The 5 Things I Love About New Orleans So Far! (I’m sure they will be many more!)


Well here I am in New Orleans as a first-timer…but I get to actually live here for the next few months! I am already in love with it! What is awesome about my work as a nutritionist for actors is that I can “sample” living in various cities for the few months that it takes to film a movie- but with the bonus of housing, a car and other expenses taken care of. I admit… it’s sort of a dream! This past year I got to “sample” Chicago and Atlanta, outside of my main locations still being New York and LA. Getting to live somewhere for a few months is so much different than just passing through in a week or less- it lets you really get a feel for what the city is all about!

Here are some great things about New Orleans that I love so far:

1.     The food shopping has been great! I haven’t had a chance to seek out a farmer’s market yet, but in the grocery markets I’ve been able to find most everything I’ve needed, such as gluten-free breads, tortillas, etc. vegan chocolate chips, etc. On the slightly downer side I’ve had a hard time finding organic collard greens, spinach, and celery. But amazing sprouts, and other awesome foods that increase metabolism! Since I’m starting from scratch, I’ve been getting things set up from a blank kitchen. Today I was in the store 3 separate times!

2.     The restaurant I went to catered to us! Restaurant is singular because I’ve only been out once since arriving late Fri. – Saturday night for a kickoff party for the movie. We ate dinner in a private dining room with about 25 people. Despite the repute of New Orleans cooking- which seems to largely be the antithesis of healthy eating- gumbo and jumbalaya and Cajun fried stuff, etc. – I was thrilled that this particular restaurant in the Roosevelt Hotel made veggie dishes like lightly cooked kale, roasted brussel sprouts, cheese-free salads, and veggie entrees as requested. Yay! So it is possible to eat healthy out anywhere if you try!!


3.     I love the Uptown/Garden District areas! How come I never knew about these adorable walking areas, full of pottery- making shops, dance studios, beautiful homes and little boutiques? I LOVE! I never wanted to come to Mardi Gras in college, because well you know, I thought the scene would be too much. And everyone talks about the French Quarter… But I love the little areas near me I’ve been exploring! Love, love, love!!

4.     I found a yoga home! I’m pretty specific about the yoga I practice, and on the road 99% of the time I only do self practice. I definitely have my spots in NY and LA. In the past year, I did not find a yoga home in Chicago and Atlanta. BUT, though it’s really early I have so far loved Wild Lotus Yoga, which is where I’ll be taking class here when I can fit it in- as an option from self practice.

5.     Everyone is so freaking nice! Like really nice, in a genuine way. People are present, and really talk to you and want to help you out. It makes me so happy to find everyone so nice!!

I will write more soon about my new fantastic adventure, as I am getting settled. I still haven’t unpacked anything at all except for kitchen equipment, but I am slowing going in that direction. :) I hope you are doing well and had a great holiday!

Om Shanti,

Love, Kimberly



Last updated: Wednesday, August 5, 2015
  • Amarie

    Sounds like you’re enjoying New Orleans. : ) Love the tree-lined street, shades of green are life inspiring.

  • megan

    This post makes me so excited because I live in New Orleans! I LOVE my city and I know a lot of great restaurants :) Eating out here is an experience…so many great, old family own restaurants in the city. You should try to visit Galatoire’s for lunch, Commander’s Palace, and Jacques-imos. If you have any questions please email me! You must check out the Crescent City Farmers Market and there are so many hidden gems in the quarter. I still discover new little shops and I have lived here my entire life. ENJOY your time in nola :)

    • kimberlysnyder

      Wow thank you for your suggestions! I will surely check everything out! I’m really excited and feel really grateful to be here!!
      xx Kimberly

  • Morgan

    I am SO excited for you, Kimberly!!! I was lucky enough to spend 4 fantastic years in New Orleans (I went to Tulane) so I know all those great places! I still consider New Orleans my home, and the fiance and I hope to move back there soon–we visit at least once a year. They are wonderful people; you’ll fit right in!

  • Angie O.


    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your helpful, health tips and posts. I share them with people and tell them it’s from the BFF in my head Kim Snyder (borrowed from Wendy Williams). My favorite find is the Glowing Green Smoothie.

    I’m from Louisiana…so happy to know you are enjoying some Southern hospitality. Please enjoy your stay! btw, read the book – you did a SUPER JOB…gradually applying what I’m learning to my health (and my husband), not because I want to lose weight but I want to live a FULL HEALTHY life.

    Definitely want to be like you when I grow up. :)

    Best Regards,

    ps. I’m an hour away from N.O., so I’ll be checking back for other neat HEALTH & BEAUTY places you find. And you’re right, they are some of the genuinely best people you will meet on Earth.

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Angie! That’s wonderful! Yes the Southern hospitality has charmed me!! I will be exploring more. :) Love, Kimberly

  • shannonmarie

    It looks so beautiful there. I love all the green trees and plants in the background of the pic of you. Your outfit is cute, too.

    I haven’t been to New Orleans in years, but I do remember everyone being so nice. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay.

  • james

    Hi Kimberly! Glad you are having an amazing time, I spent the weekend reading and re-reading your book – such a treat after being a long time blog reader! Would you reco a yoga studio here in LA? I live on the Westside. Thanks!

    • kimberlysnyder

      HI James! Yes check out the Venice Exhale, or the YogaWorks on Main Street(I like Kathryn Budig and Sarah Ivanhoe).
      Shanti! Kimberly

      • james

        Yay!! Thank you so much and safe travels!

  • Dana

    Hi Kim i posted on Facebook but you said to come here so here I am :) With the Weekly detox soothie, Is there something I can replace with the Turmeric. Been drinking the green smoothie (delicious) even got hubby drinking it :) Our only thing with that is for some reason we always feel super hungry maybe 2 hrs after drinking. One would think with all the fiber you would be full and for longer.

    Trying to do the detox but When I looked up Turmeric it says you shouldnt use if you have gall stones which i have. So is there something i can replace that with or should i just eliminate?

    ENJOY NOLA!!! I went last year for vacation and it was the best time of my life :) Thanks so much for your help

  • Jo

    sounds like a wonderful project! i really admire your positive attitude. it seems like you neer get overwhelmed by the responsibilities you’re entrusted with. i’m guessing it must have something to do with your daily yoga practice!;-) how long have you been doing yoga?
    i’m a 90% raw vegan, drinking your turmeric drink (my mother LOVES it and she even made a couple of bottles to take with her to the hospital last week) and green smoothies. i’m sruggling to recover from bulimia and depression without having to resort to medication. it does work, but stress is preventing me from losing weight (i’m not overweight but due to stress i have put on about 8 kg, which is very uncomfortable to carry around) even though i doubt i can eat any healthier than i already do;-) i’d love to see a post about yoga/meditation/diet for depression and boosting self-confidence.

    re dana’s post: i sometimes substitute turmeric with some ginger, cinnamon and cloves, and add a couple of organic prunes to the drink…for variety…cloves are very good for you, i heard;-)

    thank you for all the inspiration!

  • Bria

    Hey Kim! I’m so glad you discovered Wild Lotus Yoga. It’s a good find. I got to practice there a couple of times on my trip to NOLA a few months back. My friend Lisa, a fellow Yoga teacher who grew up in NOLA and who I did teacher training with, took me to that studio. You are right about the Southern hospitality. It’s definitely something special. As is the Uptown/Garden District. Love that area. Enjoy your time in the Crescent City.

  • Lisa

    Hi Kim!!

    We met last night outside of Wild Lotus. So funny the timing of Bria’s text to me, and what a crazy small world it is for us to have an NYC/NOLA/yoga/on set connection.

    Again, I’m leaving for NYC today but will be back in two weeks, for two weeks. Can definitely give some awesome suggestions from a local while you enjoy your time in my hometown. It’s an awesome city and I do think you’ll fit right in.

    Enjoy Wild Lotus– they are my yoga family Outside of NYC. A wonderful place and people!! Email me and I can give you some class recommendations I think you would enjoy!

    Much love,
    Lisa :)

  • Corinna Alvarez

    Hey Kim :)
    I love New Orleans too, its such a unique place! Yes, i agree the people are some of the nicest you can meet!

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