Take A Peek Inside My Freezer (video!)

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Take a peek into my freezer today as I show you things I always have on hand, and how I like to use them.

As someone who is always on the go, I’m big on finding quick, no fuss ways to ensure I have something nutritious to eat at all times. The freezer is perfect for doing just that.  Great for keeping Beauty Foods on hand when you’re really hungry but pressed for time!

Check out the video below:



Last updated: Thursday, August 6, 2015
  • http://www.shopmysongs.com Lynn Leonti

    Just a little added comment on keeping things in your freezer. When I see berries, bananas and other fruits on sale, buy one get one free, I but lots of them, wash them and keep in the freezer. When my bananas are getting old, I peal them and cut into pieces for smoothies. I always have frozen fruit so I use that instead of adding ice cubes. That way I use the frozen fruits with veggies and the smoothie is thick and oh so yummy.

  • Faith

    How long can you keep a GGS in the freezer and it still be good?

  • http://Www.fiercebyfifty.wordpress.com Joy

    Thanks for the suggestions! I am going to get some of those wraps this week!

  • Wilma

    Thanks Kimberly, these are useful tips. I got your book and I’ve started making the GGS last week. I love it. The hardest part of the Beauty Detox Diet for me is giving up meat, but I’m trying…lol.

  • Les

    Hi Kimberly, thanks for sharing, was helpful and fun taking a peak inside your freezer :)

    I live in the UK and don’t have access to the brand of wraps you showed us. Would really appreciate to hear what other wrap brands you could recommend or even what to be mindful of when buying wraps.

    LOve Les

  • Nicki Marsh

    How do you sterilise your equipment? Especially the vitamix tamper?

  • Elizabeth

    Kimberly……..love your tips……..it would be helpful if you showed package closeups or spell name……..couldn’t understand what the item is after you mentioned the bee pollen………speakihg alittle slower might also help.
    Thanks again for all that you do.

  • Sharon

    thanks kim. very helpful.

  • maria

    nice recommendations.
    BUT did i just see ketchup in your fridge? you eat that?

  • Margie

    Can’t tell what the products are. Is this list printed anywhere? This isn’t work for your deaf subscribers.

  • http://aaimaging.com Adelina Franco

    I am an on the go photographer. Also a single mom. I need to be strong and healthy because of my demanding work and also I need energy to take care my little girl. Kimberly Snyder has changed my life! I cannot stress enough how important it is to follow her advice! Before I started following her principles I would literally have to spend one day in bed after a demanding shoot because I was so exhausted. I was also super stressed and cranky and I had no clue that the reason was that I lacked the nutrition to support my lifestyle so having to drag myself through my day without having the energy that I should have for my work caused my brain to literally tire out! I couldn’t think, I slept badly, I was overweight, my skin was always broken out, and I had episodes of vertigo and anxiety, don’t even get me started on my digestion issues! This past year I have made a complete turn around. I can do more than I ever EVER could before. Now I have the stamina to make it through an entire day shooting a demanding wedding, and I can come home afterward, unload all my gear, put it away, and still have energy and clarity to take care of my home and little one! I used to leave it all in the car sometimes for two days! I am sooooo happy thank you to Kimberly Snyder. I love my life and I love you for giving this sweet gift to a huge community of grateful beauty detoxers!!!!
    Ok now for my question: How can you store such a large amount of bee pollen in the freezer and then take it out little by little? I am guessing it does not clump in one chunk of frozen pollen???? Is that right?

  • Forest


    What was the name of that packaged smoothie powder things.? I could not see the name on the package.

  • lynne Robinson

    Thanks for all the great tips!!!Love your books!!!I think the GGSmoothies are making my hair much
    healthier…and could be some new hair growth…..

  • http://Internet Nancy Ngiam

    Thank you Kimberly for your videos. You’ve given me much inspiration in creating a healthy, eating experience. I’ve tried some of your recipes and they’re delicious. I’ve never thought of putting some coconut oil on my bee pollen, but I couldn’t believe how awesome it tasted.

    Once again, thank you and very much appreciated. Looking forward for your next email.

    Nancy Ngiam

  • http://www.facebook.com/decockv Vince

    Thanks for sharing! It gives me also some good ideas too. Wish we had frozen açai also here in Belgium (Europe)

  • Janet Baldock

    I am hearing impaired and had a great deal of difficulty understanding Kimberley. The only two items that I understood her talk about was Bee Pollen and that was after she said it quite a few times and the Sonoma Wraps. I live in an area that does not have a Whole Foods Store and find it difficult finding good healthy choices. Maybe next time she should actually itemize those items in writing so that we can understand what she is saying. Would love to know what the other two items were that she was talking about.

  • ELizabeth

    I’m so glad to see this video. I started with Dr. Oz’s green smoothies at the beginning of the year and read your books in May/June. I’ve since been transitioning and am proud to say I have all four of these items in my freezer! I feel so much better now w/o gluten and dairy. Cheese is still hard for me, but I”m doing really well sticking to it, just hope the desire goes away someday! I’ve lost a few pounds just by eliminating these foods and eating more salads. I was already at a healthy weight, but am still within a healthy range. Something that has saddened me is my apparent inability to consume probiotic salad. If I eat even a cup of it, I cannot move the next morning, my stomach hurts so much! I wondered if I should take extra probiotics due to this. I do also drink the lemon water every morning.

  • Loretta Wilson

    I have tried many veggie burgers an have not found one that I like. What do you recommend?
    Thank you.

    • Stephanie

      Have you tried “Amy’s Sonoma” brand.. my fiance isn’t vegan and we both like those in place of a meat based patty. Also, there’s another called “Worlds greatest veggie burger” but it’s more of a chicken type texture/flavor in my opinion (still good though). These two brands work great or you can make your own by using Kim’s recipe in her book. Just Google those two brands, and remember you can add traditional seasonings that you would normally add to meat and add them to your V.burgers. Good luck!

  • http://juanjohnson.bandpage.com juan

    i have everythin in there except the wraps i feel cool lol

  • sharon

    Are frozen organic fruits and vegetables okay to use? I don’t have immediate access to a good variety of organic produce. Just finished your book The Beauty Detox Solution, thank you so much for sharing all that you have learned through your experiences and education through the years.

  • Shannon

    Im a little confused by seeing processed foods/condiments on the door of the refridgerator in your video….why would you have store bought salad dressing in your personal refridgerator when your book says that these products have gluten and sugar and alternate recipes for salad dressings are given?

    • Stephanie

      Yeah.. and you should be. Maybe her fiance, boyfriend (sig. other) or house mate eats those things. Or.. maybe she doesn’t follow all the Beauty tips she offers. I’m still interested to find out her age. Nevertheless, her advice is very good, easily maintained, and credible. I’d just chalk it up as nobodies perfect. There’s things in my house that I don’t eat but monthly if that!.. which can’t hurt much if you are 99% “perfect.” Just my opinion.

  • Lauren

    Hi Kim,

    I love your beauty detox and the principles behind it. After only a couple weeks I look and feel so much better! My question to you is when is it appropriate to eat an acai and almond milk smoothie (you have a recipe in your book and you mention it in the video)? Would this not be an improper food pairing of protein and fruit? Also, following your principles of heavy to light , it seems you would have to eat it at night because it is protein, however, you would also be eating fruit, which is a no no for dessert. I would be most inclined to have this in the morning, personally. Just hoping for a little direction here.

    Also–is it okay to have a plant-based protein shake for breakfast (not soy or wheat)?