I Want to Hear Your Beauty Detox Story!


Hey Guys,

It makes me SO happy when you write or leave comments here about the changes you’ve noticed since you started the Beauty Detox lifestyle!! You have no idea. When you experience improved digestion, more energy, and a boosted immune system, but you can also see changes on the outside. Your skin will start glowing and become smoother, your eyes will brighten, excess weight will start falling off and stay off, your nails will get stronger, and your hair will become more strong and shiny. You feel—and look—better than you have in years. These are results that are available to ALL. They are the birthright of each and every one of us because our bodies have incredible regenerative capabilities and potential.

Well…now I want to feature you here so we can all cheer you along and get inspired together as a community! Each month, I’ll choose a new reader whose story I’ll share here along with before and after photos. I want to hear all about how you’ve changed your life, started feeling more beautiful, and how you’ve incorporated the Beauty Detox tips into your busy lifestyle- to show others how it can definitely be done even with work, school, family, and other obligations!

Indulge us in all the details about the changes you’ve made and the effects they’ve had on your life so far. Your personal journey of transformation can motivate and inspire others to change their lifestyle and become healthier, happier people.

Just send me an email with your story and your before and after photos to transformation@kimberlysnyder.net. I can’t wait to share them! Thanks for being part of our community. I feel so grateful and honored to be part of it, and to personally be part of the group of before and after Beauty Detox success stories.

Much love to you,




Last updated: Thursday, January 29, 2015
  • Neelam

    Hasn’t been good breaking out hair loss and its been going on for last few wks
    I don’t know if its the detox or ggs just not working with me

  • Amparo McDowell

    Hello Kimberly, I am a 56 year old woman, in good shape, and active; I have run marathon’s, 1/2 marathon’s, and hike; nevertheless I am always looking for ways to improve my health, and believe me there is always room for improvement! I bought both of your books, and I read the Beauty Detox Solution in 2 days! I couldn’t put it down, now I have gone back and re-read chapters that were necessary and my book is full of tags for easy find. What I have liked the most of your book, is how sensible is to eating simple, and adopting the light to heavy is brilliant. I don’t think I can become a vegan, some of my foods, I’m not sure if I can give them up all the time, and for sure my wine stays! Incorporating all of the ideas is a bit overwhelming; I think I could benefit from a session or two to put it all together for my specific way of life. Thank you. Amparo

  • Shari Wright

    I feel fantastic! I just started my 7th week of no gluten, dairy, peanuts, corn, soy or refined sugar. Even though I am such a social person I’ve cut my alcohol back as well and have only had wine twice. I am juicing daily and eating more vegetarian. I have lost 10.7 lbs and my skin looks great. My exercise has been strong and my running times have improved. I am creative in my cooking and planning – variety is the spice of life – and I don’t feel like I am missing anything.
    Thanks for your positive attitude, time and expertise!

  • Ohiopharmd

    Hi Kimberley,

    I brought the book and trying to lose weight, are there anymore weight loss recipes you can share? Thanks

  • Kelly

    I have lost 98lbs and counting!!!!

  • http://MilaLA Lisa Taitelman

    Hi Kimberly, I absolutely LOVE your book! I read it daily and it inspires me to eat an even heathier way than I already do now!! I feel energized and my skin and hair look amazing!! I get compliments all the time! I wanted to reach out to you with this new food called Mila I am eating that is the PERFECT addition to your already healthy diet, I do notice that you mention chia seeds a great deal in your book so you know the power of the chia!! :) I would love to get a bag of Mila to you to try out for yourself so you can see the difference Mila has over generic chia. I am happy to meet with you and bring it to you! Go to seed4change.net or my site at lifemax.net/lisataitelman
    I am very inspired by your books and would love to meet you! Please let me know how I can get a bag to you so you can start feeling the benefits that only Mila has, the BEST of the BEST of chia seeds on the market today! All the best, Lisa Taitelman

  • Nicole

    Your book has changed my life in so many ways. I learned by getting rid of the sugars, gluten, and dairy, that I have a very big allergy to dairy and heightened sensitivities to both sugar and gluten. I have since changed not just my diet but my family’s as well. I have four daughters from 9 years to 9 months and I have gotten their allergies and sensitivities figured out. I have been teaching them things about nutrition and cooking that are healthy and made them aware of what some of the side effects are when eating poorly. I love to cook, I love to make my own recipes. People are constantly asking me for recipes and advice when it comes to eating healthy and taking care of their bodies. I have told so many people about your book and how much it can help with so many things. I tell them about how my under eye circles have gotten substantially better, my skin doesn’t break out anymore, my digestive system is functioning correctly which hasn’t happened my entire life. I have had digestive problems, not issues, my whole life. I have had issues with depression and anxiety that once I started changing my diet to fit a healthier lifestyle they went away. I have had so much more energy and seen a complete change in my whole body. I have gotten my whole family hooked on breakfast smoothies that are so healthy and actually delicious. Everything has changed, my husband is now following a different “version” of my diet and has lost 30 lbs and is now able to go running with me at night. I will always tell people about your book, and I will always follow the beauty detox to my best ability. I have changed lives including my own because of you, and I know that I will keep on doing that til the day I die. Thank you so much for creating this book and so much for everything you are still doing. Please don’t ever stop, and please keep giving words of advice and bits of knowledge through. I look forward to hearing what’s coming next.

  • Sandy Dennis

    I was already vegan for 2 years so did not have to make that many changes, but I have learned so much. I stopped eating most gluten and notice my stomach is much flatter. I started eating a lot of quinoa and brown rice instead of white rice. Also no wheat pasta anymore. My skin is bright and shiny. I have had a lot of sun exposure in my life and was having tiny bleeding sores on my shoulders and back, but they have gone away. My skin is so much softer. I have tons of energy and have been sleeping better. I have GGS every day and I have cut out most tofu and eat more tempeh and tons of fresh veggies. I love the collard wraps. I have been using them instead of tortillas. My hair seems like it is getting thicker and all my jeans are getting a little lose. I only weigh 115, but I was a little puffy before. I am 57.

  • Liz

    I have so many questions
    I love what you have to say
    It seems to make so much sense
    I have incorporated fruits for breakfast, big salads for lunch
    As well as veggies with a main for dinner
    I haven’t looked at calories in weeks
    My face has lost water weight
    But my body hasn’t really changed
    I feel bloated more now that I am eating healthy grains
    My acne hasn’t improved either
    I know these things take time
    I have also incorporated magnesium oxide/ probiotic
    Any good advise
    I would love to be a success story


    Hi Kimberly!! I have read both of your books, and have been on the Beauty Detox Solution plan since September.
    I’ve always been healthy conscious and have taken good care of what goes into my mouth. I work out every day of the week ( weight lifting and now i am walking).
    I decided to try your way of life because I was having digestion difficulties and energy problems.
    I am very happy as far as my digestion, better energy, and the way I feel in general.
    Since I eat fruit with moderation before, because of the sugar, and now I eat a lot more ( 24 oz GGS + a banana in the morning) , I eat 70% raw vegetables salads and 20-30% cooked vegetables for lunch and dinner. I eat fish 3 times a week and wine on the weekends (2-3 cups in all) very rarely eat desserts. No dairy almost at all.
    I only have one problem, I have a small belly that I had more or less under control before I started the Beauty Detox Solution plan .
    Is there a reason for this? Is it too many carbs even though they are good for you?
    I do not want to leave The Beauty Detox Solution plan, I am happy , and I love fruits, vegetables , and all the foods I ca eat with in the Radiant Beauty in which I have decided to stay; But I am afraid I will grow an ugly bulge if I continue like this. Please help.

    • Lorrie

      Diastasis recti might be the cause.

  • Carollyn Lee Peerman

    Yes, Beauty Detox has helped me. My weight is down. I have big bowel movements that pass easily from my body in the morning.
    My energy is up.
    I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror the other day. I look fresher, younger. I am eating tons of kale and bok choy along with pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, almond butter, Bragg Amino Acids, Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, and Bragg Salad Dressing.
    Thanks for fighting for the health of the American people. I eat cooked sprouted quinoa for breakfast.

  • Diane

    Wow! After 7 weeks my husband has lost 40lbs and I lost 18 pounds just helping him! In the process I felt good, slept better, hot flashes were gone and I liked what I saw in the mirror every morning. Thank you Kimberly!!

    My husband was scheduled for foot surgery and I wanted him to lose some weight. He finally reached his “I can’t take this anymore” moment and agreed to do everything I needed him to do to lose some weight. I read your book, cleaned out my frig and pantry and began on a new food journey. Wow! After 7 days we were convinced. Energy level was up (we didn’t need that afternoon coffee fix). It all makes sense. I have friends calling me to give them a week menu (and other questions, including my 20 something daughters) and I tell them to read the book first. While you are reading the book sample some of the recipes then. When you have done the whole book, go clean out your refrigerator & pantry. Now you are are ready to stock up! Plan your week menu (or at least 3/4 days), go shopping, come home and clean your vegetables. You are aready!! First 5 days might be tough, but, hang in there. After that, you will feel so good and the pounds will start dropping off. If you’re not cheating, the scale doesn’t lie. And, the best part is there is no counting calories, or fat grams, or carbs. It’s all good stuff going in, beautiful stuff on the outside coming out. I have been an advocate of the Atlkins diet, but, not more. I don’t miss the fat, the meat or the processed nutritional bars.

    Eating out is not so difficult. While you are in training and need to go out to a restaurant, check out their menu ahead of time online. Decide what you will order (you never even have to open the menu). It can be done. Like Kimberly say’s, it took her 2 years to kick the cheese habit. Realize that your many years of bad habit/bad diet can’t be changed overnight. It takes time. If you mess up one night, the next day is a new day. You start over!
    Kimberly Snyders is my hero (and my husbands). Good luck to everyone.

  • Karen Morris

    Hi Kimberly, I bought you book online when I was in Thailand and it was a great change in my eating habits as I was having with my digestion (I am a coeliac) so eat gluten free anyway. I loved your book so much when I got back to Australia I bought one for a friend and she loves it also and has already started on the green smoothies. As I am still on holidays and travelling I hopefully will start them when I get home next week. Great book and have been passing on tips to mys sons especially in regards to greens etc for acne.

  • Rachael

    Hi Kimberly!

    I’m doing as much cleansing as I can, getting rid of the sludge in my body. But, I still have breakouts, especially on my chin and on my hairline. My skin has never been like this before :-( and I’m so self conscious! I know you say in the book it’s a hormone issue if the breakout is on the chin. What does that mean? How can I help myself? What foods should I be eating? I use Caudalie, the skin care line, and Cover FX which are safe (I think.) I’m also eating kimchi and having good bowel movements for the most part…. Help! Eeek! (I’m also on birth control which in the past helped so much with acne but now, the acne won’t go away!) :(

  • Roy Jones

    Hi….I have been trying to reach you or someone in your organization regarding getting my Army buddies into many of the approaches to nutrition that you advocate. What I was looking for is some humorous “O.K.” by you and your staff for me to tell my buddies…hundreds of them…that they should think of the title of your book as “The Macho Detox Solution” !!!! :)….this way, they can come to realize that most everything you advocate and advise on is applicable to guys…not just the fairer gender. Right. So, pls. help me here…I don’t need much…just some encouragement from the boss lady….Kimberly…that I am good to go with all these Airborne Ranger types I went to school with and served with in Vietnam, and elsewhere !! Thanks much…Meanwhile today I referred a woman lawyer with whom I used to practice law to your book…she had an aortic aneurism operated on in February and is just getting back to work….I recommended your book and that, not that your nutrition counseling would have prevented the reason for her operation….it will certainly help her going forward in life….she agrees !! And plans to purchase your book…I felt really with it since I have the book on my Nook !!! Best…
    Roy Jones

  • Ashley

    I started the Beauty Detox lifestyle (I prefer to use the word lifestyle as I believe I am adapting to a new healthy life, rather than a diet). I must admit I have been a bit sneaky with my dairy products. I am still having a morning coffee – skinny latte of course, that I just can’t seem to give up. However, everything in moderation! I’ve reduced my intake to one every morning before 10am. Apart from that little hiccup I’ve noticed a huge change in how I feel. I feel more rested and have been getting a better night sleep than what I usually do, I have more energy through out the day and my skin is glowing! Not to mention a flatter stomach 😉 I absolutely love this book and enjoy all the recipes. I can’t wait to see the changes within the next few months, if this is what I am experiencing in the first week! Lots of love xxx

  • Alice roberts

    Dear kimberly

    I have waited a long time to talk to you about your book! But first you need to have some background information ! When I was 25
    My body grew its very own shwanoma tumor which grew to nearly 5 pounds on my lung in a nice neat sac! Unfortunately , I became very ill and lost lots of weight and my hair changed , and my teeth were braking off and was so weak that I couldn’t run without my legs collapsing right out from underneath me ! So they broke thru rib cage and took muscle bone out so they could remove the whole tumor! As a result of the stress on
    My body my hair turned grey prematurely then silver and my gums and teeth were in terrible shape ! Then 7 years later I was diagnosed with breast cancer so once again found myself in major surgery, not at all sure of the prognosis ! I immersed my self in alternative medicine and worked along side Dr. Tiedelbaum while he wrote his books and helped me feel better but my teeth , gums and hair never recovered so I just excepted the changes and kept on moving thru life ! A dear friend Betty Boop , told me about your book so I ordered from Amazon! I started reading it and loved it ! It is sweet , and chalk full of information! I can’t really explain It but I felt beautiful after reading your book ! I started with the green smoothie drink and enjoyed it . It gave me energy , and it boosted my metabolism ! It was a no brainer to keep this smoothie in my every day menu ! Well , it was so gradual but my god to my overwhelming excitement my hair started to reverse the color ! The crown of my hair was completely white not a black hair to be found in my part until after drinking yr smoothie ! It had awaken my youthful genetic beauty that was robbed from me! Then I started noticing something changing in my mouth , behold my teeth were brighter and stronger ! Not to mention my skin has never looked better! Thank you so much for your passion ! Your words all organized in that wonderful book of beautiful hope has changed my life ! Sincerely alice

  • Pam

    I have been drinking the glowing green smoothie for one month yesterday.
    The only day I skip is Sunday’s.
    I have had 10 or more people comment on how great my skin looks and I have now convinced more than 10 people to drink the smoothie as well. Love! Love !

  • debbie

    hi kimberly just like to let you know that i follow your eating habits 80% of the time and as i have multiple sclerosis i have really noticed an energy that i have never had before and my nanny naps are getting fewer and fewer and other habits are more regular so i would like to say a big thank you and keep up the good work i recommend you to everyone i am in australia so i follow you close on facebook and receive all your emails thanks again debbie

  • Linda Santangelo

    The smoothie has given me ore energy and my skin tone look and eyes look brighter. I just started this, and will let you know further, how I am doing.


  • Sheila

    in all honesty I think you look great in photo one..you look strong,earthy, super fit and smiling….whats not to like. You even have a bottle of water in hand!

  • Lucia Rego

    Hi Kemberly,

    I don’t have a very good blender so my smoothies are no that great. I have made some saladas and those are good.

  • Mary Winchell

    I have reversed stage IV breast cancer (final stage before death). The cancer was in my left breast, lymph nodes and spine. In my heart I knew the stress I experienced in the last 10 years of my life put me there as I was already eating what I thought was healthy. But after learning the truth about food and chemicals in our clothes, water and food, I found out I was not eating all that healthy. I followed the the Hippocrates Life Change Plan and saw results in 2 months. It has been a year now with no chemo, radiation or operation, all of which they were planning to do to me. I admit it took courage, faith, forgiveness and love, but most of all faith in God and His laws and provisions to open the doors and get me through this !!!!! I went from pale, dark circles under my eyes, dull hair, skin and bone, to vibrant – full of life and getting there energy!!!!! My last blood tests were that of a health person .. I am a raw vegan with no sugar, not even natural as in fruit or vegetables that contain sugars like carrots and beets. But those will be added to my diet at the end of my 2 years. I look forward to adding a little more to my diet. Advice to others is to eat right, live healthy, and take good care of yourself so you can give to others from a full cup..They will receive more as well..

  • Lisa

    Hi! I bought your book two weeks ago – The beauty detox foods. I read the book and have now started implementing the menu into my daily routine. I am enjoying trying all the different foods and love all the fresh produce. I still however eat a small amount of protein in the evening. I have two children 9 and 6 so I am busy making their meals as well as my own. I feel better and my stomach is flatter even after two weeks. I do find it difficult when I am out and we are dining somewhere. There aren’t many options at times. Also if I am in a hurry and I need to eat I am finding that it takes a while to make the dish. Otherwise I am enjoying it and looking forward to the next phase in the book.

  • Amy Lesher

    After treasuring many of your blog posts and finally reading your first book, I attempted adding the Glowing Green Smoothie into my daily food regime. All I can say is that I LOVE it! I’m addicted…and I actually “crave” it! It really is delicious. I’ve been having one for lunch daily, lemon water and a probiotic pill first thing in the morning, along with a Magnesium pill at bedtime. I have lost 1 pound per week so far, and there has been a noticeable difference in my digestion/elimination. I definitely favor making this smoothie in a blender versus a juicer due to the easy clean-up! Thank you Kimberly for your sound advice and inspiration. I also have to add that I enjoy the crazy look I get from others when they glance at my “green” shake – if they only knew the benefits, they’d be right with me! I have found some awesome plastic straws at Bed Bath & Beyond that are perfect for the smoothie. The straws came in a 6-pack and are long, bendable, coiled, and clear in color for easy rinsing.

  • Margaret

    Hi Kim,

    Does the your green smoothie replace my morning breakfast ? Maybe I should ask you if you drink it as your breakfast .


  • Mary Tucker

    I live in Australia. My daughter Anna alerted me to your blog as she was impressed with your wonderful healthy glow. We both aspire to have a glow from within. Anna has achieved it as she is totally dedicated
    To her health. She suffers Endometriosis. We try to have all organic produce with all the super foods.
    Exercise is also a part of our life.
    I am taking a little longer to achieve the glow due to my age and the adjustment to total health is a little harder in your early 60s.
    I have your first book and have ordered your latest.
    Thankyou for your positive information via your blog.

    Kindest regards


  • M


    I just want to say that I do feel a difference while eating the beauty detox way. My skin is plump and moisturized without putting any cream on it whereas it used to be dry like rough carbon paper. Plus I do seem to have clearer skin tone and I have lost weight.

    The problem is that, although I dont mind eating all the good stuff, glowing green smoothies, nuts, nut milk, big salads etc… I do find it a bit boring to eat just that everyday. From light to heavy. I really like taking care of myself and eating in a way that is good for me, but I dont think I can handle eating like that all the time. It just gets boring and I miss the good tasting foods: bagels, crepes, French baguettes with organic raw butter, toasts,organic waffles, organic pizzas. I used to eat all that plus fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, but in a non beauty detox food combining way and I wasnt fat at all, didn’t have any pimples and was “happier” in a way since I didnt restrain myself from eating stuff I wanted to eat.

    I wouldn’t eat when I was not hungry, and would not eat too much. Just enough good, tasting foods and organic foods that made me feel happy to have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    I do stress on the fact that the beauty detox soution does seem to give me moisturized facial skin, and makes me lose weight, but I feel it makes me too skinny and dont like avoiding eating certain foods with others. Then I dont have a lot of options for my meals and I feel guilty if ever I eat not properly combined foods.
    I just like having organic fresh eggs with organic bread toasts, or organic pizzas (once a week), or organic brown rice and organic poultry, organic poptatoes with chicken. This doesn’t make me fat at all and I feel happy once I have eaten those tasty meals and I dont obsess over my food.

    I do hear that it might not be the best choices for “detox beauty” since the digestive process is more complicated which accelerates aging, but eating the beauty detox way all day long, every day, every week, all year long is just sad to me as I cant enjoy food anymore.

    I am totally motivated to having the green smoothies, the large salads, the nut milks, the nuts, the seeds, eveyr day throughout the day etc… but I also want to eat what I want to eat and that tastes good to me, (not junk food but organic foods that I mentionned above) without obsessing over food.

    This is my opinion as to the beauty detox solution.

  • http://www.shopmysongs.com Lynn

    I have a “Get Healthy 2013” group of women and one guy that I start to email on Friday’s with how our week was with healthy eating, exercise and nutrition tips and recipes. Three of the women were smoothie makers and started me on the kick. One suggested your book and I read it and was hooked. I went through a period of constipation that was really bad but things have settles down. (I’m confused with that since I’m eating more fiber) I have lost 20 lbs with making two smoothies a day and eating lean protein with lots of veggies for dinner. For snacks I have different fruits, nuts or seeds. I cut out dairy and I was already gluten free cuz of my husband’s celiac. I feel really good and am so thankful my “Get Healthy” friends turned me on to this. I read a lot of nutrition books but this plan is something I can stick with. I never thought in a milion years that I would like to drink smoothies rather than eating food but I’m a believer now. This plan just makes sense. I bought a Ninja which was is on back order so I bought a Nutribullet to hold me over and I love the NB. Lynn

    • http://www.shopmysongs.com Lynn Leonti

      I am still eating healthy Kimberly’s way. I am down now 25 pounds and have to start eating more or I will keep losing weight. WOW – That never happened before. My constipation is all gone and I feel really good. I have small binges but if I continue to drink my two smoothies a day when I have these binges, it’s easing to get back on track. I can finally fit into all my clothes that were hidden in my closet. Looking forward to Myrtle Beach and St. Thomas in August. I bought a light weight blender for travel so I plan on making the smoothies. We have a refrigerator in both vacation spots so I can eat healthy while on vacation. I just had a get away weekend and made sure the hotel room had a refrigerator. I brought all my ingredients for smoothies with fruit and cut up veggies and it worked out great. It was a place where a lot of drinking goes on so I drank vodka with soda water withy a slice of fruit, Kimberly’s suggestion for alcohol. After the weekend I didn’t feel bloated, gassy or have any stomach issues like I usually do. Going to the same place for July 4th and hopefully no stomach issues. Thanks Kimberly.

  • Lori Duval

    I bought your book and just started to embrace your recipes and knowledge. I have started to make the green smoothies. I have been drinking them for about 3 weeks. The results I feel are amazing. My hair is shinier! My nails have gotten stronger! My skin just glows and my energy level has been so positive! I teach 1st grade and I got 3 teachers to start drinking green smoothies and they too have had positive results!!!! Now I need to get them to start changing over to organic foods!!!! I have shared your book with friends but can’t wait to get it back for more studying!!!

  • Zena

    Kim, here is how this lifestyle has helped me:
    -I’m not as bloated, my body is actually “happy” to digest the food I now consume ;D
    -My skin is clear but it also has a glow, it’s not flat or dull, actually looks healthy!
    -My nails are growing like crazy without ridges or white spots
    -I have abundant energy, even if I’m short on sleep here and there
    -I’m actually more emotionally stable
    -I’m way more hydrated and not needing to use lotion as often (back to skin again, ha)

    I know this sounds a little weird, but I also just feel plain cleaner. I feel like I’m not all clogged up with garbage all the time. I think it’s because like Kimberly explains in her book, my body is healing itself more efficiently now and before I think I just had inflammation all over the place like my skin and my knees. I love eating this way, ESPECIALLY with regular colon hydro-therapies! It’s amazing and so refreshing. Now if I could just get my boyfriend on board….

  • Abby

    Just wanted to say, Thank-you so much! I started by making your Glowing Green Smoothie, and just keep adding more recipies to my diet. I drink the smoothie every morning. I feel so much more energized when I eat like you teach in your book. Thank-you!

  • http://www.leeanneonlife.blogspot.com Lee Anne

    Hello Kimberly
    Thanks for the inspiring health and beauty tips!!!
    I recently started eating healthier about a month and a half ago. I have a lot of different health issues such as Fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, bad reflux, arthritis and severe problems with candida. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and doctors were not helping me and I had sensitivities to a lot of drugs and different things and so I took it upon myself to find out if there was anything I could do naturally to help improve my symptoms. I started reading up on nutrition and found that people who eat raw seemed really healthy so I decided to give it a go. When I do something I usually go all out and so I did not transition into it, I just went cold turkey and went off of everything except raw veggies and fruits, nut and seeds. Now I wouldn’t recommend that to everyone but I wasn’t working and I am very used to feeling ill. I knew it wasn’t going to kill me. lol I had a few days that I felt like I was going to die! lol but I didn’t mind because I knew I was only detoxing from refined sugar, dairy products, wheat and all the other lovely garbage I was eating. By day 3 my skin was starting to look different, better and I had lost a few pounds. By day 5 I was amazed at the clarity of my skin, the color was different, my skin tone was even and clear, no red blotchiness and a lot smoother. My eyes were amazing!! I couldn’t believe the difference, they were so clear and bright!! My eyes are very blue but they were even bluer and a lighter color blue than before. I couldn’t stop looking at them and marveling over the change! By day 5 I had lost about 9 pounds, but the best part was that most of my Fibromyalgia symptoms had disappeared!!!! Reflux was better and got better as the days went by. I kept losing weight slowly and getting highs of “I feel good!!!!!!” I wish I could end the story here BUT all the fruit I was eating soon caused my interstitial cystitis (which is a painful bladder disease), to flare up badly and it put me to bed again. I got a bit discouraged but I decided to search on google to see if I could find anything about what not to eat for Interstitial cystitis. All the high acid fruits I had been eating were on the list of foods to avoid for Interstitial cystitis and so I had to stop eating those fruits, which a lot of the fruits unfortunately. Within a few days my Interstitial Cystitis had cleared up and I was feeling better again but I was finding I couldn’t get enough calories with only veggies and nuts and seeds without eating a lot of high fat so I decided to incorporate some cooked foods like grains and oats to make it easier for me to eat and get my calories and balance all the foods for Fibromyalgia and Interstitial Cystitis, candida and reflux. I started doing better this way but I’m still ironing out the kinks.
    I feel like I still don’t have the energy I should have but I believe I’m still eating something that is not agreeing with my body it is just a matter of figuring it out. I am finding it hard to find and buy foods that do not have all the things in it that I shouldn’t eat. I bought honey the other day thinking it was pure honey but when I ate it, it made me sick and I researched honey on the internet and found out that some people add high fructose corn syrup to the honey!!?? And they are allowed to sell it as honey without labeling the corn syrup!!?? I believe that shouldn’t be allowed because I am very sensitive to corn syrup and I ended up feeling ill for 2 or 3 days because of it.

    Anyway this is my story and I hope it can help someone else know that we don’t have to stay sick. Our bodies will tell us when things do not agree with us as I am finding and learning as I go along. I was so “deep” into my sicknesses that I did not realize that the bad foods I was eating were contributing to my illnesses, maybe even causing it until I went off of everything and realized now how more sensitive my body is to the foods that are not good for me and now I know a lot quicker what foods are not good for me because my body will react right away to it. Like I said, I am still ironing out the kinks in my diet and I am hoping after a while I will know better what foods I should or shouldn’t eat for optimal health. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions from anyone who’s had these illnesses and corrected it with food!!! Thanks!!! Lee Anne

  • kimberly conzett

    I was diagnosed with scleroderma 5 yrs ago. Part of that included a bone density test. My score prompted my rheumatologist to categorize me as “osteo pede” with a grim future looking at osteoporosis. I started the Glowing Green Smoothie life, along with other recipes and suggestions from Kimberly Snyder. Now, I have a much better “score” and I think it is thanks to the diet of greens and healthy foods that Kimberly suggests. I also feel much better!

  • yvonne

    While i dont have any before or after pictures, (the camera isnt going to show much of a difference) I just wanted to tell you that for the past four months I have been working on integrating your beauty and health advice into my every day lifestyle. I eat much more vegetables and fruits now and I eat less meat. I also avoid dairy and processed oil as much as possible. Since I have started this food self exploration, my skin has cleared up, my hair has grown shiny smooth, and my nails are practically unbreakable. Before I had dull skin, dry hair, and my nails broke quite often. I have a very hands on job. I want to thank you with all of my heart on teaching me how to eat because I have been doing it wrong for so long. You are an inspiration to me and I look forward to all of your new posts and discoveries. :)

  • Joanna

    I have only just bought the book as I saw a review on the Wellness Warrior website and I am certainly excited to read it and put it into practice. I have been incorporating green smoothies into a daily routine, dragging my husband and kids along for the ride, however I think I am over using the fruit part as its the only way the kids will drink it. But now my skin is breaking out, so will take a step back and just make the Beauty Smoothie that I saw on your facebook page. Hopefully it will clear things up, anyway will keep you posted once i have read your book and started to incorporate the recipes into my daily life.

  • Cindy holiday

    Dear Kimberly, I wanted to share with you how much the BD lifestyle has changed my life in so many ways. I came across your first book over a year ago & I literally could not put it down. I became completely engulfed in it. As I read & read on I realized finally all of the mistakes I was making when it came to my eating habits. I immediately began to incorporate your principles. I became addicted to this lifestyle. I was so tired of trying every diet out there to drop my post baby weight & nothing worked. After reading your book I realized why nothing was working. I was going about it all wrong. I began to cut out gluten, wheat , dairy, sugar, bread, bad oils, & all of the processed foods I had been eating. I started to have the GGS every morning after my cup of hot water w/lemon & took my probiotic every morning first thing. I invested in my health for the first time in my life like never before. It was expensive to get started but to me it was more than worth it. I purchased everything you suggested in your book right from the start. At the time I started I was 187 pounds 5 ft. 1 inch tall & a size 12. Within 6 months I was down 30 pounds my hair was amazingly healthy & stronger than It had ever been, my nails were growing like crazy & my skin had a glow I had never seen before. No more dark circles no puffiness & looked so clear. I was so amazed at the results & my family & friends could not believe the changes in me. So as I continued with this lifestyle the weight continued to just drop off like never before as I completely stuck with this new way of eating. I got your second book & absolutely love the recipes. Before your second book I also did your Glowing Lean System which was awsome. Well now 1year & 4 months later I am down 57 pounds & a size 4!!!! I am 47 years old & I have not been a size 4 since I was in my early 30’s. I am so much happier & more energized I feel like I am 20 again. I cannot thank you enough for your inspiration to invest in ME! I now can keep up with my 6 year old little boy which is the best payoff for me. I am still tring to find a before picture because I really did not take a lot of pictures when I was so heavy because I was so embarrassed. But I know I have at least one. When I find one I fully intend to share my before & after as the transformation is amazing! Thank you again for helping with getting myself back! I enjoy my life now like never before. Thank you just does not seem like it will ever be enough.
    Much love to you, Sincerely Cindy Holiday

  • http://anthony013.livejournal.com/#post-anthony013-721 Chantal

    When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new surveys are added- checkbox and already when a comment is added I get four emails with the exact same comment. Will there be in any manner it is possible to remove me from that service? Thanks!

  • Laura

    Did beauty detox a few months ago and lost ten lbs in two weeks! total lbs lost so far 30lbs. starting the detox from the begining today to jump start the remainder of weight that I need to lose.