Why High Animal Protein Diets Age You Faster

foods that age you faster

Diets high in animal products can cause a host of health problems ranging from increased risk of heart disease and certain cancers to weight gain and autoimmune disorders, deteriorating digestive probiotics within. What many people don’t realize, however, is just how aging consumption of animal protein can be. While many people think that animal protein is healthy as long as its lean, the truth is that all types of animal proteins are unhealthy and can lead to critical imbalances in your body that sap you of your energy, drain minerals from your bones and cells, and actually speed up the aging process.

Animal Protein and the Environment

animal protein and the environmentHow can environmental issues contribute to aging? Polluted air and waterways contribute to the toxic sludge that builds up in your body over time, depleting your energy and keeping your body from functioning at its optimal best.

Production of animal products has a profound impact on the environment, contributing significantly to water and air pollution. Factory farms generate nearly 2 billion tons of animal waste every year. In fact, about 20 tons of livestock waste is generated for every household in the United States. All of that waste has to go somewhere. Unfortunately, where it often winds up is seeping into groundwater, being dumped in the waterways, and winding up in the foods we eat and the water we drink.

Animal production also contributes to toxic gases in the environment. The butchering, processing, and shipping of animals consumes more than 1/3 of fossil fuels used in the United States. These fossil fuels dump dangerous and toxic chemicals into the air we breathe, further increasing your toxic load.

Animal Protein is Acidic

affects of acidic foodsYour body functions within a very narrow range of pH at about 7.0, which is slightly alkaline. When the foods you eat move your body out of this range of alkalinity, the cells don’t function properly. In these cases, your body then seeks to pull mineral salts from cells and bones in order to restore alkalinity. This can result in free radical formation, which accelerates the aging process. It can also contribute to bone demineralization, which leads to weakened bones and, ultimately, osteoporosis.

Animal protein is one of the most metabolically acidic foods humans eat. It creates conditions of acidity within the body after ingestion (why is poop green many ask?), forcing the body to seek to return to an alkaline state through demineralization of the bones and the cells. The result of eating significant amounts of animal protein is accelerated aging.

Antibiotics and Hormones

Factory farmed animals exist in almost incomprehensible conditions. Instead of roaming free and feeding on the natural foods available in pasturelands, factory farmed animals are piled nearly one on top of the other with very little room to move about freely. This results in easily spread infection and fecal contamination. To combat this, factory farmers supply antibiotics in the animals’ feed as a preventive measure.

antibiotics and hormones in animals Because there is such demand in the Western diet for animal protein products, factory farmers also seek ways to enhance the animals’ growth so they reach maturity far more quickly than their normal life cycle would indicate. To do this, they supply hormones in the animals’ feed to enhance growth and increase production.

If your food consumes these things, then so will you when you eat that food. Factory farmed animal products are laden with hormones and antibiotics. In many cases, the animals are also filled with the pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and genetically modified food products the farmers’ use to feed them. This means that you, too, are ingesting pesticides, genetically modified products, and fertilizers every time you eat a factory farmed animal product. This increases the amount of toxic sludge in your body, which keeps you from efficiently digesting the foods you eat, absorbing nutrients, and using your life energy well.

Antibiotics in animal proteins also kill the beneficial flora in your colon. That flora is essential in intestinal health. Why is intestinal health so important? Because your colon serves as one of your body’s chief organs of detoxification. When it doesn’t function properly, then your colon is unable to thoroughly and efficiently eliminate the toxins that age you.

Most of the products you find in grocery stores come from factory farmed animals. Even animal proteins labeled as “organic” or “natural” may be laden with these toxins. If you do eat animal protein, I recommend purchasing them from a trusted local source that uses sustainable ranching practices, allowing the animals to reach maturity naturally while grazing on indigenous, organic plants.

Animal Proteins and Putrefaction

Your body does not digest animal proteins well under the best of circumstances. If you regularly eat animal proteins, then chances are they are not digesting. Instead, the proteins putrefy in your colon and become part of the toxic sludge, blocking efficient digestion of healthier foods that contribute the important enzymes and nutrients to keep you youthful and energetic.

Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber, and Enzymes

lack of Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber, and Enzymes in meatAside from having protein and vitamin B12, animal protein has very little to offer nutritionally- being devoid of fiber and low in essential vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, unless you are eating it raw, animal foods have been heated, which denatures the amino acids which make up protein chains, reducing the actual amount of protein your body is able to use and assimilate. When you fill up on animal proteins, you don’t eat as much of the nutritious foods your body needs for vibrant health, such as raw green veggies. Similarly, animal proteins may keep you from consuming the fiber you need to clean your intestines.

Eating to Prevent Aging

An anti-aging diet, then, is one that is low in animal products (including meat, dairy, and eggs). Instead, it is high in beneficial raw plant foods like green vegetables, other vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. These foods fight the free radicals that age you. They also create alkalinity in the body, protecting cellular function and promoting health.



Last updated: Friday, June 19, 2015
  • Lis

    Not to mention, the horrifying things that the industry does to animals raised for food, which is the main reason I no longer buy or eat animal products. My husband & I recently learned that baby male chicks, because they won’t produce eggs later on, are often ground up alive or tossed in a pile & left to die!! Even so called, organic egg farms are guilty of such cruelty! Don’t get me started on what they do to cattle, turkeys, pigs, etc. I refuse to be a part of such souless practices. I just don’t understand how people can do such horrible things to living, feeling creatures.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Yes it is indeed sad, and all that the messy, cruel stuff is masked so well by the industry.

    • http://www.imageprinters.net himanshu



  • Kelly

    Great article once again Kim! The only animal product that I struggle to get rid of in my life is cheese. Any helpful suggestions to Help wain me off it completely? I don’t live alone so the temptation is always there :/

    • Tybz

      Dear Kelly,

      I think Kimberly said in her book (if I remember correctly) that cheese was hard for her to give up as well. I have a neighbor – same thing. She’s pretty much vegan otherwise. What is it about cheese?

      • http://queen-of-the-stoneage.blogspot.com Jules

        Tybz, I went to a nutrition seminar by the folks at whole9life.com last fall and they actually discussed why cheese is so hard for people to give up (they advocate eating wild and pastured meats, but steer folks away from dairy). Apparently cheese has a high concentration of beta casomorphins, which are mildly addictive substances that I believe are present in the casein protein. These substances serve an evolutionary purpose by making babies want to nurse.

      • Kimberly Snyder

        Hi Guys,
        Yes cheese was the last thing to go for me. I used to love the taste of cheese! It was a 2 year process to get 100% off it. I weaned down, then switched to goat’s cheese. Then one day I realized that I really didn’t need it- or want it anymore! Be patient with yourself, and use the goat’s cheese as a transition. But if you need reminders why it really isn’t worth it in the long-run, reread my dairy section in the Beauty Detox. :)

        • Tybz

          Thank you, Kimberly and Jules…I will pass this on to my friend.

    • http://reverbnation.com/blamechelsea Chelsea

      Hey, I’m not sure if Kimberly agrees with this, but I really love almond cheese and I think it tastes really great. I try to sub cheese with creamy avacado or hummus most of the time but when I just really need some cheese in my life I go with the almond cheese.

      • Kimberly Snyder

        Hi Chelsea, good for you. I know there are different types out there- my client showed me one she was so happy to have found, and I felt bad about telling her there was gluten in it. Check labels and find the best one that works for you! xx

    • Abel

      Believe it or not you can actually get Almond cheese at a heath food store. A good alternative to dairy cheese.

  • Brandon Colvin

    Love the article, although being a weightlifter and devoted fitness guru, limiting my consumption of protein is somewhat of a challenge! I am working to seek out other sources of protein through plants, nuts, and seeds…healthy alternatives without as much stress to the body. Good article!

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Great Brandon! I’m glad you are aware of these issues, which may not be widely discussed in the body-building world. Check out the raw protein by Garden of Life if you use protein powder. xx

  • Eric Esquivel

    Your mentioned vitamin B-12 coming from animal protein. What is the healthiest way to get this vital nutrient?

    • http://www.curlyhairedchica.com Michelle

      You can take B 12 supplements if your levels are low. You can also get something called nutritional yeast. It has a cheesy flavor and can be sprinkled on veggies, soups and salads. Great source for B 12. Any health food market store will carry it.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      If you are a vegan you can supplement with a good multi-vitamin that contains the whole range of the B-complex family.
      Nutritional yeast contains it, though it is controversial if it is in a form readily assimilated by humans.

    • http://theirishhalblood.blogspot.de/ Lukas Meier

      Vitamin B12 is only produced by bacterias.Neither animalsnor plants can built B12.

      Before humans dumped all the chemicals on the fields and their environment,the B12 producing bacterias were on every surface. But they are very sensitive to chemicals.

      Cows for example ate the bacterias while grazing, those bacterias multiplied in their intestines and this is why Cows have B12 in their muscletissue.

      But nowadays, farm animals are getting feed and injected with B12 supplements because they are constantly under assault of chemicals through food, medication and pest control in the barns/stables.

      Without the B12 supplements the animals would die and all the meateaters get supplemented products, made by bacterias in big fermentation tanks, which are than feed to animals to digest it and put it in their bodily tissue

      Same reason why industrial produced fermented products do no longer contain B12.

      Before industrialisation of food production, B12 producing bacterias were in every fermented product from sourdough bread to sauerkraut,miso and kimchi.

      But B12 bacterias are not good fermenters, so the industry sorted through the mix of 100s of bacterias found in natrual fermented foods, isolated a handfull of them who fermented fast and on lower costs,dumping the B12 producing bacterias out of it.

      Vegans do not need to supplement B12 because it would be lacking in their diet, they need to supplement because the toxic substances in the food chain, the air, the water and the ground have killed off the bacterias who would be on every surface and produce B12 for us.

      Even in normal water they could be found…not any longer.

      Also no matter if you eat animals or not, if you had an operation on your stomach and the small intestines, chance is high you need to supplement B12 sublingual or per injection.

      Also infections destroy the intrinsic factor in the stomach which in turn makes the body unable to digest the B12.

      Ironically mostly food born illnesses caused by eggs, meat and dairy, will cause a loss of those cells.

      Methylcobalamin can be absorbed through the thin mucous membran under the skin, or you need to take a supplement with at least 1.000 microgramm B12.

      Through high dosages of B12, 1000 times higher than a normal dose,the B12 can diffund through the mucous membran without transportprotein.

      So for everyone who had a stomach bug, check your intrinsic factor..or rather let it get checked and also your blood levels of B12…also the paleo dudes…happens to you too.

  • Suzanne

    Read about the Paleo way of eating. If you’re going to eat meat, eat grass fed.

    • http://theirishhalblood.blogspot.de/ Lukas Meier

      Ever read about the environmental way of eating?

      If humankind is going to survive,eat plant based and unprocessed.

  • Emma

    I have slowly been moving to remove all meat from my diet, only very occasionally eating small portions of red meat when out for dinner, and usually opting for chicken or raw fish if i am going to eat meat.

    I have found rather then feeling run down as i thought i might, i feel as if i have more energy and find i almost never feel bloated now.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      That’s great Emma.

      Animal protein is so heavy to digest and takes so much energy.

      Be careful with what kinds of fish you are eating though- fish nowadays is so incredibly polluted. xx

  • Margie

    I just want to thank you for your grat book, I’m almost done reading it, I drink your ggs drink almost everyday, what other things can I do for protein, how much protein should I consume a day, I weigh 128 pounds!, any advice well thank you.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Margie,
      Focus on eating whole, natural plant foods to balance your diet, and not necessarily try to measure protein grams or count calories. If you are getting sufficient calories, it is virtually impossible to be deficient in protein. xx

  • Stephanie

    Hi, Kimberly!! I am a big fan of your book and your blog. Recently there has been a lot talk of “traditional food” emphasizing bone broths, fatty meats, which is getting me confused. What are your thoughts on it? Thank You!!

    • Cindy

      Look at Ray Peat’s work. He has a PHD is biology, is specialised in physiology and is a thyroide expert But you knwo what in a nutshell everybody (Paleo or vegan or arw foodists) agrees that PROCESSED foods including graisn (which are inflamatory) are the ‘enemy’ and the raeson why people get sick! Look at the Greeks, French and Iatlians who were striving on animal products of high quality, oragnic fruit and veggies and had no issue were amongst the healthiest people on thsi planet until the introduction of packaged processed foods!

      • Stephanie

        How interesting!! I’ve been into Danny ROddy & Ray Peat a lot these days as well!! haha <3 Thanks to them, I'm enjoying my fruits again

      • Mike63

        Frank Sinatra said Tony Bennett was his favorite crooner. Tony, at the age of 85, was in great shape because he ate traditional Italian food.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Ew. Sounds like you were reading something from the “Deep Nutrition” school of thought. Thousands of studies have documented that diets high in cholesterol-rich animal fats are clogging, disease-causing and aging (as oxygen becomes restricted throughout the body).

      These foods may be “traditional” in the sense that human cultures may be have been eating them for some time, but they are not natural foods. Humans lack claws and fangs to hack at animals and eat them raw. Can you imagine eating an animal raw and sucking on its marrow? It’s a repulsive thought, and impossible without fire, tools and weapons.

      Fatty meat and bone broths are NOT beauty foods. Period.

      • Kat

        Hi Kimberly,

        Would you mind sharing some of these studie you are talking about? That’d be great :)

      • Stephanie

        Hi, Kim. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Have you read Denise Minger’s analysis of the China Study? I have to admit that I am very influenced by her detailed analysis…

  • Jackie

    Hi Kim!

    I’m curious, what are your thoughts on fasting (intermittent fasting, juice fasting, water-fasting, ect. ect.)
    I’ve heard a lot of amazing things about fasting, but then I’ve also heard negative things about it.
    What is your opinion?
    Thanks a billion!

    • Tybz

      I have that same question…

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Jackie,
      The most important thing is to correct your every day diet so you properly nourishing yourself on a daily basis. Fasting can be a great healing tool, but it should be relied on to “detox” the body only to go back to old habits.
      True detoxification takes time and effort, and it is our every day habits which really add up for the long run.
      That being said, properly supervised fasts can be beneficial. xx

  • Tybz

    I began Beauty Detox Solution just after Christmas. I was amazed at how quickly I got off meat, without any loss of energy. I love my GGS, salads, yam and sauerkraut (organic) dinners! After 1 and 1/2 months, my hair started feeling really silky for the first time since I can remember. The rough, dry scaly patches on the souls of my feet have been turning tender and soft. This Beauty Detox really works…and by the way, I’m a guy!

    • Kristen Talma-Xavier

      Just take a look at Ellen DeGeneres for instance, she looks so much younger than her actual age.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      That’s awesome Tybz. We support our Beauty Detox brothers too! :)

  • Patty

    I thought A pH of 7.0 is acidotic not alkalotic?

    • Ken

      Your body is actually between 7.35 and 7.45; 7 is neutral.

  • Melissa

    what about grass fed and grass finished meats?

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Well grass fed is better, but all animal products should still be limited b/c they are acidic difficult to digest, plus the other reasons I wrote above.

  • Camy

    Hi Kim,
    Just wondering what you think of taking a daily multivitamin?


    • Kimberly Snyder

      I think it is good nutritional insurance. Be sure it is whole food-based.

  • Gigi

    Hello Kimberly,

    I have loved reading and following the BDS – I have been for about 6 months now – swapping between blossoming & radiant beauty phases. My eating patterns have become much better, as well as my energy & digestion, so thank you!!

    In your book, you recommend an afternoon snack as being either GGS or veggie sticks – I have been doing more of a protein based afternoon snack about an hour before my workout, which consists of 1-2 tablespoons of chia seeds, 1 cup of almond milk and a little banana blended together. I often have a small handfull of almonds with this. Is it ok to have the nuts with the shake, and ok to have each day? I do find that I am more energised for my workouts this way, but not sure if I need to mix it up a bit? I like to have almonds in my diet, but am still eating a little animal protein in the evening (4 times a week), so not sure what other time to eat them. Can you eat nuts after a dinner containing eggs for example? I’m also unsure as to how protein powder, like hemp, fits into the BDS. I am happy with my chia seeds & nuts each day. How often would you drink your pure protein smoothie, and why would you add it in?

    My last question is in regards to folate/folic acid. I discovered recently that I have polymorphism of MTHFR. I had a first lot of bood tests done (coincidentally) around the same time that I started on the BDS, last October. My RBC folate levels were high then, and my latest blood tests show that my RBC folate is significantly higher again – as I am unable to use folate properly. I have had to cut out any supplements that contain folic acid – I can’t have the nutritional yeast anymore, unfortunately :( I am now having to take folinic acid and 5 MTHF as supplements. I would just like to know your opinion, that with this condition, I’m still ok to follow your program with the large amounts of leafy greens etc.? I love your book so much, the GGS and have always loved eating lots of salads, and don’t want to give any of that up. I am a little concerned as I don’t want my folate levels to keep rising. Also, my urea levels are lower since starting the BDS, and I’ve been told this is to do with not eating enough protein. I feel good with what I currently eat – do you think I need to add more protein of some sort, or maybe my body is just adjusting?

    Thank you very much Kimberly. I’m so grateful for any response, and for the time you take to read this. xx

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Hi Gigi,
      I don’t know your entire diet, but from what you’re telling me, it sounds like you are getting plenty of protein. That being said, I don’t know about your medical background or conditions. In general, if one’s diet is not deficient in calories it is difficult to be deficient in protein (kwashiorkor). Protein deficiency is an issue mainly in developing countries where people are not getting enough calories overall.
      Useless proteins are broken down in the liver to form bioenergy composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and a waste product urea, which is a water soluble substance.
      The almonds are okay to have with the shake. Keep listening to your body, and adjusting things to suit your body the best.
      Keep in touch with us here! xx

  • Gyönyörű Anikó

    Hi Kim!

    Wow! Amazing article.
    Can you send me some reference article about this? If it really true that we can’t digest well the animal products i won’t eat it anymore and try to tell everybody why it’s so bad for us.

    Now I am shocked. I’ve never read such good arguments that you wrote here.

    I started your Beauty Detox 4 month ago. I ordered your book. Can’t wait to get it! :) I suffered in acne, nut now it start to disappear. Thans for it! I always dreamed that i have a beautiful skin and now it seems to come true :)

    In my country (Hungary) the 70% of the population is obese. The cancer and other disease risk is very high. So it will help me if you can send me some article about this subject.

    • Kimberly Snyder

      You’ll find references in the Beauty Detox Solution. xx

      • Gyönyörű Anikó

        I got the Beauty Detox Solution 3 days ago. I love it. The best book i’ve ever read! :)

  • Emma

    Great article! I love your food-combining method, which has helped me tremendously. Although is there actual proof that meat ages us? Like scientific proof? Check out the paleo success stories. They are simply jaw-dropping. The people have glowing skin!

    • David Lewis

      I know this question is old, but I’d like to answer it in case anyone is reading. No, there is not proof that meat ages a person. The argument that meat “putrefies” inside the colon is entirely unfounded.

      The only thing that occurs inside the body even close to purification is the fermentation of certain vegetable products in the intestines. There are many nutrients/fats/etc. in plants that require the help of bacteria in the gut to become useful to humans. That’s why it’s good to go organic or raise veggies yourself, as they have cultures of bacteria already present that help maintain good levels in your gut. Promote that gut flora, you know?

    • Mike63

      I eat like the greatest inspiration of the 20th century, Jack La Lane, who at the age of 94 was in great shape. He juiced raw organic fruits and veggies and ate wild Alaskan smoked salmon.

  • Cristina

    I have a question unrelatied to this entry; I was wondering if you have any opinion on the Dr.Hauschka brand of skin care and beauty products. I hear a lot of good things but since I’m not very knowledgeable about the ingredients for these products I wanted to know if you had any thoughts.

    Thank you!!

  • Marjorie

    Unrelated question; I am just beginning to transition to this lifestyle, and have not finished reading BDS. Yesterday I ate celery followed by organic steel cut oats,later reading those are not okay. I later had a banana and yet later a restaurant salad and glass of wine. This morning I woke up with a strange feeling on the roof of my mouth. Any ideas what this may be from? I remember years ago that prune juice gave me a similar reaction. Thanks for your help!

  • Em

    Hey Kim!! :)

    I am turning 17, and i was wondering about calories.

    I know you say they don’t matter and you shouldn’t count, but is it possible to not get enough without eating too many dense foods like nuts and seeds and avocados? Especially for the anti candida plan. (Blossoming beauty)

    Do you think its okay for a teen to eat low calorie if they are eating high nutrients? And what would be considered too low/too high to you?

    Any advice would be sincerely appreciated! (i’m the one who tweeted you and asked where to ask questions. You said the blog, so here i am!) xo

  • Theo

    Sure modern industrialized farming has horrid side effects environmentally and nutritionally, but to say grass fed meats (fats and proteins) and fish are bad for you, and thus one must subsist on nuts and plants when most pre-industrial societies did not. I don’t want to rehash the Paleo argument here, but I think balance is in order. Plants and fruits have powerful polyphenols and antioxidants and should be part of a balanced diet but macronutriently speaking, clean grass fed meats and wild fish should be part of one’s plate.

    • http://theirishhalblood.blogspot.de/ Lukas Meier

      So, how would you find clean fish? Tell me…because all ‘seven’ seas are only one big blotch of water, fish swimming in a cocktail of pesticides, herbicides, funghicides,antibiotics, detergents,heavy metals and chemicals that are used to line cans, make plastic soft, make fabric flame restistant…and so on.

      So tell me where is this wonderland where the entire 7 billion human inhabitants of the earth can be feed with clean fish?

      Or let us check that nice grass feed, pasture raised cows, to feed the hunger of the american society with grass feed cows, 80% of the fertil land mass(where grass can grow), which is now used for farming, would be needed as pasture…

      And that doesn´t take into account the hunger for pigs and birds..so now we have 80% of all farm land as pasture…so not to deplete the soil…and now where to raise all the other animals aaaand than the plants that humans want to eat?

      • LA

        WILD Alaskan Salmon is clean, shrimp have never tested positive or high in mercury, eating smaller wild prey like sardines are cleaner. All farmed fish are toxic with those disgusting pharmaceutical dyes.

  • http://www.kimberlysnyder.net/blog/2012/04/10/why-high-animal-protein-diets-age-you-faster/ Natalie

    I was vegetarian for 4 years. Thought it was the best way to eat. I’m paleo now and have never felt better. I am at a healthy weight and have amazing energy. I have regular bowel movements (sorry, tmi) and don’t feel that inflammation that I used to feel. I eat almost all organic fruits and vegetables. I eat free range eggs and meat as well. What I don’t eat is toxic grains and sugar. Its not the meat that is killing people, its the food guide pyramid that says we should bulk up on grains!!! However, I do agree that too much meat is a no-no. Yes, cattle cause a LOT of environmental damage and that’s unfortunate. But that is why I choose free range grass fed :) Trust your body! Oh, also, I haven’t been sick for 6 months when everyone else is getting pneumonia, bronchitis, colds, flu, ear infections….you name it!

    • Cindy

      Natalie, may I just ask you a question? If you are into paleo eating, is there a reason why you come on this website? this is not a criticism I am actually really wondering. I agree with you about the grain issue…Thsi is what is killing people along with processed foods. The agriculture of grains is as harmful to our planet as having GRASS-FED cattles. Think about all these animals we have indirectly killed by growing huge amounts of grains, greens, veggies etc…We stole what used to be their homes so we could feed ourselves. Would be great if more people grew their own foods! GREAT to hear how well you are doing!

      If Kimberly would not mind commenting all all this it would be great. Because I feel guilty simply eating a piece of fruit that I ahve not grown myself!

      • Mike63

        People are omnivores. They don’t digest vegetation as well as herbivores or digest meat as well as a carnivore. The problems are very complex but the solution is very simple. Eat some raw organic vegetation like a wild elk and eat some raw grass fed animal products like a wild wolf as God intended.

    • Emma


      Good for you! I’m also mostly paleo and it literally changed my life. I’m a fan of Kimberly because her way of eating really helps my digestion (the way she food combines and advocates raw produce). Paleo is actually about 1/2 raw vegan, lol! When you look at it that way, We’re not downing bacon 24/7, especially the life-giving, healing grass-fed meats and organ saturated fats which are essential to thriving as a human being.

  • Liz

    Hi Kimberly,
    What about getting more iron, which doesn’t occur in plants? Just wondering if there are other sources you could share.

    • Jen Carlsted

      Hi ok last question can I work with you personally. If not could you at least direct me.


    • Tianna

      Iron does occur in plants – leafy, green vegetables. Spinach is a great source of iron. It’s why Popeye would get stronger from eating it :)

    • Dana Fisher

      Iron does occur in plants.

    • Sophie

      More iron in the diet is the last thing any of us need, info here: http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/iron-dangers.shtml

  • Jen Carlsted

    HELP I don’t know how else to reach you. I have your book starting reading BELIEVE everything you say. I starting doing it so excited but i’ve been diagnosed with severe IBS, colitis, acid reflux blah blah I could go on. “functional” diseases that “they” the western MD’s have no idea how to fix, manage, treat or cure. I obviously think there’s much more to it. Oh yes also dyspepsia. I used to get “episodes” of severe bloating I man swelling to the point that I literally looked like I was 6 months pregnant. Always ending up in the ER. I’ve been to naturalpaths, MD’s, I’ve done biofeedback, cleanses you name it and it’s gotten worse. I no longer have “episodes” it never goes away. It has gotten so bad, ruined my life, caused so much stress in my marriage, can’t do daily things, severe depression on anti depressants etc even contemplated suicide. What’s wrong with me? Im very slowly integrating more raw into my diet but I’m scared because everything I’ve read about IBS is to eat soluble fiber first, on an empty tummy and make that your main meal substance. I’ve done candidiasis cleanses before BUT never truly got off sugar so probably never worked. HELP I’m desperate!!!! I’m not living anymore. Why is m stomach constantly swollen? Or wh does it get like that throughout the day getting worse at night. Will this way of life cure it?
    Desperate Jen

    • http://www.healthymindbodysoul.com Ali

      Have you ever tried colon hydrotherapy? I also had IBS and chronic bloating, digestion problems, gastrointestinal issues, and colitis. I have completely cleaned up my diet (2 years ago now) and do regular colon hydrotherapy. I am 90% better ( could be 100%, but I dont always resist tempation for things like holiday sweets/cookies, and then i PAY for it afterwards!)
      Hope things are better with you since you wrote your entry last April.

      Ali, HHC, RYT

  • Petra

    Hi Kimberly!

    I hope you will read this post even if it’s an old blogpost… but my question is related to the topic so I chose to comment here…

    First of all, thank you for your blog and all the information you share. I’ve always been interested in health and wellbeing and I really believe that healt and beauty is connected to what and how we eat. Anyway, I’m writing to you because I would be grateful if you could write an even more in depth blog about high meat, high fat and high dairy diet and how deterimental it can be to ones health. I’m from Sweden and the biggest thing here is a diet called LCHF- LowCarbHighFat. It’s basically like Atkins but it emphazies more on a high fat intake, preferably animal fat. They have big doctors talking about it, many blogs, cook books and weekly magazines about this diet and recipes! Last year the shops ran out of butter and rumours said it was because of the LCHF diet….

    When I read and hear about people promoting this diet, they talk about how it makes your blood sugar levels more even, they get rid of sugar cravings, better bowel movements(!!!) and the best thing accordning to most people is that they can still eat loads of food all the time and loose weight! But surely it can’t be good to stuff your face with protein and high fat animal products in big amounts!

    I would love to hear your opinon about this diet, that it can do to your health and what the score is about blood sugar levels and cholestrol levels.I respect you and your knowledge.

    Keep up with the good work!!!


    • Carrie

      I have seen the positive and negative effects of this diet. The most important thing that people often miss out on is the in order for this diet to be healthy and successful, one must consume high quality animal products. In my household, we only eat locally sourced organic grass-fed beef, free range chicken from a local farm, and organic pasture-raised hog. If these measures are not taken, the consumption of large amounts of factory farmed animal products is extremely detrimental. Not all meat is bad… just most of it is and people just don’t seem to be interested enough in their health to take the right percautions when consuming animal product.

      • Gault Falcon

        Great post Carrie. Exactly right.

    • Mike63

      The first thing to do is just ignore regulatory dogma. Next study what plants, animals, and people eat. A 112 year old woman living in the Caucasus eats goats milk yogurt. Wild plants don’t eat food they eat fertilizer. For God so loved the tiger He didn’t give him some asparagus He gave him an antelope. For God so loved the antelope He didn’t give him some grains He gave him some greens. The Vikings didn’t get their strength and smarts to sail the North Atlantic in a small wooden boat from cucumbers, but from cod. The longest lived animal on the planet eats mostly marine phytoplankton and some tiny sea creatures. I eat 85% vegetables and 15% animals. I eat 20g carbs, 8g protein, and 5g fat every hour with 12oz water. I also do some cardio and strength exercises. I try to function optimally physically so I can achieve my goal of meditating on the virtues so I can acquire good moral character.

  • Diane Bustance

    Kimberly, what is your opinion about a person eating bee pollen to get all their B vitamins, and especially B-12? Alot of reading I’ve done in the past led me to believe it is an excellent source for them. Plus I would not be eating any animal products. Also, what is the best way to give up my addiction to eggs? Thank you for your time, and your blog. I am new to it, just started following you May 27, 2012, but LOVE what I’ve read and discoverd so far; I am changing my food intake and eating way better; dropped 10# these past 2 weeks so far.

  • nawdude

    the information in this article is true… but only somewhat. animal protein is unhealthy if it has been raised in commercial farming environments. all of the bad things we hear about red meat and animal products are true because the meat raised for those reasons are chock full of toxins and antibiotics. sick meat makes for sick humans. BUT, animals that were raised on natural diets (unlike commercial farming) will produce meat that has beneficial to the human body, such as CLA fats which actually reverse the clogging of arteries.

    what we hear in modern times about the harms of animal products is because we are generating animal products on a mass scale with chemical inputs that degrade the ecology of the earth and our bodies. corporations are to blame for this misinformation and pollution.

    PASTURE RAISED ANIMAL PRODUCTS are healthy and have been essential to the majority of cultures historically, they are crucial components of a nutrient dense diet that humans evolved with.

    *drug companies and big agriculture are to blame for raising sick meat that ages people faster, think about it.

    • http://goofcity.com Alexandra Jones

      Pasture-fed free-range animals are still enslaved and slaughtered. They are led to a place, made to stay there, and have no choice but to be killed, not to die a natural death. In human terms, this is false imprisonment and murder. A population of billions does require the most efficient and cheapest ways to produce food, but at tremendous cost to the environment, basic decency and humanity.

      • David Lewis

        That is very true. You can’t get around the fact that an animal must be killed before you eat it. Not everyone has an issue with that though, and it’s beside the point. The assertions in the article and the comment you responded to are in regard to the health effects of eating meat, not the ethics. Yes, animals must be killed to eat them, but saying that meat as a whole is unhealthy is (in the most polite wording) debatable. While most meat that is currently produced seems to be unhealthy, the science is pretty convincing that properly raised, grass-fed ruminant meat is good for you.

        The ethics, on the other hand, is just a matter of opinion.

    • http://allanimalproteinisunhealthy Christina

      When you kill an animal they have a sense of impending death and there are chemicals that are released when they feel these negative emotions. These chemicals are toxins that go into the muscle tissue of the animal. Just like humans when they have negative emotions they release chemicals that our body reacts to. When you ingest these toxins in the muscle tissue of the animal you’re taking them into your body at a cellular level. On top of this all animal protein increases the IGF-1 (growth hormone), that we naturally have. When we overload our bodies with protein our organs don’t know what to do with all the energy but it’s gonna grow like you tell it to. Problem is cancer is already in all of our bodies and can only thrive in an acidic environment. You stop eating the growth hormone, you stop feeding the cancer cells. Eating a whole foods plant based diet actually reverses this excess IGF-1. CBD’s in Cannabis are also proven to induce apoptosis (cell death) which is one reason why cancer can take over your body, they’ve altered themselves so that they never die.

  • http://devonivkg.newsvine.com/_news/2013/08/02/19835128-water-remediation-as-well-as-the-techniques-involved water remediation forms

    Hі! I сould have sworn Ι’ve visited this site before but after browsing through some of the posts I realized it’s neω to me.
    Anyhoω, I’m definitely delighted I stumbled upon it and I’ll be bookmarking it and
    chесking back regularlу!

  • Frank

    I’m a College Health pProfessor. ‘m 67 years old, and I’ve been eating meats of all types my entire life. I look and feel great. Of course we need veggies and fruits, but meat got me to where I am today and I’m not about to stop now. The answer is exercise and a positive attitude.

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