Announcing the Contest Winners!


Dear Friends,

I’m thrilled to announce the winners of our Beauty Detox Foods Prize Giveaway!

I really appreciate all of your support and I hope the Beauty Detox Foods principles and recipes will inspire you to make changes that will help you achieve all of your health and beauty goals!

Again, here are all of our amazing prizes:

3 20-minute phone Q&A sessions with me

5 Vitamix 5200 Blenders

11 Sequence Stillmotion Yoga Mats

21 Vapour Beauty Makeup Packs

1 Glow Bio 3-Day Cleanse


And now… here are the lucky winners!!! (An email was sent to you if you are a winner, please check your email and see the note at the bottom of the page about responding to collect your prize).

Phone Q & A Sessions with Me:

Colleen N., Florida

Marilyn P., New York

Emma B., Hawaii

Vitamix Blenders:

Ashley M., Florida

Bailey C., New Jersey

Karen A., California

Melina B., California

Suzanne H., Virginia

Sequence Yoga Mats:

Kayla P., Indiana

Erica S., New York

Mary M., Alabama

Silvia I., California

Margaret K., Illinois

Donna M., New York

Jodi K., Rhode Island

Megan M., Illinois

Brian B., Arizona

Leslie C., Illinois

Sarah A., California

Vapour Makeup Packs:

Carmen M., Louisiana

Jossy F., California

Theresa N., Louisiana

Heather F., California

Christina D., New York

Brian J., Washington

Amber N., Washington

Elizabeth G., Nevada

Alexandra B., Texas

Ursula D., New York

Heidi M., Oregon

Kristin H., North Carolina

Erica N., California

Kasey M.,  Washington

Jan, South Carolina

Nickiey M., Texas

Danica B., Michigan

Ingrid A., New York

Kalen S., New York

Julia P., New Jersey

Jill M., Ohio

Glow Bio 3-Day Set Cleanse:

Tomi J., Minnesota

All winners will be sent an email; to claim your prize, please respond to that email with your name and the address that you would like your prize delivered to. Please make sure it is a residence as we are unable to deliver to P.O boxes or business addresses.

All winners must reply to the email by April 9th at 11:59pm EST. Failure to reply by the specified date will result in disqualification and another participant will be selected.

Congrats again to all the winners, and thank you all so much for the support for this exciting book launch! We have lots of exciting things coming up, and more contests, prizes and of course lots of new information.

With love,





Last updated: Thursday, January 29, 2015
  • kasey enneking

    I see there is a Kasey M. In Wa that won. My name is rare in wa, so I just wanted to make sure it isn’t me that won! :) Thank you! :)

  • Jenna H

    Congrats to the winners!

    Super jealous and excited for you!

  • Jo-Anne

    I am in Canada, and I bought your first book- GGS EVERY morning!!
    So many things clearing- skin, itchy scalp, weight loss-
    Wish I could enter some contests as well! But congrats to the winners!!
    Love this life and thank you for the knowledge- it has become so important to me!

  • Susan Sackrison

    My question for you Miss Kimberly is why is it important not to mix melons with other fruits?
    Do you recommend. That?

  • Barbette Holliday

    Congratualations to all of the winners. I come from a place where eating is everything. We celebrate births, love, and the passing of life with food. This becomes a blessing and a curse as we often eat foods that are most harmfult to our health; therefore I was thrilled to hear about your book “The Beauty Detox.” I immediately order it from Amazon and it’s been my daily sustenance. Conversely I have recommended your book to family and friends.

    Thank you for writing such a fantastic instructional guide to eating well.

    New Orleans

  • becky

    Oh darn! :) ConGrats to all that won !! I did order a book , but may need some guidance along the way!
    I am so excited to get my book and start detoxing and be beautiful by summer! Thank you so much!

  • cindy holiday

    Well I won’t lie I am a little disappointed that I am not a winner of the prizes.but CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS!!! I really am happy for everyone:-)
    Maybe my turn will be in one of the next giveaways and I will finally get my Vitamix!!!!! I am still a winner in my book from all that I have gained by being a part of this amazing community. Thank you so much to you Kimberly & to your entire staff, you are all wonderful. I look forward to what is still to come!!!
    Sincerely, Cindy

  • Shawnie

    Who won the Vita-mix for liking and sharing the link to the webinar? Perhaps a certain shameless someone with her fingers still crossed in Georgia? LOL, Just curious!

  • Zawata Medina

    Just in case one of the winners of the Vitamix doesn’t respond. PLEASE send one to me! 😉
    Why didn’t anyone in GA win?

  • http://KimberlySnyder Marie Cooney

    Why has no one from England won ? Like me ? X

  • Marilyn Pimienta


    I replied to the email I received about the contest winners but have not heard back. I just want to make sure I am the winning Marilyn from New York in case there is another. I hope I am the lucky one!

  • Mary

    ok! Didn’t I win because Singapore is too far???? So sad :-( !!! I boutght 3 books! The book is amazing, beautiful pics and you are the perfect model, Kimberly! Thank you for sharing your acknowledgment and for facing all the industry of food that makes us sick! So much changes (for better) in my body since I read your first book! I`m spreading your words! Cheers!

  • Ashley-Marie

    Hi, I submitted an entry, but I still haven’t received the bonus recipes and beauty detox U info yet. Was it already sent by email??