5 Foods to Help You Burn Belly Fat


Bathing suit season is upon us (as if you needed a reminder, right?)!  One of the most common concerns I hear this time of year from the Beauty Detox community is banishing belly fat.

The gut/belly area is certainly is a sensitive body zone for even the most confident. Let’s explore this “middle” ground:

Losing Weight in the Abdominal Area

belly fatRetaining fat around your stomach is often a sign of toxic buildup in your system. When your body is toxic from chemicals in the foods you eat and your environment, it seeks to protect you as best it can. One of the ways this happens is that your body retains fat in order to store the toxins so they are insulated from your organs. Detoxifying, then, is a great step towards losing weight in your abdominal area. Let’s look at some steps you can take to detoxify your system.

  • Eat organic foods
  • Minimize or eliminate processed and fast foods
  • Eliminate refined sugar
  • Eliminate carbonated beverages and energy drinks and drink pure, fresh water instead
  • Start each day with a glass of warm water containing organic lemon
  • Eliminate dairy and gluten grains

The foods you eat (and the order in which you eat them) can also contribute to bloating, which can make your stomach look as if it is carrying belly fat. While we cover food combining and eating strategically in-depth in The Beauty Detox Solution, here are a few simple rules for minimizing belly bloat:

  • Drink water/liquids 30 minutes before or 60 minutes after meals, not while eating
  • Take probiotics and eat probiotic-rich foods
  • Simplify your meals as much as possible
  • Avoid slow and difficult to digest foods
  • Eat fruit on an empty stomach

Start to notice which foods really make you bloated afterwards. For me, gluten is a real doozey. I recently ate at a vegetarian restaurant, and one of the dishes had ground seitan in it, which is basically pure gluten. After eating some of it, I got so bloated that my balloon of a belly started pushing against my pants so hard (it was screaming to me: let…me…free!!) that I had super horizontal red marks from my pants when I got home. It sort of ruined my whole night. So no, I won’t eat suspicious dishes like that again where I don’t know what exactly I am eating…and where I might unknowingly consume super bloating ingredients.

Along with these simple rules, you can also work on blasting belly fat by eating healthy foods that will help keep your stomach region slender.

1. Glowing Green Smoothie

ggsI realize this is almost always my top recommendation, but there’s a reason the GGS is my signature drink. It is low in calories, high in fiber, and packed with nutrition. That means it fills you up and provides you with the nutrients and enzymes your body needs for peak performance. Because it is blended, it also allows your body to minimize the energy necessary for digestion so it can be used for beauty energy and fat burning.

2. Chia

chia seedsThese nutritious little seeds are great for fat loss, because they help stabilize blood sugar,contain lots of fiber, and improve your sensitivity to insulin. Insulin is one of your body’s main fat storage hormones, and improving insulin sensitivity can reduce the amount of insulin circulating in your bloodstream, which can lead to fat loss. Chia is also rich in Omega-3 fats, and the seeds are filling because they contain fiber. Try a few tablespoons of chia in unsweetened almond milk with some vanilla and stevia for a delicious and filling beverage.

3. Cayenne

Cayenne powderThe great thing about cayenne is that it is so easy to incorporate into meals. Spice up a salad, some quinoa pasta, or soup with a pinch of cayenne, and you’ll increase your body’s thermogenesis. Cayenne contains capsaicin, which has been shown in studies to enhance burning of belly fat.

4. Oat Groats

oat groatsOat groats are oats in their most basic form – a true whole grain. Research has shown that eating whole grains can help increase weight loss. Oat groats are also gluten-free and well tolerated, meaning they are less likely to cause belly bloat. Soak them overnight, rinse, and blend with water, stevia, and a little cinnamon for a healthy oatmeal.

5. Greens

dark greensLike your glowing green smoothie, fresh greens will help fill you up, giving your body the enzymes it needs for full digestion. Greens are also high in fiber and nutrition and they don’t raise your blood sugar. Greens go well beyond lettuce and spinach. Try kale, arugula, cabbage, endive, fennel, purslane, parsley, and other nutritious, organic greens for a delicious way to rid yourself of fat.




Last updated: Saturday, September 5, 2015
  • em

    I love the detox book and can’t wait for the next one! I’ve been trying to be vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free for the past 6 months, but dairy is still in my diet at times (mostly feta cheese). The results from the diet have been outstanding and I’m hoping to add yoga to my lifestyle soon as well.
    I recently discovered the kale salad at Whole Foods and have become addicted – the dressing includes tahini, garlic, olive oil, liquid aminos and cider vinegar. I have a ton of kale (almost an entire head) with about 2-3 tablespoons of the tahini dressing everyday for lunch. Is this too much oil/tahini or not a good food pairing? I hope not because it’s delicious!
    Also, I drink a bottle of Synergy kombucha everyday and noticed that carbonated beverages are on the list of things we should eliminate. Since kombucha is naturally carbonated, is it okay to drink?

    Thanks for everything and literally changing my life! I would have had a hot dog and deviled eggs yesterday at the 4th potluck if I hadn’t discovered your book 6 months ago!

    • teresa trucksess

      If you want to be totally dairy free, watch the documentary Earthlings. It will change your life.
      You can watch it on netflix and youtube.

  • barbara

    Is there an Alternative for Chia Seeds? I do not tolerate Chia Seeds.

  • Maria B.


    I have been recently diagnosed with PCOS as well as a low thyroid and I am searching for ways to lose weight. I have read in other posts that you like oat groats, but I can never find them. What brand of oat groats do you buy and where can I buy them? Also, do you have any advice about what to do for a low thyroid?


    • http://pureglowsixteen.blogspot.com Pureglow16

      i order raw gluten free oat groats online in bulk! Hope that helps :)

    • http://www.mygreengypsy.com Cadie

      Hi! I just found oat groats at Vitacost dot com by a brand called Bob’s Red Mill. They were less than $4!

    • Ann

      I find them at my local health food store in the bulk aisle. They are inexpensive too.

    • Roni

      Hi Maria,
      you can find oat groats at Whole Foods if there is one near you. If not, you can try your local super market in the international isle. Most Super markets are now starting to carry many international products due to the demand. Hope this helps. :)

  • helen

    hi Kim,

    thank you for this great information. I will eat more of these foods in the next weeks!
    I never had weight problems before I gave birth to my 3rd child, and since this beautiful little girl is born, I have real difficulties and even more in the last weeks. I wanted to loose weight, but instead I gained almost 8 pounds since the last months…
    I try so hard for a couple days, and after I have so much cravings that I eat lots of junk food. I don’t know what to do, but I’ll try to eat more of chia and oat groat.
    I hope that will help!
    I was also wondering if you sometimes experience cravings, and what do you eat or do when it’s happening? by example, I used to love cheese and yogourt, what should I eat when I really want cheese, yogourt or chips?
    I can’t find ccocnut milk yogourt in my area so could I eat chia seed delight instead?

    And I’m always so tired and have so little energy that I’m not able to give up coffee.
    When I try, I have such big head aches, and I have to take care of the kids so I always end up having a coffee or a tea. can I have result, loosing weight and do a good detox, cleansind for my system, for a fresh start, still drinking 1 or 2 coffee a day?

    thank you so much for what you’re doing,

    a mother who needs a little help!
    a mother who need

    • Kim

      Have you had your thyroid checked? It sounds like you have hypothyroid symptoms. This frequently happens after the birth of a child.

  • Nicole

    Hi Kim :)

    Do ground flaxseeds and chia seeds need to be soaked before consuming? If so, for how long? Thanks!

  • Liliana

    Love the Beauty Detox book, I’m hooked on the blog and cannot wait for the next book! Right now, I need help getting rid of my belly flab (courtesy of 3 lovely kids) but I’m already really underweight. I want to start exercising again but really afraid of losing more weight since I’m 5’5″ and 110lbs (anorexic is not the look for me!). Any suggestions would be really helpful?

  • Jac

    Do you eat the chia seeds whole

    • Iness

      Yes, Jac, or you can grind it. (I prefer whole though.) However, you need to soak your whole chia seeds with water for at least 10 -15 minutes before preparing your chia seed meal. Your soaked chia seeds form like a jello after. Kim has great chia seed recipes:




      Good luck and more protein power to you.

    • Ann

      Yes, you eat them whole. They are only the size of a poppy seed. Search the blog for chia seed delight recipe. I’m sure if you google “basic chia gel” you will get some info too. I usually soak them and add a little coconut milk with a little vanilla and cinnamon to make a pudding like treat!

      • Carol Gray

        I made one really delicious pudding by blending my almond milk with a fresh peach, and dash of vanilla. Then pouring that over my chia seeds. YUMMY!

  • Cindy

    I really like drinking the warm water with lemon in the mornings but it has made my teeth horribly sensitive. Is there anything I can do to counteract this reaction? I have never had this problem before. I am trying Sensodyne toothpaste to reduce the sensitivity with little success. If I discontinue the lemon and warm water, the sensitivity eventually decreases, but it returns when I resume the warm lemon water. Help!

    • Tara

      I’ve heard to drink the lemon water thru a straw for this reason.

    • Iness

      I have the same concern as yours. Here’s my suggestion:

      Use a plastic straw when drinking warm water with lemon. Just aim the tip of the straw close to throat, away from the teeth when sipping. Only do this if you can tolerate an object, like a straw, poking another sensitive part of the mouth, ie: your throat. Otherwise, you may gag while doing it. You may have to practice regularly to use the straw effectively. Good luck!

    • Bette

      Cindy try drinking the lemon water through a straw as the liquid usually doesn’t get to your teeth that way….Just a thought!!!!

  • astrid

    Hey Kimberly,

    What are some foods that have same nutrients as nuts and just as quick to make out of snack? Because I have nut allergy and can’t consume almond milk ,and eat trail mixes. :(

    Thanks ,

  • Shanti

    I do most of these, I think stress plays a big factor in my belly fat! Thanks for all the great tips Kim!

  • http://jianiteo.com Jia Ni

    GREAT post! I LOVE that you inserted a little story about eating seitan as well. I experience the exact same thing after eating gluten, my tummy literally rises like bread in the oven.

    Would also suggest eating slowly + chewing lots! We tend to forget to chew and our stomach needs to work harder to digest food leading to bloating. :)

    I also get bloat after eating gas-forming foods (especially chickpeas) so I cut down on eating those.

    Much love,
    Jia Ni xx

  • Lindsey

    Hi Kimberly!

    I would love to know if you have any suggestions for type 1 diabetics out there. You know that food is a big factor in having a stable blood sugar. Any tips. Advice that you could offer to us type 1’s out there? Starting your program next week! Very excited and so thankful to have you as a resource in living a healthy lifestyle!



  • http://www.bludomain.com Aundrea Hasselbach

    hello! I am following the results of my ALCAT test (food intolerances) and I can’t have spinach or celery — what can I alternate in your Glowing Green Juice for these two – and receive the same benefits?

    Thank you!

    • Gail

      Hi Aundrea– I rarely put spinach in my GGS. i use a whole head of kale and a few romaine leaves. When I’m out of celery, I just throw in some sprouts such s broccoli or pea shoots. As Kimberly says, you can put pretty much anything green in your GGS along with the fruit :) Hope this helps!

  • http://5Food5FoodstoHelpYouBurnBellyFat Fiza Nazari

    I”m wondering what your opinion about buckwheat which is gluten free as well. Thanks

  • Amy

    LOVE your book! It is filled with so much great info. Yet I am not sure about where chia seeds fit in the food pairings. Since they are seeds, are they only suggested at dinner where you enjoy other seeds/nuts but no starches? If you will have starches at dinner, could you have chia seeds at another time in the day?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-sWf8KBO5c&feature=watch_response Kate Allen

    I will definitely try this diet, very excited about it :) thanks a lot!

  • Nicole

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know when Kim’s 2nd book will be coming out? I’m dying to know and cannot wait to read it!!!!

  • Becky Smith

    Kimberly, I have had major probs with my P&E salad the last two times I’ve made it. I am getting lots of bubbles, and when I open them to pull the rolled up leaves out, the water bubbles out and overflows. When I put it in the fridge and then pull it out, there is barely any liquid in there, but there seems to be plenty in there when I put it in the fridge. I am really missing my P&E salad (not to mention that I’m finally losing weight again! Wahoo!) so I want to figure this out and get it right! HELP!

    • jade

      Don’t have a solution for you, but as alternative you may want to buy raw sauerkraut, most health food stores carry. Just be sure it’s raw and look for one with lowest amount of sodium. My husband can’t stand the smell so that’s why I purchase.

  • Alexandra

    Hi Kimberly! First of all I want to tell you what an eye opener your book has been for me. I am only four days into the Blossoming Beauty phase and already feel like I have 10x more energy! And my acne has gotten a little better, AMAZING!

    I was wondering what your thoughts were on Coconut Palm Sugar and Coconut Crystals as sugar substitutes? I did not see them listed under options for alternative sweeteners in your book.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Carol Gray

    Kimberly, can you recommend a good probiotic to take. There are so many brands and options. Are they equally as good as the other? I have had stomach issues my whole life requiring 3 surgeries, and have suffered with IBS it seems like forever. Now after reading your articles I’ve come to the conclusion it’s fixable with the proper diet. I am switching over to a more alkaline diet and getting rid of all the acid foods I can think of. Thank you very much!

  • Catherine


    Is honey considered a refined sugar if it is raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized? I recently read that honey baked or cooked is incredibly bad- what is a healthy option to bake with in terms of Liquid sweeteners or sugar? Coconut nectar or sugar or date sugar? I have heard that xylitol is not processed naturally.

    I also noticed that there is carrageenan and caramel in the dr ohhira probiotics you recommend- do you have an opinion or information about whether carrageenan is harmful?


    • Christina

      You should try brown rice syrup or maple syrup for liquid sweeteners. They are very low on the glycemic index and won’t give you that crazy sugar high and crash rollercoaster feeling. Also, try maple sugar or coconut sugar. I recently found maple sugar at Trader Joe’s!

  • Misty

    Hey Kimberly,
    I recently stumbled upon your blog. I am really enjoying your articles. You are very inspiring and I agree with a lot of what you say. Just wondering what your opinions are on the paleo diet. Ive been on that for a few weeks now, and really like how good I feel without grains or dairy. I know you talk a lot about cutting animal proteins and fats and eating raw veggies. I don’t think I can do that, I like meat and I just feel like I wouldn’t get enough protein without it. I also prefer to eat cooked veggies. Any advice? I want to be as healthy as possible, its just hard to know what information to trust nowadays..

  • gail

    I have been receiving your daily tips on detox and would like to try this but however
    I have IBS syndrome and hiatus hernia.I would like to know will the hot water and lemon juice not aggreviate my problem and can I use something in helping with my detox.
    I think your tips are very inspiring and awesome

  • http://burnbellyfat.site50.net/ Tricium

    And what about soya? I read several page and one of them say its others say its not good…

  • Patty

    You can get plenty of protein without meat! A protein deficiency is virtually impossible in this country. Just add some raw veggies along with cooked. don’t you ever just have a green salad?

  • PBK

    Are there other options to glowing green smoothie, for example Naked juice? I can not afford an expensive juicer or keep spending money on blenders that burn out. There have to be options for those of us who are currently not in a position to make such an expensive purchase. Thanks.

    • Annemarie258

      A website I found with the best products on how to lose weight: robs.bestproductsforweightloss.com

      Hope you find everything you looking for and that you enjoy every moment as much as I do.

  • Martha

    Hi Kimberly, I just finished your book, but I immediately started applying the GGS, the probiotic and enzyme and I bought the enzyme salad as well. The only thing I have had a problem getting is the magnesium oxygen. Is magnesium oxide the same thing?

  • Jade

    HI Kimberly!
    I love your book and all of your great advice. I wondered if I could put the chai seeds right in my oat groats in the food processor.

    Also what other ways can I eat the chai seeds instead of with the almond milk?

    Thanks so much!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1gN9XC4WXo Burn the fat review

    Do you have any advice on brand of juicers? Looking for christmas….?
    Thank you.

  • Diana

    Do you just eat the chia seeds just like that with milk or is there something you need to need to them before?

  • Glover Oabe

    I’ve read your blog about some tasty food that will help to burn fat. I find your blog very informative and useful. It can help more people to get some tips for weight loss. Maybe you post more about this topic to help other people and like me to burn fat. I’ll be looking forward for your future blog posting about this kind of topic.

  • http://www.kitfrost.com Kit

    I have been drinking the green drink in the morning for a week now. Feel good, eating simply the rest of the day. Lots of fruit, salad, veggies. I’m also taking a mushroom probiotic and PB8 probiotic too. This morning I noticed some reflux. Do you know if the cayenne causes that?

  • http://www.howlosebellyfat.com/ HowLoseBellyFat.com

    whole gain food or green are best for our overall health and weight loss. They have more nutrients and less in calories.

  • http://goo.gl/rs3wV Quinton Soldner

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  • http://www.burnpounds101.com/benefits_of_physical_fitness_that_change_your_life.php Enjoy life With These Physical Health Fitness Benefits

    Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am inspired! Very helpful info particularly the remaining section :) I deal with such info much. I was seeking this certain information for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

  • Monalisa

    What about rolled oats? They’re the only option I can find here in the Netherlands since I moved here. Does anybody know? Thank you, Monalisa

  • patience

    oops!! I’m here in Nigeria, where can i get all dis tins? cos i really need em..

    • Julie

      I know for a fact that you can find cayene spice at a market in Nigeria or any other hot pepper. Hot peppers are good for burning calories. Don’t eat so much rice. Rice is used to fatten people up. Eat lots of meat and less carbs.

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    Lots of superb writing here. I wish I saw it found the site sooner.

  • Ella Slogeris

    In areas which had access to coastal or tidal waters, ‘fast food’ would frequently include local shellfish or seafood, such as oysters or, as in London, eels. Often this seafood would be cooked directly on the quay or close by..^

  • Debbie

    I am loving the green smoothie, but have never been so constipated since I started drinking it. You mention Probiotics and other supplements; can you please tell me what i need to take to help with the discomfort.



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  • joyce miller

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  • rojer

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    • isabel berry

      does it really work or are you just kidding?

  • Makkelijk afvallen

    I always wanted way to easy weight loss and everyone suggested me to follow a good diet chart, you mentioned a great list here but will it be available at local stores and most importantly will this work?

  • Sammie Jane

    Hi Kimberly. I too think I suffer from gluten intolerance. I also have IBS and find that when I eat gluten I feel like it sits stagnant in my stomach for hours!

    I am from Canada and am interested in purchasing your magnesium Detoxy + however I wasn’t able to purchase it as a Canadian citizen. Any chance you will be expanding your shipping to Canadian residents? Thanks.

    Another great article. I love reading your blog!