Natural Medicinal and Beauty Plants

I had an amazing weekend hiking in Taos, New Mexico, which is just a few hours north of Albuquerque, where I currently am. We journeyed down a canyon to the Rio Grande River, which is wonderfully abundant in lush natural plants and exotic fruits, many of which have medicinal, healing and beauty properties.

Check out these videos I shot!






Rio Grande Plants


Horsetail is also really high in silicon, for hair/skin/nail strength and beauty.






Last updated: Monday, July 18, 2011
  • Mandy

    Loved the videos! Could you tell me a great beginners yoga DVD or book? (and I mean total beginners!)

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hey Mandy! While I love Shiva Rea, I think Rodney Ye might be better for real beginners.
      Shanti! Kimberly

      • Kevin

        Hi Kimberly-

        Taos is awesome and a great place to Ski. When are you coming to Colorado?

        • Kevin

          btw – why do some have their photo appear and others not i,e, myself?

  • D

    i know this is somewhat unrelated, and i apologize for that! but any brand of hiking boots you recommend? need a new pair for an upcoming hike up a volcano in guatemala! and you seem like you’ve worn out a few in your day :)


    • kimberlysnyder

      I get different brands but I always get my hiking boots at EMS or REI! It is really great how both have those ramps where you can walk up and down to simulate how the boots fit in your feet while on an incline and to see if they crunch your toes.

      Have fun!!

  • Nora

    Hey Kim! Taos looks beautiful! You are living the life. :)

    What about MSM for hair/skin/nails? I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about it, especially from raw foodists, and I’d like to strengthen my hair (it’s damaged and I want it to grow faster and stronger!)

    • kimberlysnyder

      MSM has good benefits. Check out my hair blogs also! Healthy hair is an overall nutritional issue- as you become healthier in general, more nutrients can reach your hair follicle!

  • Carmen

    Amazing and so interesting!I have a lot of horsetail in my backyard,how can I make it useful for my hair,or how too use it?

    • kimberlysnyder

      With different herbs, I make teas and strain…check out my other blog on herbs/plants and using them!

  • Lauren

    Hi Kimberly! I have been very sick for almost a year now and some of the doctors I have seen think I could possibly have a virus or something called gilberts syndrome (gallbladder). My naturopathic doctor wants me to detox and gave me ultra-phos liquid to do so, and I am terrified to take it. I am a very sensitive person and my body reacts strongly to any kind of medicine. Not to mention I have struggled with constipation my whole life, and how can you detox if you’re not able to go to the bathroom? I was wondering your thoughts on this liquid and what I should do. I have been so inspired by your blog and tweets and I just bought your book on Amazon, so it should arrive soon. I consider myself to be a healthy person, as I eat mostly organic, am a vegan and I have already incorporated your ggs every morning! Any of your thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hey Lauren, since I’m not specifically working with you, it is important to listen to your doctors’ advice. I will say that coconut oil has wonderful anti-viral properties, and I’ve been reading some studies lately on how incorporating it into your diet (cooking with it, adding it to smoothies, etc.) has had a positive effect with those with viral issues.

  • Julie

    Great information. Bitter can be a great taste, as in collard greens.
    However, I have heard that it is dangerous to consume wild food plants from wet places, especially watercress, because liver flukes attach to them (as cysts) during one phase of the life cycle and Herbivores ingest the water plants and the flukes migrate into their livers. Is this true? or just folklore, or unique to England? I don’t know, but I always rinse, rinse, rinse the commercial watercress I buy and would never eat wild watercress.

    BTW watercress is one of my favorite foods…love the mustard-like flavor. Miss being able to make sandwiches from it :)
    Thanks for the videos!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Well I’ve eaten wild plant foods for years, and I seem to be doing okay. :) I always eat them from areas of fast-moving water, and fresh springs. The water there was so beautiful that I could almost have drank it!
      Always use your good judgment, but you don’t come from a fear-based place either. “Germs” are everywhere, but what we can control is having a healthy immune system and good balance of probiotics.

  • Hadas

    Great post, love to see the origins of our food and nature’s remedies. We so often forget where these treasures come from- they don’t grow in a box or bottle on a shelf!

  • Betsy Sloan

    Hi Kimberly

    Will try not to email every day, but am having trouble finding the answer to a question from your book. Should I only eat fruit in the morning, OR could I wait a certain amount of time after lunch and have more fruit?

    • Erica

      Only eat fruit in the morning. She says that in her book.

      • Jaymee

        I think you can eat fruit anytime throughout the day as long as it is on an empty stomach. is that not right?

  • Linda-Marie

    Love!!! the videos! Thank you so much for sharing <3


  • CIOL

    Nice blog video

  • Emery Aesthetician

    Kim, I love the videos! So informative! I’ve been meaning to ask you which makeup line you recommend? Specifically concealer, blush and bronzer. I’ve used Josie Maran, Sheer Cover, Jane Iredele and Raw Minerals. Thank you for your time : )

    • kimberlysnyder

      Try Christopher Drummond! I’ve been going virtually makeup-free in NM (except for eye liner) but that is a good line. :)

  • Maria

    Hi Kimberly,

    Do you have any advice for us ladies suffering from scalp problems like sebborheic dermatitis? I have long, wavy, ultra thick coarse hair. I suffered from acne since I was eight and sebborheic dermatitis on my scalp since my early twenties. I discovered dandruff shampoos do not really work for me. In the summer when it’s hot and humid, my scalp will break out and I will develop a bacterial infection. Right now I am on tetracycline to get rid of the bacterial infection on my scalp. Any advice on how I can treat this problem? Prevent it from happening? I admit I don’t always eat properly. I am addicted to sugar especially sugary drinks like Pepsi. I also have very oily skin that has the tendency to break out. I will be 45 next week. Could you PLEASE help me? Thank you so much! My dermatologist recommended me to wash my hair more often, but the truth is I was already washing my hair every other day and sometimes every two days. I’ve also been told by doctors not to use conditioner. What is your advice? Please help! I’ve suffered from these problems since I was eight years old and I’m so tired of it!

    PS. I really want to get healthy and improve my general health! Thank you for reading this and any help you can give me!


  • Mario

    Hi Kimberly,

    Thank You for writing such a great book, it has totally change the way i see food and nutrition. All this time I thought i was doing good with my diet, boy was I wrong there is a lot more to it, then just what you eat. I have applied what I learned from your book as well as what I have learned from my acupuncturist and boy what a huge difference it has made in my life. I was never in my life a vegetarian, so shifting to a mostly a plant based diet, I thought it would be a total shock to my body, and boy was it, but not in a bad way. When I started the change in my diet, it was as if my body almost transformed overnight. I a matter of two and half weeks I lost ten pounds, I went from 155 to 145 on my 5’10” frame, and I didn’t even workout at all. I feel much better than I ever did in years, everything seems sharper and crisper, and even though my job can be really stressful, I don’t feel as stressed anymore. I also don’t feel hungry all the time like before. There is really nothing bad i can say about your book, Thank You Again so much for giving me the tools that changed my life!

  • Umbrella services

    Nice blog Post Kim

  • kate m

    I have to say in reply to the MSM comment, since using products that contain MSM I have never seen such a dramatic change in my skin and hair. Perhaps it is the other ingredients also since i changed to sevani skin care but since results were so good I take msm now too orally. I love Keen boots personally! Have been on that trail, awesome tips!

  • Zane Ports

    Hi there! This article couldn’t be written much better! Reading through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept talking about this. I will send this information to him. Pretty sure he’s going to have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  • sheila maniam-seiler

    Hi Kimberly,

    What can I do to get rid of or limit cellulite?

    Thank you!