Features: Redbook and Marie Claire! Get the Glow From the Inside-Out

Wanted to share these excited features with you on The Beauty Detox Solution this month in  2 other great mags- Redbook and Marie Claire!

We need to rely on not only external beauty products, but build beauty from the inside-out, with what we are putting into our bodies. The food we put in is the fuel upon which our bodily cells are built, including our skin cells and our hair.

What was funny about the Marie Claire interview was that they kept asking me how many calories I ate and how many were in each meal. I couldn’t answer them because I never, ever count! I don’t believe in it. I do believe in focusing on eating natural, whole foods and a plant-based diet (think green smoothie diet!). Our ancestors didn’t count calories and they were slimmer as a society, because they didn’t eat processed foods, including fat-free, sugar-free diet foods, and they ate more vegetables and much smaller portion sizes of heavy animal products.

Have a healthy day, and try to look at your foods today not just by their calorie count, but by how little processing it underwent to go from the field to your plate.

Love to all! Kimberly



Last updated: Wednesday, August 5, 2015
  • Johanna

    great the article in my Marie Claire I loved it. I will be adding some sprouts in my salad!! thank U Kim!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Awesome! :)

  • Karin

    Dear Kimberly,

    you’re so right with counting no calories!
    Quality always goes the longer way, not quantity. But I think it is very difficult to convince the people and also the public that counting calories is wrong. It’s not even the cause of any weight problems. But who want’s to hear that? Most of the common diets are based on this misinformation.

    The last years I was practising a whole foods diet. Now I am searching for something new and hopefully better. So a few days ago I accidentally found your book at the US Amazon store and ordered it right away! Then I found your blog, which is truly great!

    One question left regarding your book: will there be a german translation available in the near future? Would be so wonderful!!!


    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Karin, well in time maybe and hopefully people will learn to not be so fixated with numbers. I hope that my work can help others see that their diet- and life in general- can be so much better and easier when we treat things holistically.

      Hopefully there will be a german translation- that’s up to the foreign rights division of my publisher. I’ll keep you posted!
      xx Kimberly

  • http://melmoyer@comcast.net mel

    Kimberly, I found your blog about a year ago, and i have been drinking the green smoothies for breakfast ever since.. I feel great starting my day with them… I read yesterday that you said (on twitter), not to have them before you excersise in the morning.. I typically get up ,drink my green smoothie, and with in the hour, run 6 miles.. every day. Should i be drinking them after my run instead, and if so, what would you recommend i eat before i go running?? I have to eat something because i don’t eat after dinnertime, and i wake up hungry! I also need to run in the 6:00am time frame because i have young kids. I also wanted to tell you that your book is the first book i have purchased in years… thanks for helping me towards obtaining optimal health.. at 40 i am inspired to look at foods as anti-ageing!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Mel! With your schedule it is fine for you to have it before your run. The person on Twitter I responded to was running at 5 am and didn’t indicate that she was hungry in the morning. If you eat dinner early and wake up hungry and run early… then do what feels right because it sounds like it’s working great!
      xx Kimberly

      • Kris Chapell

        Mel amd Kimberly, I am that person who was on Twitting asking about the GGS. I asked because honestly I don’t want to wake up any earlier than I have to to make/eat something. If I am not running I am teaching a class at 5am so I usually have always gone for a piece of fruit on my way out the door so I have a little something before I exercise to get myself balanced and not on empty – especially when teaching.

        I was also worried if I drank the smoothie before if I would have a “reaction” to it during my workout. I know everyone’s body is different but I read on the blog in comments that some people had to be near a bathroom after and unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury when I am running or teaching.

        Mel, what have your experiences been? I have yet to try the GGS… will on Saturday. This past week was transitioning into the light to heavy and food pairings while reading the book. Figured I could try the GGS on the weekend.


        • kimberlysnyder

          HI Kris, you can make the GGS the night before, so you don’t have to make it in the morning. You can stay with your fruit first then the GGS after if that is easier for you and to be sure you are comfortable during your class. Over time you fill find your personal experience within your own body as you start drinking it!
          xx Kimberly

          • http://melmoyer@comcast.net mel

            Kris, I understand what you are saying as far as your concern to be near a bathroom…. for me, i have always been very regular, and I find that I can drink the green smoothie, and go to the bathroom shortly afterwards, and head out the door with no worries, that I will have to go while I am running..because i always “go” before i leave the house.. I do get up early enough that I allow for bathroom time… I would not drink the Green smoothie if i didn’t have time to use the bathroom before leaving the house. I have been drinking them for a year now…every morning, so that is what I have found works for me. They give me energy to go running, instead of having a cup of coffee before i run. I think everyone is different, but that has been my experience with them.

          • http://melmoyer@comcast.net mel

            ps. If you haven’t started drinking them yet, you might want to not plan to have them before your exercise and teaching until your body gets used to them, and you see how you react to them.. I also do have mine premade so i just grab it first thing when i wake up.

          • kimberlysnyder

            Mel that’s wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  • Dana

    Hi Kimberly,

    The book has been such a help for me to stay healthy.

    I now bring my green smoothie and kale salad to lunch everyday.

    You are a beautiful spirit and I wish u all the success in the world.

    best wishes,

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Dana, Thank you so much and that is so wonderful that you are bringing your foods to work every day! It is nice to feel in control of how you feel right? And the level of energy you can attain is limitless! :)
      Love, Kimberly

  • Joi

    Yay! I love this. Great suggestions. I’m super excited because I’m getting back on track with your system (sick and was so not on track for 2 wks) but I’m back now and hope to have this down pat so that I can always adapt, sick or not. Also, soo excited because I’m pretty much dairy free!! (with the exception of a little goat or daiya cheese). This is so huge for me because I’ve been a cheese freak. Loved the stuff but thanks to you now I just think about all off it being like glue in my system and I don’t want it. I’m working on sugar but that’s getting better now as well. I had an enormous dharma salad last nite and my husband laughed at the size of it and because I added the kelp noodles to it and he had no idea what it was. LOL

    I want to try your Cauliflower Soup but have a question about the red pepper. Is it supposed to be a red ‘bell’ pepper or just any variety of small red pepper?

    Take Care Kimberly!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hey Joi! I’m happy that you’re getting rid of the glue. :) Those are great substitutions BTW. The recipe calls for a red bell pepper.
      Come visit me again soon! xx Kimberly

  • KaryAnn

    Hi Kim,
    I just have to tell you how much I love your book. I read the whole thing in 7 hours and since then the last few weeks I’ve been going through and high lighting and taking notes. Nutrition is something I’ve had an interest in for a long time, and raw foods for about the past year. But your book and information has been the most accessible out of all of the many books I’ve read. Now i’m addicted to not only your blog but your green smoothies too! I’m curious what kind of a route do you suggest for someone who wants to get an education in a holistic nutrition/wellness? I’m young and i’m strongly considering making nutrition a career but most programs I find are so “old school”. It’d be refreshing to hear from someone like you in the field. Thanks :)

  • Jo

    interesting. but being 5’4″ myself, everyone told me i was seriously underweight at 54kg. i guess it just proves that even things like “ideal weight calculators” cannot be right for everyone. the keyword: personalize everything!;-)
    i just have to say that I am trying to understand the food combining rules. i get the eat-fruit-on-empty rule and when i found out about it from your book, my fridge suddenly became a war zone of different types of food…humous + salad – not good? fruit salad with strawberries, bananas, avocado and seeds – not good?

  • Arianna

    Hi Kimberly!

    I really enjoyed the Marie Claire article!

    I can’t say enough about how much I love love your blog! I have spent the last few days just reading through all your posts. I can’t believe that I just found your blog this week, especially since I spend most of my procrastinating time at work searching the internet for interesting health information. It is funny how the universe works because a few weeks ago a colonic therapist was explaining food combining to me and it seemed confusing but I thought I need to look into this more. Then all of a sudden I find your blog and your book and it perfectly explains the food combining ideas for good digestion and it makes perfect sense! Thank you so much!

    Thanks! And thanks again for all the information you put on your blog!


  • Cherie

    Kim I am learning so much from you…
    Can you post the tip of the day on this blog as well as twitter?
    Is Feta Cheese on my salad bad? and also I have been eating the Broccoli and cheddar soup from Sub Way is that bad as well?

  • Arianna

    I am really looking forward to your response to KaryAnn above because I too, have been looking into becoming a Clinical Nutritionist and focusing my career more on counseling people and a life coaching with a holistic outlook. I have cared about nutrition and health for most of my life. I have read so much about different nutrition philosophies and the mental connection to food. I truly love and relate to your nutrition philosophy. I am currently an attorney (I practice Food and Drug Law (FDA focused)) and I just know I will be much more fulfilled helping people particularly helping people live healthier fuflilled lives. I too, have had trouble really finding programs that I think will be fully worth while or that will cover the outlook on nutrition that I am really looking for. Any advice you could provide would be great!


  • Diana

    Hi Kimberly,

    I recently purchased your book and read it from start to finish in one day. I love this concept of healthy eating and raw food. My only question is one of the last pages in the back of the book has the http://www.KS1Life.com site and pictures where you can purchase the probiotic, mag-oxy, and digestive enzyme supplements on the site. When ever I go to this site it takes me to your main site http://www.kimberlysnyder.net. I can not find where to purchase these from the KS1Life company.

    How do I purchase these supplements from you?

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hey Diana- check out my response in the FAQ latest blog! :)
      xx Kimberly

  • Sheetal

    Hi Kimberly,

    I read your book and have been drinking the glowing green smoothie ever since! The first week I did get hungry within no time of drinking the smoothie; this is my third week and I have completely replaced my breakfast with the smoothie and I absolutely love it. I never thought I could get my husband into drinking the green smoothie, but he has not missed a single day ever since we started!!

    We have made simple changes like starting the day with lemon juice, no drinking water in between meals, eating fruits on an empty stomach or before meals, and we have also incorporated probiotics, digestive enzymes and mag-oxygen supplements in our diets. These changes have been small and easy to stick with. I made raw cacao truffles this past weekend and I love it!!!

    Is it ok to replace a meal with a fruit smoothie either with acai berries or goji berries in addition to the green smoothie that I usually have for breakfast (since I am trying to lose weight)?

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping us bring about these simple changes in our lives.

    • kimberlysnyder

      HI Sheetal, that’s wonderful! I’m glad you have adopted my emphasis on making small changes to stick with for the long-term!
      You could try doing that and see how it works. Also, if you aren’t allergic to bee products, you could try taking 1 Tbs. of bee pollen a day, since some believe pollen is such a complete food your body actually needs less food when you take it every day.
      xx Kimberly

      • Sheetal

        Thanks Kimberly! I will try doing that. Also, I sent an e-mail few wks ago and I haven’t received a reply yet. I’m sure I am in the waiting list :) but just wanted to check with you.

        Thanks again!

  • Melissa

    Hi Kimberly,

    I’m having a hard time finding magnesium oxygen. Is magnesium oxide an acceptable substitute?


    • Kate

      I have the same question about magnesium oxide!

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