Rainbow Stuffed Peppers Recipe


(Makes 6 servings)

Stuffed peppers are a great thing to make for dinner, and leftovers work great for lunch. I make these for my clients all the time, and I always make extras for my fiance and I.

Typical stuffed peppers involve cheese and often white rice, but with the tasty seasonings and quinoa, you won’t miss those other ingredients. I used to use coconut oil to cook the veggies, but now as with most all dishes I cook, I omit the oil and saute in vegetable broth instead. I don’t even notice the difference in taste. Enjoy, and don’t forget to make extras!

Rainbow Stuffed Peppers Recipe
Makes 6 serving
  • 6 red, yellow, orange or green peppers, or a combination, seeded and hollowed out
  • ¼ cup vegetable broth
  • 6 cloves of garlic
  • 1 red onion, cut into small pieces
  • 2 cups of broccoli florets, cut into small pieces
  • 4 cups of kale, chopped finely
  • 2 medium carrots, diced
  • 1 cup basil, chopped finely
  • High quality sea salt, to taste
  • ¾ tsp. black pepper
  • 1 tsp. oregano
  • 2 Tbs. low-sodium tamari
  • ¾ cup dried quinoa
  1. Pre-prep: Be sure to soak the quinoa overnight in water and rinse well before using.
  2. Make an incision at the rounded top of each pepper, about 1 – 1 ½ inches from the stem.
  3. Cut all around the stem in an even circle, then pull out the stem and the seeds.
  4. Discard stem, and save the rest of the pepper top to chop and add to the filling
  5. If necessary, clean out any remaining seeds from inside the pepper and discard.
  6. In a saucepan place 2 cups of water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and add the quinoa to the hot water, and simmer until the water is absorbed and the grains become translucent soft (about 10-15 minutes). Pour through a strainer and set to the side in a bowl.
  7. Saute garlic in vegetable broth over medium heat, until gently cooked, then add onions, and stir until the onions become translucent. Add the broccoli, carrot, chopped pepper tops (from preparing the peppers) and basil and cook gently for a few minutes. Add the sea salt and other seasonings to the veggie mixture and stir it up!
  8. Add the cooked quinoa and mix everything together well.
  9. Adjust seasonings to your taste. The mixture should taste slightly saltier than your taste, as the seasoning will be less concentrated when we stuff the plain bell peppers.
  10. Once you are satisfied with your filling, spoon into each pepper, right up to the top.
  11. Place peppers tightly next to each other in a glass dish so they remain upright.
  12. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.
  13. Garnish with fresh basil just before serving!



Last updated: Thursday, January 29, 2015
  • JBuzzon

    I made these stuf
    fed peppers after reading “Beauty Detox”. The recipe in the book calls for coconut oil but i’ll try with veggie broth next time. This recipe is delicious and I didn’t miss the cheese or meat. It’s really satisfying! I’ll keep this recipe for sure!

  • http://januarybaby21.blogspot.com/ Dana

    The directions show onions but the recipe part doesn’t. How much onion is used?

  • Lucy Rego

    Sounds good, I just to make it

  • Carole Davis

    Have you ever tried Black rice in this recipe?? Also I have cooked the black rice in 50% coconut water and 50% filtered water for a change.

  • LouAnn Young

    Yes, I made the rainbow bell ppers and we loved them. I prefer them with bit less quinoa. I also love the filling just in a dish without being in the pepper. YUMMY!!!! Even my grand-girls liked them, and hat is quite an accomplishment. LouAnn Young

  • Maria

    This sounds delicious and I love sneaking kale into dishes. Does the kale go into the sauté with the broccoli and carrot?

  • Lisa

    I made this recipe tonight!!! Delicious. I added lots of nutritional yeast, which made it
    Taste cheesy!
    Yum, thank you. I LOVE your new book.

  • Minna

    Do you recommend digestive enzymes for all ages? I’m only seventeen and not sure should I start taking them or is the p&e salad enough.

  • barbara

    Great Recipe. What is tamari
    and where can I find it? Or what to use instead?

    • Gessica Jean

      Hi Barbara,

      Tamari has the same flavor and profile as soy sauce but traditionally made without wheat which makes it gluten free. You can find it in any grocery store or in the organic section of your local grocery store or a health food store.

  • Sara

    This was my favorite recipe from your previous book! I would make a whole bunch and then freeze some so I had a healthy, nutritious meal on those busy, on-the-go days!

  • Val Demirchian

    Bravo Kimberly! Your book is so well put together and just in time for me and my family. I am spreading the word about it to all my friends and coworkers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Ingrid

    These are very nice. I have made the oil-version from the first book quite a few times, but might try the oil-free version next time.

  • Gina

    I love the peppers but the prep time took me forever to chop everything.

  • Veda

    I don’t see in the list of ingredients where you list onions.

  • crispincrispin

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  • Lynn

    How much onion? The ingredients done list onions, but you mention them in the instructions. Also, the instructions don’t mention the kale. Should that be sautéed along with the broccoli?

  • Pat

    I’m guessing the kale is added while cooking the other stuffing veggies?

  • Adriane

    I made this for myself last week and I really liked it. I swapped the pepper though for a tomato since I don’t like peppers. I’ll def make them again.

  • jen

    holy moly, these are good! Made them during my weekly prep-a-thon and kept in the fridge for two days before baking. Served them with the chickpea-less hummus from your book and veggie sticks. My husband liked a little of the hummus on the peppers.

  • Robin

    You didnt mention when and how to cook the Kale..

  • Paul

    I tried the pepper recipe last weekend and found that the peppers were too hard for my taste right out of the oven. I only made enough for two peppers and found that one pepper was more than enough for a meal. I had very large peppers. The second day was another story. The peppers tasted sooooooo much better after leaving them in the fridge for 24 hrs. Moreover, to reheat the leftover pepper I steamed it. The result was a softer texture which is more pleasing to my taste. The dish really came alive the second day. The next time, I’ll make it a day ahead. This recipe is a definite keeper. Thanks Kimberly.

  • rebecca

    You mention onion in the recipe but don’t have it listed in the ingredients???

  • Russell

    Just wanted to let you know that onions are not listed in the ingredients, yet the recipe asks you to cook some. So the first time I made the peppers I did it without onions because my shopping was all done when I got home! Still delish.

    • http://Kimberlysnyder.net Cheryl

      In the ingredients it says 1 red onion, right after the 6 cloves of garlic!

  • Lisa

    How much of an onion and do we cook the kale too?

  • Sammy

    I was just wondering if someone could help me convert the cups to grams (I’m in the UK) and how would I divide the recipe so that it’s just for two people?

    Thanks a lot!