So I’ve always wanted to do acupuncture- but never actually have. There is nothing in particular that I have a big issue with, I just wanted to enhance overall energy/chi/prana and blood flow. Since I’m a Level 2 Reiki practitioner and a yoga instructor, I’m definitely into energy flow and healing, so you would think I would have tried acupuncture out by now… …but I guess the universe brings everything into your life when it is supposed to!

So I know this amazing acupuncturist Yvonne (who also happens to be my good friend and one of my yoga students!) and given all the changes of summer energy in the air :)  I thought now would be the perfect time to get a session.

Well I have one word to describe my acupuncture experience: EUPHORIC. Yvonne is such a deep and gentle healer, that I wasn’t that very nervous about the needles (and needles admittedly are so not my favorite thing). So first we chatted about my health history and what I’d like to work on- I don’t have any major health issues, so I mentioned in general detoxing, liver stuff, and increasing digestion of course!! She checked my tongue, took different pulses around my wrist, and discovered that she wanted to increase the push of my “liver energies” and my stomach fire- so those were the meridian energy lines we were going to focus on.

So I kept my eyes closed at first and just focused on my breath, since I didn’t want to watch the needles go in…at first. :) Well as the first needle entered somewhere in my left foot, I felt a WAVE of energy lap up and down the left side of my body. A few more were inserted on my left side, and I started to feel very light- like I was floating!! Yvonne’s voice faded away a bit, and I kept babbling on how great I felt. This may sound like a weird analogy, but the mental picture that came to mind was taking a sheet in both hands outside in a field and letting it flutter in the wind. Like ripples of energy rolling through the sheet. Interesting! Truly, I felt blissful and nourished by good energy.

She inserted a bunch of needles all around on my front side, and finally I decided to peak. I peered over at my right shoulder to see a stainless steel needle propped up, like a proud little Lilliputian flag, sturdy and happy looking about two inches high. Hmmm….not so scary after all! So, as my curiosity mounted, I was finally able to take a look around, and saw the needles all through my legs, middle section, and arms…and yes, could peer down and see some on my face! But I felt so great that I didn’t care that it was mildly creepy. :)

She also did my back and neck. By the end, Yvonne said the pulse pattern was stronger and better! (Sorry Yvonne I’m probably not wording this the best!) Everyone’s experience is different with acupuncture- but I can honestly say that I felt a ton of movement in energy, and I felt sooooo wonderful, a natural kind of laughing gas feeling, but waaaaaay better! I have no doubt that there are great benefits to the systems of the body by this wonderful form of healing.

So if you have an inkling to try it out- looking to give some system in your body a boost, have any kind of body pain, etc., then I would highly recommend going to see the beautiful energy, unbelievably humble, talented healer of Yvonne. She is in the East Village of NYC. For more info on Yvonne check out her website!

We ask ourselves how to get energy from the environment around us, when all we need to do is stay in tuned with mother nature.

Well the holiday weekend is fast approaching!!! Yay.
I hope you have a wonderful, amazing, relaxing time, and I will talk to you soon.
Lots of love,