do! You can switch them up for variety. I like how lemons have so much yummy juice in them per each lemon, so I tend to use them more in recipes, and life in general. :)
      xx Kimberly

  • Megan

    This looks great! I’m going to the Farmer’s market tomorrow so hopefully I can track down some parsley!

    Quick question: Does dried parsley have any benefits? I have some of it in my pantry and I never use it.

    xoxo Megan

    • http://kimberlysnyder.wordpress.com kimberlysnyder

      Hi Megan!

      Dried parsley can be useful in a quick fix and for certain recipes…but of course the real stuff is so much better!!! And the health benefits are so much greater, as you do lose something in the drying process (and who knows how its dried??- some methods probably preserve the life force more than others, but we don’t know), but in its natural state, full of water and potent life force, the parsley’s minerals would be in full force and absorb into your body so much better.
      So don’t throw it out- just in case you are in a bind, but I sure wouldn’t rely on it!! :)
      PS- Hope you are putting parsley in your green smoothies!
      xx Kim

  • http://thinkgolden.blogspot.com/ Melanie

    MMMMM, this tabouli salad looks yummy! I will have to try it!

  • Shep

    Well Kim, you did it again. You got me to try something new AGAIN!

    This was really quite delicious. I never had hemp seeds before, but they are a tasty addition. I skipped the garlic to make this dish more Pitta friendly, and it is very good. Next time I plan to add some diced cucumber and fresh mint leaves.

    I add the Hemp seeds to my green smoothie in the morning now, alternating with Chia seeds (another great find thanks to you).

    You may get tired of hearing it, but you are an inspiration to me! Thanks you so much.


    • http://kimberlysnyder.wordpress.com kimberlysnyder

      Hi Shep! that’s great!! Glad you like them. You should look into buying them in bulk, if you start having a lot of them.
      xx Kimberly

  • A

    Hi, I just stumbled across your blog while on Modelinia. I was wondering if you know any “Green” recipes for those who do not like lettuce, or any other leafy vegetable–but do like all other greens besides those!

    • http://kimberlysnyder.wordpress.com kimberlysnyder

      Hi A,

      NO green leafy vegetables at all??!! Well you could substitute cucumber and celery in the Green Smoothie recipe… but if you could sneak in just a few kale leaves or romaine leaves you would get a ton more alkaline minerals. The apple and lemon would cover the taste right up!
      You might surprise yourself! :)
      Let me know how you do.
      xx Kimberly

  • Candela Dominguez

    This looks really fun and easy to do! 😀 Me and my mom are going to try this out! I’m so excited I cant wait! The recipes look amazing! :) Thanks!

  • Mya

    Hi Kim!
    I’ve never heard before that parsley is high in B12-vitamin!? Is that really true and do you know how much there is B12 in 100 g parsley??

    • Danny Newcomer

      Mya…I believe that should have been high in vitamin K. According to the USDA there is 1640mcg of vit K in 100g of fresh parsley and 0 vitamin B-12. I was unable to find any resource that listed any nutritional amount of B-12 in parsley. As Kimberly mentioned there are a lot of other high nutritional values in parsley, and if you have not tried this salad yet, I can tell you it is delicious.

  • Nour

    Hi Kimberly,

    I tried this salad a few days ago and LOVED it–I am middle eastern, so we eat tabouli all the time, this is a great variation and the hemp seeds gives the salad a nuttier and a bit sweeter taste. Delicious!

    • http://kimberlysnyder.wordpress.com kimberlysnyder


  • Lorie


    I have been eating tabouli for years! My recipe varies and you might like it too!

    I use 1 C bulgar wheat (prepare ahead)
    1 bunch chopped parsley
    1 cup chopped spinach
    1 diced tomato
    1 bunch green onions (they’re milder as I’m not a BIG onion fan)
    2 cloves minced garlic
    Juice of 1 lemon
    1 chopped yellow pepper
    2-3 tablespoons cold pressed EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
    I top my salad with a tablespoon of feta cheese which can of course be omitted. Whola!

    • http://kimberlysnyder.wordpress.com kimberlysnyder

      That sounds great! The only thing is the bulgar wheat I try to avoid b/c of the gluten. If it doesn’t bother you that would be fantastic. Have you ever tried to use millet? xx Kimberly

  • Sarah

    Do you have to soak the hemp seeds?

    • http://kimberlysnyder.wordpress.com kimberlysnyder


  • randy

    Thank you Kimberly for the Tabouli recipe with hemp seeds. Awesome, delicious and great all come to mind.
    I will be doing the truffles for Mother’s Day.
    Have a great week.

    • http://kimberlysnyder.wordpress.com kimberlysnyder

      Great! Love that parsley. :)

  • http://twitter.com/kimsingson kim singson

    Hi Kim! I combined your tabouli salad w/ the sallys citrus salad dressing and it was absolutely delicious!!! I also added pecans on top :) I never cooked anything in my life or made anything, and can barely make eggs, so making your salad and it turning out great was so awesome for me. Thanks for all the health tips and recipes I’m telling all my friends about your blog!! :) I do hope you also hire a web designer so fans can navigate through your site more easily, or simply add a “search” bar so we can find our fave articles again more quickly!:)

    Thanks sooo much!! <3

    • http://kimberlysnyder.wordpress.com kimberlysnyder

      HI love, you’ll be happy to know that I am indeed updating my site. That is great about the successful food making!! Isn’t there a search bar on there?

      • Nita LIghtbody

        yes there is a search bar! Look way down at the bottom right hand side and you will find it :)

  • shelley

    I was just looking up the health benefits of tabouli. I too am OBSESSED with this. I’m pregnant and crave the lemony freshness of this all the time! I make it with bulgur wheat, but i’m sure it taste similar. I’ve made 3 batches in a week and a half.
    Happy to know there are other tabouli lovers out there. Seems like most don’t even know what it is!

  • Kelly J

    I have never heard of hemp seeds prior to reading your blog. Is there a brand that you recommend?

  • Christine

    Hi Kim!
    How many servings is this supposed to be? isn’t 1/4 a cup of evoo alot for one serving? :) i am new to your sight and recipes… so maybe i missed something :)

  • Luz

    Great recipe! Im excited to try it! And to buy your book too!!!

  • Andrea

    Hi Kimberly! First off, just wanted to say that you are amazing in the way that you freely give and share of yourself, your time, and your passion to see others benefit from the health knowledge you possess. THANK YOU :) I LOVE all your recipes (and your blog in general); however I especialy love this one. I grew up on my mom’s delicious home made tabouleh salad from the time I was a little girl; however after suffering from what was once thought to be an auto-immune inflammatory condition I discovered a severe intolerance to gluten, and could no longer enjoy her more traditional tabouleh recipe as it called for cracked bulgar wheat. After discovering your recipe, wich substitutes the wheat for hempseeds, I am once again able to savor a little piece of fond childhood memories 😉 <3 One quick question for you though…It was recently suggested by my nutritionist that I eat according to my blood type (A), and I am supposed to avoid tomatoes (along with all other nightshade vegetables) :(I have been racking my brain trying to think of a good/healthy substitute, and am not coming up with anything. Do you have a suggestion? I don't want to do life without tabouleh again! Hehe! :)

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Andrea,
      Great! Yes, I understand about childhood recipes. :) There really are great substitutes for wheat and gluten-containing ingredients, thankfully.

      I will say this about the blood type diet: dogs, pigs, tigers, elephants, etc…all different species have an ideal diet that is suited to them. Why would humans, who all share the same digestive tract and basic anatomical functioning, have different nutritional needs based on different blood types? Why would the human species have vastly different nutritional needs within the species?

      You evaluate and decide for yourself what you works best for you. But if you want to replace the tomatoes, try chopped purple cabbage perhaps! xx

  • Heather

    Wonderful recipe, thank you! If I make a large batch, how long does it keep in the fridge?

    • http://www.recoveringmylifeforce.wordpress.com Aubrey

      does this serve one? could you give some meal ideas like if you have salad ddo you have sides etc…

  • Summer

    Hi Kimberly!
    If youre not tired of hearing from me already I have more questions!I have something called Dysautonomia (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). Basically my heart works twice as hard but my blood pressure is lazy and doesnt like to go where it needs so it settles in my toes and fingers! This makes me pass out and get really dizzy! Im supposed to drink about double to recommended amount of water a day to keep my BP up and also have alot of salt but i know too much isnt good for you. and water just gets…..well boring. Ive started adding lemon juice to it but its STILL boring 😛 do you have any tips or ideas for healthy things to drink that will still hydrate me as much as water? Thanks!

  • Courtenay

    I really enjoyed this recipe! Thanks Kimberly :-)

  • Rusty


    It is my first time to your website and in reading this recipe I noticed that you wrote that Parsley is high in B12. B
    I noticed that another poster wrote that you may have meant to write Vitamin K. However I was wondering if this is true or if you have some other new scientific research to support this claim.

    Thank you.