InStyle Feature – 10 Ways to Slim Down for Summer!

Hope you are having a great week. Things are amazing here in New Orleans- and very busy! I wanted to share this piece in Instyle with you. It’s my second month in a row being in Instyle, which is one of my favorite mags. Yay!!!

This piece features 2 of my easy tips to slim down – not consuming too much liquid with meals and not getting weighed down with super heavy protein breakfasts. We want to take our energy up in the morning, not down. There is more to it than that… which I go into in more detail in The Beauty Detox Solution! You don’t have to make drastic changes all at once, but rather start changing parts of your diet and habits that maybe you’ve become conscious of being not so helpful (or beautifying!). I mean, what an easy change to start drinking all that water in between meals rather than at meals, right?

What is your favorite easy change you’ve brought into your life since reading it?? I’d love to know!

Oh, and I’ll leave you with a recipe I know you’ll love, my tabouli salad recipe!

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Love, Kimberly



Last updated: Wednesday, August 5, 2015
  • sharon

    Understanding food pairings! And I adore the raw rolled oat cereal recipe in the book – super satiating and satisying – I’m full for hours and have tons of energy!

    • kimberlysnyder

      HI Sharon, that’s great! It’s so easy when you get the hang of it, and it can easily be applied to any restaurant situation or any situation at all! I’m so happy you love the rolled oat cereal. It has helped lots of my clients as well. Yay!! xx Kimberly

  • Tamara

    I have started eating celery and gluten free bread for breakfast! I can’t wait to try the raw rolled oat cereal. I made the sweet potatoes last night with tumeric and hot curry (all I had) and they were amazing! I also made the oil-free red pepper dressing and loved it! I have started using an oxy-cleanse supplement (can’t find the mag-oxy one from the book) and it has been wonderful. I believe I have Candida and thus starting out on Phase 1. Thank you for everything Kimberly.

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Tamara, that’s wonderful. It’s great to be aware of Candida so it can be balanced. The brand I like is the Aerobic Life Mag07 by the way.
      xx Kimberly

  • Green Shushi

    I now always start my meals with a big green salad! And I stopped eating fruit after meals. And of course, I drink the glowing green smoothie!
    I’m trying out your raw lasagna this week. Excited to eat it!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Great! People don’t realize how bloated they get from eating fruit last!! :)

  • shannonmarie

    Great tips. It’s funny how the other tips in the article aren’t as natural. Maybe next time, they’ll get all 10 tips from you.

    My diet has been very clean for years, but still not providing all the results I wanted. Although I was aware of food combining, the importance of it didn’t fully click until reading your book (I could relate to the story of one of your clients who had been a raw foodist, but still benefited greatly from your plan).

    I finally shifted the times that I drink my water, wait longer to eat in the morning and between meals, and stopped consuming fruit for dessert. My digestion has improved (it was wonderful when I first went raw years ago, but was no longer operating as smoothly as when I first started), and my energy is up again (it dropped after having my second child, who will be 2 years old in August). I’m turning 35 on Saturday, but I’m getting mistaken for someone in their 20s. Thanks for the tips :-)

    • kimberlysnyder

      OMG that’s amazing!! Yes I too relate from when I was raw for a while. The whole “eat whatever you want b/c it’s raw and it all has enzymes in it” didn’t really work out. Now that I combine my body feels so much better, and my abdomen is so much flatter b/c there’s not the constant gas residing in there all the time. I’m so happy for you!!
      Love, Kimberly

      • shannonmarie

        I can totally relate. My belly is flatter now, too, and I only made those small changes over the past couple weeks. I wish I had tried this sooner.

        BTW, I mentioned your coconut green smoothie on my blog yesterday and linked to you. I hope you don’t mind.

  • Kimberly

    I have to agree with ShannonMarie. It was the food combining that made the huge difference with me too. I’ve been following your program for two months (pretty tightly) and have leaned down and lost that extra bit of weight – now average around 106 lbs. and feel SO-O-O MUCH BETTER. The green smoothies are my breakfast every morning without fail (I even share with my dogs – who love it). Additionally, I use at least one of your recipes in my eating every day. They are wonderful!!! Look forward to your sharing of new ones on your blog. Your book and knowledge have made a HUGE difference in my eating and the way I look. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing. You are a dear soul! Have a wonderful day! BTW, I am making your macadamia nut/sundried tomato mash in a few hours (nuts soaking). Can’t wait to try it. :)

  • Susan

    I love your Glowing Green Juice and I have been drinking it every morning for the past week. I want to start Phase 1 from your book and was wondering if I could have the Glowing Green Juice during that phase
    or if it was imperative that I wait till Phase 2.

    Your book has been so inspiring to me and I am becoming more aware of what I put in my body. I was so concerned about skincare and reversing the signs of aging. I didn’t realize that my diet and the bad food I consumed had such a bad effect on my skin and overall health.

  • Gillian

    Just having a green juice in the morning, and a big salad with no animal protein at lunch has revved up my energy like crazy! Love it!

  • sheivamarie

    You are great, Kimberly! I saw you on a morning show (w/Billy Bush) a few weeks ago and started reading your blog and now finally got your book just this week. Everything you say makes so much sense and really clicks with me! Today I did your suggested morning routine with celery and millet bread for breakfast! Wow! I had never even heard of millet bread and it was quite yummy : ) I’m looking forward to making a lot of changes all inspired by you and the way you explain things and the energy behind your work! Thanks for everything! : )

  • jen

    I was wondering, would it be better to eat the fruit and greens as is without making it into a smoothie so that there doesn’t need to be any added water?

    • Stace

      “Let’s keep it simple in the morning, so our bodies do not have to expend all its energy on digesting 50 things.

      The best way to get easy assimilated nutrition into the body is my Glowing Green Smoothie. It is already blended, so our body gets the nutrients without all the work. ”

      That’s what Kimberly Snyder has said before. I know you would more easily get all the nutrients, as you would have to chew chew chew A LOT just to get to the point a blender would achieve.

      • jen

        Thanks for your reply! I understand the benefits of blending. I just thought that adding water, although it’s not a whole lot, will dilute the mixture, which then dilutes your gastric juices, making it harder to digest even if it’s just a little bit harder.

        So is the water added just so that the mixture will blend properly? Or is there another reason?

        • Meredith

          Fruits and Veg are comprised of a lot of water so adding a touch more to assist with blending isn’t that much. Kimberly has recommended the GG Smoothie for years without worry of diluting digestive juices. Enjoy! :)

  • TamaraDT

    Hi Kim!

    I am loving the salad dressing recipes! They are super tasty and so delicious

    Before reading your book, I was already on a Radiant/True Beauty type diet (have dry/eczema patches on face/neck/arms) but had no idea about food pairings or drinking liquids with meals. Thankyou for all your info!

    Question – want to really start the probiotic salads but could only find Organic Barley Miso. I know your book says to stear clear of barley – does that mean I can’t consume this type of miso?

    Love your blog, you are such an amazing and inspiring woman!


  • Cathy

    I’m so sad because I ordered your book via Amazon at the beginning of april and it is not arrived until today :-(
    I live in Paris in France, so I think this is the reason why there was a problem with my order.

    Kym, do you think that you could sell your book in european countries later ? As England for example.

    Until that day, I go on to read your blog to have many advices of you.
    I loooovveee you and your big smile! Go on to be as you are!

    Good luck

  • Sanna

    Hi Kim,

    I am now in Zanzibar – working and studying a bit. Still a few months wonderful time left here. I try to get your book somehow here.

    Because you have travelled a lot in Africa, could you give me some good tips? How to eat wisely and so on. I am vegetarian. Food markets are great and from there you can of course find delicious food.

    I think that seeing new cultures and exploring them is a good way to get more beautiful and feeling much better. At least my friend in Finland have said that in pics taken here I look much better and feeling better. Your blog (and I think the same is continueing in your book and I am looking forward to reading it!) has inspired me a lot and I have done some changes in my diet because of this blog. Before I ate much processeed soy products and I was almost crazy with protein myth. Now I eat more fruit and vegetables. Before your blog I already started to reduce drinking during meals. I may drink a little bit sometimes during meals but trying to avoid it.

    And of course maybe the best thing here is coconut water. Works so well on yoga days! :) Or anytime – actually!

    All the best and thanks a lot of being so good inspiration! <3

  • thalia

    I almost didn’t buy your book because I’ve read so much of your blog that I thought it would be mostly repetition. Boy was I wrong. I learned so much!

    I’d been trying the clean eating program but found that onerus – way too much food for one thing. And, as it turns out, improper food combining, in my case at least.

    Having a GGS or the juice for breakfast just fits in so well with what my body naturally wants. I feel like I’ve been given permission to let my body share its wisdom with me.

    Thank you for all your great info and for being such a wonderful inspiration.

  • Hillary

    Hi Kimberly,

    I purchased your book a few weeks ago and it has completely changed my life! You are so beautiful and genuine and all of your work has been backed up with prestigious research. I am still transitioning and in the blossoming beauty phase.

    I have a question though on skin care. I looked through previous posts on skincare and they were a little older so I wasn’t sure you would still answer questions, which was why I posted here on the most recent post. I know my question doesn’t really relate to this topic lol.

    I am trying to go a natural route throughout all aspects in my life and I am not sure what moisturizers I should be using as well as cleansers? I noticed since I have been transitioning and going to hot yoga (love it!) that I have many blackheads, which bother me (ew). Do you have any recommendations of natural solutions to get rid of them?

    Thanks so much and you are such an inspiration to me!


  • Shannon

    The food orderings from your book has really been affecting my energy – thank you! I was wondering about your thoughts on fresh fruit smoothies during the mornings “cleansing” part of the day – if just fresh fruit blended w/ filtered water?

  • Maria

    Hi. I am 41 years old and about 3 years ago I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and candida. To make a long story short, I do feel a lot better today, however, despite all of my exercise and changed eating habits, I do still suffer from chronic constipation and cannot lose weight. I am also having my hormones monitored and my thyroid is fine. I have ganied about 15 lbs over the past 2 years and I am scared I will keep gaining. I recently had food sensitivity testing done which revealed I am highly sensitive to Casein and Aspergillus Niger which I believe are in many probiotics and digestive enzymes. I am not one to give up, but this road back to good health and a quality of life is taking its toll on me. The weight gain is very depressing and I have spent a lot of money, just overwhelmed at this point. I am about to try Blossoming Beauty but am nervous about which probiotic and enzymes to take due to the sensitivities. I also need something real, I have four kids and work, so something somewhat simple would open up the heavens for me…..I so appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you ~

  • Nicole


    If you work in an industry that almost forces you to skip meals or not eat every couple hours (long restaurant serving shifts) what advice do you have to prevent from eating a really big meal afterward. I know eating right before work will help, but any other tips?

    • kimberlysnyder

      Stay hydrated, and can you have short breaks to sip on things? I have people in your position (well actors who are on set for hours and hours) and I have the Glowing Green Smoothie around for them with a straw, so they can take little sips here and there in their chair when they come to watch the monitors. It really keeps them going… and from starving afterwards. Maybe you could keep it tucked away in a corner in the kitchen when you come in and out and have a bit? xx Kimberly

  • Margaret

    I cannot find the website link for all the products in the book. Where can I find it on the website or please provide the link for the probiotics, Mag-oxy supplement, and enzymes!


  • Joi

    I think one of the latest painless changes that I’ve really liked it not combining protein with starch at a meal. I was at a restaurant over the weekend and of there was the plate of bread that everyone noshes on first. I just waited for my veggies first then my salmon. Next time I’ll see if they can bring me a side salad. I’ve also been ordering guacamole a lot more to have instead of meat.

  • Kdot

    Okay to combine blueberries with melon? Could you explain fruit combining more? Do you give any credence to the sweet- subacid- acid continuum some say not to mix across much? What about your watermelon-almond milk smoothie? Exception to melons by themselves? Thanks a bunch!- kdot

  • Fatima ferreira

    I really love your green drink, especially when it’s a hot day, it’s really refreshing.