How to Reduce Yeast Infections


how to reduce yeast infections

Most of us women know about yeast overgrowth. This is by no means a fun topic, but it’s well…there. After all, at some point in your adult life, you’ve probably had a vaginal infection caused by yeast overgrowth. Another common type of yeast infection is oral thrush, an inflammation of the mouth and throat. Yeast overgrowth can affect the entire body, as well, leading to an array of health problems. Even more surprising, many people have chronic multi-systemic yeast infections that go undiagnosed for years or even an entire lifetime, leading to many health problems that diminish quality of life, and are horribly annoying.

Just What Is Yeast, Anyway?

What is a YeastMost people are familiar with yeast. In cooking, it is a leavening agent that you buy in little packages at the grocery store. Known as baker’s yeast, is just one type of around 600 species of yeast, which is a type of single-celled fungus. The yeast that commonly occurs in the human body is called Candida albicans, which is different from but related to baker’s yeast.

By the way, nutritional yeast, which is a B-vitamin and amino acid-rich ingredient I use and recommend in dressings and recipes, is the genus and species Saccharomyces cerevisiae and does not contribute to Candida.

Yeast and Your Body

Almost every body has some yeast in and on it. It’s found in oral cavities, the digestive tract, and even on the skin. In a healthy biological system, the presence of helpful bacteria keeps yeast in balance. If you’ve ever taken a course of antibiotics and then suffered a yeast infection, then you are aware of some of the consequences that occur when your body gets out of balance. Post-antibiotic yeast infections occur because antibiotics kill off more than just the harmful bacteria in your body. They also kill beneficial bacteria. The result is often Candida overgrowth.


Post-antibiotic yeast infections manifest as a sudden onset acute infection with a well-known culprit, but many other factors may predispose you to chronic yeast overgrowth, or candidiasis.

  • causes of yeast infectionsMedications other than antibiotics such as steroids, birth control pills, and other prescription meds
  • Dietary factors
  • A weak or compromised immune system
  • Allergies
  • Toxins in food, drink, and your environment
  • Parasites
  • Stress
  • Chlorine in tap water
  • Chemical sensitivities


So, if you don’t have an active yeast infection, how can you tell if you are suffering from chronic candidiasis? People with chronic yeast overgrowth present with multiple symptoms.

  1. symptoms yeast infectionTiredness after eating
  2. Constipation, diarrhea, or other forms of bowel irregularities
  3. Feelings of anger, depression, aggression, or anxiety after eating
  4. Mood swings
  5. Brain fog
  6. Cravings for simple carbohydrates
  7. Anal itching
  8. Skin infections
  9. PMS
  10. Memory loss
  11. Night sweats
  12. Food allergies
  13. Vertigo
  14. Feeling “drunk” after a high simple carb meal
  15. Repeated fungal infections like jock itch or athlete’s foot
  16. Joint pain
  17. Sensitivity to extreme environments
  18. Chronic pain
  19. Acid reflux

Candida albicans overgrowth may be a major player in a number of health conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, alcoholism, anxiety disorders, food allergies, multiple sclerosis, asthma, and a host of other autoimmune conditions.

Do You Have a Yeast Problem?

While you can go to your doctor for a yeast test, sometimes these tests do not always detect a problem. There is a simple, at-home test you can perform to determine whether yeast may be an issue for you. Commonly called the “spit test,” it requires you to spit into a glass of room temperature bottled water the very first thing in the morning before you put anything in your mouth (including your toothbrush). Check the water every 15 minutes or so. If you have a potential yeast problem, you will notice one of several things:

  1. The saliva will have strings extending in the water,
  2. The saliva will remain as cloudy drops suspended in the water, and/or,
  3. Cloudy saliva will sink to the bottom of the glass.

If the saliva remains floating after a full hour with no strings, then candida is probably not a problem for you.

Controlling Candida – The Yeast/Diet Connection

Diet plays a significant role in yeast control. Yeast thrives on certain foods you eat, including sugar, vinegar (except for apple cider vinegar), alcohol, and simple carbohydrates. When you ingest foods containing these ingredients, the yeast in your body feeds on them and can quickly grow out of control. To help control Candida, eliminate the following foods:

  • controlling candidaAll forms of sugar, including honey and fructose (especially agave)
  • Processed foods
  • Inorganic produce
  • Anything containing artificial ingredients or chemicals (including diet soda)
  • Caffeine
  • Wheat, rye, farrow, and barley
  • Simple carbohydrates like bread, white rice, and pasta which immediately break down to simple sugars in your body
  • Dairy products, which contain both simple sugars and antibiotics from processing
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Vinegar
  • Animal products, which rely heavily on the use of antibiotics
  • Soy, which can throw off your hormonal balance and lead to yeast overgrowth
  • Yeast fermented foods, like wine and beer

It is important, as well, to minimize any prescription medications you take and select a source of non-chlorinated water. If you believe birth control pills are contributing to hormonal imbalance that supports yeast overgrowth, then switch to a non-hormonal form of birth control.

The Beauty Detox Solution offers an ideal diet to help you control candida. In the Blossoming Beauty phase, you eat a diet that is free of foods that support yeast. Instead, you rely on raw fruits and vegetables, as well as unprocessed, gluten-free whole grains. If you do eat meat during the Blossoming Beauty phase, choose locally grown, antibiotic-free animal products.

Building “Good” Bacteria

good bacteriaThe other way to keep yeast in check is by supporting growth of the beneficial bacteria in your intestines. Eat my Probiotic and Enzyme Salad a few times per day, which contains beneficial bacteria to repopulate your intestines. If you don’t want to make the salad, you can purchase raw sauerkraut from the refrigerated section of your local health food store, although it may be fairly high in salt.

I also recommend taking a probiotic twice a day. These supplements contain live organisms that take root in your intestines to support digestive health and control yeast overgrowth. I strongly recommend Dr. Ohira’s probiotics which contain 12 strains of bacteria, as well as prebiotic ingredients that remain in the intestines to support growth of beneficial bacteria strains.

Yeast can wreak havoc on your health. In a normal, balanced, healthy body yeast causes few problems, but when you become out of balance due to illness, diet, medication, or other factors, then you may experience difficulty. The best way to control yeast is by choosing a healthy, plant-based diet free of processed foods and chemicals. By doing so, you will create an environment where yeast stays under control, leaving you healthier and more energetic.

Personally, every once in a while, I like to flush out my system with the green smoothie diet. I feel energized and revitalized, ready to take on the world!




Last updated: Friday, June 19, 2015
  • Jennifer McInnes

    You would not believe how helpful this is for me, particularly the chronic candidiasis symptoms. I have felt like a medical mystery for the past year or so (no serious illnesses, but unexplainable symptoms listed above with no apparent connections). I have been eating plant-based for the past 8 months, but would still like to increase my raw foods and be more conscious of my choices. Thank you so so much, Kim!

    • Connie Nguyen

      Hi Kim, I’m 45 and suffering from hormonal acne and wondering if u can give me any advice. I just bought ur book and am loving it! I can’t wait to try ur GGS. Do u have any other advice?

  • Stacey

    Do probiotics interact negatively with anything, like over-the-counter vitamins or prescription medications (especially sinus meds)?

    Thank you so much for all of the wonderful information you provide!

  • Zara

    Thank you for this great article, I will definitely be trying the spit test tomorrow morning. I have just started reading your book and, although i’m only in the second chapter, it is already one of my favourites, your blog is a favourite too.

  • Arianna

    Hi Kimberly!

    This article is great! I have been reading a lot about this issue lately and this article is just so informative and helpful.

    I have had a candida problem for a while now and have been trying as hard as I can to rid myself of chronic infections. I have a few follow up questions.

    1. You didn’t list fruit specifically on the list of foods to avoid but fruit does contain sugar, should fruit be avoided? (Plus you mention that fruit is allowed during blossoming beauty phase but I thought it was supposed to be avoided…I could be mixing up my phases though!)

    2. How long should the foods listed be avoided, 1-3months? Or how are you sure when you can start introducing some fruit or honey in your diet?

    3. Are there any other natural remedies you suggest to solve any candida outbreaks?

    4. Any suggestions if you think you have a parasite?

    Thank you so much! I LOVE your blog!!


  • Sam

    Dearest Kim,

    I am so happy about this post of yours as I suspect having candida (I already did the spit test a little while ago). My symptoms are digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation, daily bloating, as well as mucous, allergies, sluggishness, and acne.
    I was determined to start at the Blossoming Beauty phase but quitting fruit and whole grain bread altogether was just too hard for me. I am a bit surprised to read that you suggested fresh fruit in this article for blossoming beauties. Is this a typo or did you change your mind on that matter?
    I am refined sugar free for well over a month and have reduced my fruit intake dramatically and don’t eat bread habitually anymore like I used to. For several months I have been eating fresh organic produce, pre-soaked gluten free grains and nuts, all vegan. I even make my own raw sauerkraut, take probiotics, and do enemas. Still I am experiencing the above mentioned problems and I am a bit disappointed even though I notice a little improvement here and there. Do I just need more time or do I need to make even more changes?
    Thank you so much for your help, Kim!
    Seeya, Sam xx

  • Felicia Hudgeons

    Hey Kim,

    Great article! I am currently suffering from Candida and just bought and read your book not too long ago and am excited that there is hope to get this terrible condition under control! I was wondering what your thoughts were on incorporating things like an Apple Cider Vinegar drink and oil of oregano along with the Blossoming Beauty phase in your book; would it be helpful at all or is a better diet/lifestyle the only way to reduce Candida?

  • anash

    Concerning your advice to take nutritional yeast, there has been some concern about glutamic acid/msg present in nutritional yeast..can you advise If this is true

  • Tina

    I have a question about the young coconuts. What is the difference/benefits of using the Young Thai coconuts vs. Regular coconuts?
    Thanks in Advance,

  • niki

    look into a coconut water kefir probiotic, NO sugar! great for candida. sold a all Whole Foods probiotic coolers in 40 states! PS great article.

  • Annette


    I understand you cannot answer every post. But I definitely need help…I was following a plant based diet and was trying to incorporate the suggestions in your book. I started having some serious symptoms…crushing leg pains, visual disturbances or auras (diagnosed as complicated migraines by MRI), bladder symptoms to name a few. I have a candida issue but also found out there are adrenal and hormone imbalances.(obviously not by a medical doctor but by an iridologist and a holistic chiropractor) I have no idea which issue takes priority but I was told being vegetarian is not an option until the adrenal issue is addressed. Is this true? Am I missing something that my body is not flourishing on the plant based diet? I cannot understand this because I am an extremely healthy eater–a square of 85 percent or above dark chocolate being my only indulgence.

    • Dionne


      I have had a chronic Candida problem and have found that it can cause adrenal and hormone imbalances (typically this is where people suffer from fatigue and exhaustion). I have found that I must address all of these issues while treating the Candida. I am taking Candex by Pure Essence Labs along with a probiotic (Healthy Trinity by Natren) and organic coconut oil for the Candida. A lot of people who have Candida also have Leaky Gut syndrome. Candida causes problems in the lining of your intestines causing malabsorption of nutrients. I am taking Intestinew by Renew Life to address this. I noticed a difference within two days. I also take a liquid Multi Vitamin (by Garden of Life) and Liquid B12 complex (by NOW) for absorption of nutrients. I also take something for my adrenal glands.

      • Dionne

        I forgot..people with Candida also have problems with absorbing protein from food. I take Protein 100 by Genesis Today to address this. It is liquid and bio available.

        • Annette


          I so appreciate your input in Kimberly’s absence. I will research these products you mentioned. I am taking grapefruit seed extract for the candida and herbs for the adrenal issue–but I am frustrated by having to put animal products back in my diet–mostly eggs, salmon, org. chicken. I was a big user of coconut oil myself–but I had to have a carotid scan done because of the visual problems and was told there was plaque already building on my artery.(I am 39 and had a clean diet–cholesterol, CRP, homocysteine level all normal–not sure what that is about) So now I have backed off using that oil as much because I am scared though I keep reading it is “heart-healthy”. (maybe just not for my system?) I would appreciate knowing what it is you are taking for your adrenals. Thank you so very much.

          • Dionne


            Sorry for the late response. I am taking a product that you can only get locally in my city; however, if I were you I would go to a website like and search for “adrenal” and look at customer ratings regarding products for adrenal glands.

            I have since backed off the vitamins because there is controversy regarding whether vitamins provide Candida with more nutrients.

            Right now, I am focused on just healing the Candida and believe that my thyroid and adrenals will heal accordingly. So I only take Candex, Healthy Trinity, Intestinew, coconut oil (oregano oil every now and then).

            I also take Raw Fiber by Garden of Life to ensure that I am getting enough fiber to sweep the toxins out of my colon Additionally, because of all of the toxins that are caused by Candida, I drink Floressence tea by Flora every day. The first couple of days I drank it I had some Candida die off. I also noticed that my nervousness and anxiety went away shortly after that. I also support my liver by drinking an organic milk thistle tea because candida overwhelms your liver. Like you, I have been vegetarian for many years and I had to reintroduce meat into my diet. I did not want to do this, but a Candida diet forced me to do so. I only eat wild fish and eggs though. No chicken, beef, etc.

  • Julia

    Hi Kimberly! Thanks for this info. I believe I still have candida, but swapped to having your GGS with 1 green apple and stevia (was on blossoming beauty for 4 months prior to this). I do add just a little banana to my GGS and protein smoothie in afternoon, because I just love bananas! Is it ok to have just a little even though I still have candida? I do my best to cut out all other sugar.

    I did read recently you like Garden of Life raw protein formula. I have just ordered it as I have low protein. Is it ok to have every day for afternoon snack with chia seeds & almond milk? How many tbls of each do you recommend if having every day to increase protein levels? My protein levels have dropped a little over the last few months and I’m following your book pretty closely, so at this point I guess I am needing a protein supplement of some sort. Thought this would be a better way to increase my protein rather than eating more animal protein (I already have animal protein x4 nights/week). I also noticed this protein formula contains brewers yeast. Ok if have candida?

    Thank you very much.

    Julia xx

  • Julia

    Hi Kimberly, forgot to mention, (in regards to my post above) just found out I have folate malabsorption. Am about to take supplements to help with this, but just had a thought- is it possible that I’m not absorbing the protein from all the greens I’m eating because I don’t absorb folate properly – therefore making my protein levels lower? Thank you again, Julia xx

  • jade

    great information! i like the dr. ohhira probiotic but it’s a little pricy. Is there another probiotic that’s decent in your opinion?

    many thanks,

  • nicole

    Kim I enjoyed your book and find your blogs so useful. I would like to address the yeast issue. What would a daily meal plan be like? Where I live avocado is available only seasonally and i really dislike the taste of oat groats (or maybe my blender is just bad) so I am struggling with a breakfast alternative. Could you offer some suggestions please?

  • Gladys


    You are my lifesaver-after schlepping myself throughout my days with a total lack of energy but with no apparent health issue, everything makes sense now! My doctor couldn’t give me a proper reason for all my symptoms. I’m checking out your book now.


  • Cheryl Doucet

    Hi Kimberly…I have had yeast problems for years and this article is really helping me. I drink one cup of black tea a day but you said I should not be having any caffeine…do you think that is why it keeps coming back? What herbal tea could I drink…other than that…I only drink water. Thank you for your help.

  • Gabrielle

    Oh my, thank you so much for that! I turned 18 in November (legal age in Canada) and in December I had my first yeast infection. Since then it has been one after another after another. I’ve gone mad with all the symptoms. Now I know that all that drinking may be the cause of all this!

    Thank you so much for your work Kim, you’re really making a difference in the world one green smoothie at a time.

    PS: I’ve been experiencing a lot of hairloss, do you think this could also be a symptom?

    much love
    Gabrielle ♥

    • Dionne

      Yes, your hair loss could be a result as you are not absorbing nutrients specifically protein.

      • Gabrielle

        thak you !

  • Kim


    I was amazed that I experience all but three symptoms on the list for yeast. Did the spit test and again, from that, am assuming I have a yeast problem. Wierd, because in all of my 49 years I have never had a vaginal yeast infection, ever. I was diagnosed with Lupus two years ago and am wondering if maybe (symptoms are so similar for both) I don’t have Lupus at all and maybe have a bad internal yeast problem? Is there a test the dr could do or MRI or something that they could actually see the yeast? I am just flabbergasted at this. I never knew you could get yeast other places than the mouth or vag.

  • Jill

    Thank you for this post. I have had systematic candidiasis for a couple years. I got this yeast overgrowth after taking antibiotics and birth control pills. (no more pills ever again) I read your book when it first came out and refer to it often. I still struggle and get very sick when I slip up on the anti-candida diet. I am encouraged by your post. After reading other womens comments I’m in tears knowing that I’m not alone on this battle. After many extensive and invasive medical exams I have lost hope in doctors and now turn to nutritionists. Thank you again for addressing this matter. You are changing lives!

    • Rose Holtman

      What? After two years you still have to stick to this diet. I’ve just been diagnosed with systematic candidiasis, not by my conventional dr, but by a homeopathic dr and nutritionalist … thank god! I have been sick for two years, and actually had acute apendicitis, h pylori … it has been an absolute struggle and nightmare … some days just thinking I am going to die from what ever it is that I have. It’s debilitiating. I have gone to specialists in Boston, they can’t find anything wrong. This has been going on for two years. Finally, I have some hope and will be starting the diet tomorrow along with daily enemas. But, to read that you have been on the diet for two years is discourgaing ….

  • Carley

    I went to check out Dr. Ohira’s probiotics, but it has soy and carrageenan in it! Any other recommended brands? What about Pure Encapsulations?

  • Rachel

    Get natural unfiltered cranberry juice and goldenseal

    your yeast infection will be gone in a couple of days


    • Sam

      Hey Rachel,

      are you sure?! I haven’t heard of that before but I would like to try! How are the directions of use and will powdered turmeric do the trick also?

      Thank you for answering and Happy Easter!

      Sam xx

  • Riley

    In this post you said that birth control could be a cause of an yeast infection, what would be a healthier birth control? Any recommendations?
    Options that would not wreck my body?

  • Elysse Parsons

    This is a great article on yeast infection. Yeast infection is quite common but is often mistaken with other vaginal infections. It’s important that people get informed about this. this article almost says it all..

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  • Anastasia

    Thankyou for the information Kimberly. I love reading your articles and trying out new foods you suggest. I have researched a little about the contraceptive pill but it is difficult to find information in terms of side affects and consequences of taking it that doctors of course won’t tell us. I hope you do an article on it as I think it is very important for women.

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  • Bethany

    I have been fighting what I am guessing is a yeast infection for over a week now. Thanks for suggestions and ideas for controlling Candida using Yeast/Diet connection. It was very helpful. Thanks.

  • ann

    Great article.

  • Yeast infection

    Thanks for a good article. I just want to mention that it is a hope for this condition. Natural treatment is probably the best solution to cure yeast infection. No side effects as far as i know.

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  • Penny Wilson

    I appreciate the information. Most of this I am aware of, but you through me off with the connection to memory loss, so called “brain fog” or vertigo. I have a friend with these symptoms and this concerns me, so I will be investigating further. Thank you.

  • Michelle

    Great Article!! Practicing good hygiene can also decrease the odds of getting yeast infections. Clean, dry skin and weight loss discourages cutaneous yeast infections. Clean teeth and avoidance of sugary foods helps prevent oral yeast infections. The following tips can be helpful to prevent
    always dry the genital area with a clean towel, after washing
    avoid douches
    avoid hot tubs
    avoid scented hygiene products
    avoid tight underwear and clothes made of synthetic fibers
    change out of wet swimsuits and exercise clothes as soon as possible
    change tampons and pads often during your period
    wear cotton underwear and pantyhose with a cotton crotch

  • Andrea Franklin

    I’ve had yeast problems since I was on high school
    when I was in 9th grade, I had my tonsils removed. They found a great deal of yeast in my tonsils. I also have a rash on my back called, excuse my spelling, teana versa color. Its a yeast build up on the skin. It causes the pigment in the skin to turn a different color. In my case, it turned while. It comes in splotches and grows slowly
    I’ve had mine so long it now takes up my entire back and where the straps of my bra sit
    I didn’t have any idea what this was until a week ago.

  • VK Rajagopalan

    A yeast infection cure is what I need right now and I am really happy that I found this blog. Really helpful and I have discovered more about yeast infection and how it affects my body.

  • Carleen Napps

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  • Desiree Curry

    I am allergic to yeast and have been on a candida modified diet for the last 18 months. It has helped tremendously because I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue not eating sugars, processed foods, etc. has reduced my inflammation and I have lost 60 Lb in a year. I am looking for multi-vitamins but the one my Dr recommended has brewer’s yeast. I called Garden of life and they explained that the brewer’s yeast has been deactivated and treated with a papain enzyme to halter the yeast growth. I am sort of concerned about that my doctor thinks I shouldn’t take it.
    The problem is I can’t find any multi-vitamins without yeast or mushrooms. Any suggestions? Thanks :)

    • lauren

      Hi Desiree! I am currently trying to figure out if I acne no take Garden of Life vitamins and am concerned about aggravating my candida. Did you find anything out. What did you decide? Thanks so much!

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  • Christie McKenzie

    Thanks for the tips. I think the probiotics may be the piece of the puzzle I’m missing. Also, I didn’t realize gluten played a factor. Thanks for opening some new areas for me to try.

  • Lisa

    What if you’ve developed food allergies and your Natropath doesn’t want you to eat raw vegetables and to cut back on your fruit intake. I’ve religiously had the GGS every morning and for the past 2 months have had to stop and cook everything I eat…I had severe stomach pains due to candida that lead to food allergies. Trying to overcome the allergies with this diet. Please any advice on your recipes would be appreciated.

  • Laetitia


    Do you where can i find nutritional yeast in France or on internet ?

    Thank you very much

  • Elizabeth Muzyka

    If you have candida, do you need to stay away from Apple Cider Vinegar as well as just vinegar?

  • Audry

    Yes I agree that antibiotics causes yeast infection because it will kill the good and bad bacteria but doctor always give antibiotic prescription this make our immune system weaker and the bad bacteria can be overgrowth and cause yeast infection