Our Big, Exciting Plans for 2014


With the New Year beginning tomorrow, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for making 2013 so amazing—and to review many of the exciting things we have in store for you in 2014.

In a moment, I’ll go through each area, and I encourage you to post questions, thoughts and feedback about how we can better serve you in any way possible. Remember always that this blog is for you! Thus, we want everything we do and share to be aligned and in harmony with what will help you evolve this year and beyond.

The KimberlySnyder.net Blog 


The first thing we have planned for 2014 is much more content. Of course, we’ll continue to cover important health topics, beauty, detox, research, organic plant foods, recipes and so much more. But we also plan to expand further into other areas, including personal empowerment, love and relationships, inner health/well being, and a variety of other considerations that affect your growth as a whole person.

One way we’ll accomplish this is by bringing new writers onto the team. These will be smart, well-educated writers (from Stanford and other highly respected Universities) who are very health-conscious and fully aligned with the vision we have.

As our blog’s overall post frequency increases from a few times a week and moves toward posting every day—my own posts will often focus on more personal insights and observations as I live, travel and move through this beautiful world. My recent post about Africa is a perfect example of that, and I’m so thankful for the inspiration it brought to so many readers.

Note: even though our post frequency will go up, our emails to you will actually go down—and you’ll typically get a summary email from me at the beginning and end of each week. Because not every post will be accompanied an email, I encourage you to check back with the blog each day, as well as pay extra attention to our social activity—so that you always see our new posts.

Realize Yourself Movement 


Over the last several months, we’ve begun to communicate more about the “Realize Yourself” movement and process. These two words are the simplest yet most profound way to understand the mission for this blog and all that we do. Everything—from the Glowing Green Smoothie (#GGS) to Beauty Detox Foods to yoga and more—helps point toward greater self realization.

The process looks like this:


I’ll explain how you can learn more about this process in just a moment, but for now, just recognize that it doesn’t where you are in your journey or where you start—the most critical step is to just get started! Move!

As you do that, you’ll find you evolve on your journey and realize progressively greater levels of your own inner power. Thus, the “Realize Yourself” message and movement is how we plan to help you experience greater empowerment on every level.

One of the ways we’ll support you in that is by offering new tools, including a podcast and more active YouTube channel. Both cover critical aspects of the process, and we’d LOVE your input on topics for future podcasts and YouTube videos. Please leave them in the comments section below.


Another really powerful tool in the works is the community forum section of our site—which will be where you can interact with others in the community, get questions answered, share experiences (and recipes!)—and so much more. We’ve had many requests for this feature, yet we want this community aspect to be connected to the blog and its activity. This section of the blog will be ready in the next 30-60 days, and we will let you know as soon as it is ready.

Be Sure You Check KimberlySnyder.com 

We’ve discussed the blog at length, but what about KimberlySnyder.com? You might be wondering, “Why does that separate website exist?”

The answer is simple: our .com site currently holds our products and store, where you can currently go and purchase Probiotics+ and our Infrared Sauna. Many more products will be added throughout this year, as we fill up our store with life-changing products.

Screenshot 2013-12-31 09.54.40

Another aspect of KimberlySnyder.com that will be coming soon is all the “Realization Elements”—including biotics, detox, gear, learn, charity and so much more. We’ll also soon share a more in-depth explanation for the three stages that you go through as you progress toward realizing our inner power in this way.

I encourage you to check back to that site often.

Much More Activity on Social 

In 2014, social will become an even bigger part of what we do—and we’ll treat each platform as its own unique channel for sharing, informing and inspiring you to be your best. You already know all the main ones:


Screenshot 2013-12-31 09.56.17

On our Facebook page, we’ll inform you of new blog posts and major happenings in the community, share inspirational pictures and messages, and also take opportunities to lighten the mood with more humor. Yes, health is not always so serious, and you can expect to see more fun, light-hearted Facebook posts from us each week.



Instagram is almost entirely mobile, and very picture-driven—more so than any other platform. Our account has been exploding lately, and we share a ton of fun, uplifting pictures and captions each day that can help keep your mind focused on the right things. My current Instagram handle is @kimberlysnyder1 and I encourage you to follow me there.


Screenshot 2013-12-31 10.03.21

I’ll be the first to admit, our Twitter feed needs some love! Slowly but surely, however, we’ve been getting more active on Twitter and realize its power more now. On Twitter, we’ll be sharing more information, including links to informative articles, research studies, powerful quotes, and snippets of wisdom that can make a difference in your health. My Twitter handle is @kimsbeautydetox and I promise you’ll benefit tremendously from what we tweet out each day!


Screenshot 2013-12-31 10.05.04

We’re still learning about how to best use our Pinterest page, and would actually love input and suggestions from anyone—especially active Pinterest users. What pins would you like to see? How often should we pin? Any other ideas? It’s clear that Pinterest is a powerful platform and here to stay, and we’re excited about sharing more this year.

Of course, many of these social platforms have a certain amount of crossover—meaning that images or links from one platform may get posted to another. Still, we’re going to do our best to use each platform as its own distinct channel, so you get very different kinds of value from following us on each one.

Everything Is Interconnected 

I know we’ve covered a lot in this post, and 2014 is sure to be an amazing year here on the blog. From all the additional content… new tools for growth and evolution… more amazing products… expanded social activity and more—everything will be interwoven into one seamless, transformative experience. With all that’s happening and coming soon, I’ve never been more excited than I am right now!


I’m so unbelievably grateful that you’re part of this community, and I want nothing more than to use everything we’ve discussed today in ways that deepen and inspire your growth this year and beyond.

One last thing: Later this week, we’ll be posting a brand-new free report, titled “7 Steps for a Breakthrough 2014”—which focuses on little-know tips for making this year your best ever. With this report, you’ll go beyond the inevitable plateaus and letdowns most people experience after they make resolutions, and you’ll achieve your goals more surely and effortlessly.

I can’t wait for you to read it—and will let you know the moment this new report is ready for you to download.

Thanks so much, and Happy New Year!



Last updated: Friday, June 19, 2015
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    Kim, 2014 will be a year of growth and transformation for me and I am looking forward to all the big, exciting things you will share to help me on my journey. Thank you for all that you do. You are an inspiration to me and many others. Lots of love to you and may 2014 be a year of many blessings.

  • Rebecca

    I would read more articles on your blog if I didn’t have to access them through my email address. I have signed up for the blog on several occassions yet I am required to access it through an email in my inbox or by submitting my info all over again.

  • Rebecca


  • Saskia

    I love following your blog. I personally like how you have focus on health and beauty as a result of a healthy lifestyle. To me personal growth and “the inner world” go hand in hand with health. I also think that you already cover a lot of ground here with your posts. When I read “love and relationship” I get a little worried. Not that I think it is not important. BUT currently it seems like every magazine, even the ones that used to just focus on fashion, start to give relationship advice and to be honest, it is pretty annoying. Anyway, I trust that you do better! :-) One thing that got me though was that you said all the new writers will come from good universities. I personally don’t care about what university they come from at all. Where they went to school does not say anything about them. I would much rather have a variety of writers. For example, I would love to read an article written by a stay at home mom who changed her and her kids diet and with that, changed their health and their life. And then another one from an older man who just now starts to experience the benefits of yoga….See what I mean? Of course there is always room for well researched articles written by inspired writers who did graduate from a university everybody knows. But I also love stories “straight from life”. “By real people” as my grandma used to say. So I am looking forward to the new year and all it will bring. Love to you and your team! Big hugs from Germany

    • Kimberly Snyder

      Great feedback Saskia! And yes, it’s not all about education, totally agree. We will have a variety of writers but just want to make sure it’s clear our quality standards will remain every bit as high.

    • Danielle

      I agree that your posts already cover a lot of ground. I think the message gets diluted when you try to cover too many topics.

    • Emma Yoder

      I agree 100% Saskia!!

    • Melissa

      I also agree with Saksia, Danielle and Emma. I love your nutrition advice and health and beauty tips and they are what I come here for! I come here to find out how hot lemon water can diminish my fine lines, how fermented cabbage salad can give me clearer skin, how I can get a flatter tummy by improving my digestion, how to grow nutrition-packed sprouts in my kitchen, etc. Hope I won’t have to sift through too much clutter to find these gems in the future.

      You have inspired me to eat better by changing the way I think about food. I used to think about calories and what I should NOT eat. Now my focus is on all the vitamins, minerals and nutrition of fruits, vegetables and other wonderful foods, and how they can make me feel more energy and look more beautiful. I hope you don’t dilute this message too much.

      • Kate

        I think that bringing new people into your team will keep the posts from being “diluted” – I agree that where a person goes to school is not as important as experience but I do believe that the source of the info needs to be accurate and reputable. I think that’s why Kimberly specified the schools, not to discount life experiences.

      • Sarah

        Totally agree with you Melissa!

  • http://www.thehealthyredhead.com Andrea

    Just a reminder for a blog topic request:
    Your thoughts/feelings of the 80/10/10 diet. Please and thank you! <3

  • Linda

    Hi Kim,
    I would love to hear more about other people’s stories and transformations, before and after pictures and how to detox in other area’s of our daily lives such as home and work environment etc. l also love the podcasts you recently started, very motivating and inspiring ! Any chance you can post more yoga videos ? In one of your other blogs a reader suggested just to post about a day in your everyday life/behind the scenes type of thing which I think would be great. Thank you for all you do and the wonderful information and insights you share with us 😀 !!

  • JON

    Do you have a GLS/BDS friendly pizza recipe?


  • Valerie

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for a great 2013 – I love every post you make and hope that with the new writers, your posts wont diminish. Recipes…Recipes …Recipes love them and always want more. Linking food with benefits is the most motivating for me. In 2013 I proved to myself that my Vitamix is not a fad of 2012, but a true kitchen benchtop survivor that keeps my body on the lean side of the scale / helps cut down / out sugar and now a green smoothie is required and missed if not consumed ( Fav ingredients ginger, pineapple , lettuce, mint, coconut water ). My vegie patch is under its second reconstruction to increase more space to grow more greens and the compost currently under construction for emphasis on creating nutrient dense soil. Quick question is Stevia (in its natural green leaf form ok to add to a green smoothie?)
    2013 has been great ….. so thank you.
    2014 wish list – how all this can be best shared with a non converted family. Especially the kids.
    In 2014 I am looking forward to visiting your store in LA . We are on a big trip to American and Europe ( from Australia ) and cannot wait to visit your store and buy products I cant get in Australia.
    Here’s to a lean , green New Year x

  • Dayna

    I purchased the glowing lean system a while ago and do not know how to access it. Is there a link? Thank you!

  • Kitty

    Why do I have to enter my email in order to read your blog post?

  • Rachel

    Looking forward to finding out how to make glowing green soup….It’s cold outside!
    Enjoying the podcasts. It’s going to be a great New Year :)

  • Mickey

    I have read your book, given it to others, and tried to do some of it this year. I decided that I would try to embrace something for each day and it was the green smoothie! In 2014, I embrace another health style change. Thank you for writing such a thorough, easy to read, thoughtful book. At my age, I was not sure I really wanted to try again, but I feel invigorated just by my one major change…the green glowing smoothie!
    Thank you!

  • Fatuma Ali

    Kim! I’m so excited for 2014 and going on this transformation with the Glowing Lean System! I am a new member to the community and have lots to look forward to. Is it possible that some of the blogs/podcasts include working out tips so that I can maximize my weight-loss. I dont practice yoga so I would love some cardio, weight-lifting or resistance training advice.

    Thank you:)

  • Christine

    Hi Kim you are my inspiration I am new to your “Glowing Green System” and am excited to learn and transform to be the best person I can possibly be in 2014. I am 51 and believe it is never to late to change though I do not feel 51 and I want to live a happy and healthy life. Thank you xx

  • Carola

    Hello Kim! I wish you an amazing 2014! May all your wildest dreams come true! I hope your year will be filled with happiness, health, quality time with family and friends and you feel blessed all the time. Due to your blog I have become more health-conscious and noticed some changes in my body. I am making lemon juice and a green smoothie everyday. I have lost some weight and feel a lot fitter! Thanks for helping me in this journey. Still, I am in my 20’s and strangely enough I am battling with continuous headaches and acne problems. I am so young, I shouldn’t be feeling like this.. Strangely enough, diet does not seem to help with the total lack of energy and constant brain fog/headaches. It saddens me to start the year like this. Could you please give some advice? Thank you a lot!!

  • Ky Bell

    MORE RECIPES and products (makeup, skincare, kitchen gadgets etc) that kimberly snyder recommends!

  • Natalia

    Yes! We would love to know about your beauty skin care routine !
    Thank you Kim!

  • Kate

    Looking forward to an even more well rounded approach! Covering health from all aspects!

  • Susan

    I am very excited for all your new additions, but I have been unable to receive either of your podcasts. I am not sure why. I am really disappointed so any suggestions will help. Happy, healthy 2014 to you and thank you for sharing your wealth of information with all of us.

  • Joanna.

    I think it would be cool to get a youtube channel for podcasts. Maybe where you interviewed people (if you had the time).
    Lately I am really into podcasts and listen to them while I exercise. I’m less likely to read articles online (though I do read yours)!

    Also, I know a lot of people that still struggle with acne and skin problems so I’d love more posts on that (even though I have your book and try and utilize those tips).

  • http://latrissaadams99@yahoo.com Latrissa

    Hi Kimberly,

    I love your blog and actually found out about you in 2011 from the beautylogicblog. At that time I had foreclosed on my house and was really stressed out. Your book beauty detox was released right on time and it was a blessing to me. You are my mentor and I strive to be just like you one day. Do you do any mentoring? I have started on my education journey to start working in the holistic field. It would make my year if I could speak with you to get some pointers and advice. I know you are very busy, but you are so amazing and I want to learn from the absolute best!!!! Have a great day :)

  • Chioma

    What are some tips for extended traveling in a plane for 14 plus hours? What can I prepare food wise and what exercises can I do? What can I do on the return trip when I don’t have access to a kitchen?
    I would like more youtube videos that tutorial certain recipes. I really liked the video about preparing a simple lunch. More videos like that would be extremely helpful.