Scary Facts About Soy (Put that Soy Milk Down Right Now!)


I hope you had a great weekend! All I can say is WHAT…A…WEEK!! I’ve been in LA for only one week this trip, but I feel like I squeezed in about a month’s worth. I’m exhausted, but truly exhilarated about all the amazing things that I got to do and be a part of.

I wanted to write more about soy today, because I tweeted about it last week and there was a lot of interest. My friends that have been reading my blog a long time know that I have long NOT been a fan of soy. Soy is a low-mineral food that is very allergenic to many people. Over 90% of soy in our country is genetically modified (GMO).

There are so many reasons not to eat soy, and it is distressing to me that many health care professionals promote the consumption of soy. The heavily lobbyists of the soy industry would all have us believe soy was a miracle health food- that is until we start to investigate on our own.

Don’t think you get soy in your diet because you don’t eat tofu? Unfortunately, being the sneaky food that soy is, it permeates our diet in the form of soy protein isolates, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP), textured vegetable protein (TVP), and is disguised by many other names. We don’t want to eat any “fake” meat or other disgusting forms of processed vegetarian foods-gross!! And read labels! A Cliff bar brings in a whopping 20 grams of soy protein, a ZonePerfect bar 15 grams, and a Boca Burger 13 grams. All such foods should be avoided.

Today I wanted to list a few facts with some sources. Check it out!

–    Soy contains isoflavones, specifically genistein and daidzein. These are estrogen-like substances that have the same effect in the body as estrogen. When we eat lots of soy we can become estrogenic, which contributes to such problems as cancer, irritability and mood swings, fat gain around the waist, hips and thighs, fibrocystic breast disease and uterine fibroids.

Casanova, M. et al. “Developmental effects of dietary phytoestrogens in Sprague.” Toxicol Sci, Oct. 1999, 51 (2): 236-244.

Santell, L, et al. “Dietary genistein exerts estrogenic effects upon uterus, mammary gland and the hypothalamic/pituitary axis in rats.” J Nutr, Feb. 1997, 127(2) 263-269.

–   Soy may be connected with Alzheimer’s Disease. In studies in Japan and Hawai, men who consumed tofu at least twice weekly had more cognitive imprairment than those who rarely or never consume it.

White, L R., Petrorich, H, Ross, G W, and Masaki, K H. “Association of mid-life consumption of tofu with late life cognitive impairment and dimentia: the Honolulu-Asia Aging Study.” Fifth International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease, #487, 27 July 1996, Osaka, Japan.

White, LR, Petrovitch, H, Ross, G w, Masaki, K H, Hardman, J, Nelson. J, Davis. D, and Markesbery, W. “Brain again and midlife tofu consumption.” J Am Coll Nutr, April 2000, 19(2): 242-2555.

–    High soy intake for men increases the probability of estrogen dominance in men, which contributes to hair loss, swollen prostates, and other issues. Dorris Rapp, MD is the leading pediatric allergist, asserts that “environment and food estrogens are responsible for world-wide reduction in male fertility”.

Nagata, C, et al. “Inverse association of soy product intake with serum androgen and estrogen in Japanese men.” Nutr Cancer, 2000, 36(1):14-18.

Zhong, Ying, et al. “Effects of dietary supplmentt of soy protein isolate and low fat diet on prostate cancer.” FASEB J, 2000, 14(4):a531.11.

–   The amount of phytoestrogens that are in a day’s worth of soy infant formula equals 5 birth control pills.

“Soy Infant Formula Could be Harmful to Infants.” Nutrition Week, Dec. 10, 1999, 29(46):1-2.

–   Soy is a mineral-deficient food, and contains phytin, which chelates essential minerals such as iron, zinc and magnesium out of the body before they can be absorbed.

–   The new IGF-1 data potentially places soy in the category of a powerful cancer promoter of the breast, prostate, lung and colon.

Yu, H. “Role of the insulin-like growth factor family in cancer development and progression.” J Natl Cancer Inst, Sept. 20, 2000, 92(18)1472-1489.

Switch from soy milk to almond milk, avoid tofu, and eat cleaner food!! By the way, organic, non-GMO miso, tempeh and natto are acceptable soy foods, since they are fermented.

Have a great start to your week! I’ll be back in NY this week and will write more.

Lots of love,





Last updated: Wednesday, August 5, 2015
  • Lauren

    You looked gorgeous!!!

    I stay away from soy with the occasional tempeh dish. But other then that, no soy for me! :) Have you heard of South River Miso? They have soy-free miso, like chickpea, adzuki bean, brown rice! They are delicious and most are soy free!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Thanks love. Yes I have heard of them!! They have a low-sodium version also I think. Yay!!!!!!

  • Codie

    I just love all of your blogs and following you in your adventures. As a lifetime vegetarian and recent vegan, I am concerned about my soy in-take. I admit to being duped by the media on this one, and am so grateful for people such as yourself that help point us in the direction of accurate information and allow us the tools we need to continue our education.
    I have a question about the new “Gardein” products. I looked on most of the lables and found them to be less soy laden than some meat substitutes, do you have any insider info on this new product?

    PS, you looked amazing on Oscar night! I cant imagine how much fun that must have been!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Codie! Thanks for your kind words. I don’t have any insider info on the Gardein products, but if you want to send me the recipe list we can evaluate! In general look for the veggie products that are indeed veggie-based, not soy based! For instance, there ARE veggie burgers made of veggies and not soy! :)
      See you here soon!

  • Stefanie

    Thank you for great posts again Kimberly! You look stunning in your black dress. I have definitely adapted healthier and more “real” eating and drinking habits since finding your blog but I have a few difficulties with this whole soy/dairy thing. I asked you earlier which one is worse; soy or cow’s milk and you responded cow’s milk. But still soy seems so bad according to all the facts.. Since I still drink soy and cow’s milk, I was wondering if it would be better to totally stop consuming either one or do both a little? I know your answer would be to skip both, but I am not ready for that yet… :)

    Thank you

    Love, Stefanie

    • kimberlysnyder

      Oh Stefanie! :) What can I say???? You SHOULD skip both. I guess if I had to pick it would be skip the cow’s milk and consume soy milk ONLY when you have to!!!

  • Laura

    I buy almond milk instead of soy milk but Almond Breeze has soy lecithin in it. Any suggestions?

    • kimberlysnyder

      You can make your own (check out my recipe called Megan’s Almond Milk). In almond breeze it is one of the last ingredients, so it isn’t too terrible. With the protein bars it is usually the first or second ingredient!

  • morgan

    You looked lovely! I too enjoyed the Oscars (at home, obviously). Unfortunately, I enjoyed too much of the party we had, and felt like death warmed over this morning! Looked back at your earlier posts, though, and instead of the horrible things I wanted to eat, have been focussing on things like grapefruits and other juicy fruits…have learned my lesson!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Good girl!!!!!!!!! :) We all stray sometimes, which is no big deal as long as we get back on track. :)

  • Megan

    Thanks for the info. As a vegetarian, I’ve recently cut back on my tofu consumption. I do eat a lot of raw edamame. Are there any issues liked with this?

    • kimberlysnyder

      Yes! It is an unfermented soy product, like the others!

  • Nicole

    Boy, my head is spinning, all with great info. Does this mean that edamame is not good either?


    • kimberlysnyder

      Not good, avoid!!

      • X

        Kim, first of all, let me tell you that you look fantastic! Are you sure about edamame being bad for us? I am a student at Integrative Nutrition and they told us that edamame is the only good way to eat soy, of course, in moderation, and maybe not for everyone, we have to experiment with our bodies ;).

        • kimberlysnyder

          Hi Ximena! I am familiar with the School of Integrative Nutrition and have a couple friends that graduated from there. I can say this: edamame is unprocessed, so it doesn’t go through all the acid washing in aluminum bins, etc. that something like TVP or soy protein isolates does. However, even in its natural state it still has the qualities of soybeans which are intrinsically true about soybeans! Only the process of fermentation can deactivate some of soy’s unfavorable qualities. There are lots of health practitioners that believe edamame is healthy- I happen to not be one of them for these very reasons. Everyone is difference, for sure! But for me, I say why take the risk of something that could be so harmful? I’d rather just avoid it altogether. :)

          Thanks about liking my dress! Come visit me again. Lots of love, Kimberly

  • Christi

    Hi Kimberly, I was wondering, what exactly is different about fermented soy products from unfermented soy products that makes them okay to consume?

    • kimberlysnyder

      HI Christi- see what I wrote to Joan. :)

  • Joan

    I’ve stayed away from all soy products for about a year and a half now (since starting an elimination diet). I’ve been so healthy that I haven’t felt the need to add soy back, but I’ve been told to only ever have fermented soy products when I do. Why is it that fermented soy is better? Obviously I am anti-processed foods of any sort, but I’m curious as to what happens when the soy ferments that makes it more healthful?

    • kimberlysnyder

      When soy is fermented it deactivates some of the harmful properties of the soy, such as its ability to block trypsinogen (protein). We still want to be sure it is organic and non-GMO however, in any form!

  • Claudia


    Sorry but this e-mail is not about the soy milk but about you, you look great in that dress and I am glad that you had fun.

    It is also great that the main stream media is paying attention to GOOD QUALITY health stuff like the one you offer!

    See you Thursday =-)

    • kimberlysnyder

      Thanks Claudia!!

  • Erika

    Hi Kim! I love your blog!! Thanks for all your great posts!!
    I live in Japan where almond milk is not available anywhere, and a bag of small raw almonds costs near 10 dollars. So making my own would be a bit too costly. Regular milk and soy milk are the only types of milk I can find. and occasionally i see Rice Dream. What are your opinions on Rice Dream?
    Thinking that soy milk is better then cow’s milk, i have been drinking soy milk but only in small amounts. is it still as dangerous in small amounts?

    i started drinking the green smoothie last week and LOVE IT!! thank you!!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Erika! Stick to the Green Smoothie!! What are you using milk for? If it is in small amounts like adding to tea, etc. the Rice Dream is your best bet. Cow’s milk is totally off the menu, and obviously you know I would have you avoid soy milk if at all possible. :)
      Come visit soon!

  • Sherri

    Hello. I haven’t drank milk or soy milk in many years. However I was drinking protein shakes, bars and fake meat that were nothing but soy.

    I had been hearing the different side effects of soy so about 2 months ago I gave up all soy products and so did my daughter. She has been drinking Almond milk. Two things happened, her face cleared up completely. COMPLETELY. And those crazy hairs that I’d on my chin every now and then…not one. For me I will never go back. I am about 45% RAW diet and so is my daughter.

    Happy Life.

    • kimberlysnyder

      Wow! Amazing, and thanks for sharing!

  • Jenny

    I LOVE your dress 😀 You’re so beautiful!! Thanks for another amazing post 😀

    • kimberlysnyder

      Thanks Jenny!! :) I like simple dresses best. :)

  • Esop

    You look as radiant as ever Kim – exquisite dress. I don’t usually see people’s skin glow so brightly against such contrast.

    This is yet another post which has really struck home for me. I tried Soy milk years ago when I started my nutrition revamp and woke up the next morning with swollen lips! They were uber-sensitive, and I was dismayed becuase I thought I was missing out on some super-nutritious food! I just switched to Rice/Oat/Almond milk thereafter.

    All in all, thanks very much for clearing up the BS!


    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Esop, thank you and thank you!! About the dress…but more importantly that you stopped drinking soy milk! I am sure your body is just thrilled. You won’t have that awful mucus buildup that tends to accrue with soy milk, along with the other issues.

      Come visit me again soon!! :)

  • Nikia

    What about non processed forms of soy? Like the edamame?

  • Kathy

    Hi Kimberly,

    I found your website about a month ago, I love all the great information. I am in early menopause and I was told by my gyn to drink soy if I don’t want to do replacement therapy to help make up estrogen. I did stop soy about a month ago and switched to almond milk (haven’t had cow’s milk in 10yrs.). I know you are much too young, but any advise on how to deal with “the change” without hormone replacement? I can’t wait for you to write a book!!

  • Laura

    Help! I need advice! I have been eating soy and drinking smoothies with soy milk for about 3 to 4 weeks. Two weeks ago I developed a red itchy rash on my underarms, areas of my back and reently my whole body has become extremely itchy. I had my first child 13 months ago and chalked it up to crazy hormones. I have stopped eating/ drinking soy and also changed laundry detergents etc. I have always been in good health and never experienced anything like this. Have you heard of reactions like this to soy? I thought I was clean eating! So glad I found your site!

  • roxy11222

    Kimberly, this is a non-related soy question. What is your opinion on Splenda or sugar substitutes in general? my dad has diabetes II and uses splenda for his coffee, so I am wondering if there are other options for him.

    thanks and have a great day,

    • kathy

      use Stevie’
      it is an all natural sweetener and is good to.

  • Lil

    Phew, lots of good info to digest! Raising 3 young kids, I’m always looking at ways to increase the nutritional value of meals that I make so I recently started using liquid aminos (derived from soy protein). What are your thoughts on this supplement?

    Thanks again for your great posts!

  • Robin

    Hi Kimberly,
    I drink a fair amount of soy milk because I don’t drink cow’s milk and I use soy to maintain my calcium intake. As well, I am allergic to nuts so I cannot drink almond milk. What would you suggest I drink/eat for calcium? Thanks!

  • Lauren

    So what does one eat if soy/tofu is bad for you? I am Japanese and we eat a lot of tofu and soy products. I’ve eaten tofu several times a week since I could eat solid food (I’m in my 40’s) and I’ve have not experienced any health issues because of it; it sure beats eating animal flesh, right? I just find it hard to believe that something plant-based like soy is bad for one’s health. Isn’t plant-based foods supposed to be better for your health?

  • Natalia

    Hi Kimberly!

    I just found your blog today, and I LOVE IT!! My boyfriend and I have been on a detox for the past 4 days, having juices/smoothies for breakfast & dinner and a healthy meal for lunch. I was wondering what’s more effective, to detox for a few days every few months, or to detox once a week? I’d imagine that a daily detox (like your green smoothie) would be more beneficial in the long-term.

    I was wondering what your thoughts are on Lactaid Milk (no lactose) and daily vitamin/calcium supplements?

    Thanks!!! Keep up the great work!!

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  • Robby Colvin

    So, what should I do if I’m vegan and have a baby on the way? I don’t want to give our baby regular formula because of what’s in cow’s milk. We are adopting our first child and aren’t sure if we’ll be able to provide breast milk, so we need to have a backup supply for the baby. We’d prefer not to do donor milk because of the logistics and cost.

    Any suggestions?

  • Hope

    I just discovered your website today and I really like it. I’m a vegetarian. I eat Boca and Morningstar products. They are large portion of my protein intake. Are there any alternatives to these that would be okay to consume? I’m really worried about getting enough protein. I don’t drink soy milk anymore; almond milk. Is that okay too?

    • kimberlysnyder

      HI Hope!
      This is not a short thing I can write on the blog…but basically our society mistakenly thinks that protein can only be derived from animal products. That is simply not true!!! Gorillas, the strongest animal on earth, eats greens and fruit. You do NOT need to make soy substitutions to get enough protein- load up on greens, veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds, and not junk food, and you will most probably get the amino acids you need.
      Love, Kimberly

  • Amber

    I just found your blog. It’s great!

    What do you do when you are out and about (for instance at Starbucks) and there’s no Rice or Almond milk?

    • Hope

      I’m no health expert. But between milk and soymilk, I’d say soymilk is the lesser of two evils.

    • Shannon

      While I’m guilty of a soy latte every now and then, we should all come together and put pressure on Starbucks to start offering unsweetened almond milk! Vanilla soy milk does the best in their taste tests, which is why they continue to use the sugar-laden stuff, but if we come out strong that all that soy and sugar is not a healthy alternative to dairy, they just might listen.

      In the mean time, try to vote with your money and not buy the soy latte. Get tea instead!!

      • Ellen

        FYI, if you go to Starbucks in Canada (specifically Montreal, but probably everywhere else), the soy milk is labeled natural. The packaging is the exact same, but it’s not vanilla flavored. The vanilla soy is an American thing. Unfortunately they are appealing to their audience.

  • Claire

    Hi Kim!
    How are you?! So I don’t know if you remember me but I’ve commented on your blog before and am an avid reader! I just have a quick question…I bought some vegan vitamins today but they do contain soy protein isolate and acetate from soy?? Are they still ok to consume?? I’m really worried they’ll depress my thyroid function! xo

  • Sarah

    Hey Kimberly! I thought that for a complete protein, you need to eat some legumes, some nuts or seeds, and a grain – all three incomplete proteins together will make a complete protein. But you don’t eat grains, so how do you get protein in your diet?

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  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the information! I’m working with a nutrition coach right now and this is what she told me about soy:

    “Eat as much soy products as you can. Because what you have is a mild case of colitis which we are trying to get under control and hopefully make it completely go away. Because of that, it increases your risk of colon cancer. Soy products have been proven to reduce the risk of colon, breast, and prostate cancer. Not trying to scare you but a good thing to keep in mind.”

    Unfortunately I signed a contract to keep working with her for several more weeks. I’m going to incorporate as much of your plan as possible while I keep working with her, though it’s kind of hard to add kale and things like that to my diet, because my body hasn’t been responding well to fiber, so she tells me to stay away from it.

    I have been feeling terrible, breaking out, and still have consistent migraines, so hopefully with your recommendations, I will be on my way to better health. Namaste!

  •!/kladionica sportske

    I simply couldn’t go away your site prior to suggesting that I really loved the info you supply for your guests? Im going to be back steadily to check out new posts

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  • Kim


    What are your thoughts on Quron products instead of soy-based brands like Morningstar?

    Thanks in advance for the response.

    • Kim

      Sorry for the mis-spealling: *Quorn (see this link:

    • Kimberly Snyder

      HI! I’m glad Quoron is soy-free. It is mushroom-based I believe, but frozen products are still not fresh and processed, so they shouldn’t be eaten often! xx

  • Ellen

    Hi Kim,
    Your book has changed my life! A friend of mine mailed it to me when heard that I was diagnosed with Crohns disease in June. The P & E Salad helps me enjoy my meals. I’ve been vegan for about 3 months and don’t miss meat at all. I also drink the GGS every morning because blending the fruits and lettuce help me digest them better. Plus it’s so refreshing. I have to eat mostly cooked vegetables. Any advice on any food that is good for reducing inflamation?

    • kathy

      check out the benefits of turmeric. it reduces inflammation. i take it and i have osteoarthritis it helps a is safe because it is a spice.

  • jackie

    I wonder if edemame soy beans are safe source of soy?

    • Kimberly Snyder

      They are not processed like the above mentioned forms, but they are not fermented either. I personally stick to the fermented forms, such as miso and tempeh.

  • Zoreh

    Hello Kim,

    I just bought your book and everything you say makes perfect sense to me. My question is that I like to drink sparkling water, does that fall under the sodas and not recommended?

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Zoreh! Carbonated water can be a treat, but some believe it can put excess pressure on the kidneys. Try to drink more plain, fresh water with lemon. xx

  • Ama Akoto-Bamfo

    I would like to know if soya or soya milk for that matter hinders the production of ovaries of females in their reproductive age

  • Tara

    Your article scares me…my husband and I have been eating a primarily vegetarian diet for the last couple of years…I wasn’t use to cooking this way so I substitute soy crumbles for beef, soy “chicken” for chicken and soy milk for milk….we eat it all the time….if we shouldn’t be eating this then what should we replace for the soy or for real meat in our diet? I’m not sure what to cook as a main dish now…

  • Rachel

    I have low levels of estrogen for 2 weeks of my monthly cycle, plant estrogen such as soy, linseed and tofu make me feel BETTER, not worse. I also supplement with B6. If I can’t have soy and tofu (even if organic?) where can I get it from to give me a boost when I’m at my lowest?

  • Jasmine

    Hi Kimberly!

    I was wondering if i can put almond breeze in my green smoothie to add some protein to it? So far i put spinach, bananas, lemon and sometimes blueberries in my green smoothie. I somehow broke out when i added an apple and pear.
    Thanks so much!

    • Reggie

      Hi Jasmine, I have switched from soynmilk to Almond breeze. Almond milk is not a GMO (Monosanto) product as soy milk is as far as I know. New information keeps coming out about new studies. By the way you makes some delicious/healthy smoothies.

  • John Hancock

    an excess of anything can be a problem.

  • Dina

    Is it a better idea to stay away from soy protein isolates as well. I stay away from anything that says soy but my friend insist that soy protein isolates is OK… but if I have a choice is it better just to stay away? please fill me in with some information… thanks

  • Leah

    I was looking for a brand with a protein powder that has no soy or animal products and I think I found one it says it doesn’t has these products but then in the ingredients is says it contains (fermented) soy. The product is “Garden of Life”. Please respond and tell me

    • Leah

      never mind i just caught the bottom

    • Reggie

      HiLeah, you can seach web sites or go into a web site that will tell you about the fremented soy bean, google wiki them and find tovfind out more. I knew there was something wrong with soy milk, thats wwy I stop dinking it. But I needed facts that soy milk is bad and I found this web page. In general they don,t tell you this not even “Livestrong” ? So you have heard something, now you need to search until you find the information you are looking for.

  • Daniela Dinh

    Hi Kimberly,

    What if I drink organic soy milk (Earth Balance brand)? All ingredients are organic… Does it still have all side effects that you listed above?

    Thank you.

    p/s: reading your book :)

    • Reggie

      You need to find out if they use 100% organic soy beans and not soynbeans from a GMO source. Remeber she said 90% is bad.

  • Angela

    I came across your website for a class that I am doing on Nutrition. And I am completely confused. My daughter has been lactose intolerant since birth and was switched to a soy based formula. Once off the formula, she has been drinking soy milk since then. But now I read this. Do you have any recommendations on what she can consume other than soy milk? She’s 5 now.

    • Reggie

      The almond milk is not a GMO like soy milk. Reseach is needed for al the things we comsume, internally, externally.

  • lexy

    Regular soy milk is bad correct? My question is, is Organic Vanilla Soy Milk that Starbucks uses bad for me as well?

    • Reggie

      Most soy milks are bad because they use the soy beans that come from Monosanto.

      • Shazam777

        One would think that the organic soy milk used by Starbucks would not be monsanto’s soy, since monsanto’s seeds aren’t organic…

  • Casey

    Hello! I have just come across your blog and will be looking at it more because it seems like a good find.Though you basically say that soy is bad, yes? Well my son is one and cannot have cows milk or peanuts and his allergist told me he could have soy milk. If it’s that bad what would be a better alternative???

    • Reggie

      Almond milk !

    • J

      Almond milk, rice milk, hemp milk are all very good.

    • Eric

      ask a doctor, soy is fine

      • Trish

        Ask a doctor? Very few doctors are trained in nutrition. They are trained in medicine which is why you would not want to ask one of them unless you are going to a naturopath or something.

    • Trish

      My daughter who is almost 2 is also allergic to dairy, eggs, and peanuts. Although she was not found to be allergic to almonds on the allergy test I will not give almond milk to her just to be safe as it is still a nut. Hemp milk is your best bet and is healthy. I use hemp milk for my little one as I have read that rice milk should not be given to children under 5 because of the possibility of high arsenic levels. Good luck!

  • Reggie

    Thanks Kimberly.
    You have different information then the others, and it is helpful as I study the different things…
    I was googling soy vs. almond milk. The web pages it me to showed no information that I needed. I am glad I found you with the view of the other side.

  • K

    OMG people stop flooding the poor woman with questions. Read her book. Everything is explained there!!!

  • Jan

    Would you also recommend to not consume flaxseed?

  • Carolyn

    I’m 4 months pregnant and have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I’ve been taking Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics original formula, which contains fermented soy. Even though it is fermented, is it still safe to take these probiotics, given that it contains soy? I’m REALLY confused and very worried, PLEASE help!

    • Trish

      Yes Carolyn it is safe. Kimberly even takes that same probiotic herself as I’ve read somewhere on this website. Fermented soy is good.

  • Robert

    hi kimberly i just listening and trying to learn more about soy milk because i do drink soy milk but i don’t know about the unhealthy facts because i don’t remember if i had any pass negative side effects .So i would like to know about the unhealthy side effects

  • Robert

    hi kimberly i would like to know about soy milk side effects because i don’t remember if i had any pass negative side effects because i just never knew about soy milk side effects because these church people told me to keep drinking it because it’s safe or something .

    • Anna

      Get a life. Why are you reading her blog if you are just going to write stupid comments like that?

  • Rachl

    I think it’s hilarious that Americans are now on this kick of ‘soy is bad for you’. I guess the tens of millions of dollars the milk and dairy industry have spent trying to persuade people about this have paid off.

    I live in Asia and Asians have drunk soy milk for generations with NO negative side effects. I’ve drunk soy milk and eaten soy products for years with NO negative side effects.

    I’d suggest you look into the milk and dairy industry, particularly in American, where every product they produce is loaded with antibiotics, cow feces and other garbage. You couldn’t pay me to drink milk. I’ll keep drinking my soy products thanks and no need to bet which one of us will live longer :)

    Oh and btw, the Japanese drink copious amounts of soy, eat edame and every other type of soy product. Guess what? They’re the world’s longest living people. Americans? Live less time than people in most other developed countries. But hey, the dairy industry in America is rich, ROTFL.

    • Leah

      She doesn’t promote cows milk and would want people to stay away from it. She suggested almond milk. The soy industry is worth just as much as the dairy industry. You haven’t seen the affects yet.

    • Roxy

      Oh you are LYING!! I know a friend who went to Japan and brought back the opposite information. According to him, the Japanese eat very little soy, and it is always in a whole foods non GMO presentation. Soy milk is not as popular as you make it sound, and how the hell do you know there are no negative side effects? The longest living humans on earth have never even heard of soy, and people in Japan don’t tend to outlive Americans by much. Kinda blows your bombastic argument though. If you’re in a city, then you aren’t getting a realistic view of Japanese tradition. Cities are too modern and taken over by dumbass health fads to be accurate about the culture’s past food choice.

      • lala

        Im japanese and have been visiting my family in rural japan since i was a child. we dont drink soy milk or anything but eat a pretty good amount of tofu and natto. it is always in the fridge and i know for a fact japanese have been eating soy for a very long time. of course back in the day it obviously wasnt gmo. I dont know what to believe in this debate on soy however I am always against gmo anything . that being said, i dont plan on giving up eating the foods i have been eating since i was a kid, and thats alot of soy. my grandmother is healthy at 90 and still working on the farm and my mother who is 55 has more health problems like diabetes and blood pressure issues . i dont think it is a coincidence all my moms family is relatively healthy in japan while she has had health issues since she moved here, Americas food culture is so out of wack i dont know what can help it.

  • Jon

    What you read on websites aren’t always true, are you people special. Think for yourself don’t be a sheep

  • Kat

    Hi Kimberly:

    Living in Indonesia so I cannot buy rice milk, almonds to make almond milk, etc…BUT, I did just find sesame seeds and looked them up…they have more calcium than milk, soooo much more…so I performed the laborious process of soaking, washing, leaving 4 hours in the fridge to “sprout” (even though they didn’t look like they sprouted) and then put into my blender with water and made my own fresh TAHINI…then I read somewhere that you could use a large tablespon of the tahini mixed with a large glass of fresh water and have sesame seed milk…not only is it delicious but it looks white like milk so fools me a bit and can use in anything like shakes, smoothies, dressings, etc…works perfectly!

    Also, cannot buy or ger mailed your books here (desperate to find someone flying here from America who can bring me your two books, of course I will pay!!) and in the mean time going to the local markets to find anything with green leaves on them! Really really funny since I have no idea what I am using every morning but they are long greeen things, yesterday I found kailan which I looked up and found is chinese broccoli (kinda looks like kale).

    My glowing green smoothie looks like this:

    local water spinach, 1 bunch
    some other large long green things
    sometimes super long green beans (they are green so why not!?)
    1 whole juiced lime
    1 super tiny sorta strange tasting local apple (size of your thumb!)
    an asian pear (watery and sweet yellow on outside)
    1 or 2 bananas
    2 cups water
    local herbs like cilantro, parsley, mint fresh

    I think this must be ok since the idea is just to get as much fruit and veggies in there I guess.

    I freeze bananas so they are like ice cream and eat one late at night as a snack. is this ok and what do you think about all the other stuff?

    For my part I snack on edamame like 1 time every two weeks so not much and have stopped eating tofu completely bcuz of you and also soy milk.

    Cheers to you!

    :) x

    • Holly

      You know what’s up! Yep sesame seeds contain phytin (phytic acid) too. Almond milk and eating nuts everyday is essentially bad on the health for the same reason as soy when it comes to phytic acid.

      Soy must be fermented for it to be good. Natto.

      Nuts need to be soaked! Beans need to be soaked and wheat does too!

      Soak almonds for 8 to 12 hours.
      Soak cashews for 2 to 3 hours.
      Soak flax seeds for 6 hours.
      Soak garbanzo beans for 12 to 48 hours.
      Soak walnuts for 4 hours.

      Wheat and wheat flour soak it for 12-18 hours.

      If you plan on eating nuts instead of just making it into milk or any other recipes, dehydrate the soaked nuts or roast.

  • Raymond

    hey guys i wanted to point out soy is good or bad for you depending on whether its fermented or unfermented. fermented is good unfermented is bad. 80 percent of American soy is unfermented and contains genetically modified. i agree 100percent cause ive heard soy is good and bad but you have to filter the information correctly to understand it why its bad and good

  • James

    Soy milk reduces estrogen serum levels and is generally thought to decrease the risk of hormone related cancers ie breast and prostate. Please read the research you sited and take this post down. AND yes i AM a doctor. To anyone reading please do not believe what you read on the internet,

    • zarah

      thank you for the info. i almost believe it and im so afraid. i always drink soy milk every night. is it okay? thank you

      • Brad Wright

        This guy is playing games with you love. the info in this post is very true just search a little for yourself and you will see who has the correct info (and no I’m not a doctor)

    • Lynette

      On Monday I switched from milk in my coffee to soy milk, within the hour I experienced a migraine. My headaches continued until I went to the ER on Thursday night. My CT scan was fine. Its it possible that the soy milk triggered my headaches?

  • Shakia Sitton

    Soy protein refers to the protein that is found in soybeans that is often used to replace animal proteins in an individual’s diet. The soybean is a legume that contains no cholesterol and is low in saturated fat.'”:”

  • Christiane Crocitto

    The major difference between soymilk and “regular” milk (predominantly cow’s milk in the United States; goat and sheep’s milk are other options) is that one is derived from a plant and the other from an animal. Although ethical, hypothetical, or debatable issues frequently arise when discussing this subject, this answer is going to deal strictly with the nutritional differences between these two kinds of milk.:^;`

    Best wishes

  • Andrea

    i have 2 daughters 2 and 1 years old.. I wasnt able to keep breastfeeding with my first and told not to with my second due to health anyways they both had colic and had to change formula a couple different times & with my first she had medication.. Found out that my first was lactose and tolerant & when she turned one i slowly went into Soy Milk & she is now 2 and still drinks it but she still has belly problems sometime.. with my second she wasnt as bad at first she was only on sensitive formula and she just turned one and she got constipated with whole milk so i put her on Soy Milk as well, RIght now she has a bad diaper rash well not typical diaper rash looks more like chapped, or burn and a lot of messy diapers and gassy.. so i did some researched and came upon your blog which really worries me now since thats the main source of calcium,protein.. My 1 year old is more than likely allergic to “Soy” & reading this i am taking my 2 year old off just to be on the same side.. I dont have lots of money i grew up in a home where we didnt eat healthy so i dont know much about these things.. What is a good alternative if my girls cant have soy or dairy?

    I was thinking rice milk?
    they are to young for nuts/nutproducts so no to hemp milk and almond milk
    Coconut milk is high in sugars & low fat & protein..
    Flax has NO protein, Low in fat, high in sugars…
    Oat is high in sugar but good protein..

    PLEASE HELP! They dont have an doctors apt. for another week and a half and i need info ASAP!

    Thank you, Andrea

    • Andrea


  • Tarik

    What about organic textured soy protein does it still have the same bad effects for men? (The ingredients say organic textured soy protein from soy flour)

  • Kathy D

    I raised both my sons on soy products . They never got sick nor do they look female. Granted too much of anything is bad for anyone. As long as you get your soy products and tofu from a source you trust to be really organic with no GMO’s their is nothing wrong with it. I also when they were little made my own soy milk. Unfortunately companies now that are making supposed organic soy and rice drinks are lying about how good their products are. You really need to research as to whether or not the company was bought out by a major corporation that is basically a sell out and using poor quality ingredients. Good Karma Whole Grains Ricemilk , Edensoy and Westbrae to name a few are still good companies.

  • Danielle


    I have been trying to eat and drink better. I bought organic soy, but found out that’s not good for you. I had been drinking organic milk. I don’t think I can do almond milk, because I’m allergic to almonds. I’m concerned about rice milk, because of the high levels of arsenic in rice. So where does that leave me? I like to make protein shakes with some type of milk, ice, greek yogurt, oatmeal, peanut butter, bananas and a small amount of unsweetened chocolate. Otherwise, I don’t drink milk at all. But my teenage son does. So, I’ve been trying to buy organic milk. Any suggestions for me and him? Thanks.

    • Artaly

      Hemp milk, try that! it’s got a nice sweet taste as well.

  • Michelle

    Hi Michelle,
    We are not GUYS…there are many females that read this blog, so maybe try some gender neutral greeting.. Second fermented soy that is not GMO is good for you, everything else isn’t..In Canada we have a lot of Organic non GMO soy milk, but because of the process it still can cause problems. Considering the hormones and antibiotics in milk I’d say soy is the lesser of two evils, it needs to be addressed that most of the foods we eat are not exactly fully beneficial these days unless they are organic and no one I know can raise a cow.

    • Seriously?

      Yikes..any studies in soy causing anger issues ? Just curious. And what century are you living in? “Guys” is a gender neutral term.

  • trix

    so you’re saying I’ll get fat around my hips if I drink soy milk and eat tofu? “eat cleaner foods!”
    For vegetarians and vegans, (like myself,) cutting out soy products is pretty ridiculous and unhealthy.

    • Um

      Please educate yourself Trix, thanks.

  • Jono

    So even organic non gmo soy milk is bad? :o(

    • Anne

      Yes, every time I consume soy I get cyst in my breast. I stay away from it. But it’s in everything. When did the US start putting soy products in everything? What year?

  • Annie

    Hi Kim I have just decided to go off meat again, I was vegan for years but when I was pregnant I craved meat so went back to eating it. I also do not drink milk as I’m intolerant but do drink soy in cereals and in tea only.
    When I was vegan everyone ate tofu and it wasn’t an issue but now we know soy is bad which probably explains my severe anger and depression issues but besides that what can I now eat instead of meat and soy?
    Also I live in New Zealand so all our milk and meat are free range and as clean as it can be with as far as I know no added things, is it ok for my family to drink milk??? Or are our nz milk and dairy products bad to?

    Thanks, Annie