The CASTOR PACK DETOX: An Important Home Detoxing Method

Hope you are having a great week so far!

First I wanted to share some good news with you! This Saturday I will be returning on Good Morning America to do another segment. :) The producers told me that the first one I did was one of their most popular segments ever, with thousands of people coming on their website and leaving comments. So Yay!!! It will be around 8:45 am, so if you are up please do tune in. :) :)  I promise I won’t be in my jammies sans makeup, like I am here in these photos! 

 Now let’s talk about an easy way to increase the elimination of toxins out of the body. Many of you have been writing me that you have been making changes and improvements to your diet, and most especially Green Smoothies, which is just awesome!! So along with that, we want to be sure that we are removing as much of the toxicity that has “awakened” as possible, for as you change your diet you will wake up some of the older impaction in your body. This is great….provided we get it out!

So this is what I call the CASTOR PACK DETOX. What the heck is that?? Well it’s easy as can be, and highly beneficial. It involves the use of castor oil, which is a thick vegetable oil derived from the castor bean, which is grown mainly in Brazil, India and China. It has been used for centuries in many cultures.

 With the CASTOR PACK DETOX, we place the castor oil directly all over our bellies and digestive tracts, where the castor oil has the ability to soak through the skin to improve the elimination of toxins and and stimulate circulation. 

There are a couple of ways to do it, but basically this is how I do it, and find it the least messy. Because castor oil is pretty thick!!

Step 1: You rub the castor oil all over the belly area, over to both sides. (Some people like to soak the castor oil in a cotton cloth, which is another option.

Step 2: Now ladies and gentlemen…I present the saran wrap!! Voila! Take the saran wrap and cover your now rather sticky, castor oil-ed  up belly!

Step 3: Cover the saran wrap with a towel!


Step 4: This is the best part!!! You cover the whole thing with a heating pad or a hot water bottle, sit back, and CHILLAX!! Now you can kick it and read a book or watch TV. You should keep the heat on for at ideally 45 minutes to one hour.

The CASTOR PACK DETOX is best practiced right before bed, a few hours after you’ve eaten dinner. It will help loosen the toxicity up and any obstructions in the digestive tract. It can be practiced 1-3 times a week. You can get pure, cold-pressed castor oil at health food stores and markets.

Have fun!! You will feel like a little kid playing with finger paints when you stick all that oil on you. :)





Last updated: Wednesday, August 5, 2015
  • Christi

    Hi Kimberly, thank you for sharing this simple detoxing method. Have you ever done a liver and gall bladder flush to eliminate gall stones? It involves drinking a lot of apple juice or taking malic acid for several days and then on the final day, ingesting epsom salts mixed with water and also a combination of olive oil and fresh grapefruit juice. I haven’t tried it, but I have read on different forums that it is an effective way of treating different health conditions including skin problems.

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Christi,
      At a longevity center I volunteered at for a while, they had a very popular liver and gall bladder flush program, which is where I first got into the castor oil packs. It is really amazing all the good they can do. And yes, can be helpful for the skin.
      Come visit me again!
      xx Kimberly

  • Leslie Rapparlie

    Hey Kim! A couple questions about this: 1. Can you use it if you’re sick? I know a friend who is chronically ill and all the meds cause constipation. Would this help with that? I worry about talking about a detox process with someone on lots of meds and not a raw diet. 2. Can you use it on other parts of your body, like legs, feet, hands? Would there be benefits? What part would you want to avoid? Like lymph? 3. After you’re done should you avoiding showering for awhile or do it immediately or is that silly to ask!? Thanks for additional advice…see you soon!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Leslie,
      If someone’s diet hasn’t changed, then they shouldn’t really be doing too many detox methods. The diet has to change first! I have used castor packs mainly around the liver, gall bladder, digestive tract for the circulation and relaxing benefits to eliminate poison. I haven’t used it on my hands or feet- so you may want to check before doing that! I don’t think the showering will matter, just be sure the area is dry first!
      Love, xx Kim

  • Michelle

    Kimberly, wow great news about being on Good Morning America again! I am glad that people are really starting to “think” about their food choices. This Castor detox sounds amazing. I will try this one for sure this weekend with my twin sister. I have done a castor oil cleanse before and had to drink it, ugh! So I am SOOOO happy to hear that this detox I do not have to drink it. LOL> Thanks for always posting such great information. I will let you know how it goes. Michelle

    • kimberlysnyder

      HI Michelle,
      Thanks for your kind words!
      Yes, some people drink the castor oil, but I’d rather not. I’d drink aloe, but not castor oil. :)
      Come visit me again!
      xx Kimberly

      • Michelle

        Yes we drink aloe vera as well!! We did the castor oil pack last night and loved it. It was totally relaxing and our bodies felt rested, which was nice!! This is something we will continue to use when we feel we need help getting toxins out!


  • Charlene (JA)


    You have the neatest tricks! :) I love this one can’t wait to try it!

  • Veggie Wedgie

    Cool tip! Does only Castor oil has these properties? Could I use coconut oil instead?

  • Amanda Jewell


    any tips for cellulite? i drink tons of water, eat 50-75% raw, exercise (running/hiking + pilates reformer classes + kickboxing) 5-6x/wk. NO gluten or dairy. Only non-vegan food i eat is organic free-range hormone free chicken or organic “..” salmon.

    Do you think this castor oil pack would help w/ cellulite if used on legs?

  • Stephen

    Great Site. I agree with your comments and only wish more people listened to this. Go the Natural Detox.

  • Susana Tomasio

    Hi Kimberly.
    I tried this last night and it was great.
    But I’ve got a question:
    I have a tattoo on my belly, does the castor oil make anything
    at the tattoo ink? Like discolor the tattoo or something?

    thank you,


    • kimberlysnyder

      Oh crap I don’t know! Maybe ask your tatoo artist?? I don’t think it would since you can put regular lotion on a tattoo, and the heat isn’t so intense.

      • Susana Tomasio

        Thank you Kimb!
        I’ll ask to the tatoo artist.
        Take care!

  • Robert

    Thanks a lot for this step by step, helped a lot! so far…knock knock

  • Ashley

    Hi Kim!

    I came across this post again after castor oiling for about a year and I have a question with respect to the cling wrap. It just came to thought… if we are heating the plastic wrap on our tummies – would the plastic toxins be released into the system? Is that dangerous?

    Thanks again for sharing your health tips… love your book! Such an informative guide.

  • Roberta Martin

    If someone has had a colonoscopy, wouldn’t that get everything out of your system? And, how long after one has begun a healthier diet does one want to begin the Castor Pack Detox? Does the diet have to be raw? I still eat cooked chicken, fish and cooked vegies (mostly steamed or briefly stir-fried), and beef maybe three or four times a month. I am about to remove breads from my diet again (I go on/off with this. I love it, but it doesn’t love me).

    Thank you for your time and also for you great tips; not to mention the recipe’s! :)

  • http://n.a. patrick

    Using castor wrap now for two months, 5 x daily and night. Made up my own zip – on wrap. My skin is best ever, soft and healthy to the touch. You should see the crap that is coming on to the wrap which I cover with cling film. I have gone total vegetarian. Best thing – nutrition in my life My ,PSA is dropping from 46 to 18 with some help from foot baths and supplements. Don’t go to doctors any more. Watch this space ! Patrick. F. M

    • Gianna Logan

      What is psa?

      • Holly Pratt

        PSA in a blood test to check hormone levels in a mand prostate

  • Alishia

    Hi Kimberly,

    I also was wondering about the cling wrap on the skin. I thought it was toxic?!

    • Cathy

      You can also use a set towel then heat pack over a soaked castor oil gauze. Works fine!

      • Cathy

        Meant to say “WetTowel”

  • Tam Madrid

    Hi Kimberly, I jus want to know where can I purchase the castor oil without having to order it from the internet.

    Thank you


  • priti

    Hi Kimberly, actually i am suffering from ibs(irritable bowel syndrome) can i still use this pack? please reply .thanks in advance.

  • Tina

    is it okay to shower afterwards? I have a friend that buys those detox wraps and she’s not allowed to shower afterwards.

  • inga

    show an before and after image THX U!

  • Joy

    Hey Kimberley,

    Most other places I’ve read about castor oil packs they mention soaking a flannel in the oil and applying that to the skin before covering – I tried your way and it’s obviously easier but does it work the same way?

    Thanks : )

    • Cathy

      The gauze keeps the oil from dripping out, then cover with plastic, a wet cloth, then heat. I have used this for liver and gall bladder, then keep on all night, or in gall bladder attack, day and night to sooth and flush/detox

  • Michelle

    Hi Kimberly,
    Is this a preventive treatment for a person who has had liver cancer?

    • http://Castoroil Cathy

      It , is certainly a way to keep your liver healthy and prevent liver conjestion. I have used this method many times for my Gallbladder. A mixture of 2 tbsp. olive oil and juice from 1 lemon taken and then lay on r saide for 20 min then turn to left side for 15 min , dissolves stones and flushed them out. Morn and night until gall bladder attck has passed. Can take 3 to 4 days, along with Castor oil pack its perfect. Continue every month for at lest one day this method

  • Sereta

    I am 63 years old and have lost 76 pounds in 4 1/2 months, using vitamins and eating healthy. Now I have flab on my lower abdomen will the castor oil wrap help eliminate hype flab and if yes how often do I use it. Thank you

  • Cinfdy

    Kimberly, so excited to see you on GMA again! I love to watch any show you appear on. Thank you so much for the tip about the Castor oil. I am currently on Day 2 of a 3 day Detox & this will really be a great addition to cleaning out the toxins. I will give it a go tomorrow night & continue this at least 2-3 days a week. I absolutely love your lifestyle & am addicted to the GGS. Thanks again for another great tip. Take care, Cindy

  • Beata

    You look just stunning sans makeup! Please post more pics au naturel and let your beauty shine through :o)

  • Marie Soares

    Plastic wrap can contain Bisphenol A (BPA) which is an endocrine disruptor. Heating the plastic would release even more of the BPA. THis would be a bad idea if you are trying to detox. Apparently Saran wrap is BPA free, but my feeling is that plastic is not a thing you want to heat on your skin if you are detoxing. Gauze, cheesecloth, an old t-shirt , or a piece of flannel would work. The point is castor oil on the skin and some kind of heat. It’s up to you if you want to try to keep the oil off the heat source and how.

  • Jane

    Castor oil, rub knees, calf, hips, elbows, shoulders, neck – great stuff , had back surgery, have knee problems but this stuff makes life easier, for a $1.79 best thing I ever bought.