Breaking Bad Habits


Fast Food

When it comes to diet and eating habits, many feel constricted by habits, which they have stuck to for years. Then of course there’s the temptation to indulge in fast foods, sweet treats, and unhealthy drinks. Your diet has a huge impact on your overall health, and learning about nutrition is the first necessary step in achieving your full potential of superior health and beauty.
In my book, The Beauty Detox Solution, I talk about the nutritional value (or lack thereof) of many foods. Not only that, but I also go into detail about the importance of Beauty Food Pairing and proper food ordering. A diet based primarily on green vegetables and plant foods like the green smoothie diet is how you will build a healthy, beautiful body. Fresh greens and vegetables are packed with chlorophyll (almost identical to human blood), enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to build healthy cells.

Part of breaking bad habits is starting to build new, better habits. Start with the habit of making sure greens are included in every meal in some form. In the morning this would be in the Glowing Green Smoothie, and have a salad as part of lunch or dinner, or at the very least add more greens to a wrap or sandwich you might be eating. You will start to feel better, and it will help minimize the heavier foods you are eating. Over time, the greens in your meal should become larger and larger, so they become the biggest part of your meal. But baby steps will help heal bad habits.
Body Size
Another thing that is key is learning about your body. This may seem silly because you may think you already know yourself well, but many don’t take the time to realize that some of the foods you eat every single day are actually making you feel sluggish, bloated and fat. Just looking at the calorie content of foods and trying to stick to a regimented plan of calorie restriction will never break bad habits, because you will just feel deprived and miserable and not really understand why it is so “hard” to be healthy.

Most people have sensitivities to foods like gluten (wheat), and dairy is not ideal for any human to digest. These two foods are two of the top foods consumed in the United States! If you eat these foods you may be holding yourself back in a vicious cycle, and you don’t even know it. Your system will be backed up and loaded with toxins, which will create more food cravings, and your bad habits will be extremely difficult to permanently overcome. The cleaner your body becomes, the easier it is to overcome cravings.

Gluten is in just about every pastry and bread product, and dairy, as you know is in everything from coffee to mashed potatoes to yogurt. Gluten is highly allergic and difficult to digest, even for those who are not gluten intolerant. Dairy contains a protein called casein that is impossible to digest. I suggest eliminating or limiting those foods from your diet altogether. If you consume low calorie versions of these foods it doesn’t really help your cause because of how unfavorably they digest.

Instead, try millet bread, quinoa and brown rice. There are also lots of dairy alternatives out there too, you just have to seek them out. Instead of milk, I suggest drinking almond or hemp milk.
Proteins and Carbohydrates
Another habit that should be broken is eating a protein and a carbohydrate at every meal. That’s what you’ve been taught to believe makes a “square meal.” However, constantly eating concentrated proteins and starches together at every meal wastes a lot of digestive energy, and is not ideal for nutrient assimilation. Afterwards, you are more likely to feel lethargic, and more likely to crave sweets or caffeine later on.

If you want different results, you have to try to eat differently. Pair your protein or starch with greens instead. A piece of chicken on a salad is a whole lot better than a chicken wrap or sandwich. Plus you’ll be developing the good habit of eating more greens, as in my first point.

Healthy RoadPerhaps the most important bad habit to break is with breakfast. I go into much  more detail about why the first part of your day sets you up for failure or success, cleansing on a continual basis, and losing weight for the long term in The Beauty Detox Solution. Change over to having the Glowing Green Smoothie for 2 weeks instead of your egg white omelet with whole wheat toast. Just by that, you will change your energy, your body and your life.

Finding your way to better health is a journey. The first step is learning about nutrition. Then it’s important to discover your own body, and become conscious of how certain foods make you feel. Once you raise your awareness, you’ll see what a huge impact food has on your entire life. Eating a diet rich in greens, other vegetables, seeds, nuts and some fruit creates radiant, beautiful skin, works to prevent disease and helps raise energy levels.

Once you free yourself of old habits, you will be on your way to improved confidence and better health.



Last updated: Friday, June 19, 2015
  • BellaYouFan

    Hi Kim,

    My friend Liza loved your book. She is a huge fan of you. She recommended to read your book The Beauty Detox Solution. I was totally amazed by the fact that she had lost weight so quickly. I know i’m late on this topic about detoxification but better late than never. I don’t understand what does it mean when you say raw foods and vegan, please can you explain that to me. I’m a pure vegetarian. Where can I buy the ingredients Celtic sea salt, agave nectar and hemp protein powder. Unsweetened almond milk which brands is the best. Which brand is best for coconut oil.


  • Emily

    Hi Kim,

    My friend Ella loved your book. She is a huge fan of you. She recommended to read your book The Beauty Detox Solution. I was totally amazed by the fact that she had lost weight so quickly. I know i’m late on this topic about detoxification but better late than never. I don’t understand what does it mean when you say raw foods and vegan, please can you explain that to me. I’m a pure vegetarian. Where can I buy the ingredients Celtic sea salt, agave nectar and hemp protein powder. Unsweetened almond milk which brands is the best. Which brand is best for coconut oil.

    Emily =]

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Emily,
      Vegan is someone who refrains from eating animal products, so that would include eggs and dairy. Raw foods are foods that haven’t been heated over 116 degrees. You can get good quality Celtic sea salt and hemp powder online, even a big site like Amazon. I do NOT recommend consuming agave. Use stevia instead.
      Come visit again!
      xx Kimberly

  • James

    This is a great post on transitioning! I’ve committed myself to the GGS for breakfast every day and am making as many changes as possible during the other meals. Dairy and soda are completely gone now. I’ve also found that the more I learn, the easier these choices are! I walk listening to podcasts and revisit your book every week. Hope you are having fun on your trip!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Thanks James! And those are fantastic, really important changes. Keep it up!

  • Stephanie @ Aspiring

    Hi, Kimberly! I’m half-way through your book, and I’m absolutely loving it so far. I seriously think that this will change my life.
    I tried food-combining before, but quit in like 2 days. This time though, I will try harder and attempt to apply the “beauty principles” more into my lifestyle.
    The problem I’m facing though, is the grocery bill. I buy mostly organic, and it’s often expensive. Could you perhaps do a post about how to save your budget?

    • Liana

      Hi Stephanie @ Aspiring,

      I totally agree with you my grocery bill amount is always touching the sky, but I use coupons. Here is a website that might help you out. :)

      • Jenn

        Do you have a farmers market near you? I have never been but I went today and it totally rocked! Alot of farmers aren’t certified organic because it costs alot of money but most of them have big signs that say no spray or no pesticide.

        Greens were 3 bunches for $4 and all organic fruit was $2 per pound. Beet bunches were $1. Big ripe avocados were $1 or 6 for $5! I also got some sprouts for $1, cauliflower for $2, a bag of yams for $5, cukes 3 for $2 and peppers $1 each. They also had some really good korean and middle eastern things that I bought to have with dinners…In the end I spent about 40 bucks but it’s ALOT of produce and would have cost way more at the store! If you have one near you, check it out!!!

      • Stephanie @ Aspiring

        Thanks, Linda!!
        I also just found another post by Kimberly on how to eat ‘beautifully’ under budget :)

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Yes check out my blog on eating on a budget.

      Buy in bulk and yes, use farmer’s markets for fresh produce!

  • Janice

    Loving everything I am learning in your book. Bought a Vitamix a few weeks ago and took it on vacation. Love the green smoothies and other recipes. When I drive by a fast food place; I wonder how people can eat there. I never was much of a fan but I would partake when a quick bit was needed. My question is – can I combine goat cheese, avocado and pumpkin seeds on my salad? Thanks

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Janice,
      I know. It is so far processed it is scary what people ingest.
      That is a heavy combination. The avocado and some seeds are okay, but if you do goat cheese you should leave out the other 2 and use other veggies.

  • Heidi

    I bought your book and love it! I’ve been drinking your green smoothie every morning. One question. Should I avoid eating spinach everyday because it has oxalic acid?

    • kimberlysnyder

      As with all greens, I encourage rotation.
      The oxalic acid is an unresolved, controversial issue. Many people, like Dr. Gabriel Cousens and Dr. Norman Walker, believe the oxalic acid is a problem when cooked, b/c it becomes inorganic in the body. Some people believe the opposite.
      Just rotate with kale, collards, etc. which is always a good idea.

  • R

    I don’t really understand raw food theory and this statement: “Over time, the greens in your meal should become larger and larger, so they become the biggest part of your meal.”

    Of course it’s important to eat a lot of greens, and I agree with sprouting, juicing and blending greens for maximum absorbtion at least once a day, but how could greens ever become “the biggest part of your meal” if they are so low in calories? Wouldn’t the biggest part be the component of the meal with the highest calorie ratio (assuming dressing, avocado, or nuts/seeds?)

    • kimberlysnyder

      Since my philosophy is completely devoid of calorie counting, it seems you are comparing apples and bananas here.

      If you looked down at your plate, the largest quantity on the plate should be the greens, not by caloric quantification but by physical, visual size. The other heavier foods are important, but you they should be eaten in smaller amounts than the greens.

  • Sara

    I have one really bad habit I HAVE to break….binge eating! It seems to be really bad since I’ve started the program (been on for about 6 weeks), about every three days I get uncontrollable carb cravings! Then once I start, I can’t stop!! My main question for you is do you think I need to add more carbs to my diet, or do you think I need to add other things to compensate the calories?

    My diet includes some version of a GGS, avocado, enzyme salad and a ridiculous amount of veggies and salad and usually some kind of carb based dinner. I’ve been a health nut for a long time, so I don’t eat junk food at all….my carb binges are usually oats, bananas, sprouted bread, brown rice tortillas and gluten free cookies in embarrasing quantities :(

    In the book you said you don’t really eat beans because of nature’s oops, which is what I used to always eat! I need some other way to add bulk to my lunch. I know we’re supposed to eat light to heavy, but sometimes I feel like I don’t eat enough and it’s making me binge :( Any other binge fighting help would be awesome!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hey Sara,
      Everyone’s body is different. Getting off the binge train is a big priority. You can add beans into your diet again, and at lunch, if you feel that it will be helpful to you. Take a digestive enzyme before and still eat greens then too, and Probiotic & Enzyme Salad.
      In this case, a mid-afternoon snack might work for you too- a smoothie with chia seeds, or maybe some almonds.
      Also, you mentioned all you are eating but are you practicing all the cleansing methods discussed in Chapter 6? xx

      • Sara

        Great, thanks for the suggestions! What do you recommend mixing in the chia seed smoothie….my first impulse would be almond milk and banana, but what can I sub for the banana! Thanks!

  • Gary Collins

    Great synopsis of your book and your philosophy, Kim. I’m passing on the link to all my friends. Thank you!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Thank you!

  • Aviance

    I always thought that having a protein and carbohydrate in every meal was a good thing, and to always have a fruit or vegetable with it. Now i know to change it up a bit and start learning new habits to make me a better and healthier person.

    • kimberlysnyder

      Yes, the “Four Square Meal” approach is outdated. We can age and feel better and better than is the norm!

  • shawna

    I have celiacs and have been eating millet bread from the whole foods freezer aisle for awhile, but I noticed that the only gluten free kind they carry is Food For Life. It’s delicious but the label says it is slightly fruit juice sweetened and I can’t seem to find a gluten free bread that isn’t fruit juice sweetened. It this acceptable for those trying to get rid of candida? Or do you recommend a specific brand that is possibly able to be ordered online?

    • kimberlysnyder

      I’ve found that the amount of fruit juice is pretty negligible when compared to the upside. I don’t know why they do that though?! I wish they wouldn’t put any in at all! It has worked well though with my clients with Candida, as we’ve been able to still overcome it with moderate use of that bread.

  • Jaime

    Hi Kim!

    Thanks for answering my GGS vs. GJ question – very helpful and I got hubby on the GGS bandwagon thanks to you!

    My hubby is allergic to nuts (unfortunately) and a lot of recipes call for almond milk. We’ve never had hemp milk – is that a good alternative in the recipes or maybe rice milk?

    One other quick question, for the unpasteurized miso we found an organic unpasteurized soy-free chick-pea miso (Miso Master Organic), but probably shouldn’t use that for the Probiotic & Enzyme salad because of the chickpeas, right?

    As always, thanks for your help love~
    Jaime :)

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Jaime, that miso is okay.
      Hemp milk is excellent. I don’t recommend rice milk at all- it has no nutrition and about 1 tsp of polyunsaturated vegetable oil per serving.
      xx Kimberly

  • TamaraDT

    Hi Kim!

    I’ve noticed people have received your newsletter. I have signed up for it but haven’t received it yet. Is the newsletter only limited to people in the US? I’m in Australia .

    If you could manually add me, that would be fantastic!

    I have suffered with skin issues for years. It’s the exact opposite to acne – severely dry, itchy and red skin all over my neck, around my mouth and eyes, and sometimes on my hands/arms.

    For years from different naturopaths I was told that I had candida. I slowly cut out meat, dairy, acidic foods, etc, and my skin cleared up completely at first and then after a few months went even worse. Then I cut out all fruit and everything that was sweet and could add to the candida issue, and my skin still didn’t clear up. It wasn’t until I went off the pill that my skin cleared up again but after a few months, the flare ups are back.

    After reading your book, I think my issue is that I’m not cleansing/absorbing nutrients properly.

    I’m following the True Beauty phase , as I was having the Green Juice for breakfast for years already and love it. Will this just be one of those things where I need to stick to this strictly for a good while? I’m scared to try acai berries, dried figs, etc, like you talk about in your book as I find it hard to think that these ‘sweet’ foods will add to my skin issues. Would this be the case? I’ve also started taking yoga classes as that helps clear my mind, as it’s quite easy to get a little depressed when my skin is like this (and I don’t want to use the medicated creams).

    I wrote to you when I started on the TB phase around 2 months ago and said my skin was clearing up, but now it’s not the case.

    I would love it if you got back to me, I feel so desperate and feel like no one can help me.

    I love being vegan and just want to know if my skin is something that with persistence and patience, will just take time.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you got back to me. If I lived in the US, I would definitely be consulting you, that’s for sure!


    • Sarah

      Hi Tam,
      I thought I would chime in because I’ve had very similar problems and I feel your pain and frustration. I was so depressed because of the skin that I didn’t go out alot, also because it itched so bad especially around my lips and eyes!

      I was, after several years of suffering, diagnosed with a vitamin deficiency, specifically vitamin B2 also called Riboflavin. I have been a vegetarian forever, but I found that when I wasn’t vegan and included things like yogurt and eggs in my diet, my skin cleared up a bit. When I eat more vegan or raw, my skin gets really bad….I thought it was from all of the fruit sugar or a candida as well, but it wasn’t!

      If you eat mostly raw vegan foods, you don’t get alot of riboflavin. Some really great sources are mushrooms and nutritional yeast. I eat these almost every day now and take a multivitamin and my skin has cleared about 95% in only a week. I am going to add eggs in the evening a few days a week as well, and possibly some raw goat cheese, because these are also great sources of riboflavin. I am always fighting with my mind to stay 100% vegan, but I think these little exceptions will be well worth it :) Soy is another good source, so I may try some tempeh once in a while.

      Try it for a week or two and see if it works for you! I am now very conscious of my riboflavin consumption and my skin is soooooo much better…I was amazed because I thought I was eating so healthy….turns out you never know, even with all whole real food. If nothing else, add a multivitamin to your day, just to make sure you get all you need :)

      • TamaraDT

        Hi Sarah

        Thankyou so much for responding to me, I really appreciate it!

        I am actually starting the gravity colonics this week. It is basically the only thing I’ve never tried so I’m prepared to give that a good go. Actually pretty excited/hopeful to see if it any changes happen.

        In saying that though, your information on Riboflavin is very interesting and I’ll definitely take it on board. It’s funny you mention mushrooms as I rarely eat them as years back a naturopath got me onto the PH Miracle books and that advises to stay away from them, but I will start to incorporate them into my diet. And eggs and goats cheese wouldn’t bother me either to have these a couple of times a week. Will see how it goes!

        With nutritional yeast and living in Australia, I’ve found this product extremely hard to come across. The closest thing I have found is Yeast Flakes. I think it’s like the ‘Aussie’ version of your nutritional yeast, which is so frustrating because I would love to make all these cheesy-type recipes that Kim has in her book, but I feel like I can’t. But I still consume the yeast flakes and absolutely love them. I take a B12 tablet every day, but with the multivitamin you’re suggesting, do you mean to take one that is B2/Riboflavin?

        Also, are you on Twitter? If so, you can find me under ‘TamaraDT’. I’ve never met anyone that is going through exactly what I am, and I would love to let you know how I go with my skin, etc.

        Would that be alright?


        • kimberlysnyder

          Hi Tamara,
          Remember that skin issues have as much to do with cleansing as they do with what you are eating. Besides the colonics, you should be eating Probiotic & Enzyme Salad, taking digestive enzymes, and taking a probiotic supplement every day. The MagOxy might help you as well.

          My philosophy is about a balanced lifestyle, which comes from diet AND cleansing. The cleaner your body, the more balanced it is, and when you eat a balanced diet from whole foods you do not have to worry about the minutia of every exact nutrient (except ones like D3 and B12).

          Just because someone else is deficient in a nutrient doesn’t mean that YOUR body is deficient it in or that you can’t absorb it. Getting into that game can be very dangerous, and detrimental.

          For instance, it is false to say that there isn’t vegetarian sources of riboflavin, a member of the B complex family. It is present in certain greens, especially weeds such as dandelion, buckwheat, asparagus, almonds, avocado, pecans, quinoa, sweet potatoes, nutritional yeast, sea vegetables, etc.

          Listen to your body. You do need to cleanse, but remember that what worked for someone else, even if they suffered some of the same issues, may not work for you.
          xx Kimberly

          • TamaraDT

            Thanks for the advice Kimberly, have definitely taken it on board.

            I take good probiotics and digestive enzymes, and have found an extremely good quality raw saurkraut too. I’ve had trouble finding the MagOxy in Australia. What brands do you recommend? I think I’ll have to order one online.

            It can just get extrememly frustrating when I know I’ve been doing everything right, and I don’t see long term results when it comes to my skin. I’m starting the colonics tonight and I’m so excited, I really feel this will put me in the right direction to cleansing, as my diet is very healthy and benefits me in all other areas.

            Once again thankyou for all of your advice, really appreciate it.

            Tam xx

        • Casey

          Hi Tamara,
          I thought I’d reply to your comment as I am also in Australia and have healed myself from severe top to toe rash and eczema through a natural diet and lifestyle.
          I now teach and consult with clients by phone and in person with the same principles Kimberly shares and get amazing results. Skin issues can be very complex and often the emotional and mental aspects of wellbeing need to be addressed too.
          The colonics are necessary too so very glad you are getting those.
          I really applaud your efforts and commitment. I t can be very defeating mentally to feel you are doing everything right but not getting the results you want. There are usually things missing from your approach that can be identified and corrected though. Like how you are facilitating the cleansing process or habits that may be holding you back.
          If you want to get in touch I’d be very happy to help you.
          Kimberly – thanks for your awesome blog and beautiful energy! xx

      • Apple

        Hi Sarah,
        Im not sure if this has been mentioned, or if your skin has cleared up by now but on top of Kim’s suggestions you should ensure you’re getting enough Omega 3 fatty acids as they are important for cell membranes and deficiency is typified by dry skin, brittle nails and lank hair

  • Alan

    Hi Kim-

    I have a few questions about getting rid of candida.. is acai okay during this? What about raw coconut meat?


    • kimberlysnyder

      Get unsweetened acai, and coconut meat is okay but not the water! :)

  • Jaret

    I am a celiac gluten free vegan and these articles are awesome and I am getting a lot out of them but I don’t understand how beans are bad for you? Do you not eat any beans whatsoever?

    I have been following a lot of vegan blogs and talking to many vegans I know in person and they all eat beans and are completely healthy.

    Anyway, I love your blog and really enjoy learning so much from you and what you do. I am just curious of this and would like to be informed.

    Hope you are having a great day!


    • R

      you can sprout beans and they are easier to digest, packed with enzymes.

      • kimberlysnyder

        That’s right R.

        Beans aren’t “bad”, but I point out they are not the easiest foods to digest. They have minerals and good qualities, and you can keep them in moderation in your diet if you like them.

        If you cook them, be sure to soak them overnight, but like R says, soaking and sprouting them are the best way to digest them.

  • Nicole

    Hi Kim, I recently came across your site by reading some other blogs. I instantly bought the book, and really enjoying the read. This is more great advice. I feel a change coming on for me and my lifestyle, and I am excited about it. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • kimberlysnyder

      Great Nicole!

  • Amy

    Hey Kim- quick question! (or anybody that knows the answer 😀 )

    Do old fashioned oats contain gluten?



    • kimberlysnyder

      Oats are gluten-free, but some commercial crops may be cross-contaminated with wheat. Buy organic!

  • Evyn

    Hey Kim,

    I have recently been experiencing symptoms similar to fibromyalgia; soreness and a bruising feeling all over, tension in my neck, headaches, etc. It does run in my family so I will definitely have to see a doctor if it persists. I have been following all of your diet and food guidelines pretty closely for about 3 months now but have only had these symptoms off and on for about a month. Anything you recommend for these types of symptoms, or do you think I am just starting to more heavily detox?


    • kimberlysnyder

      It could be detox symptoms, but you can definitely check with your doctor!

  • Beth

    Kim, I have read the book and understand the theory, but nothing satisfies me in the morning like a big bowl of carbs and fruit, what can I do?

    Plus, I am so poor! The things I can afford are the bad things you talk about….

    • kimberlysnyder

      HI Beth,
      Do the fruit first, then wait to eat your carbs at least 25 min later. Upgrade to a better form too, like oatmeal or a kasha cereal. That is progress!

  • Laura

    Hi Kimberly!

    I really want to order your book, but I live in London and never used Amazon…do you think I can trust this bargainbookstores?I saw they sell your book and can send to London…:)

    Thanks for your answer!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Yes of course! People buy it from there all around the world. :)

  • jenny

    Great post! As I spend more time on the plan, it becomes easier to replace bad habits with good ones, and my palate is changing so that I crave many of the foods you recommend for optimum health, like the P&E salad. The more I learn about how harmful those old foods are, the easier it is as well. I always knew sugar was “bad” for me, I never knew it’s actually like a poison!

    Thanks for all of your great info and spreading the good word! I’m still shocked that all of this common sense knowledge is contradictory to our modern lifestyle. Hopefully that will change soon!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Yes indeed!

  • Liana

    Hi Kim,

    You said to reduce dairy products right, so how can I get my calcium. I am kinda afraid to eat super food, all the berries. The book is great. I tried the beauty food pairing. :)

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Liana, please re-read the section in the book on calcium again. There’s lots of info on that subject!

  • Tiffany

    If push comes to shove and you must have one or the other, would it be Soy milk or dairy milk?

    • kimberlysnyder

      Neither! Really. I’m not that desperate, and I don’t think you or anyone reading this blog are either. Just have your coffee black or have your cereal plain, if that is the case!

  • Stacy

    Kimberly –
    Love your philosophy, love your book! I began drinking your glowing green smoothie for breakfast and having your kale salad for lunch on a daily basis and within literally 3 days, I went from feeling sluggish and tired to exhilarated! No more 3 o’clock slumps for me! Keep up the fabulous work – we are all benefiting from your passion.

    • kimberlysnyder


  • reishma

    Can you please provide a recipe for a gluten free sprouted bread that is acceptable in your opinion. Thank you.

    • kimberlysnyder

      If you make your own bread try using millet or brown rice flour.

      • Lauren

        Hi Kimberly,

        I’ve just started your BDS and am wondering about gluten free bread as I can’t eat avocado and therefore don’t find the oat groats very filling, and am in the Blossoming Beauty stage so no GGS..

        I’m wondering about Gluten Free Bread, because I live in Australia and have a hard time finding GF millet bread, or any other GF bread without sugar in it.

        I found this recipe and the ingredients are:
        1 cup sprouted lentils
        1 cup sprouted quinoa
        1 cup sprouted brown rice
        3/4 cup sprouted millet
        3/4 cup sprouted sunflower seeds
        1 egg or 1 tablespoon ground flax mixed with 2 tablespoons water
        4 tablespoons butter or coconut oil, soft
        3 tablespoons raw honey or palm nectar
        3 tablespoons psyllium husk powder or chia seed
        1 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
        2 teaspoons baking soda
        1 teaspoon baking powder
        1/2 -3/4 cup arrow root powder

        Do you think this recipe would be ok to eat every day for breakfast as long as I substitute the honey/palm nectar for stevia or xylitol? And assuming I use the ground flax instead of egg, coconut oil instead of butter and chia seeds instead of psyllium husk powder?


  • Marsy

    I binge on health food. I do really well for a few days then I go crazy and binge eat. I am actually getting a fat roll on my stomach from it and it’s soooooooooo frustrating! I really want to stick with the program!

    • kimberlysnyder

      Make sure you’re cleansing along the way!!

  • Jenn

    How do I deal with moderation? I love to have a little gluten free bread or millet with my lunch but once I have a serving or two it’s like it sets off a bomb.

    Today I had my beautiful avo, kale, beet, cucumber, sprout salad with a little raw kraut and felt fantastic but I needed a little bit more, so dutifully following light to heavy and beauty pairing I had two pieces of millet bread…then it was 4 slices of millet bread, 3 sprouted rice tortillas, some oat cereal squares….then food pairing went out the window and I had a banana cacao almond milk smoothie, several spoons of almond butter, and an almond butter banana sandwich. I feel like a little taste of something other than ggs, salads, fruits, or vegetables opens the flood gates and I physically crave more, and it’s pretty irresistable especially with carbohydrate type things like millet bread, oats and any cooked grain like brown rice or quinoa. I want to add beans to my lunch but they give me the worst gas ever so I avoid them.

    How can I indulge in a safe way? Intellectually I know not to overeat like this but I feel as if it’s a physical urge. This sounds so ridiculous coming from a grown woman, but how did you get to a point where you can have such lovely moderation? I need that because it’s what ‘s keeping me from reaching my goal! I bought dates and figs today hoping these would help. Any ideas from you are greatly appreciated, I love your work and strive to practice all that you do, each day I am learning more but I feel as if I’m currently in great need of guidance.

    Many thanks, namaste

    • kimberlysnyder

      Hi Jenn,
      Cutting salt for a while may help you reach moderation. It forces you to become more balanced. Use dulse instead.

      Also, only put out what you intend to eat and be really strict about just eating that!

  • Haroun Kola

    Thanks for following me on Facebook. I came here to see if you were a real person, and find that you’re doing amazing work to help people eat right.

    Very cool!

  • Erikka


    I have been trying to follow several programs including yours, and have been doing well. My issue is that I love the IDEA of your glowing green smoothie, but I absolutely cannot get around the taste! I would love to have that as my breakfast routine, but every time I try, I can’t seem to get past the first couple sips.
    Do you have any tips?

  • Linda C

    Hi Kimberly, just finished reading your book(in two days) and it was great, I’m taking a lot to heart. I am having trouble settling on a
    Multivitamin, probiotic, and digestive enzyme brand. (i know they are separate supplements!) I’m aware that many supplement vendors aren’t as relaible in quality as others and are not all created equal and I was really really reeeally hoping you could tell me which ones you use! It’s really hard to find Expert reviews because it’s either clearly marketing or some site where you have to pay to see the opinions of Dr’s, which strikes me as really iffy. Please and thank you for your time!

  • Alicia

    Quick question, i recently found a sweetner named Nevella and it has probiotics. Is this any good to use or just stick with stevia. Thanks

  • Zara

    Hi Kim,

    I just finished your book and am having an extremely hard time transitioning. One day I do great, and the next day I go completely backwards. One reason I really want to succeed at your program in your book is to clear up my skin and maybe (if I’m lucky) reduce my acne scars. Is there are any absolute musts that you think I should implement right away if I want to see an improvement. I have already cut out dairy, and am trying to eliminate wheat and gluten. Also I am looking at purchasing Zinc to help with my skin!

    Thank you for all the life changing wisdom you have provided in your book! I have made all my best friends and my family buy a copy!

  • Sara

    Dear Kim,
    I’m a 19 year-old Italian girl who, a month ago, started to follow your advices. At first it was almost impossible for me to stay away from refined pasta and bread, (as we are so used to eat them in Italy),as well as diary foods, but now I feel great and I have also managed to lose some wieght! I honestly can’t tell you how much you have helped me to change and improve my lifestyle. I think that your blog is just more than a simple diary, it is a precious source of life saving advices, so thanks!
    P.S. I am at my first attempt with the Green Smoothie, how many glasses of it should I drink in the morning?
    Thanks for your answer,

  • sheila maniam-seiler

    Hi Kimberly,

    I am from Malaysia where FOOD is our middle name. We have so many different kinds of food as there are so many ethnic groups which make up Malaysia. It’s worse for us living abroad because we are try and replicate all the hawker foods and home cooking we find back home.

    I find it so very difficult to change into your way of eating. I tried drinking your smoothie but I could not stomach it on the second day. I do drink a juice of carrot, ginger, celery, cucumber and apple each morning but I know it is missing the fibre. How can one not eat a curry without rice, for example? or without a roti? A curry and salad just does not go. I didn’t grow up drinking milk so that one is easy but the rest…….HELP!

    I wish someone like you would help those on an Asian diet eat more healthy. Would you consider doing this, please? It’s always been on my mind that it would be something I should do because there are so many of us out there but no help around! But I do not have any training in this area.

    I love all your tips. I just bought chia seeds from Malaysia as I cannot find them in Switzerland, where I live now. Nor can we find coconuts or fresh fish here. It is such a meat eating country and not conducive to a fish eater like me!

    Thanks, Kimberly. I hope you reply amidst your busy schedule.

  • Alison

    Is there anything else you can suggest for breakfasts besides smoothies? First off, I have a 7 month old son who will not let me turn on the blender without screaming bloody murder. We are in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment so there is no where to put him while I do this. I’ve tried shutting him in a room with music playing and he still screams, so its just not realistic for me at this time. I am also nursing, weightlifting and doing some cardio so I require more calories then usual. Any suggestions would be great! Also, what are your thoughts on green tea?

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  • Apple

    Hi Kim
    Not sure if this question has been answered before, but you recommend not combining Carbs with Protien at meal times
    Doesn’t this exclude vegetables?

    Thanks in advance for clarifying :)

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