Raw Red Pepper and Tomato Soup Recipe


This time of year in the transition between warm and cooler weather, I find that my skin needs extra support in looking bright and fresh. This easy raw soup recipe has a lot of beautifying properties- namely its high content of collagen-repairing vitamin C and antioxidants like lycopene, a carotenoid found in tomatoes.

It’s great to make a batch and bring to work for an afternoon delight or post workout snack, instead of reaching for something heavy or salty. I like to eat it with a few gluten-free crackers or whole dulse leaves (a chewy sea vegetable) sprinkled on top. Give it a go!

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Raw Red Pepper and Tomato Soup Recipe
Makes 4 servings
  • 1 organic red pepper, cored, deseeded and chopped
  • 3 medium-sized, organic vine-ripened tomatoes
  • ½ organic celery stalk
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • ¼ cup chopped sweet onion
  • 1 Tbs. nutritional yeast
  • ¾ tsp. high quality sea salt
  • 1 very small garlic clove
  • 1 Tbs. fresh lemon juice
  1. Blend everything until smooth and serve. If you'd like to warm it gently, blend it for longer or warm it over the stove on the lowest temperature, but don't bring to a boil or overheat.



Last updated: Wednesday, August 5, 2015
  • Amanda

    Hey Kimberly,
    I have read the Beauty detox Solution, and studying nutrition, I have come to realize that less is more. Keeping foods simple and whole is the best way to get your body what it needs. I am working to be a holistic nutritionist with the hope of connecting with people and letting them learn more about what I have learned and come to appreciate.
    I have made this soup so many times, I cannot express how much I love it! I make it as often as I can, throughout the year! Everyone is shocked about how fast to comes together! I love freezing it too, makes my freezer full of the GGS and this tasty soup.
    Enjoy everyone,

  • Nick

    Sounds great, why the yeast though?

    • Samantha

      I don’t know about specific reasons behind why she included the nutritional yeast, but if you’ve never had it before, you definitely should. It gives a nutty, “cheesy” flavor to foods, and is high in (I think) vitamin B12. Like the name says, it nutritious, and it probably gives some added flavor to the soup.

    • Jennie

      I’m also curious about the inclusion of the yeast.. What is it’s nutritional value and would you still recommend it for people who generally follow yeast-free diets?

      • MD

        Nutritional yeast is not active dry yeast (brewer’s). It is a vegetarian support formula, mostly vegan. It has a range of B complex vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Some people call it Vegan Cheese or Nooch. Besides the health factor, it tastes delicious!

        • LJ

          It is NOT a “vegetarian support formula”, it’s a food in its own right. Non-vegetarians and vegans frequently use it when making plant-based recipes because of the way it’s perceived. It’s basically just a cheesy-nutty flavoured condiment. The implication that vegetarians would even require a “support formula” is ignorant and offensive.

          The “nutritional” part of the name is much-derided and is basically a marketing ploy to make health bunnies buy it. Although it IS very high in nutrients, many people feel they should move away from the health-direction because everyone can eat it and you don’t have to care about health at all to enjoy it.

          It is made out of a cooked natural yeast and is therefore not raw. In its natural state, the yeast grows alongside cobalamin-producing bacteria and would therefore be a good source of the vitamin (B12). But the manufactured yeast is grown in a sterile environment and thus contains no B12 (at least no reliable, detectable levels) so many brands fortify their yeast by adding it back in.

  • http://www.cucinacosmetica.com.au/ Beauty products

    This is utterly delicious. I must make it tonight, thanks for sharing with us…

  • Denitsa

    I just made it and gosh it tastes amazing warmed up a portion of the soup and I have no doubt I will be making this soup all winter

  • Nm

    Hello kimberly, I absolutely love you and your book. I wish I could follow every rule in the beauty detox solution. Unfortunately I have kidney failure and am on dialysis. I am only 20 so I feel good enough to do sport however my nutrition has really changed since I’ve been sick and although I haven’t gained weight I feel like my body has lost tone, my skin has lost a lot of its glow. I use to swear by raw foods but I have a very strict potassium level limit I cannot trespass, forcing me to cut out on my veggies and fruits especially raw. Okay now to my point ( sorry). I think I can fit it the GGS in my diet at least one cup a day. What other power foods do you recommend ? Do you know veggies and fruits that have a lot of vitamins but little potassium I can pack on? I have already started a non dairy diet and going to start limiting my gluten.
    Thank your for your help and time! It’s okay if you don’t answer! I’m really excited for your smoothie shop ! I wish you the best of luck!!

  • Mumspee

    What brand of nutritional yeast do you recommend? Is Bobs Red Mill acceptable? Thats the only one I get here in where I live in Dubai?

  • Michelle

    I made the soup tonight for the first time and it was delicious! It was also easy and quick to make. I bought my nutritional yeast in the bulk section of Whole Foods. This was perfect because I could buy the amount I needed. I am looking forward to eating the soup for lunch tomorrow and I will be making this fantastic meal again in the very near future.
    Thank you Kimberly for the wonderful recipe,

  • Cassie

    Is it necessary to put in the yeast? I can’t find it (I’m in Sydney) so can I substitute with anything?

  • http://www.aceey.wordpress.com Aceey

    This recipe is incredible! Thank you for posting, Kimberly!

  • Rae

    I made this and it was delicious. Unfortunately I haven’t got round to making almond milk yet (can’t buy the shop ones as they have sunflower oil in them) so I used coconut cream instead, looks lighter but tastes gorgeous.

  • Carol

    Hey Amanda, Do you just freeze in portions and re-blend. I wouldn’t think it would taste as good as fresh
    but will give it a try. Thanks, Carol

  • Lena Sorensen

    Absolutely delicious. This will be a staple in my diet and my cooking as I can add this to many dishes.

  • Lucy

    This soup came out tasty. The only thing is it does not look as red and smooth as the picture. I did use very red tomatoes.

  • Lucy

    This recipe came out great and is better than the vitamix tomato soup recipe. The only thing that’s a negative is that it does look tappealing because it’s not really red (more like a dull creamy red) like in the picture and it comes out frothy (not smooth like in the picture).

  • Heathe

    This recipe makes 4 servings. I’m cooking for one. How do I preserve the other 3 servings? Can I freeze it and have 3 other servings during the week? How long will this keep in the fridge? Could I make a batch on Sunday, and then just put the rest in the fridge for lunch Monday through Wednesday?