From 300lbs to 140lbs: How Arthur Boorman Lost 160lbs with Yoga



The idea that we really have no limitations is a hard one for many of us to truly grasp. It may sound like a nice and noble saying, but some part of your brain may strain-subconsciously or consciously- against fully accepting this truth. Why is it easier to believe in limits rather than expansion? There are so many external forces from the media, education (both formal and familial), societal belief systems and so on that reinforce aspects of restriction. But all these limitations are illusions. The actual reality is that you truly are unlimited in your inner power and strength. Yes you! We all are, if we can learn to get mental blocks out of the way and tap into the inner, universal and unlimited source within.

Health and beauty are a good starting point for most people to experience this concept. Focusing on these areas of your life can produce tangible improvements in outward appearance, as well as allow for the powerful personal experience of gaining vitality and natural energy without external stimulants. The question we ask ourselves is how to get energy from the world around us; it was already there waiting for us – all we have to do is unleash all our inhibitions.

yoga inspirationOnce you realize that you have tremendous control over your health and beauty, largely by the diet you keep and the foods you choose (also think about grapefruit seed extracts uses), then you realize that you can extend this power outwards for goals not only pertaining to physical form, but also goals centered around your vocation, career, and relationships.

This video really exemplifies the unlimited inner to exceed limitations. Arthur was a disabled Gulf War veteran who sustained injuries to his back and knees, and was told by his various doctors that he would never be able to walk again on his own.

Arthur believed in this limitation…for a time. He gained over 140 pounds, and had to use canes to hobble about. One day, he had the spark of motivation to try yoga. Though it was not easy for him to shape his body into the asanas (poses), and though he fell many times, he kept picking himself back up to try over and over again.

Over the course of 10 months- less than a year- Arthur lost 140 pounds and was not only able to practice asanas, he was able to actually run. Had he listened to the judgment of his doctors, he would have relegated himself to the “truth” of the limitation that he would never be able to walk again and not even tried. Instead, he pushed past the illusions of limitations to utilize his unlimited inner power.

I invite you to make some time for the important task of thinking of the preconceived limitations you might have placed on your power. Write down the limitations, then think about the root of where they came from. For Arthur, doctors placed limitations on him, which shows that people in positions of “authority” can create these limitations that are not necessarily true.

This all takes reflection, and I find writing very helpful to get these thoughts out of you. Block out at least 45 quiet minutes to yourself.

Time For You To Take Action:

arthur boorman1. Limitations you believe are in your life. Examples include: “I’ll never be able to be X weight/size.” “Getting off medications and becoming healthy is not realistic.” “I’m not smart enough to get X job”. “I’m not qualified to make X amount a year”. “I’m not flexible enough to ever touch my toes.” “I’m not pretty enough to meet the man of my dreams. etc.”

2. Where these limitations came from. This might be more difficult, but really think deeply on each limitation and where it might have been formed, without judgment. You might discover that it resonates with something you’ve heard from another source. If it came from a loved one or family member, most probably they were saying it with good intention, or inadvertently passing on a limitation they too have. Or maybe you might have heard it from your peers or friends or boss mentioning over and over again that something was too “hard” to achieve so that it is “impossible.”

3. Once you have identified the source of these limitations, make peace with them by affirming they are not actual or true, they are just thought forms that someone else created. If you can really pause and see the limitations as being separate from “truth”, this is the first step in moving past them, and unleashing your unlimited power.



Last updated: Friday, June 19, 2015
  • Shannon

    That was beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

    • laura Pollaro

      What an amazing and wonderful story! It brought tears to my eyes, and
      I want to send it out to many friends I know. Having just returned from a
      Yoga Retreat, it also inspires me to try harder and return to doing
      headstands and push-ups. Thanks You, Arthur, for your INSPIRATION!!!

      • TAMMI


        WOW I can tell you what a tear jerk er for me. AWESOME STORY!!!!

    • Elise Cranmer

      Thanks Kimberly! This video is truely an inspiration. I will watch this video again when I have doubt in myself. If he can I can. Thanks again!

    • angie

      that was beautiful!!! Truly amazing story!! I love happy endings! Very inspirational for anyone!

  • Happy Belly Health

    Hi Kimberly,
    This is a great post. Thank you for sharing and inspiring all of us. Yes, we can grow and change. I’ve found that my thinking is extremely powerful and have since vowed to think Positive, think Big, think Beautiful.
    Everything else gets cancelled out.

    Cheers to healthy minds for healthy bodies!

  • benjamin

    wow… amazing example

  • Joan Knowles

    What an inspiration for all of us. Arthur stuck to it and accomplished so much!
    Good for you Arthur!

    Joan Knowles

  • Yiselle

    This is beautiful.

  • Lilly

    Thank you for sharing this. I generally don’t feel inspired or ‘warmed’ by reading such stories or hearing about them but this was truly an amazing story. Congratulations to him for bursting through the expectations his doctors had for him and having the courage to do it. It can be incredibly difficult to get out of a depressing scenario but clearly he more than did that.

  • Patty

    Thank you for this wonderful posting. I too believe we are without limitation provided we have the courage to walk through open doors. Arthur is such an inspiration, and I am so thankful that he can actually now run! He, and you, made my day!

  • Rosie

    Wow Kim!

    That is absolutely inspiring, and it made me cry! (I was born with cerebral palsy and went through many years of surgeries & therapy) I was a little girl so to see a grown man overcome not only physical injury but his weight issues as well. It reminds us all that nothing has the power to stop us from accomplishing anything except the limitations we put on ourselves! The human mind/heart are incredible things.

    Thank you for reminding me of the little girl I started as and how that I am truly blessed and grateful I am today.


  • Ana

    WOW! Kimberly , thank you so much for this beautiful blog and for sharing this video that seriously brought me to tears!
    It’s amazing how I read this just when I needed it!
    I am health coach and am trying to get my business started and most importantly help people that are going through things like this!
    sometimes I find it hard to get it all started or I get discouraged because ofpeople or financial problems but
    you have inspired me SO MUCH to go out there and follow my dreams <3

    Keep doing what you're doing <3xo

  • jenny

    What a timely post! Thanks for this, love it!! :)

  • Sierra

    Thank You for sharing this inspiring story! I was just talking with my father yesterday after he learned about one of his close friends passing away suddenly. I said, “Dad, you’ve got to start taking better care of yourself.” he replies with “I know, but I think it’s too late.” I said, “Dad, it’s *Never* too late. Never too late. You can do it.” I will be forwarding this email to him. Thanks again Kimberly! :)

  • Laila

    I LOVED this article and video. Thank you for sharing this story. It was very inspiring. God bless.

  • andrea

    That made me cry! What a beautiful story :)

  • Connie

    Thank you for this post!

  • Carly

    Wow, this is amazing and so inspirational! Go Arthur, you rock!

  • jade

    This is such an inspiration and super motivational!

    Wanted to relay an experience I had today that was small step forward and that can hopefully help someone else. I was out for ‘breakfast’ with friends and they had the typical SAD breakfast so I implemented some of your suggestions. They weren’t serving the lunch menu, so no salad, but I ordered a side of guacamole with some lettuce, and I spread the guac on the leaves, and squeezed lemon on it and rolled them up into little tacos. I didn’t cave and it helped to set a precedent for myself to stick with in less than ideal situations. I didn’t feel like I was missing out at all and I think because I didn’t make it a big deal no one noticed too much. And bonus my bill was much less and I bought a new (read: smaller) skirt on the way home. Yay! :)

    Think I know the answer but just want to confirm. I’ve seen some raw recipes for fruit with nuts and was surprised. Is it ok to combine fruit with nuts right (not dried fruit)?

    Many thanks Kimberly!!

    • Ana

      I think in her granola recipe she says it is ok to combine nuts&seeds with DRIED fruit :)

      • jade

        Thanks so much Ana! :)

        So is it your understanding that nuts should NOT be combined with regular fresh fruit with maybe the exception of bananas?

        J ~

  • Christy

    Inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

  • Europaradise

    This was the most inspiring story that I have seen in quite sometime…I loved it and thank you…for sharing this with me….

  • Susan

    What an awesome and inspirational story. I loved it.
    Way to go,

  • Jodi

    This video was truly inspirational. It made me cry. Thank you Kimberly your article inspired me to look at my limiting beliefs that are stopping me from living the life I want and make some positive changes.

  • Brandi

    This was amazing! I cried thru the video. Watching his determination and willingness to push thru and persevere; just awesome! So happy for him!

  • shoppergirl

    Loved everything about it!!!

  • Gigi

    Thank you so much for this Kimberly! Very inspiring and powerful! I think I will keep referring to this post – it is such a great reminder of what truly matters.

    Your book has changed my life in so many wonderful ways! I hope to meet you someday :) xx

  • Katharina

    I’m sorry but I had to laugh so much because each time he fell it reminded me so much in me starting yoga class.
    but in the end it was so touching, truly beautiful and motivating!!!

    Do you know this guy personally? if yes please tell him thanks for the video, just amazing!!!!

  • Sylvia

    Wow….I really enjoyed this post, it too also brought tears to my eyes. Very inspirational story…..Thanks for sharing!!

  • Erica Archer

    Bravo Arthur! That is so inspirational – I am so happy for you and all that you accomplished!

  • Janice

    Amazing. My mouth dropped when I saw him running! Thanks for sharing.

  • Lucea

    Kimberly, I love your blog and am currently reading your book? I was wondering what brand of coconut oil, chia seeds and bee pollen do you use in your recipes? Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • Brittany

    To Kim: Next year I will be going away to a year round dance program. I won’t have access to much super nutritious food so are there any vitamins you recommend because I get sick really easily. Also are there any breakfast ideas you recommend because I don’t have access to cooking equipment and they serve eggs bread and sausage!!!! Thanks! Please write me back :)

    • Brittany

      sorry I forgot but I am also a vegetarian and there are not very many vegetarian options so is there anything you recommend? Thanks :)

  • Angelique

    Thank you.

  • Marie Figgins

    Thank you for telling your story! Your journey of perseverence and hope! is amazing! I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I was an obese kid and weighed more as a 4th grader than i do as a 34year old woman. I have lead a successful fit life! It hasn’t been easy I have had many challenges and had to push thru plateaus but you can do ANYTHING if you just believe! I will share your story with my clients, friends and family! Keep going many blessing to you!

  • Ashleigh Roda

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • Tia

    This was a very inspiring story, I myself practice yoga at least three times a week and sharing this story will allow me to inspire others that they can do it no matter their circumstance : )

  • Deb

    Thanks for lifting my spirits!! The tears were running down my face. What a great story.

  • Erica

    Amazing post! Thanks for sharing your journey Arthur:)I admire your strength ,perserverance,and courage. May you continue to shine! Namast

  • Kathy

    WOW!!! Very inspirational….

  • Kymm Cummins

    Wow! I’m not as heavy as he was, but I have similar physical problems and have always wanted to try Yoga, but didn’t think I could do it, since I can no longer feel one of my legs. After watching this I am getting out the DVD’s I bought and getting started! I haven’t run in 30 years! I would love to be able to run and charse my grandchildren, and after seeing this I know I can!

    Thank you for the inspiration! God Bless You, you’ve helped to change this disabled woman’s outlook on what is possible!


  • Fiona

    This is an amazing article! So inspiring. I’ve heard many conflicting theories about the benefits of yoga and weightloss, and have always believed that any fitness regime, combined the positive attitude of yoga should be great for acheiving a weigh loss goal. This is definitely the best proof you could need if you had any doubts about the power of yoga!

  • Paul

    It’s not just yoga. It’s DDP yoga and DDP that walked him through the process. I admire his strength and drive

  • Amanda

    Awesome! Nothing short of AWESOME.

  • Joel

    You didn’t really say how he did it. Am I to understand that just by putting your body into certain poses, stretching or whatever (sorry ignorant about yoga) that he lost that much weight in that short of time? I was trying to find more details such as did he modify his diet or do any other aerobic activity? Can one lose weight simply from yoga?

    • Greg Kirkpatrick

      Arthur Boorman used DDP Yoga. My understanding is that it is a hybrid form of Yoga created by former pro-wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. I’m sure he also changed his eating habits as well.

  • Heather Robinson

    I loved this story! I hope you don’t mind but I copied your blog posting to mine.

    Thank you for sharing this with everyone!

  • Deb McCafferty

    Sure shows how important a focus on fitness is… focusing on what the body can do. It’s also important to recognize that not everyone will lose weight to the extent that he did as he regained his mobility; which is why of course his video has been viral for so long and he’s so amazing. But we can be stronger, healthier, and more joyful in the body we’ve got, even if we don’t all end up thin.

  • Jim

    I love yoga and I am a firm believer in it’s benefits, but yoga only played a supporting role in this. I don’t care if it is Diamond Dave meets P90X on steroids yoga. Diet plays the major role. When you are fat, sick, and nearly dead, living on meds and their side affects, you are barely living. You are simply just surviving. When you change your diet and stop eating the things that are making you sick and fat and you can get off of the meds, THEN exercise can have a big impact.