5 Superfoods That Improve Your Memory

Memory is crucial to success. In today’s technology era, we are constantly stimulated with information and overloaded with details concerning a new product or a project with a deadline. We are constantly managing our lives with blackberries, iphones, computers, planners and the classic post-it “note-to-self.” In order to keep track of everything in our lives and to perform our best, we must take care of ourselves on a macro and micro level. Nutrition plays an integral role in mental acuity.

It really annoys me when people use the term “superfood” to refer only to foods that are exotic, hard to find and only grow in one part of the world, like maca, goji berries, or cacao. There is an abundance of “superfoods” everywhere, which I define as foods high in essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Superfoods have powerful healing qualities and should be a core staple of our daily diet. They do not have to come from across the world, and don’t let anyone’s fancy marketing make you think you need to buy all that expensive stuff to be healthy. Goji berries are great, but the best “superfoods” are locally sourced and familiar to you. For instance, I consider spinach a heck of a lot more important as a “superfood” than maca powder.

By including the following superfoods in your diet, you can improve your memory and ensure that your brain is functioning at full capacity.

Quinoa: Rich in folic acid, quinoa has been shown to quicken information dispensation and improve our memory. Quinoa is one of the best whole grains you can put into your body because it is a natural source of iron, zinc and protein. It is a complete protein because it contains all essential amino acids. It serves as an incredibly vitamin-packed fibrous side dish to any meal. Quinoa contains selenium and vitamin E that lowers your risk for diabetes and heart disease and may help control weight. It’s one of my favorite grains because it is easy to prepare and you can practically pair it with anything. If you ever feel a little brain-lagged, this is the perfect food to include in a meal with a big salad. Quinoa is a complex carbohydrate that will give you energy that lasts when your brain needs fuel to perform at its best. For more energizing snacks, check out my previous post.
Berries: Blueberries, cranberries, and strawberries have been shown to shield the brain from memory loss and contribute to enhanced memories in various studies. Diets rich in blueberries will actually improve learning capacity and lower stress. In fact, blueberries are among the best source of antioxidants that you can easily purchase and incorporate into your diet. Berries are high in water and fiber that regulates your blood sugar while cutting your sugar cravings. This super food is loaded with phytonutrients, a natural bioactive compound that works with minerals and vitamins to ensure mental and physical health.

Omega-3 Rich Foods: Omega-3 fatty acids are extremely beneficial for your body, but in particular for your brain health. Studies show that foods rich in Omega-3 lowers the cell inflammation that causes loss of memory. I wish I could wholeheartedly recommend fish to those that want to eat some animal products, but the truth is that fish is one of the most toxic, polluted foods out there right now. Fish live in the toxic water, and their bodies concentrate the mercury, PCBs and other toxins. Definitely don’t eat farm-raised fish or big fish like tuna or swordfish, but sadly, all fish is pretty toxic.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Acadamy of Pediatrics recommends strict limits of fish consumption for pregnant women. If a food can harm a developing fetus, why would you want to be put it into your body regularly even when you’re not pregnant?

If you don’t eat fish, the way I don’t, I recommend obtaining your omega-3’s from other foods such as pumpkin, chia and flaxseeds, walnuts, etc. Dark leafy greens like kale contain Omega-3’s as well.
Onions: Onions, and particularly red onions, have been used for centuries in India to improve memory. The key is in a naturally occurring flavonoid, fisetin, which facilitates long-term memory by stimulating certain pathways in the brain. Try eating some uncooked onions in your diet in guacamole or salads, because when you cook food above 118 degrees, you kill the natural enzymes that contribute to these miraculous body benefits.
Apples: The skin of apples is loaded with minerals and antioxidants that have demonstrated to defend from memory robbing degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Quercetin is an excelled source of folic acid, and much more. Get your daily dosage of antioxidants and apples in your morning GGS!



Last updated: Friday, June 19, 2015
  • Andrea

    Sorry, if this is off topic are white onions bad raw?Also, I read that millet is good for memory is this true?I love quinoa and berries that’s a plus.Thank you for sharing like always you are big help!

  • Kimberly

    Hi Kimberly!

    I totally agree with you – it really annoys me when people use the term “superfood” too. I believe in LOTS of greens (kale, spinach, swiss chard are my favs), fruits, healthy grains like quinoa (I’m actually cooking some right now as I read this post from you), millet, etc. You have taught me this wisely (from your blogs and lovely book). I used to buy into the “superfoods” and yes they are nice, but I feel better with the organics that I purchase at local farmers market and produce dept. I have discovered recently that I can not use raw cacao anymore. With becoming cleaner and more detoxed – I can’t tolerate it like I used to. I just substitute raw carob powder and I do fine and actually like the taste better.

    Do you agree with hempseeds as a good source of omega-3’s/protein?

    Do you also recommend a source of sunflower lecithin – caps/pwdr./liquid? Which company best?

    I just purchased some of the Garden of Life liquid multivitamin upon your recommendation from several posts. Never hurts to get an extra boost of nutrients.

    Look forward to your reply and thanks so much again! I hope you know how much you are appreciated and loved by many who you have opened their eyes to better health and give us the facts and truth – no BS like many do.


  • Melba

    Hey Kim!
    Speaking of brain foods, what do you think of ginkgo? It’s extract is said to improve concentration and memory, and I have recently bought an herbal tea containing it. Do you think it’s a legitimate claim or should I just skip it?

  • http://aspiringsteph.blogspot.com Stephanie @ Aspiring

    YES! All things I love <3

  • s. rodes

    I have been reading your blog, and am proudly impressed. I have a few questions, however, on certain nutritionally and fitness areas. Firstly, I am petite, and naturally thin. According to ayurveda, I am a vata dosha. What are your tips for staying in good, physical shape? Should I continue my yoga practice and walks? I am going to attend a strict college with a an intense course, and I want to know what I can do to take care of myself both physically and nutritionally. Second, if beans are not good for the digestive system, where else can I find good sources for protein? Third, what can I do if I do not own either a juicer or a blender for the green smoothies? I am determined to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and your blog has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. Thank you.

    • sammy

      Never mind- I believe if I continue to follow the guidelines as constitued in your book/blog, pay attention to my body, breathe, and maintain my yoga/walking regime, I shall be fine.

  • reishma

    Woohooo… I eat all of these foods.

    I must say that while trying to change my diet or add all the new foods. I realize its more about habit than anything else. We are so used to waking up and making eggs that we don’t even ‘think’ before we do it. Its more of rewiring our brains!

  • Danielle

    Hi Kimberly! Many thanks for all of your wonderful advice, my mom found you in an article in the Daily News and we cannot get enough of you!

    I was just diagnosed with Graves Disease, a thyroid disorder; I know this blog is about improving memory but I am noticing these foods are all similar to what my endocrinologist advised me to eat. Do you happen to know any superfoods that would help me out with my diagnosis? If I cannot get my hormone level under control the doctors are recommending radioactive iodine, yikes! Thank you for any knowledge you can pass on.

    Danielle :)

  • http://eiswuerfelimschuh.wordpress.com Din

    Great to see something what you can find more or less locally. I love nuts and blueberries as a snack especially when you have meetings instead of the usual cookies.

  • Anna

    Great!I am eating most if them- love your posts!I have been on the new way of eating for a month,I have always struggled with constipation but thoughy it would get better but now it has gotten worse.I do everything you recommened in the book.Is this a symptom that will get better?Struggling to stay motivated!thanks- love your work,just got your book yesterday!

  • Craig

    Hi, Ms. Kimberly. I love that you have given us a lot of well-informed information that we never knew or took some time to think about. I have applied a lot of information like on October 13, 2009 when the nail polish ingredients to stay away from. I chose Suncoat and the Suncoat nail polish remover. A world of a difference that choice made. I learned that women as well as men have to be careful of the chemicals that are used for manicures as well as pedicures. I have to be extra integral about the chemicals being put that could cause harm long-term.

    And on April 9, 2009 with the kind of oil using, I went with grapeseed. The article on March 16, 2010 had Knudsen’s concentrated cranberry juice (I chose the organic kind) and diluted it with water. The article on June 6, 2011 regarding “6 Drinks to make You Look and Feel Your Best”, I used the Zico coconut water pomberry flavor.

    And also Stephenie knows her ingredients: http://bubbleandbee.blogspot.com/

    I went to Lifethyme in Manhattan on July 16 of this year, and bought Bubble and Bee’s unscented 100% Organic Lip Balm. Of all the lip balms I had over the years, it is simply the best with only organic sunflower oil, organic cocoa butter and organic beeswax. Better than Burt’s bees lip balm.

    July 25, I went to the dentist to have my wisdom teeth removed. I received advice from my Aunt Catherine and this is what she says:

    “Hello Craig, How are you today? I am glad that the surgery is finished. As a former Dental Assistant,increase foods in vitamin A. This will help you heal better. The body uses a lot of vitamin A ,especially for our ears.More for our ears than our eyes. You will hear more than you will ever see.
    Thought I toss that in there. If you can,stay away from vigorous rinsing. or tooth brushing. This way the sutures remain in place well. If too much bleeding report back to Dentist,where resuturing and possibly x-ray area again.

    Have a great weekend.

    Aunt Catherine”

    Immediately I went to Whole foods at the Columbus Circle on July 29, and got swiss chard, collard greens baby spinach and cantaloupe.

    The August 8th article “5 Easy Ways to Transition Your Diet”, I learn a lot about rooibos tea, and on the 18th of this month, I bought Numi’s organic green rooibos tea for the first time which is also gluten-free. On the same day, I put in an order for nutritional yeast, which I learned from the August 16th article “13 Essential Vitamins for Bodily Function- From Food!”, as well as buying raw organic sunflower seeds from Whole Foods on the same day.

    I do have two questions: what kind of tumeric should I go for at Whole Foods(I want to combine the tumeric and the green rooibos tea that Ms. Rache made at the comments from the News Update), and secondly, I don’t know what shampoo or conditioner for a guy like me should use. What brands of organic shampoo and conditioner that you would recommend for men?

    Thank you so much for the intelligent information that you have given us all. You have been a wonderful blessing on the lives you touch, and the information that is ripe and ready for our lives.

    • Sally Snyder

      Hello Craig – It looks like you are going through major health transformation! Great going. I can help with effective Shampoo & conditioner. Please contact me at sallysnyder@hotmail.com. Here’s one of the Shampoos that I would recommend: Nutriol Shampoo
      Head turning results for your hair: Nutriol Shampoo features Tricalgoxyl®—a clinically proven seaweed derivative developed in a European laboratory with more than 40 years of experience in the field of trichology (the study of hair and scalp treatment).
      This advanced shampoo is formulated for regular use as a daily shampoo and for use in combination with Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment. When used together, these powerful formulas help restore fullness and shine for healthy, youthful looking hair.

  • Helene

    Hi Kimberly!
    very interesting post, as always!
    I’m following the radiant beauty plan for only couple weeks and I’m still a little bit confuse sometimes about food pairing and when to eat some kind of foods.
    So if I want to get a dose of flax seeds, chia seeds or walnut a day,
    can I have it like a snack in the afternoon after I ate a fruit? I should not have it too sooner in the day like in a salad for lunch, right? and sometimes I’m working late in the evening, so If I have a diner around 7pm with quinoa, greens and vegetable, can I have nuts or seeds later in the evening aroud 11 pm? (taking in consideration that I’m only going to bed around 1 o’clock in the night)

    So I’m not sure when to eat nuts and seeds, because it’s fat and protein…

    thank you for everything, I am a big big fan of you and I try to change a lot of things in my life right now because you’re inspire me!


  • Nicole

    Kim :-)

    Thank you so much for replying!
    I tried the lemon water this morning and was wondering if adding the lemon to water that’s cooled down to about 130° is ok?
    Also, the taste is super sour, is adding honey fine or will that take away from its benefits?

    Oh, and one more question 😉 I came across your Glowing Green Summer Smoothie Recipe and was wondering if this can take the place of the GGS? If not, when do you recommend consuming this smoothie?

    Hope you’re having a great day!

  • Mary mygreediet.com

    I think it is an under appreciated fact that food can act as such healing medicine. Food affects every part of our bodies. I really like what you said about “superfoods”.

  • http://OrlandoTanningLotions.com Cynthia

    Just when I thought I could learn anything new about health. Quinoa is a food I have never heard of but will be trying. Thanks Kim

  • http://OrlandoTanningLotions.com Cynthia Tanning Lotions

    Just when I thought I could learn anything new about health. Quinoa is a food I have never heard of but will be trying. Thanks Kim

  • K

    Hi kim!

    Off topic, but as a very active individual, (fitness instructor, lover of resistance training, outdoor activities, etc.) do the meal outlines/ideas in your book, support this lifestyle? I have been using your breakfast/lunch ideas and snack ideas, but adding a brown rice protein shake after my weightlifting, and wild fish/seafood for my last meal of the day. I have been following proper combining… and I must say, I feel phenomenal! MUCH better than when I was eating animal protein all day and miscombining. But the worry about in adequate protein is still haunting me! Advice?

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  • http://www.slimmingskinny.com Seb@SlimmingSkinny

    Hi Kimberly,

    I love your post. It’s informative and succinct at the same time. I have to agree with the fact that many people have been under the wrong impression that superfoods are pricey and exotic, when there are so many foods that can make it to the list, many of them the “common” vegetables and fruits that we will see in the markets!

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  • http://www.sisygarza.com Sisy

    Hi Kim! what do you think about “superfoods” such as Maca powder, Acai powder, Cacao powder and hemp proteing powder?


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    Admiring the time and energy you put into your blog and in depth information you present. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed material. Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Great, thank you!

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