Beauty Detox True Beauty Story: Selene Lost 34 lbs and Gained More Energy Than Ever!


I’m thrilled to share Selene’s amazing story as this month’s Beauty Detox True Beauty Transformation story!  Selene, a mother of two from Florida, constantly felt uncomfortable and unhappy for years, but decided to take control of her health and once she found The Beauty Detox Solution.  Fast forward to now, where she has more energy than ever, is 34 pounds lighter, and is glowing all around!

How long have you been following the Beauty Detox philosophy? Was it easy to incorporate it into your lifestyle?

I’ve been doing the Beauty Detox for about a year now. I was so ready to make a positive change in my life and have a healthy digestive track.  I’ve always had issues being backed up and feeling bloated, especially after taking fish oil capsules, yuck! So when I ran into Kimberly Snyder’s book I was super excited to try it out! So glad I did. I thought I had to live with that horrible discomfort for the rest of my life….   Kimberly’s advice was not complicated to follow.  I did require me to make a few changes in my diet. I had to educate myself in eating healthy.  I learned to eat healing foods, or “Real Foods”. I was determined to make a change and followed through with it. It became easier and easier as the weeks went by and I enjoyed all the healthy foods Kimberly recommended. Especially, the green smoothies!

What is your daily regimen? Give us an example of a typical meal plan and exercise routines.

For breakfast: I make a Glowing Green Smoothie. Then I practice yoga for an hour and workout for another hour and a half (lift weights, core strengthening, planks, squats, leg raises and cardio with weight ball.) Drink plenty of water. For lunch: I make a kale salad or collard wrap and drink water. Snack: I make a green juice or if I have a sweet tooth, I make a watermelon slush with organic almond milk… Drink plenty of water! Dinner: I make a large live enzymes salad with quinoa and drink water.

How do you feel after adopting the Beauty Detox lifestyle? What changes have you experienced?

I’m a petite girl, 5 feet 1 inch tall and my weight was 139 pounds before I decided to try the Beauty Detox. I felt horrible because I was really batting two issues: weight and not being regular… Now, I feel great! I’ve lost 34 pounds!! Went from weighing 139 pounds to 105 pounds. My skin is glowing, nails are growing like crazy, hair doesn’t shed, and is super shiny. My energy level is at its highest it has ever been. Most importantly, I have my digestive track functioning properly. I haven’t felt this happy in a very long time.

How has this impacted your outlook on life?

It’s amazing how you can change your overall health by eating clean. It’s really true, you are what you eat!!! This journey has impacted my life in so many positive ways. No regrets!!

What words of encouragement do you have for others in the Beauty Detox Community?

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway (my favorite quote) I read it to myself every time I felt discouraged… Take it day by day, if you fall back into your old bad eating habits, remember tomorrow is always a new day and a good one to start over again… Try to turn your bad habits into good habits it becomes discipline!! With discipline and will power you’re UNSTOPPABLE!! Nothing worth having comes easy, fight for it every damn day!!! Never give up!!!   GO SELENE! We are all here, cheering you on. Thank you for the inspiration. Stay on the path! Much love, Kimberly Want to share YOUR Beauty Detox Transformation?  Help us inspire others by emailing your story to: !

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Last updated: Friday, June 19, 2015
  • Patricia Grace

    I do not know this woman AT ALL — but wow — just want to say — congratulations on making some changes in your life — you look amazing! (And I am sure you feel that way too.)

    Thank you for being such a great inspiration to us all… even people you will never meet!

    • Selene

      thank you so much for your kind words… I’ve never felt as good as I do now. :)

  • Tara

    I think you’re ABSOLUTLEY INCREDIBLE!!!I recently purchased Kimberly’s books and I’m excited to start!!!!I hope I have the strength to stay away from the comfort food!!!!

    Wish me luck


    • Selene

      thank you sweetie.. Kimberly is completely life changing!!!
      Hope you love her books as much as I do. Good luck!!!! 😉

  • Carol Harper

    Selena I am happy for you. I am glad that you took control of your life. Keep up the great work. Enjoy your new found body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Selene

      Thank you so much!! =)

  • http://Facebook Lynne Robinson

    Following your wonderful your books..What is a good probiotic supplement you recommend?

  • sheri

    I am 46 and starting to experience premenopausal rage. I am a mother of three ages 8 ,7,4. I HV had A problem with constipation all my life. I take a Dr Shultz product to help but it gives me horrible heartburn. My hormones are out of control an d so is my temper. what do u suggest

    • shandra grace

      Pick up Kim’s Books, and read her website, try her recipes on her website as well. It will help you heal from the inside out. Also I would try Indium drops, they are amazing for balancing female hormones, you can find them online. :) Hope this helps a little bit, it decided to comment because I noticed Kim doesn’t seem to reply to comments anymore.

    • .

      I take Dr. OHHIRA’S PROBIOTICS every morning and RAINBOW LIGHT ADVANCED ENZYME SYSTEM after or before every cooked meal. Before bed I take MAGNESIUM OXYGEN 07 ( ass needed) They are all non habit forming since they’re all natural. It’s very important to DETOX your body aswell. Most important is Eating as clean as posible…. Following these simple steps will get you constipation free, like myself! :) Never felt so good…. Good luck to you 😉

  • Amy Goodrich

    Great inspirational post! Always great to see such amazing results. When people put their mind to a working diet, there is no reason why it should not work.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Selene

      You’re absolutely right. Thank you. :)

  • Victoria Murray

    Your 82% off link is not working.

  • Charli Smith

    That’s awesome Selene,

    I just had my first enzyme salad (1/2 cup) and it’s not bad at all! I’m excited about this journey. I’m not going all the way meatless and it’s a daily challenge to go meatless for lunch but I know I can do it. One day at a time….It’s soooo super worth it. I’m 4’9 and won’t disclose my weight at this time, lol (just know it’s close to yours…maybe more or less, lol) but I’m so excited about this journey. Many blessings to you love. Congratulations and keep going!!!

    • Selene

      Thank you. Congratulations to you as well!!! I know you can achive you’r goal as well… Good luck to you! 😉

  • http://KimberlySnyder Lisala Agyemang-Duah

    I love t his. You go girl. I shared this article with several co workers, now they want the recipe for the “Green Smoothie”. I am also 5’1″” at 142 pounds and very busty. I am keeping a copy of this article as inspiration for me.

    • Selene

      Thank you. So happy my story is able to inspire you and so many. :)

  • http://KimberlySnyder Donna

    Dear Kim;
    I recently purchased your book The beauty detox solution. It is great to read about all the success stories. However I have a problem with starting the program. I am 51 years old, when I went eariler this year to get Bioidential Hormones, I was diagnosied with PCOS, (Polysystic Ovarian Sysdrome) which makes your body Insulin Resistant. I was then told I needed to go on a Low Carb diet. I hate the thought of Atkins, with all the constant meat and cheese. So I can’t bring myself to go on that diet. I am also in stage 3 Kidney disease, so all that protein is not good for my kidneys. I have been doing research on the carb count of foods, and most of the foods in the Beauty Detox Solution have a high carb count, especially the grains and fruits. It is very difficult for me to loose weight, due to the Insulin resistance. Of course I am over weight, 75 pounds to be exact can you please HELP ME! I am at a cross road and am very confused as to which path I should take. Please could you see it in your heart to help me and let me know what is the best course of action I should take to improve my health of my.

    Thanks for all that you do!


  • Anne

    Hi Selene CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you, you are an inspiration. Did you do Insanity, P90X or some other work out? I’m sure we’d love to know how many reps of each you do ie. squats, sit ups, etc… Thank you for motivating us!

    • Selene

      thank you so much…. I don’t do INSANITY OT P90X….
      I practice yoga, squats 150, planks 3:00, leg raises 100, calf raises 100, crunches 130, bicep curls 100 and go running twice a week for two hours. The only day I don’t do anything excep yoga is Sundays. Even if you don’t have the time to exercise much just by eating clean and incorporating kale, chia and flax seeds among many other super foods to your diet you’ll be surprised how defined and tone you will notice your body getting. :)

      • Nikki

        Hi Selene,
        Congrats! You look awesome! I at 136lbs and trying so hard to lose 10 lbs, I do eat a clean diet but not the diet kimberly suggest. I don’t eat meat, I need your advice and what’s your routine like during the day. Do you take any supplements as well? Do you take the magnesium 07? Thanks for your help.

  • Monica

    Hi Selene,

    just want to congratulate you on your success! your story is very inspirational , I have been struggling with weight loss for years, reading your story has inspired me. can you give me anymore tips….what sorts of foods do you eat for breakfast?

    • Selene

      thank you so much…… I have my Glowing Green Smoothie ,fruits, organic oats. There’s so many delicious healthy options for breakfast…. I recomend you invest in Kimberly’s books. They’re wonderful!! She has so many recipes and explains thimportance ot food combinding. :)

      • Selene

        Sorry, I meant The importance to combine foods properly.*

  • Cynthia Jones

    I am confused on how to make the collard wraps, the photo on page 279 in the beauty body detox foods looks like it has red and yellow peppers in it, but the ingredients are the walnut, cumin, coriander, chili powder, cayenne pepper, tamari and the collards. Please help . Thank you.

  • Danielle Stein

    Hi Selene! Congrats on your amazing transformation!!! I would love to know where you submitted this picture? I want to submit one too! Thanks xoxo :)