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I just finished my first week here, which was amazing! It was busy, but very successful. Again, the past week sort of feels like a month, because so much happens and my days are so full. The days never blur together. Isn’t time funny how it can seem to fly by or slow down?

I have noticed my skin freaking out a bit since I’ve gotten to LA. I am not a huge fan of the dessert climate, but what are you going to do? In the summer I usually don’t put any lotion at all on my body, but here my legs started getting flakey, almost immediately. I feel the moisture being leached right out—–eek!! I’ve been doubling up during the day with coconut oil as a lotion. Use this code to receive 5% off your entire purchase, KIMBERLY.

I really love the Artisana brand’s coconut oil, which is free of pesticides, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, stabilizers, added oils, GMO’s. Coconut butter is the coconut meat ground up, but coconut oil is only the oil pressed out, and that is what you want to use on your skin rather than the coconut butter.

By the way, the Artisana has a great raw tahini! I used it yesterday to make my Raw Chickpea-less hummus for a party yesterday.

I was given a bottle of Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion, which is decent. It sort of creeps me out that there is milk (dairy!!) in there, and I found that I had to keep applying it to make my skin feel anywhere near “naturally nourished.”

The quest continues to find a good paraben-free body lotion and organic makeup brands! For now I’ll just stick to the coconut oil.

I managed to squeeze in getting to the steamroom at a very luxurious, organic spa the other day, because I miss the humidity of Chicago and New York so much!! Call me crazy, but I love the moisture on my skin. It makes me feel moisturized, rather than my skin is being choked of every last drop of its precious natural water!

And speaking of Sephora, you know how everybody gets those little tins of lipgloss/moisturizer that they sell at the front? They seem so innocent because they are strawberry flavored (I think) and are labeled as “natural.” I can’t remember the name because I never use them…because they are all petroleum-based! Terrible for the collagen in the lips. My advice? Chuck ‘em right now!

When I was working on a movie in April in Atlanta, I found a great brand down there called Sally B’s Skin Yummies. I now use their B Glossy Organic Lip Gloss, which not only moisturizes, my lips, but it is a pretty color and has a great smell/taste. Check out the ingredients: Organic Castor Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Vitamin E, Carneuba Wax, Organic Lecithin, Mica, Peppermint.

I use Ruby’s Red. I keep one in my purse and one in my bathroom. Love!! Their website is


Enjoy! I’ll write more soon!!!!

Lots of love, Kimberly



Last updated: Wednesday, August 5, 2015
  • Margaret

    Hi Kimberly,

    This is the first time I am writing but have been following your blog for a couple months and want to thank you for sharing all your knowledge and experience with diet, yoga, skin care, etc. You are awesome and I can’t wait for your book to come out!! Do you recommend a face cleanser and moisterizur? I have very acenic skin and have yet to find a product that doesn’t make me break out but provides enough moisture to my skin. Thanks so much and good luck with her new home in LA, you will do great!

    • Kayla

      Hi Kim-

      I was wondering what brand of sunscreen you would recommend? I just started your program and love the material in your book. My skin is very fair so I do need to use some SPF when I am in the sun. Can you share some suggestions?


  • Jessica

    Hey Kimberly!
    I really love reading your posts, thanks for sharing in such a candid way : )
    After reading your post today, I want to let you know that I make Fair Trade Certified vegetable based body care products, and since you mentionned you’re still on the lookout for paraben-free body lotion, I’d like to send you some of mine.

    Let me know if you’re interested!

    Best regards,


  • Amarie

    Nice recs. I actually use Christopher Drummond’s foundation and concealer, they are quality products.

    Good to hear that you’re adapting well to California.

  • Esop

    Good information as always Kim… :)

    One question about what you said: “I used it yesterday to make my Raw Chickpea-less hummus for a party yesterday”

    …how can you have a party without ground chickpeas?!

    Muchas gracias,


  • beautylogicblog

    I love the christoher drummond line too. you look great in that pic.

    • kimberlysnyder

      Thanks love!! Oh good, I think it is a great line. Any other natural products to recommend??

      • Lesley

        Hey Kimberly – I have this same Ojon Ultra Hydrating Shampoo that you have pictured here (from Sephora) and the 2nd ingredient on the bottle after water is magnesium laureth sulfate. Is that not a sulphate? Have you found one that doesn’t have sulphates??!

        • Kimberly Snyder

          Ugh I know. I don’t use that brand anymore. Check out the Hamadi line. :)

          • Deanna Acevedo

            Hi Kimberly,

            I just discovered your glowing green smothie & I have been drinking it every AM for almost one week now, it is better than i was epecting! one of the many reasons why I decided to try it out was primarily because of my skin. I feel like I eat good & my body weight is where it needs to be so I don’t need to loose any weight. But for some reason my skin is not where it needs to be i still break out & have uneven dry patches on my face & im concerned with the lines around my mouth & im only 29. Are there any natural face washes & face lotaions/SPF that I can use for some reason I feel like I can never achieve the “GLOW”. Or would you be able to suggest something I need to eliminate out of or add to my diet? Sorry so long & thank you for all of your inspiration you are truly a beautiful women from the inside out!

      • linda

        The jason line is pretty good, i currently use their vitamin E hand & body lotion. its paraben free, petroleum free, free of animal products, and organic. It also makes your skin feel really soft and nourished without a greasy feel.

      • Gabbi Hutchinson

        I found the most amazing facial oil’s ever in New York at this shop in Brooklyn called Shen beauty, they make my skin feel heavenly its soft and hydrated and the line around my eyes are getting less. They are organic and are blended around the seasons, and just smell divine so I bought the Summer one and am now using Autumn, they come from the UK and are called de Mamiel.

  • Janet Woodman

    Hi Kimberly, I met someone who uses an oil on her hair and she puts a fragrance in it. It looks great and SMELLS great. I have hinted that I would love to know what she uses but I haven’t heard yet. Do you have any suggestions? It is a leave in oil that seems to dry without looking greasy. My hair is fine and I am losing a lot to breakage the last year or so. Please HELP – SOS in Orlando
    PS I like the humidity for my skin too! I will try the coconut oil. Thanks, Janet

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hmm…maybe you could add lavender essential oil to it, or a blend??

  • Kara

    Hi Kimberly – love your blog! I’m a big fan. I got my husband into your green smoothie. Before I got pregnant, I would make it in the morning. He actually stopped his coffee addiction b/c of it! So thanks. He also drinks the tumeric drink which I also told him about from your post. He has some high cholesterol so we’re hoping it helps. :) I was reading about your dry skin and thought I would share a product line I love called Shea Terra Organics. Good luck with all your new adventures! Take care, Kara :)

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Kara,
      thanks for sharing, that is wonderful! I love shea butter also!!

      • yolaine

        HI kim I just got your book and I just started reading it so far I love it, I just went to farway and I brought the organic Virgin coconut oil unrefined and the brand is Spectrum narturals have you ever tryed this brand and do you think is a good one to use on my face and body? hope to hear from you soon

        • Kimberly Snyder

          Hi Yolaine,
          That is a good brand. You can use it topically, and use a small amount to cook with as well! xx

  • Bria

    Your post came at a perfect time-I’m rolling out to Colorado soon, and will have to take steps to keep my skin hydrated.

    Love it when you share your product obsessions. That lip gloss looks fab; gonna try it.

    Another good line of natural body and face products is Herban Lifestyle. The creator keeps a blog on green issues, natural healing, and the like. Good stuff.

  • Morgan

    I hear you about the dry air out here. Being in the desert drives me nuts–and because it’s so hot I don’t want heavy moisturizers either. Coconut oil’s a staple for me, except that sometimes I go overboard and it doesn’t soak in before I have to go to work so I get oil marks on my clothes, or people tell me I look slimey. I’ve been using apricot-orange body lotion from a company called “skin” which has nothing nasty in it, works well, and smells clean. Also good are the skin souffles from “the body deli” in California. They have a bunch of scents and are made from raw foods (and they work). Good luck adapting, Kimberly!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Thanks Morgan!! And interesting suggestions!! Thank you and I will look into it!

  • Jaya Bhumitra

    Hi Kimberly, I was just curious about some of your product choices, which you mention contain beeswax, honey, and milk. I was under the impression that you were vegan. Or perhaps you keep a vegan diet, but that doesn’t extend to bath and beauty products. You are such a champion of health and the environment, so I was just a bit surprised to see that some of your choices were not cruelty-free, and was hoping to get a better understanding of your position on these issues. Thanks so much. Also, I just bought the Vitamix and look forward to using it.

    • kimberlysnyder

      I am a vegan, except for the technicality of bee products. I love bee pollen, and I will eat food with raw honey it in, though I don’t really use it myself or for my clients as an ingredient. I think beeswax is a wonderful beauty product- especially for lip products- and to replace all the petroleum-based ingredients out there. And I love beeswax candles! I was recently introduced to a wonderful beekeeper who is so amazingly loving with his bees, and that is where I get my bee pollen. I am all about the bee products!

      • maria

        Hi Kim,

        Is it ok to eat bee pollen?

        Also, I cant afford the vitamix right now but heard that the Ninja 1100, a new type of blender/mixer on the market is good (160$) any thoughts on this one?

        Thanks your the best!

  • Claudia

    Hi Kim,

    Thank you for all the beauty tips and I am still using the coconut oil as my lotion that you suggested and I liked. Thank you.

    I will try the lip gloss. BTW you look great in the picture. I have never been a big fan of LA but you make it look as a more friendly-fun place.

    Keep us posted and looking forward reading your book and watching your video!


    • kimberlysnyder

      Hey Claudia! Yes, I think it has to do with the people you are around! Miss you and hope all is well with you and Jeffrey in NY. :)

  • Monica

    Great advice, thanks!
    At Sephora NYC they have Ojon box sets with full sized Shampoo, Conditoner, & product for $33!
    I’ve used their conditioner before and it smelled so good!
    Have fun in LA!

    • kimberlysnyder


  • LaToya

    So, what’s your facial skin regimen. What do you wash with, apply to the skin after washing, which powder do you use, etc? What do you recommend for acne? Thanks.

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hey LaToya, I’m in the process of testing a few cleansers out. I don’t like ones that are natural but feel slimey afterwards. You should try the Christopher Drummond powder, ti is great for acne-prone skin, and works great!

  • Heather

    Hi Kim! Thank you for all your encouragement and enthusiasm, you truly are an inspiration! I have been drinking green smoothies for a few years now, I put different things in my smoothies, 1 banana, a cup of frozen organic wild blueberries,and a whole lot of spinach (organic of course). Recently I came across an article that said this about spinach: “Spinach is another problematic food. Although the shelf life is longer than other greens that are better for you, it causes a buildup of gall stones because of its oxalic acid content. It will neutralize the iron in itself and in other foods that it is eaten with, and we become anemic.” Will you please shed some light on this? Am I going wrong with how I drink my green smoothies. I’ve tried Kale, Collards, etc, but I really don’t like the strong flavor from those. Thanks again!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Heather,
      This is sort of worthy of a whole post in an of itself. Many natural doctors believe it is when you cook the oxalic acid that it becomes problematic, and contribute to issues in the body. You can rotate your greens and foods with a high content of oxalic acid if you wish. I personally consume a ton of raw spinach, and I have for years, and I have never had a problem!
      xo Kimberly

  • Katie

    Very helpful post Kim. Thanks for your all advice.

  • Julia

    Three cheers for coconut oil! After reading one of your past posts, I started keeping a jar in my bathroom; I use it instead of lotion sometimes AND it’s a great defrizzer for my curly hair, better than any commercial hair product I’ve used :)

    • mc

      hey Julia, how do you use the coconut oil on your hair? I have curly hair and no product helps with the frizz.

      • kimberlysnyder

        I don’t put it near the roots- only near the ends! :)

      • mc

        Thanks so much for your advice kim..You are super.x

  • Christi

    Hi Kim,

    Do you have any thoughts on emu oil? Have you ever used it as a moisturizer? I know its not vegan, but I was wondering what you think about it because I have read that there are a lot of benefits of using it. Maybe you think it is gross, lol.

    Also, I was wondering if you carry lotion with you when you’re on the go. I use coconut oil at home, but I carry a travel sized lotion with me. I especially need it in the winter, my hands get so dry. I don’t know if that was an issue for you too in New York.


    • kimberlysnyder

      Not a fan of emu oil!! I have a little container of coconut oil I have with me also. :)

  • Christi

    Hi again, I have another question. Sorry if it is too much. I’m wondering about packaged foods that are labeled raw. How do you know if they are really raw? I know at Trader Joe’s they sell almond butter that is labeled raw, but I figured it wasn’t really raw because it was so cheap. Do you only buy from certain companies that you’ve checked out? Do you ever eat nuts or seeds that have been roasted or cooked (like nut butter made from roasted nuts)? Are they very difficult to digest?

    Thanks again.

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi, I never, eat roasted nuts! They are more difficult to digest. I like certain brands like Artisana and Nutiva.

  • emma

    Hi Kimberly,
    I am starting a gluten free lifestyle, just wondering if you had any general tips on what i should be eating and if this also applys to using cosmetics etc, do some also have gluten in?



    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Emma, I really like the gluten-free millet bread in the frozen section at Wholefoods! Avoid rye, barley and wheat.

  • LaToya

    So which natural skincare products do you use on your face? What do you recommend? I’m looking for some skincare products for my face. Trying to develop a regimen. Thanks.

  • Johanna

    Have you tried Josie Maran’s argan oil its cold pressed :)

  • Cynthia

    Have you tried LUSH products? they are vegan & handmade.

    • kimberlysnyder

      Yes! I like some of them.

      • Naomi Rivera

        Have you tried any 100% Pure products, they are plant based and cruelty-free. I have been trying to compare prices to Sally B’s cosmetics and 100% Pure’s prices are cheaper. Just curious if there is anything from that line you may recommend? Thank you.

        • Kimberly Snyder

          I will check it out, but with skincare it isn’t just about prices. Sally B makes everything by hand. I’ve seen her lab. She doesn’t cut any corners at all and there is nothing in there that is harmful. So I trust it to put on my face! For me, I like to really know a product and who is behind it before I make recommendations, as I truly value the health and skin of all of you (my readers).

  • Bri

    Hi beautiful lady,

    I live in LA and fight the dry climate as well. The best paraben/gross additive free products I have found are by Skin Journey.

    I use her whole facial care line now and have never received so many comments on my skin in my life (I don’t wear any makeup beyond mascara & lip balm).

    She lists ALL the ingredients up front and sell sample sizes if you don’t want to commit.

    Happy moisturizing!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Bri!
      Thank you!! I will check it out. Where can you find it??

  • http://NONE sedo

    HI Kimberly,

    Thank you for sharing so many wonderful recipes and tips with us.

    I too use oils on my face and even my scalp with very happy results – makes lovely glowing skin easy to obtain.

    anyway, i tried the coconut oil and do use it, but only every two weeks or so as a full rub down. day to day i find using sesame seed oil with varying amounts of castor oil a nice balanced way to go. the castor oil is a great cleanser and the sesame seed oil absorbs better than any other oil. i use 10 to 30% castor oil to my sesame seed oil. i have found the problem with coconut oil is it takes a bit of time to absorb and can tend to be a touch greasy, where the sesame seed oil by itself will quickly dissipate into the skin.

    if i am super dried out i will add more castor oil and do a steam. or i might add some vaseline and sleep on it.

    i find most of the products being sold as oils are some variation on what i can make myself but at a higher price point. i sort of love that i am experiencing the best skin ever while paying less for it than ever before – used to be a big kiehl’s fan (their oil based products, not cheap, can be made easily with a few less ingredients – same results). the other products out there too run into a problem of marketing themselves as something other than basic oil products. i think they resolve this by adding extra oils that are harder to find, but are not completely unnecessary or simply sound exotic, i.e. good marketing tool.

    anyway, i hope you find something useful from my comment and hope the weather starts to agree with you!

    take care,

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi sedo!
      You should check out my post on castor oil! I rub it on my belly and then apply a heating pad, to promote cleansing. You are right that coconut oil does not absorb as well as sesame oil, but I kind of like that. :) I think it smells good, like I’m on a tropical island. But yes, natural oils are so awesome, and I’m glad you agree with me! I don’t put coconut oil on my face- though of course you could – there I use an actual moisturizer.
      Come visit again soon! xx Kimberly

  • Yani

    Hi Kimberly :) I love your blog thanks for sharing it :) hey I want u to ask if you have tried the products of Dr. Hauschka ?? 😉 I would like to know your opinion about this brand. :) Thank you, and have a lovely weekend!!

  • Corinna

    Hi Kimberly! :) Its been awhile! Glad to see youre doing as well as ever! :)
    Im not sure if youve heard of the company 100 percent pure cosmetics, but their cosmetics, skin care, shampoo, body lotions are all natural and vegan! Their foundations are made of pure fruits its awesome!!
    Its a great company with a great philosophy behind it! Just wanted to share. :)
    Best wishes and Happy Holidays!

  • Marla

    Love your blog & book!
    Wondering if u have any tips for avoiding the dreaded post birth control pill acne breakout? My skin is perfect until I go off the pill and then 3 months later it goes nuts due to the hormone change. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!

  • Brooke


    what is your favorite leave-in conditioner? I’m looking for something that won’t weigh my hair down.

  • Amy

    Have you tried 100% pure products? They’re great!

  • Lauren

    Regarding a great chemical free lotion – I stumbled across the site and they have great lotions and other products. I’ve been on a mission to rid my beauty products of parabens and other chemicals – and the Bubble & Bee line has been the best answer I’ve found so far.

  • Brenna

    I’m not sure this is the right place to post this question but what happened to your face moisturizer you used to have? Please don’t tell me you don’t sell it anymore! I took a break from it and VERY MUCH want to start using it again. :)

  • Amy

    Hey Kimberly!

    I was reading that you were looking for a body lotion… Have you ever tried Eminence Organics? I LOVE Eminence (though I am excited to try your products:). There products are very high quality, organic and hand made. There is a paprika body lotion that is stimulating (with paprika). I have an esthetics licence and have done facials with many different products, and nothing compares to Eminence!

    PS- Just wanted to say thanks again for the Beauty Detox solution! I love it! I have lost 28 lbs so far and have never felt better!

    ~ Amy :)

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Wow Amy that is amazing!!! Congrats!!

      I haven’t tried that product yet. Lately I’ve been making my own concoctions with coconut oil, cacao butter, and essential oils. :)

  • Nadia

    You gotta check out Arbonne for pure, safe, beneficial skin care.
    We were featured @ Fashion Week, sponsored Latino Fashion Week and have hit several major publications!!!
    The company is almost 32 years old and the products are incredible! I’m a little biased (ha!) since it cleared up my 30+ year bout with acne and it retired my 10 year corporate attorney career!!!
    Let me know if you want/need more info or if I can send you some products to try.
    xoxo, Nadia

  • Dina

    Hi Kim, :)

    What do you think about pure unrefined organic shea butter, for face and body moisture? … is it a yes or a no?

    • Kimberly Snyder

      I like shea butter, but I probably wouldn’t put it on my face. I like it for body care though. I also recently tried argan oil, and think it is overrated! Coconut oil is still my favorite body moisturizer. :)

  • Noorie

    Hi Kimberly,
    I read your book “Beauty Detox” and I on day 4 of Blossoming Beauty week. I wanted to follow this detox diet mainly for my acne problem. I feel like I have more breakouts now. Not sure if its due to probiotic/ enzyme pills or more fiber in my diet. Is this normal?

  • elyse

    hey love your blog!! I use coconut oil for my face and as a deodorant it has a drying anti-fungal effect and because my skin is semi- oily i use it to even out my skintone. As for my body in the winter months I use a cold pressed extra virgin olive oil its amazing I was afraid that I would be all slimy at first but the oil absorbs into my skin and hydrates amazingly its always soft and silky! I love ojon hair products as well! keep on glowing sister!!

  • Caroline

    Hi there, Kimberly. What do you think about using olive oil as a moisturizer? I’ve been using it and it feels great and isn’t greasy, but want to get your take. Thanks.

  • Courtney Vella

    Hi Kimberly,

    First of all, you are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes and video tutorials on your website. They have given me tons of ideas and inspiration to eat and feel better.

    I would like to introduce to you my favorite cosmetic line ever!!!!

    100% Pure. All of the products including packaging are truly pure and environmentally friendly. 100% organic, vegan and fruit-pigmented products. Please check the company out. Purity Cosmetics is located in the Bay Area, San Jose, California. I hope to work for the company one day as I am pursuing my chemical engineering degree at San Jose State University.

    Cheers to you and the New Year of New Beginnings!

    LOve ya,


  • FM Cosmetic Products

    I like the helpful info you supply for your articles. I?ll bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I’m quite sure I?ll learn lots of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  • spyphone

    It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  • Iris

    Hello Kim… Have you tried the Hollybeth’s Natural Organic cosmetics… would you recommend them??

    • Kimberly Snyder

      have not tried!

  • Alexsa

    Hi Kimberly!
    Can you please share the Raw Chickpea-less hummus recipe? :)
    Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration.

  • Krystel

    Hi Kimberly,
    I’m curious if you have any suggestions for a ‘healthy’ self tanner. I used to be a sun goddess in my younger days, and now that I’m in my 30’s, I’m concerned about preventing wrinkles (and damaging my skin), so I’ve vowed to stop tanning. However….now I’m a ghostly white, and I look pale, and well….feel unattractive. I’m interested in adding some colour to my complexion that won’t run, when I sweat and what not (such as bronzers and make up – I already use that stuff).
    You have a lovely natural darker complexion, so I’m sure you don’t have to worry about being gross and pale, but have you come across any products that you would recommend?
    Thanks muchly!

  • Natalie

    Hey Kimberly! I love your post on non-toxic skincare products. I’m new to you and your website, but I’ve gotten the impression that you promote a healthy, toxin-free diet and lifestyle. If you’re interested in finding more skin care products that are clean and toxin-free, you should check out Andree’s Essential Soaps. Andree is a lady that lives in my town (Athens, GA) and she makes the most amazing natural and clean skin care products. They were originally intended for people battling cancer who can’t have any sort of unnatural fragrances or chemicals on their skin. Her products are so great they were even featured in gift bags for the Emmy Awards.

    Looking forward to reading your book! Have a great day!

  • Lauryn Doll

    Shea butter is also an amazing skin moisturizer. What do you think of Argan oil?

    • paula

      I use Argan oil on my face. I found some that has no other ingredients but pure Argan. It absorbs really well. Some years ago I used squalane… I found it in a health food store. However, I discovered that squalane is made from dolphins or whales (can’t remember which) and I decided that my vanity isn’t worth the death of innocent animals. I recently found Rose hip oil and decided to try that too. It doesn’t absorb as quickly as the Argan, but I put some on my feet the other day and I like how it made them feel better.

  • Meghan

    Hey Kimberly,

    I am reading the beauty Detox Solution for the second time. I can’t wait to actually get started practicing this new lifestyle. I am really interested in started new beauty products as well. Do you have tips for moisturizers? My face was is all natural and organic. Right now I use a moisturizer with an SPF 15 in it, but after reading your blog about sunscreen I want to avoid that. Do you have any favorite brands for face moisturizers?

    Thank you!