My Personal Beauty Detox Journey: Never Seen Before & After Pics


I’ve mentioned to you before how grateful I am for the Beauty Detox lifestyle- it hasn’t just helped my clients, or you, my readers, but it has pretty much saved me personally. These pictures are going to tell you my story.


If there is hope for this super ruddy-faced, zit-covered gal, there is hope for you too! :)

As you can see from these pictures in my early 20’s, I was the perfect “before” test case. I had to have my mom dig up these pictures- they are not in my apartment in NY or my home in LA. I don’t exactly keep them around to show off to friends or my fiancé. They are painful to look at…because I can acutely remember that time in my life, when I was sinking. I was eating all the wrong foods, even as I tried to eat the “right” way to lose weight, but I continued to gain weight and have worse and worse acne. Looking back, I can see now that I had low self-esteem, and I didn’t really like myself.

As you can see from that picture on the left, I used to have acne in all areas of my face, from my forehead, to cheeks and chin. It wasn’t concentrated in one area. Back then I was eating lots of cheese (yes, lots!), coffee (black, or soy milk cappuccinos), olive oil-drenched salads, whole wheat bread and regularly drinking beer. The redness/rosacea in my face was a chronic occurrence, probably due to surges of gluten intake and clogging foods, and not to mention the dairy and acne correlation. I was heavily constipated, only going to the bathroom a few times a week, if that.

kimbeforeafter4In the picture to the left, you can see that I was um, just a wee bit heavier.  In fact, around that time, I gained 25 pounds. With my body type, it didn’t deposit heavily in my belly (though admittedly a roll did develop), but what really fattened up were my hips and thighs. My arms swelled larger also. What were some of my main foods? Yes, cheese sandwiches and paninis, falafel wraps, egg white omelets, Chinese food dishes, veggie dishes with lots of olive oil. It wasn’t sweet stuff I craved (though I did eat chocolate sometimes), but as you can see, it was more fatty/dairy-type dishes, or high oil-containing stuff. Oh! In both “before” pictures, my hair is in a bun. I never wore it down, because it was so coarse and unhealthy that it made it impossible for me to do so.

What’s interesting is that I didn’t think I was eating bad per se, but with when you looked at my worsening skin and hair, widening body (I had to keep buying bigger pants sizes), and dulling eyes, there was no denying it. I counted calories during this time, and wrote it all down in a little notebook. I couldn’t understand how I couldn’t lose the weight when I only stuck to 1500-1800 calories a day, plus went running a few times a week. I started with protein (egg whites) in the morning, then had “balanced” meals with low-fat cheese and whole wheat bread and the “good” oil- the olive oil! All the stuff I read about it the fitness magazines. Why was I still big and zit-faced?! My boyfriend at the time went on Atkins, and so I tried it too- eating chicken and fish throughout the day. Things got worse for me, and I got more bloated and constipated.IMAG2336

Fast forward to now. Between then and now it’s been a long journey that I talk about in the books and in various blogs here. It involved an around the world, 3-year journey, and an incredible amount of learning and studying in lots of traditional and non-traditional ways. I’ve worked really hard to change my old eating habits and give up some of the foods (cheese!) that I used to think I could never live without. I made the gradual, then full transition to what is now today known as the Beauty Detox lifestyle. I cut out cheese, started having more greens, took a detour into an all raw diet for a few years, then starting noticing bad symptoms again- heaviness, excessively oily skin, weight creeping up. Again, I adjusted.

Today I follow the Beauty Detox principles just as I teach you to do. I don’t focus on restriction, but I focus on drinking fiber-filled GGS, fiber-filled salads and tons of veggies, keeping meals simple and cutting out processed foods not found in nature and that nature did not intend for us to consume, like concentrated oils stripped from their whole food-based form and dairy. I cook simply and enjoy lots of Beauty Foods.

So you see, when I talk about getting past cravings or improving bad skin from diet, or losing weight without counting calories, I speak from personal experience. I have been there too. Pictures are powerful. I am a visual person. I am happy that my publisher agreed to make Beauty Detox Foods full-color with pictures, because I wanted to share happy pictures of me cooking, doing yoga, and relaxing in the grass on a picnic (that’s my real fiance’s lap by the way!). I hope you see the pictures, and me, as a friend that is inspiring you to realize that you too can make great progress and improve, and that you are incredibly powerful. But now you get to see the beginning pics, the starting point. I wish I had put some of these in the book too, but I honestly didn’t think of it at the time. Oh well, they are here now, and you can see for your own eyes, that Beauty Detox is for everyone, for householders everywhere like you and me.

With love, your friend,


PS—Beauty Detox Foods has already been a big hit, thanks to you and so many of our readers. And tomorrow is THE last day for the main contest. I honestly think you’ll never again have this good a chance to win a Vitamix, or a consultation with me, or any number of the prizes we’re offering. If you got your copies already, I hope you submitted your entry. If not, you there’s still a little bit of time left:


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Last updated: Wednesday, August 5, 2015
  • Julie Mihalisin


    Getting these old images to download was well worth the wait!

    Your work and your message are inspirational. We have seen transformation in our own lives, and were pleasantly surprised to see that you were not just born extraordinarily beautiful either. This program really works.

    Keep up the great work!

    Julie Mihalisin
    Co-Founder, The New Health Club

  • Alison

    Wonderful things have happened for me since I started following the Beauty Detox Solution. I’ve lost 25 pounds and definitely look leaner and toner (despite not working out!). However, the improved skin and hair thing? Exactly the opposite for me. My hair is thinner than ever and I am breaking out more than I ever have. Sigh.

  • Erin @ The Grass Skirt

    Thanks so much for sharing your story and your photos with us. In all honesty, you were always beautiful, but now you just radiant vibrancy and health. By the way, I’ve already read your new book from cover to cover (and sang its praises on my blog). I cannot wait to try every single recipe!

  • L

    Still gorgeous before, but thank you for sharing these Kim :)

  • Nina Vomero

    This is just what I needed to hear today! Thank you!

  • Dana

    Wow, Kimberly! I think this is one of the most powerful posts you’ve ever put up (and I’ve been reading you for YEARS!) It’s really refreshing to see these ‘before’ photos of you, partly because you look so amazing now and occasionally it feels like you’ve always been that way. :) I really appreciate you putting yourself out there (literally) and letting everyone know that your radiance is attainable for anyone and everyone. xo!

  • Hillary Andoh

    I am so inspired by you. I wear US size 14 and my goal is to fit a US size 8 comfortably. Thank you for being such a great inspiration.

  • Aniko Gyonyoru

    Dear Kimberly!

    It can be really hard for you to share your story with us. I honestly say that it’s an incredible story about how a women transform her life, habits and health. I think it give power to us to follow your amazing lifestyle, to forget our bad habits and get a new life with health and beauty.

    It is really hard for me to change all my bad habits, but I on the way and I try to change my diet. I start to eat more veggies, drink GGS, eat fruit for breakfast. A few weeks ago I bought my first nutritional yeast and sweet potato, and I fell in love with them :) I eat nutritional yeast every day.

    My bad habits are: sometimes I eat chocolate, soy cacao and sandwiches. But in my life something really sad happened. My mother have a breast cancer and I vow that I will try to help her to improve her health, help her to change her bad habits and help her to get through this really hard time together. My help will be your new book and The Beauty Detox Solution!

    I can’t wait to have your new book The Beauty Detox Foods, and cook her a full nutrition, full color food. We start to have the first step for a new life, and I really believe that it will be wonderful and full of health.

    Somewhere I read this sentence:
    “As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.”


  • Cheryl

    Dear Kimberly,
    Are you saying I need to become a vegan to loose weight? I am 66 and have been on
    every diet made, I’m sure. But still I am overweight. I have the Beauty Detox Solution
    and have a green smoothie every day. I’ve cut out wheat (kind of hard) and try to eat at least one salad per day. But I have been eating eggs, wild game and some cheese.
    What do you think?

  • Trish

    Just got my books, can’t wait to read and share the other two

  • Trish

    Just got my books, can’t wait to read and share the other two

  • Kat

    Thank you so much for posting these incredibly inspirational photos…such a brave thing to do!

  • Ashley Camp

    Kim, thank you for sharing those pictures and your personal story. It helps knowing that we are not alone in this journey and that you are just like us. I love how much you put your heart out there for your fans and how you really care. I appreciate everything you do! Your first book absolutely transformed my life and your second book is just continuing my journey. Thank you!

  • Yvonne

    As I type this through tear-filled eyes, I can’t thank you enough for sharing these before pictures. I could have written this article myself word for word with what I am experiencing. I have followed every diet with no satisfying results. Raw Vegan was the best, yet I remained constipated with a dull complexion and still bloated. I simply could not understand this, after all, I was barely eating, but still could not lose 20 lbs, my skin is so awful that I feel like a monster, bloated, constipated, depressed…no matter what I’ve tried. I discovered your first book last year in the grocery store, but never tried the suggestions, because to me you were a natural born beauty who never experienced what I am experiencing. This picture inspires me to believe in you, after all, your story is also my story. I have thrown out all of my toxic seasonings, removed olive oil… that I would heavily pour all over my huge bowl of popcorn with nutritional yeast, sea salt, cheddar seasoning. My body craved this smell and taste 2 times a day. I don’t eat dairy or meat just fish on occasion and sprouted bread, vegets and very little to no fruit, no craving for sweets. I never drank water but ate 4 trays of ice daily like an addiction. I Just finished reading your new book last night and now I am on my way to the grocery store to put this into action for amazing results. Please tell me if you also eat the cooked foods listed in your book or are those for people who are transitioning. I really want to get this right this time and do exactly what you are doing to obtain your amazing results because your past story is my present story. Let my journey begin.

    saying Thank You for sharing this pic

  • April

    Thanks Kimberly! I have been reading your first book. I have UC and know that I am intolerant of wheat and dairy. I am about to turn 47. Giving these foods up after eating them all of my life has been extremely difficult for me. Even while reading your book I would make the excuse to myself that you were just genetically blessed! Well I still think you are(!) but it is encouraging to SEE how the lifestyle change has been of benefit to you. My husband is buying a vitamix for my birthday. I’M GOING TO DO IT! I will send you my before and after pics in a few months! Thank you soo much. May your blessings continue to multiply!

  • Lali

    Wow!!! I’m just starting with the GGS!!!

  • Frances

    I finally got my book from the mail yesterday. I’m so into this book I can’t let it go “I’m so happy that I could scream” because, I’m a research guru. I have looked at every documentary about the real food movement and I knowing that you mentioned the China study by Dr. Campbell and how he has made so clear about how acidic food causes illnesses in the body. Kimberly I’m so happy to know that I’ve made the right choice in changing my way of eating 5 years ago your book is the icing and confirmation on my way of life. May god keep illuminating your path with powerful message. Being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer I feel better than I ever have in my life. Thank you!!

  • alex

    Thanks so much for sharing Kimberly :) And I LOVE both your books and the GGS. I am just a little confused about coconut oil and how much we should have daily. So many websites recommend as much as 3 Tbs per day. What are the negatives of doing so? Does it make weight loss harder or is there another reason consuming that much would be bad for our health? What about the skin benefits?
    Thank you so much xxx

  • Sara

    I want to say THANK YOU Kimberly for sharing your story. I was sitting last night, after ordering your newest book, and thinking, “I bet she has ALWAYS looked that great and here I am struggling still with acne in my early 30’s and splotchy skin tone that no foundation can truly help – I really want to be a “Natural Beauty” like her and not have to wear make up (I actually don’t wear make up anyway because I want people to see the “real” me). I really sincerely appreciate you sharing your pictures and your story because, YES, it does breathe life and hope to the rest of us. I started with your first book last August that I just happened to check out at the Library and I have not eaten the same ever since – and I mean that in a great way!!! I am still struggling with the cheese thing too…that is one downfall…every restaurant thinks cheese should be mandatory…oye! I appreciate all of your hard work and I pray that I look even better as time goes by – I have seen a remarkable improvement as far as less acne, but it hasn’t all gone so I am still on the march. And THANK YOU for all of your research which helps me feel less “puffy” in the belly and bloated…and for introducing really good wholesome God made food into my family’s life again…yes, purple cabbage, carrots, quinoa, celery, squash, yams, etc….WAY TO GO!!!

  • Anne

    Hi Kim, thank you so much for sharing! I have both your books and I love them.. I am curious and I’d like your input. As far as food I have the same experience as you, moving from “healthy” to a plant base diet. However I am now high raw and I’ve notice my skin has become so oily and acne filled (and wasn’t before). I’ve been high raw for several years now, expecting it to clear up. You mention you had a similar experience.. What is the reason for this??

    Thank you so much!!

  • jackie

    I purchased three of your books. Two for gifts and one for myself. I purchased them through Amazon. How do I continue from here. Thanks, Jackie

  • Irina

    Hello Kimberly! I am an engineering student in my “early twenties”. When I was tired but I needed to study more, I used to snack in front of the computer in the computer lab. But I found out it gave me just a short term effect followed by the huge energy drop. But now when I give myself a 10-min break from studying, I don’t go to the vending machine anymore. Instead I read your blogs that help me to stay away from unhealthy food and eat packed veggies from home. Doing that I actually can study more efficiently and concentrate better.

    And your personal story is one of the most touching posts here. Thank you!

  • Marina

    Wow, I am quite shocked! You are such a beautiful person in and out .Thank you for sharing.

  • Alana


    I entered the contest but sent my receipts in three separate emails because my comp doesn’t do screenshots…a little bit worried because I haven’t received a confirmation. Anywhere I can check that it all went through?


  • Jessica

    I am your “before” to a tee! As a college student on a tight budget I guess I dont really know how to carry out all your wonderful advice. Any tips?

  • Crystal Neff

    Love your insight

  • Christie

    Amazing, Kim! You continue to inspire! <3 Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Susan

    Your story is so inspirational. You look amazing and are living proof that diet is key to healthy living. Thank you for being so honest, and for being a caring/sharing person.

  • Lydia

    Kimberly, thank you so much for sharing these photos. It is my hope that I will achieve similar results by following your program as much as I possibly can. I’ve always wanted to be a ‘natural beauty’ and now, thanks to you, I have the tools.

  • Stephanie Watson

    I never got the confirmation email that you received my entry into the contest. I hope you received the receipt of my purchases okay! I just got the books yesterday and LOVE them! Thank you!

  • Kate

    Hi Kimberly!

    First of all I would just like to say how much if an inspiration you are to me! Honestly, I read your book at a time I really needed the advice and since then I’ve always looked toward you for motivation.

    Reading this post I was able to make a heap of associations with own lifestyle and diet at the moment (but instead of cheese add about 50kg of chocolate!) I experience similar symptoms to the ones you named and recently I’ve looked into a fructose intolerance which I’m trying to get teased for soon. I was just wondering if you know much about this and would have any suggestions?

  • Lois

    I am absolutely loving your new book! It came in the mail yesterday and it is so much fun to read. I am thrilled with it. THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monica P

    WOW! So nice of you to post your before pics, because as a reader .. it’s nice to have a frame of reference (before / after) .. now your diet makes a statement and makes more sense to me. I must incorporate more of your good recipes into MY diet 😉


  • Martine Perreault

    I just bought your body detox book and I love reading it. I have about 20 lbs to lose. I am 51 years old and i’ve lost my energy. There are a lot of things to change in my diet and I hope i will lose the bulge around my stomach that exercise doesn’t seem to take off. I have lots of sugary stuff cravings. Hope I can manage those. Thank you for the book, it is inspirational.

  • Chloe

    Thank you so much for sharing your before and after pictures. I can totally relate to your “before” photos. I had really clear skin my whole life and even managed to have perfect skin all throughout my teens. It wasn’t until I reached college that my skin rebelled. After taking a cocktail of lotions and potions for my face, I realized that the food I was eating had a lot to do with my acne breakouts. I took some inventory, and realized I was eating way too much cheese and delicious dairy products. Slowly, but surely, I started cutting them out of my diet and noticed dramatic improvements. It’s taken me 3 years to become vegan and I’ve recently been experimenting with raw foods as well. Your books are so inspirational and I really love incorporating the recipes you share into my daily life. Eating beauty foods is now my favorite way of eating and I’ve never felt or looked better! Thanks Kimberly! :)

  • Teresa Vivio

    Kimberly, I had pre ordered your new book when I first found out about it back in January, waiting anxiously for it to be available, and I’m so happy it has arrived! Yay! I am unable to purchase two more books to enter the contest, I feel like I’ve won already just with the book! I saw that if you purchase three books you are entered into the contest and get to receive the two bonus packets, is there any way I could purchase them? I would like to receive them if possible, will they be available to the rest of us? Thank you for all you have done! I’m a big fan!
    Teresa Vivio :)

  • Angela Sanko

    Thank you so much for sharing these photos and your story. It inspired and resonated with me, and reminded me of how we are all on a journey, all “works in progress”. One detailed question- in terms of the beauty detox diet, where does corn and corn products e.g. popcorn (fresh popped), and corn tortillas fall?

  • Antonia

    I ordered the book a few weeks ago in The App Store but can’t download. Help

  • Gessica Jean

    Hey Kimberly, How long after you applied the principles did you notice a change? What was the first thing you noticed? Thanks!

  • Brandon Colvin

    Oh, wow! Kim, the difference in your face in those two top pictures is AMAZING!

  • Vera (Vicki) Nelson

    WOW, the pictures are powerful and I sure wish I had this information when I was younger but it is never too late to start healthy living. I too have bad skin and other issues so these books are my lifeline to healthy. You keep thanking all of your customers but it is us who thank you!! As I said in a previous message I live in a very rural area and having your books has really helped me plan my meals, shop properly and live happily. I gave the gift of health (your books) to my friends and they love the books. Our book club is more of a kitchen club where we try out recipes and apply the principles in your book. We are thrilled to be part of the KS Team for healthy living! The Facebook page is an amazing way to get information and helpful hints from you and your fans. Take care and again, THANK YOU!

  • Byron MacDonnell

    Hi Kimberly ,
    I just wanted to say thank you for sending these terrific emails, which are so encouraging and informative. I have told all of my friends about your books, and find you to be truly exceptional in your field. I also appreciate your honesty and integrity as it relates to your personal journey-it is pointing to longevity, happiness, and fitness.
    I saw your book about eight months ago, and knew you were on to something, because you were absolutely radiant, and looked great. I thought, “Man, whatever she is doing, I need to do, because I do not look like that!” It is a process, giving up the wrong foods and unhealthy habits, but the more I practice it, the better I feel and look.
    I wish you every success and happiness as you continue to educate and inform us how to eat better, and live closer to the design of our origional ‘blueprint.’

  • Leigh

    Wow Kimberley. Thankyou so much for showing us those pictures. That is amazing and so inspirational. I am a visual person like yourself and seeing the changes in you really does give me the motivational push I need.
    I sometimes thought you were just one of the lucky ones that were born with gorgeous hair and skin and it wasn’t going to work for me. SO thankyou.

    I have been drinking your GGS for nearly six months now, but need to take on more of the Beauty Detox Foods and rules as this alone is not really making a difference especially with my ongoing bad habits eliminating the good it is suppose to be doing!!

    I have ordered your new book as well and can’t wait to receive this!! I just hope my motivation and will power stay on track!!

    Thankyou again. You are such an inspiration.


  • jen


    Thank you for this honest and revealing post! I got the Beauty Detox Foods over the weekend and am loving it so far. Thank you for all the work that you do! :)

  • M

    Your picture of your self in your 20s is me know- I am in my 40s and struggling so terribly with acne all over my face and neck. I have done everything-with NO success to rid myself of this self -esteem crushing problem. I just purchased your book and am drinking the Green Glowing Smoothie today for the second day and I am hopeful. I have been relatively gluten free and dairy free for a few weeks now, but see I need to be more strict with adherence. The challenge I foresee is that i have a family and while I understand and completely agree with this way of living, I cannot impose this on my already extremely picky kid eaters, nor my husband. It is hard for me to think my kids are having to much acid producing foods and I cannot really change that entirely for them. I am accepting that I have to focus on my health first so I can give back to all of them. I have a NINJA mixer the smoothies do not seem as smooth as I would hope- I kind of have to chew a little. Does the Vitamixer really make it smooth before I invest? BC that is a big investment. Thanks and please wish me luck…feeling so desperate and frustrated at this point to have clear skin and feel GOOD!

    • amy

      Yes. A powerful blender will make it smooth. I have a Blendtec which is slightly shorter and a bit less expensive than the Vitamix. The VM does come with a stick, but I have found that loading the blender is the key to successful blending. The Blendtec also fits underneath my kitchen cabinets which is important for me.
      There are youtube blogs that compare the two……they are both awesome!

  • Dina A.

    Thank you for sharing your history and background. You have come along way and you are an inspiration too so many. I just got your new cookbook and can’t wait to make the recipes. It reached the top if the best seller list quickly. You are very deserving of it. You worked hard and are a shining, beautiful and glowing example if what can be achieved with the desire, passion and belief in what you do. Thank you so very much!

  • http://gmail Lynn

    Wow! Kim, I so admire you!! Not only are you awesome for sharing your knowledge and gift to help people change their eating habits, but now the ultimate share! You share your true to life pictures of yourself. But, above that, you admitted to eating all of the foods I so love and wonder if I can ever fully give them up. I am still reading and adjusting to some little changes so I feel like if I take it slow, I can do anything with you.

  • Rachael

    You are clearly the same BEAUTIFUL person in the before as the after. :)

    Thank you for being so open and sharing these, that is so generous of you!

  • Arti

    Is green smothie good for someone with hypothyroid as kale and other greens in raw I heard are not good for hypothyroid.

    • Mary

      Ok! but you have so many green you can eat… just try other ones! 😉

  • Sulay

    Thank you so much for sharing. I admire you so much. I hope that one day I too can post before and after pictures proudly;). Thank you fr all that you teach us and for your immense generosity.

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you for showing your before and after photo, what a transformation WOW. It only makes me want to stick to all the rules so maybe one day my hair and my skin will be glowing like yours.

  • Nicki Traikos

    Such an inspiring post Kimberly! Thank you for sharing your story. I can relate on so many levels. I’ve adjusted my diet numerous times, and still can’t seem to shake the extra pounds, acne (even at 41), and such. I am inspired to purchase a copy of your book as I have been introduced to your Glowing Smoothie and now want to experience the whole program! Congratulations on your success and the inspiration that you exude!
    xx Nicki

  • Layla

    I was your “before” picture 4 months ago when I was still trying to fix my diet without giving up anything I “liked” or it would be “weird” for ME to say no to.

    Fast-forward to now: the other night, I forgot to put my acne stuff on my face. I put it on the next morning. I didn’t get a pimple.


    Hi Kimberly, I have read the extracts from your book, and may I say ive become very interested in it..
    I have Lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, bowel disease, and some mental health problems, and I’m pre diabetic.
    I am going too start off with the green smoothie, and slowly wean myself of diary etc along the way..
    I take up to 15 tablets a day, and my energy levels are at a zero for this moment, so im really keeping my fingers crossed for improvement.
    Thank you for sharing, do you mind if I take a before shot and send it too you, and then another at 4 weeks.
    Will be in touch, take care jaine xoxoxo ♥

  • Iryna

    I have just bought your 2nd book, and I also have the first one. I was kinda skeptical at the beginning, but after drinking GGS for just a week, my skin, especially the face, changed 180 degrees! From acne, dark spots and flakiness into clean and moisturized and healthy-looking skin.
    Geez! I love myself now! And I will continue following your beauty detox lifestyle! Thank you!

  • Helen

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for sharing your story and before & after pictures that are really so inspiring. You’re the perfect example of why changing your diet and lifestyle can do so much for someone with acne. It’s really not just about slathering acne treatments on the outside, it starts with taking care of it from the inside. You’re truly inspirational! :)

  • neelam

    hi kim
    your blogs are very informative. Thankyou

  • http://wambuimacharia wambui macharia

    Kimberly, Thanks to you I have been taking the GGS every morning for almost for 4 months now. And have been eating clean as well gluten free no meats except fish. I have had problems with acne for about 6 years now. I now see a difference after taking the GGS, but once in a while I do get breakouts here and there is that normal? What I’m I really doing wrong?

    • mylilblue

      Did you drink walt water and lemon water together in morning before you eating anything? You should drink 1 litres salt+lemons water (half of a lemons only) for every morning during detox time.
      Eat less carb in lunch & some meat (chicken) or fish + veg. No carb at dinner! ont eat anything after 7-8PM, whenever you feel hungry, dont worry just drink a fruits+veg water, dont diet your juicy fruits veg water mix, its not good. With alots Vitamin & minerals in veg/fruits will relive your skin, also sugar in fruits will keep you healthy when you in diet/detox. Cause Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar can be a dangerous condition.
      My diet (examples for my weekend, not everyday)
      8AM : hot water (salt+lemons), seriously you should near the toilet LOL in 20 mins later!!! Its clear you tummy, eww :)
      8.30AM : 400ml pure water
      9AM : breakfast (today i have eggs+salad)
      9.30AM : 200ml pure water
      10AM : 200ml pure water
      10.30AM: 300ml fruits+veg water mix
      11AM : 200ml pure water
      11.30AM: lunch (2 pieces of chicken+veg)
      12midday:200ml pure water
      1PM : 300ml fruits+veg water
      2PM : 300ml pure water
      3PM : 20 seed (cashew nuts)
      4PM : 400ml pure water
      5PM : 300ml fruits+veg water
      6PM : 400ml pure water
      7PM : dinner (a smal piece of fish+veg)
      8PM : 400ml pure water
      9PM : 300ml fruits+veg water
      10PM : 400ml pure water
      11PM : 400ml pure water -> 3,5litres water/day. Not bad at all.

      Remember drink aleast 3-4litres pure water per day.
      In early morning, drink 1 litre of salt and lemon with hot water (about 34 fl oz) to clear the intestinal/stomach. This helps to clear mucus from the system and revs up the digestive system.
      After finish of detox, the next day always eat something soft & smooth like rice/oatmeal soup with somes pieces of ginger, its treat good for your the stomach/mucosa. Then next day, you can eating normal. I hope its help, goodluck!