What Your Poop and Pee Are Telling You About Your Body

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Have you ever wondered if your poop looked “normal,” but were too embarrassed to ask anyone else what their poop looks like? Or has your pee ever smelled a bit putrid but you were too mortified to utter a word to your best friend, let alone your boy friend?

Poop is an important part of health and affects your beauty, as everything in your body works as an interrelated system. Well don’t worry, because here is a guide to anything and everything you may have wondered about your pee, and yes, your poop.

Click on the infographic below to view a larger image:


Having trouble with your digestion? My probiotics can help with that! Check them out here, and you can even get them on a monthly basis to ensure you improve your digestion and regularity!





Last updated: Thursday, November 12, 2015
  • Daisy

    Hey Kim,

    Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge on all things nutrition. Your awareness is truly inspiring.. I try to read and research as much as I can from reputable sources to someday be as well-versed.

    I have two questions.

    the first is that I have a irritation on my eyelid, right along where eyeliner would go. I’ve laid off the make up, and have been putting coconut oil on it, and the problem goes away. But even after weeks of no sign of problem, using eyeliner (a new one, not the repeat old one), the irritation goes away. Is it possible that it’s a mold or fungus, that’s being re-awakened by the molds typically found in make up? Do you have any natural products solutions to recommend for skin problems?

    Do you have any make up brands to recommend?

    Also I was wondering if you could provide some explanation as to why, even among the vegan/holistic lifestyles, there is such ambiguity around food combining. Many vegan doctors like the PCRM and even other raw food gurus don’t follow or believe that food combining is scientifically sound. Can you talk about where this discrepancy comes from? And where we can look to for more detailed/scientific reading as to why it works?



    • rick

      Have you ever tried to eat a poo turd? It is quite tasteless! sometimes you get the hard pelletsbut its good! mm mm POOP MAH DOOP!!!

  • Jody Robbins

    Listened to you on the radio yesterday….believe it was the Jane show…one Im not familiar with….
    Anyway, my question is when you were suggesting a multi-vitamin before a night of drinking, which I have heard before and makes sense….why a liquid other than those Huge pills…
    Have already bought the liquid wanting whole family to take…already know they are going to hate the taste!!! I can handle a shot of anything….big deal..

    Just want to know why liquid?

    Thank you
    Blog is wonderful!!

  • Mandy

    Hi Kimberly! I wanted to thank you for answering my question about food combining. You are so sweet to take the time to answer all of our questions! So here I have another one for you- Do you know what imbalance in my body may be causing acne on the outside areas of the face? My t-zone is perfectly clear but for some reason on my cheekbones, temples and jawline i have been getting very bad acne for about the past year and a half. I am only seventeen. Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy life to answer these questions. Keep up the good work, you are simply amazing! xoxo

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Thanks love!
      Have you read The Beauty Detox Solution? I talk about this in more depth. Breakouts on the jawline tend to be more hormone-related, or due to a congested colon. xx

  • dellarese

    boo i was hoping for some slightly less obvious information!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Well it’s not so obvious to everyone. :)

  • http://www.gary.klepticsy.com Gary

    Interesting stuff. Thanks to Kim’s green smoothies, I’m doing quite well in these matters. Thanks Kim!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Ha ha, I love it Gary!!

  • Nicole

    Hi Kim :-)

    I tried Trader Joe’s Raw Almond Butter and it was not very tasty :-(
    I was wondering if you had any other brands you’d recommend that hopefully have a better, creamier taste. Thanks!

    • Nicole

      I think Maranatha has a great raw, organic almond butter.

      • Kimberly Snyder

        Yes it’s good! Artisana as well.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Great, see other comments!

    • http://www.takenbythehand.blogspot.com Kelly

      The store brand from Whole Foods is good, and they sell different styles (smooth, chunky). I think it’s called 365. At some stores you can even grind your own nuts into fresh nut butters!

      • Kimberly Snyder

        Be sure the nuts to grind though aren’t roasted- I think they often are. :)

    • Elizabeth Collins

      ~ I happen to LOVE Trader Joe’s Raw Almond Butter !!!
      AND the price is right, really, when we are doing Raw Only, how much tastier do we expect ? It is ready to eat, you can add something to it if you need more flavor and it tastes just like … almonds !!! Thank you Trader Joe !! ~

  • alaina

    Hi Kimberly!
    I’m wondering what tips you could give me for gaining weight. I am on the blossoming beauty phase of your diet and recently started losing weight. I stopped adding avacados to my oat groats in the morning because they made my throat swell a little and I have a very low tolerance for most nuts (If I have more than a few my face breaks out). Are there any other foods I can add to my diet to help me gain weight?
    Thanks so much!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Alaina,
      You can also make cooked, natural oatmeal as well if that works better for you. Eating larger quantities of hearty, healthy foods like legumes, grains (quinoa, etc.), gluten-free breads can help, as will healthy oils (avocado, olive, etc.) on your salads and in dishes. xx

  • alaina

    Hi Kimberly!
    I forgot to mention in my last question that I also have not menstruated in a few months. Is this something to be worried about?
    Thanks so much!

    • dawn

      Several ways to gain weight without the use of avocados and nuts: try adding a little coconut oil to any cooked veggie dishes, eat fruit, more frequent/larger portions of grains, GF crackers with hummus, etc.

      Any change in diet/stress/ etc., can cause a change in. Once your body gets used to these changes, it should resume menstruation, if not I would consider making an appointment with your physician.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Alaina,
      Yes, that is definitely something that should be examined. If you fat levels are too low or if there is a big change to your diet, among other factors, it can affect your cycle. It is common for the cycle to lighten with a healthy diet, but going away entirely is not favorable. Check with your doctor or someone that can look at your diet and lifestyle factors! xx

    • http://megabita.blogspot.com/ caroline

      Hi Kimberly!

      very glad you have shared this knowledge, it will be very useful, and may I request permission to copy these pictures to you, because maybe this will be very useful later on.
      Thanks so much!

  • http://aspiringsteph.blogspot.com Stephanie @ Aspiring

    WOW, holy THANK YOU so much!!!
    I have serious bowel problems and am still working on it!
    This info-sheet helps a lot. Thanks for posting this!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Great! It is important info for all of us to be aware of!

  • http://www.lovingfit.com Tatianna

    This is great and useful info, a little descriptive ( maybe a little too much ), but very useful. Thank you

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Lol. It’s part of life. Most people don’t talk about such things, which can be important indicators for health issues!

  • http://peacelovenutrition.wordpress.com/ Jocelyn @ Peace Love Nutrition

    This is amazing! haha what a great way to share a topic people feel uncomfortable talking about.

    I think it’s so important to have proper digestions and elimination! It leads to a healthy system. I suffered with constipation and loose stools for years but I’m finally health again thanks to probiotics and yoga!!



  • Julia

    Hi Kimberly! I first want to say that I love your book and most of all find it very inspiring for life! Thank you for that!

    I have just finished reading it. I admit I find it a bit hard to follow in a busy life but am slowing converting and it is very exciting! :) A few questions, if I may:

    – I am an athlete and do a lot of sports, many in the morning (I ran 10 miles this morning, for example). Common thought is to get protein in the body after such exertion; this goes against the Beauty Rules. Thoughts?
    – If we are trying to get back to nature, why do you recommend so many supplements – the digestive enzymes, the magneseium/oxygen, etc?
    – I love the hot water with lemon, though I find it is a lot of liquid before my juice in the morning. May I drink it a bit after my juice or is it too diluting? Is it good throughout the day any time?

    Thank you so much if you are able to take the time to answer these. And thank you for providing such inspiration and spreading the word of good health! :)

  • Malin

    Hi Kimberly! Your book has changed my whole view on food and nutrition, I find it absolutely horrifying that I haven’t heard about all these things before!

    Now to my question: I was wondering what your thoughts on birth control are. Are the pills harmful to the body? What birth control would be most optimal to use?

    Thank you so much for being such a source of inspiration!!

  • http://www.kristenpeters.net Kristen @ kristenpeters.net

    Thanks for this! I published on my blog as well. It just makes sense that our output will tell us how our input is doing for us. Our bodies are extremely smart and adaptable which make us so amazing (and lucky!). It will tell us when something is just not right. Paying attention to our waste is one of the ways we can gauge our health.

  • Mandy

    New to the beauty detox and I am currently reading the book but have not started yet. I am curious can you have your children drink the smoothie if they don’t do veggies very well?? Thanks :-)

    • http://rajroyngnmix.blogspot.com/ more medecine info


  • http://howtodesignakitchen.blogspot.com Emy Aisha

    Thanks for this post. This was nice post. It help me a lot. thank you again.

  • http://www.saludeshealth.com Suplementos Antioxidantes

    Luckily the infograph isn´t a scratch & smell format :O)

    • Healthy Poo

      lol, good one!

  • Elise

    Hi Kimberly!

    I started cleansing too quickly and suffered some rather uncomfortable symptoms: heart burn, nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite and constipation.

    It was my 110 % fault, I should’ve transitioned, but I’d like to know how long it will take for my system to go back to normal.

    Thank you!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Generally a week or not much more!! xx

  • http://scdlifestyle.com/ Steve the SCD diet man

    Hey Kimberly, this is an awesome resource for people to learn about poop and pee. :) Thanks for making it. A topic I talk about pretty often, I try to encourage people to learn about the Bristol stool chart so that everyone is on the same page when they are talking about their digestive health. A healthy turd on the Bristol chart is #4 but I love your torpedo idea!

    I love the little tips about what could be causing the poop issues, everyone in the US would be better off if we were more at ease talking about these issues!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Yes I agree!

  • Pumpkin

    So I just started reading the book, I jumped ahead to the smoothie part just so I can get started!! Then I went back to the start!! The 1st time I made the drink it was so gross & smelt like wet grass, I have gotten better at making it. Anyways I have a question: I found the 1st couple of pooh’s after I started were really hard & hurt!! I am now on day 7 I think & I have found that they are softer. It was one of the 1st times I ever hard a hard time poohing!! Was that normal??

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Yes pumpkin that can be normal as a lot of old matter may be drawn to the surface to come out. If it came and passed, consider it a good thing it came out of your body! :)

  • Natasha

    Thanks Kim!

  • Natasha

    Hey, It’s Natasha again, I’ve been vegetarian since June but I’m so tired now! Also, I think the reason my #2s aren’t always brown is because of all the veggies and fruit I eat. is that possible?

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Natasha, it’s hard for me to say without knowing your whole history, entire diet, etc. If you made a dramatic switch from an unhealthy diet, you may be tired because your body is working to cleanse itself, which takes time. Many vegetarians also eat too many refined starches and not enough greens and veggies, which they need for energy. Try adjusting your diet, and follow my suggestions in The Beauty Detox Solution to increase Beauty Energy. xx

  • Sissy

    Hi Kim,
    Before hand I wanted to thank you for all your knowledge and being able to share it with others.
    I have been drinking the glowing green smoothie for the past 4 days by following the ingredients, but unfortunately I’m having a tough time going to the bathroom. After reading many people’s comments and yours, I was under the impresion that the smoothie could make you run to the bathroom. But I’m more on the constipated side.
    What should I do?
    Thanks for your time,

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Sissy,
      Have you had a chance to read the Beauty Detox Solution? I discuss this in much more detail there, as the “Draino” effect. If you kick up a lot of toxicity at once and don’t cleanse it out (like 20 bottles of liquid Draino poured down a clogged sink), you can push all the matter to the middle and get temporarily clogged. Try the MagOxy I recommend, as well as incorporation probiotics and P & E Salad, to get things moving. Especially when changing your diet, enemas and gravity-style colonics can be really helpful for larger movements.
      All my very best,

  • Juan Del Llano

    May i take it to only translate this awesome information!?

  • Melissa

    Hi Kim,
    So I wanted to clarify. Based on the chart, having loose green stools would be normal for someone who is eating a lot of greens or starting this way of eating? How long should that last?

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Melissa,
      It depends on your prior and overall diet. Your stools should definitely normalize as your system balances, and you want to work towards having the ideal poop listed. :)

      • Betty

        Hi Kim

        I am in Toronto. I read the book about a week ago and have started making changes quite readily.

        I have a few questions. I am still drinking coffee (slowly cutting back) but wonder how to space it apart from the Green smoothie?

        I have started eating raw veggies before any meal (this is how I started transitioning) and it has proved extremely helpful in my food sensitivities/intolerances and hives! The food combining you outline is essential!

        I had a really hard time finding the Mag 07 here in Toronto but purchased oxy-cleanse today and wonder if I should only take in the night.

        I thank you and wish you all things good!

  • http://www.busyworkingmama.com BusyWorkingMama

    Loved this article – just pulled my hubby over to read. I did NOT know about asparagus and poop.

  • iP2

    No one will believe this… but I once pooped blue. Yes, blue. I had been partying a lot that weekend, and we were drinking a lot of ‘trash cans.’ I’m guessing we used too much blue curacao or something because by day three I looked into the porcelain -blue turds. Freaked me out.

    Also, what about orange?!?

    • http://www.itsyourfuture.myforever.biz/ Darren Langdon – Its Your Future

      I have got to say that is different. It is the first time I have heard that but what an interesting post

    • http://N/A Steven

      I pooped blue for about 2 weeks. I had recently moved (I’m 15, just so you might understand it a bit more) and went from eating steak, potatoes and vegetables (all pretty much healthy) to eating bull crap food like frozen dinners and hamburger helper. The first 2 weeks, I had a lot of digestive problems, and my poop was blue (I thought I was slipped a smurf, lol) but now, my poop is back to normal color, but I still have a lot of digestive problems and stomach aches CONSTANTLY. It hurts so bad I’m going to start basically starving myself and eating only vegetables and real meat (not “beef” hotdogs with beef, pork, and chicken) like steak, roosts, things that aren’t compressed left over pieces of dog food. So, yeah. I’m going to see how that works out for me.

  • http://www.isustainableearth.com Going Green

    I almost did not stay on the page but I am glad I did… Really good infographic that should be handed out in health class. Nice job.

  • MaryKay

    Hi Kimberly,

    I stumbled upon your website through Pintrest and found it very interesting! I have 2 issues I wonder if you could help me with.

    1) I have Ulcerative Colitis and really need to change my diet. I was diagnosed 13 years ago (8mos pregnant with my daughter) and am on the 2 year plan with colonoscopies…WOOHOO!

    2) Both my daughter and I are on medication for ADHD and I have been reading about how it is most triggered by the reaction to certain foods. However, we all know it’s hard to believe EVERYTHING you read online. I am desperately searching for someone who is familiar with this and can help with a diet so we can either lessen or better yet do away with our meds.

    Thanks a bunch!
    Mary Kay

    • http://janetmeredith.net janet meredith

      love the graphics. light-hearted and informative.

      • http://www.delhi-ivf.com/ Surrogacy India

        i say thanks to blogger who’s nicely explained the topic with the help of graphics, images i like to see it…

    • http://mommycomelately.wordpress.com Beth

      Mary Kay;

      Pardon me for “butting” in…. but I suffered from Ulcerative Colitis for 5 years before I finally turned it around….I used a probiotic developed from a man who had Chron’s …..it cured me, and has cured others, so I wanted to let you know that you may just need to balance your gut flora. It was called Primal Defense by Garden of Life USA.

      Wishing you all the best. I couldn’t believe how debilitating Ulcerative Colitis was until it was gone!!

      • http://KimberlySnyder Robin

        YES YES YES !!!!! Thank you Beth. To anyone out there asking an problems about digestion and their poop. Just take a good multi level probiotic daily or before each meal and all your problems should be regulated after a time.

  • http://plasticsurgerybeverlyhills.yolasite.com/ Belle

    I love this! It actually talks about not taking things for granted. Great post. Very informative, and all the pictures made it lively and lovely!

  • http://www.exercise-fitness-nutrition.com Sue Kauffman

    Informative, factual and humorous. Can you ask for anything more in a blog post? I think not :)

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    What a great graphic. Cool work.

  • http://www.de-moda.es/ Demoda

    Impresionant i want translate this graphics to spanish, Good work.

  • http://www.divyananjappa.com Divya Nanjappa

    I used to wonder why my poop was green or blue, sometimes.

    Then I found the reason.

  • http://healthscenter.blogspot.com roni

    it’s helpful. actually i describe one thing about health and fitness.

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    It tells us everything about what we eat, whether we eat well, whether we are sick or not. Basically telling us what the condition of our metabolism.

  • http://www.allhealthresources.com Christine Mattice

    Excellent information! This subject is so difficult and (many times) embarrassing for people to talk about. I’m so glad you laid it all out for us! I’m going to make a goal of having my writers at allhealthresources.com take on subjects that may be embarrassing, but are definitely worth examining! Thank you for the excellent article.

  • Suzie

    Hi, Kim. I had been on the “candida diet” (no sugar, gluten, dairy) for a little over a year and just recently have been incorporating more fruits into my diet. Of course I haven’t been food combining properly though. I have been eating a vegetarian diet for about 6 months. I have also been doing a lot of detoxing (colonics, liver flushing). I have been feeling very sick for the last year doing all the detoxing. A few months into it, I started getting really constipated. I was still going every day but not a lot and it was hard to get out. I see that you are saying that could be a sign of cleansing? I recently started taking mag 07 and that helps a ton and also allows me to think clearly. I was having terrible brain fog and I think it was due to the constipation? Is it normal to take this long and still be constipated like this? I’m confused if it is from candida or lack of probiotics (I was previously on a ton of antibiotics which originally started my sickness and triggered me to start the candida diet). I am reading your book and website and am excited and starting the food combining. Just wondering what you thought?

    • http://KimberlySnyder Robin

      Yes it is the antibiotics and lack of probiotics. Cleansing is good but not too much. You need to repopulate with massive probiotics and yogurt.

  • http://mediss.wordpress.com mediss

    I like this your article.

  • Shelly

    Quick question on the charts…should people use this as as a guideline to gauge their average day? (For example, I have changes in my stools – had 3 days of the pencil-like shape but it went away and has never come back…). Can polyps come and go?

  • http://www.yasoylink.com Wendy Tewmey

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  • poop anonymous

    Kimberly ive been have an issue, my poop is shreddy like brown coconut shavings, or like the outside of a pinata. Im a little concerned and i just dont know what to do any more,, Please explain what the problem is because im starting to get kind worried

  • patty swanson

    Kim Im having a little problem, its hard for me to poop and once I finally get them out they are like little rein deer poops that’s the only way I can describe it, Kim whats going on?

  • Maclom lee dockins

    Kim my poops are very dry and they take a long time to come out, and once they finally do, the log always stretches from one side side of the toilet bowel to the other, and it kinda looks like a propeller and when its not like that they look little coconut shavings or like the outside of a pinata, im getting worried i just dont know what to do or should i change my diet.. please help me kim

  • Kiki

    I went out massively drinking last night patron and now I am peeing blue. I havent had any asparagus and I dont take any meds. Of course I dont believe everything I read online. Do you know what is up? Oh and I wasnt using a toilet bowl cleaner. Checked that. :)

  • Ikiki

    Hi Kim,
    I am 19 years old and I have not got my period yet I don’t know if that is concerning but my mom got hers when she was 17
    Ikiki Kalawakiki

    • anonymous

      the average age for a girl to first get her period is around 12-16. the oldest you should be without concern should be around 18. You should visit your local GP or family doctor. They will help you with all the facts and figures.

  • http://ahliherbal.com/ Seorang Pengelana

    This infographics about Poop & Pee is so informative, I believe this is the first time I see something like this, heheh.

    That “little lumps” version on the image, reminds me of goat’s poop by the way, heheh

    • ijah

      yeah I agree with you,

      infographics about Poop & Pee is so informative,

      love the little lumps

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    Hello Kimberly,

    Great post. Thanks for allowing it to be shared with my readers. If you have any more posts you would like for me to share on my blog, please let me know.

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    Love this post!
    ~Dr. Carm

  • http://clicking-jaw.com Clicking Jaw

    I actually laughed at the info graphics it was kind of funny but at the same time I give you the credit of making an really informative post here. So now I know the Pale yellow pee is the result of Multivitamins I have been taking… lol! i never figured that out

  • http://www.DaftGadgets.com Jason Scott

    Isn’t there two pic that will tell me if I’m normal?

  • leaf

    i think im gonna throw up… that was interesting but horrible to go though reading all that…

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  • snk

    why is it every time i eat like 5mins later im in the bathroom pooping? for the past 3 weeks im going like 6x a day…. really runny and i can hardly hold it in…. iv even sharted 2x, i know that might sound real funny to some and id even laugh if it was someone else but it really happened, i really could not control it, and its really not funny.

    • Momo

      You might possible have gallbladder problems. It sounds like “dumping syndrome”. High fat content from meats and dairy can really exascerbate the issue. You need to see your Internal Medicine Doctor or a G.I. specialist.

    • anonymous

      its quite simple what you should do! go to your doctor!! they will help you with your problem, but you can’t be embarrassed to tell them all about your problem!!

    • red

      i had the same problem, and had to have my gallbladder removed. told me that should solve all the problems. it did not.. now, it is just like it was.. or worse. you will either suffer bile dumping after you eat.. or you won’t. some people have no problem afterwards, and can eat whatever they want with no problems. i was not one of those blessed ones! good luck.. and you do need to go see your doctor.

    • deb

      Go see your doctor, this also sounds like crohn’s disease and needs to be treated.

    • Anywho

      I had the same problem and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Once on medicine, I no longer have that problem unless it flares up again.

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  • http://shapewear1.tk Vedette

    Which pee color would be considered normal?

    • hannah

      pale yellow. it means you are hydrated

    • anonymos

      a light-yellow, not to dence, so it is quite clear with a hint of yellow should mean your pee is normal!!

  • Jake

    I heard that urine (pee) is a sterile liquid and people interested in “golden showers” can drink the pee and nothing will happen.

    It was said that it sometimes was in toothpaste.
    I also read that some people stuck on a boat were drinking urine (pee) in place of the salty water.
    What can happen if you drink pee?
    Can you drink it in quantity or will you have ill effects?
    Generally, what is the “pro & con” of drinking urine?

    • http://www.kabook-i.com Mike

      Hi Jake: It is full of nitrogen so if you drink to much you will explode!
      Just kidding!
      Pee (NPK) from a healthy person does not (should not) contain pathogens, so one glass should not be harmful.
      best regards

      • http://www.builditup.vemma.com Dustin

        Hahaha.. Love it!! “You will explode!” It’s the Hormones she said.

  • Mollie

    Hi, my problem is very painful. Every time, I go pee, it burns “extremely”, bad. I’am not sexually active, I have not been for 7-8 year’s, and I’m very particular about being clean. It burns so bad that it has burned my skin, rather severely in a large area. It is as if someone, burned me with actual fire. I recently had some bright red blood come out, and it felt like something hard came out , with my pee. Please, help?

    Thanks, Mollie

    • Cam

      See a doctor! It could be a very serious problem! Better to be safe than sorry!

    • Helen

      It sounds like you passed a kidney stone. It has happened to me. The symthoms sound the same. If it persist see a doctor because you might have more that are to large to pass.

    • Pa Chunga

      U may be allergic to your body or laundry soap. Try changing them. If it makes no difference u really need to visit a DR. You may have a serious issue!

    • ashley

      Get online something called Femonal. My friend had this problem and she took it and it helped her. I take it now for a vitamin to help me with my abdormal paps. See if it helps you. I wish you luck!

    • http://KimberlySnyder Robin

      Duh, UTI. Also don’t clean too much that will cause problems. Use tea tree soap when you do clean there.
      You need a Dr. nothing natural can fix this.
      But you can prevent it by not cleaning with soap. Use a natural Castille soap, preferably tea tree. And if you take baths use lavender essential oils. Not a lot, just about 5 drops. And Baking soda, the baking soda will balance the Ph and lavender will kill bacteria.

  • Sheyvonne Ramsey

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  • http://kimberlysnyder.net/blog/2011/10/18/what-your-poop-and-pee-are-telling-you-about-your-body/ James

    Hi Kim,
    Nice! It was helpful to see the color rather than just describe the color with words like others who have written on this subject.
    What does it mean when there is movement in one’s stool? Could this be probiotics? Or is it candia or para?

    Thanks Kim

    • Newt Gingrich

      When I poop, it is like a rock hard cork. Then it all comes out in one explosive blast that is the consistency of motor oil. It looks like gritty tar. It is jet black and it smells awful. There isn’t any red. It is just black and gritty and coats the entire toilet bowl and surrounding walls. I can’t afford to visit a doctor.

      • Susie

        Please go to a health clinic immediately, this is one time you can’t afford not to go to a doctor. You will be glad you did.

      • s

        you need a doctor. Its an upper GI Bleed its black and tarry because its partially digested blood.

      • JP

        Stop drinking!!!!! You have a GI bleed. There should be lots of DRs at the White House for you to see.

      • Dr. Joe

        That cork is Obama Care and the rest of if is the aftermath of America’s middle class structure, it’s stinks like hell, is hard to get rid of and sticks around for a while!

  • http://www.cheers4all.com saad

    I dont believe I read it all during lunch hahahaha

  • P Clarkson

    Is this chart sold as a small poster?

  • Paula L.

    PLEASE READ! Foamy urine is NOT ok. Protein in the urine is an absolute indicator of serious, I mean serious kidney ailments (CKD). Makes me want to clarify any and all information here. Very serious when one reads these posts and automatically takes verbatim what is said. Again, if you have foamy (protein) in your urine get it CHECKED-OUT!!

  • Heather

    Sooo embarrassing….. but I’ve been having problems with my stool for about two months now. Even right now, I’m staying home from school because of my problems. I used to “go” once every day or two, and now I go 2-4 times A DAY. TMI…. but its consistency is sticky, and it takes awhile until I’m clean again. (Which of course is an awkward situation when you need to “go” in a public place). It’s sorta watery, the shape is a kinda thin torpedo in the morning (which is too easy to pass) and then it becomes like barely-binded-together organically shaped clumps later in the day (again not hard or round). Often, it burns.

    I get pretty queasy whenever I have to “go”, something that never used to happen to me before. I started taking a stimulant medication for ADD a while ago, but my ‘poop prob’ arised at a different time. I’ve cut out gluten and dairy in my diet in the hopes that it would get better. Pretty sure that helped, but I just don’t know what’s wrong! Organ dysfunction? IBS?

    • http://IBS-D.org ISBD

      Sounds like diarrhea-prevalent IBS (diarrhea is defined as going more than 3 times a day, or having unformed stools). Stimulants certainly won’t help it. The burning suggests that bile is not being bound up correctly in the intestines before the stool is being passed, which is probably because the poop is passing through much too quickly. Antispasmodics and loperamide could help to slow down your colon transit time and avoid that queasy feeling (both of which happen because your muscles are working harder than they should be to push poop through).

      • Michele

        Just an addition to what you said. I’m a medical transcriptionist who has worked for gastroenterologists for the past 14 years. Burning during bowel movements can also be due to an anal fissure. If you’re going that often, you may be bleeding from a tiny cut (fissure) from wiping so much. When you get burning, try using baby wipes and then pat dry (don’t wipe). Try soaking in a tub of warm. The doctors also recommend using something like Analpram topically, but Kimberly might have a better suggestion on a topical treatment of possible anal cut or irritation.

      • Jane

        You may want to try a pro-biotic to balance the flora in the intestines. It has to be taken 1 to 2 times daily depending on the brand. You also may want to keep track of the foods you eat to see what affects the symptom the most.

    • Jenny

      Heather, I was the same way you are describing until I gave up wheat. I am not a true Celiac, but I do have an intolerance to wheat gluten and since giving it up my gut has never felt better! I eat lots more fruits, veggies and meat and usually substitute a veggie/fruit smoothie for one meal a day.

    • ct

      Two months is a long time to wait! Burning and nausea?! What are you waiting for?? Don’t wait for something worse to happen! Please go see a gastroenterologist and feel better. The worry alone can give you more problems.

      Also, everyone should try a bidet that can be installed inexpensively right on their existing toilet. They would never go back to wiping–you never feel clean. A friend from another country said that the thing they missed the most about their country was the bidet!! Most Americans are missing out on a huge health benefit and an opportunity to save on toilet paper!

    • http://KimberlySnyder Robin

      You need a good probiotic formula, more water and a good cleansing. When you were only pooping once a day, that was not healthy. Now that you are pooping more times it may be a change in your diet. Drink some fresh juice and more smoothies to eliminate some of the acid. Also eat more fresh raw vegetables and fruit. Stay away from refined food and sugars as well as caffeine. With the cleansing and the probiotics you should be able to re-alkalize your gut to work more smoothly so it will digest your foods better. Also include maybe a digestive enzyme, this will also help with digestion and assimilation.

    • Angela

      Its ur meds.. I had the same problem when I was taking them type of meds

    • Jamie

      I was having a similar problem, the first time of the day was okay, but as the day progressed so did the issues. I read about taking a calcium supplement with meals. Make sure it is CALCIUM CARBONATE. I have recently started this supplement and found instant relief. It’s worth a shot. By the way the article also said to have you gal bladder looked at too, something to mention to you MD the next time you visit.

  • Eugenia Hubbard

    I have to work on my diet.

  • Eugenia Hubbard

    I want to do better on my lifestyle.

  • jon

    If you blend fruits or veggies into a smoothie and consume them, then your body does not need to use the brown chemical that it uses to breakdown food, ie, therfore a green smoothie comes out green…is this true?

  • http://rosepharmalc.blogspot.com/ khalidaliseo

    health give us the great message of life.

  • http://IBS-D.org IBSDer

    One thing I’ve never understood is this… Why is the recommended amount of dietary fiber 25 grams per day? If I eat less than 10 grams of fiber a day, I get one perfect torpedo-shaped poop every morning, but if I go above 10 grams, I end up with liquid stools. Your chart confirms that liquid stools result from too much fiber, so why on earth are we told to eat so much of it?

  • http://gigieatscelebrities.com GiGi Eats Celebrities

    Colon issues hit so close to home for me as I don’t have a large intestine (including my illium and cecum)… So it’s hard for me to absorb any nutrients. It’s so very important for people to recognize what’s healthy and what’s not in the toilet, although, everyone is different so what might work for some, may not work for others.

  • Marty

    I noticed for about a month my poop has gone from brown to yellow when I clean myself after a bm. I am scared.Any info on this?

    It’s been like it for about a month

  • Mike

    Hey Doc! Did dinosaurs know how to spell! Those who live in glass houses,should not throw rocks!

  • robin

    But dinosaurs didn’t “no” grammar, so check yours!

    • Dee

      Really Robin? So Unnecessary!

      • http://KimberlySnyder Robin

        I am not the Robin that made the stupid grammar correction comment. I agree, Really Robin, so unnecessary. Thank God for spell check, I have a hard time spelling unnecessary. Course I don’t use that word much. LOL

    • Sam

      If you knew grammar you would know that is a sentence fragment.

    • http://KimberlySnyder Robin

      What is all this fighting about grammar, keep your stupid personality disorder comments to yourself. People make mistakes you don’t need to correct them on it. This is a positive site about health, to those posting corrections on someones grammar and how their posts are written you might want to take a bath get a massage and eat some vegetables. And by the way. Mind your own business.

      • WhoaThere

        Dude. You need to calm down. Seriously. Seems to me you’re the one with a personality disorder. Did you not take your meds?

  • Sandra

    This is great, only thing, you guys are asking some awesome questions and I want to see the answers, but they aren’t there. Uggg

  • Zuzu

    Ok so this article really FREAKED ME OUT. I have no idea what to do.. Ok so for the past month maybe even two months my poo has been veryy weird. It was always normal-looking but now when I poo I do it several times a day ’cause I cant clear my system with only once. It is very very moist and takes these three shapes( pencil thin, little liquid lumps and just plain moist) But the strange this is that it almost almost burns a bit and as small as the poo is its really harddd to get outt if you know what I mean… Sorry I know its disgusting but I’m too embarassed to ask for help from anyone I know. HELP!

    • myndi

      My husband had that issue with the pencil thin stool and other issues. He ended up having a huge polyp that needed to be removed immediately and was causing life threatening problems. They removed it and now he feel like a new man. Please get it checked out. You may need a colonoscopy. Sometimes they can fix the problem in an afternoon. Don’t be embarrassed, tell a doctor it could save your life! BTW my husband is 27.

      • http://KimberlySnyder Robin

        The first thing I would do is start taking a good probiotic formula with all the different cultures in it. Also make sure you get enough liquids including just plain old water. Get away from all forms of refined foods and sugars, start eating as much raw as you can. I would also start juicing, It sounds like with the burning that you have an access of acid and bile, do an internal cleansing with either a cleansing you can buy at a health food store or read up on how to make juices to cleanse. I use a cleansing laxative herb tea at least once a week on my days off. (note: be near facilities) It won’t be extreme but it could be urgent at times. You need to regulate the Ph balance in your digestive system, it is too acidic. Good luck. The main thing is reduce acidic environment and take probiotic to populate healthy flora in gut. Email me with any questions. And good luck

    • Dina

      I know exactly…Exactly what you mean….Mine is the same way!
      It is like I am constipated, but with diareaha…(however you spell it).
      Also, does it seem like lately you’ve been running to the restroom after you eat certain foods??
      In addition, I can feel my stomache almost immediately telling me I’m going to be sitting in the restroom momentarily. Like I can feel it turn sometimes after eating, quickly. Then other times i just feel the urge, and then when I do go it has been those shapes and consistencies mentioned above.
      I’d love to know what you have found out. Thanks , and I hope your bathroom habits return to normal .

    • Same as Zuzu

      Hi Zuzu, I’m have the exact same issue as you. Sometimes thin, other times small bits (but not hard and round, but it’s actually moist and small) and almost always slightly burning sensation. For me it’s been like this for almost 3 months now. Otherwise, I feel fine, but this is definitely not like me because I have always had amazing bowel movements – the kind where you don’t even need toilet paper. My diet is very healthy, actually the same it has always been – I always have greek yogurt, lots of veggies, a lot of meat and dairy as well and I’ve even tried psyllium husk, but nothing has returned my bathroom habits to normal yet… This is driving me crazy. Did you find out what was wrong with you, or have you returned back to your normal?

  • http://bronzedbunny.com/pages/before-after-care Tilda Knapick

    Spot on with this write-up, I honestly believe that this website needs a lot more attention. I’ll probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the advice!

  • James

    Hi Kim
    I am a vegetarian, and i add natural sea salt crystals to my drinking water only about 1/4 tea spoon per 1.5 L along with a little bit of baking soada less than 1/4 tea spoon per 1.5L. Since adding the sea salt and baking soda I have noticed that my pee is very foamy but my diet is not high in protein. I cant find any information on this anywhere other than people saying i have a high protein diet.

    I was wondering could it be that because i have a highly akalized body that the pee is just foaming because it is oxygenated? I have also noticed the same thing if i drink spirulina?

    Any information would be of great help

    Thanks :)

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    I absolutely love your blog.. Very nice colors & theme. Did you make this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m hoping to create my very own site and want to know where you got this from or just what the theme is named. Thank you!

  • William

    I have had an upset stomach for months now. It is not severe unless I eat a heavy meal too late at night. It just always feels unsettled and like there is a knot in my stomach that holds gas in there.I had this problem when I was younger (I am 51 now) and then I got a stomach massage and it seemed to “dislodge” the blockage. I have been ok for like 12 years, but now it is back. I do the massage thing on my stomach myself now and it seems to help to get the juices gurgling again, but the unsettledness still lingers. I eat plenty of yogurt and take acidophilus. It seems like I am not going to the bathroom enough, but it is not like I’m constipated, just don’t need to go. I looked at my stool today and it looked stringy (probably pineapple) and I could see white fuzzy, moldy looking spots. Yes, I will probably resort to going to a doctor soon since I am losing weight also. In the meantime, any ideas as to what it could be? Thanks

    • William

      oh yeah..the unsettled feeling is like gas build up and like I need to burp and pass gas but it doesn’t want to pass like it should.

    • Jill

      The stringy, moldy things in your stool are most likely candida. Try cutting down on your sugar intake.

  • Nokie

    I want to share on my facebook page….Thank You for your share

  • Casey

    Hi sorry for another kinda gross post but my poop has always been normal until recently and I don’t know what to do. One time I got really bad diarrhea after over indulging on sweet potatoes and purple yams and I thought it went away but now I seem to have the problem of stools that take forever to come out and are usually hard to wipe clean, stick to the bowl, and are in separate sticky pellets. It seems to get worse when I eat avocados but I’m not sure why. Any help or info would be appreciated I generally eat a very healthy diet so I’m not sure what my problem is now.

    • Kaitlin

      Hello I’m katness/Kaitlin ( katness is my nickname ) anyways I see what the problem is I hear from my friends that is you eat sweet potatoes and yam if WILL give you a stomach ache.

      • A

        Just curious… Why did you feel the need to slip in that little tidbit of info about what you like to call yourself when you envision yourself as Jennifer Lawrence? I mean, we’re talking about poop here, right? Does your nickname have any relevance to this topic?

  • just me

    just eat banana eryday it can make you poop easier and drink a lot of water

    for those who have a problem of very soft who poops a lot …. Just eat apples it can make it harder…

    And do jumping jackx every morning it can help your impacted stool in your intestine..

    Sorry for my bad english cos its my second lnguage 😀
    hope yall be well

  • saima

    hi kim,

    the past few months i been getting really hard and big poops (like about a couple inches wide) and are extremely painful passing that i bleed. but the stool is of normal color except for today i passed a big (a couple inches wide), soft green stool which was also painful but no blood. i havent eaten any thing green in the past few days. im wondering what may have caused it to turn green and show i seek some help.

    • http://hhhhh selena

      Green poop means it passed through your body too fast and didn’t have enough time to turn brown

  • http://Yahoo Dave

    My poop looks right color and smell but sometimes there is two to four days inbetween

  • Emma

    I’m a pretty active person but lately my poop has been small and thin and hard to push out. I took so laxatives bc my stomach was so bloated. I use fibre in the morning. Why probiotics should I be looking for?

    • heidi

      I d go to the doctor and have it checked out. It should not be thin and hard to push out. Could be a sign of something going on.

  • D’Nautica Philpot

    I poop everyday after anytime I eat, is that normal?

  • alaina

    Thanks for sharing this Kimberly! What do you suggest for people who permanently have urgent “too liquid” poops? This is going on several years – as long as I’ve been following the BDS lifestyle, & the only way they ever firm up is if I go off the BDS lifestyle & eat too much dairy, bread, etc. Thanks!

  • http://Ireallylikedthisblogsite! Carol

    I take Tylenol 3 for pain in my right leg after 5 surgeries on my right leg. Anyway I have a fatty liver. I hope that’s all I have! Anyway I made a nice dinner the other night it was Pesto Sauce and I put it on Cavatelli Macaroni. It was delicious. The next thing I know about 3:30 a.m in the morning I was growling in my upper stomach and lo and behold the diariha started I must have went 7 times if I could remember this is Sunday it was Wed. night that I cooked the Pesto sauce and all day Thursday went to the bathroom. My stool was yellow and very very watery. Could I have put a little too much oil in my blender to make my sauce? I still feel pain in my stomach but I am eating. I hope it is not my gall bladder, I am a little worried. Will I see your answer on this blog page of yours, I would really like to know maybe it was the oil or the Basil I bought from the store. My friend really washed the vegetable really nice. I just hope it wasn’t food poisoning. I still feel kind of blah. Can you tell me what to do? Will I get this through my e-mail and I hope no one knows about this. It is kind of embarrassing. Thank you for making up this blog, very interesting. (I wonder if I put too much olive oil in my mixture, plus we ate the wet mozzarella cheese with bread sticks) could that had given me the diariaha also. Too much oil and too much milk in the mozzarella could I think make a person feel like this, don’t you think so too? Please don’t tell me to go to the dr. I am fed up with Dr’s!

  • nuri

    hai Kim

    very usefull article, Now I’am trying on diet with food combining, and its not easy as you know. But I will never give up.


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    Thanks Kim

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