Picture of Kimberly sitting at a time while traveling

When I get back from any kind of traveling I have to get myself back into my busy life, with the many different hats I wear! It takes me a minute when I’ve been away to get back in, so don’t feel alone if this is how you feel at times. ;)

Picture of apples in a colander

There was an assignment I had one time, which was to make travel food for a big celebrity (who I happen to love!! FYI), and the 10 people that were traveling with her.

Picture of organic bananas and apples

I was sure to pack some fruit, apples, that I pre-washed! And some bananas, as well as some celery and carrot sticks, with various dips and spreads.

I always emphasize to them to get some water-containing foods in the body first, which are alkaline. If you only eat concentrated food (non water-containing), especially when you are traveling, you can get backed up and thrown off!

So always make it part of the plan!


Picture of grain-free, gluten-free granola

I made my famous grain-free, gluten-free granola in my dehydrator, which is always a crowd-pleaser and always handy on the road, to be eaten after the produce.

And these sprouted sandwiches with 2 different spreads and avocados, which are to be eaten before the granola also!Picture of sprouted sandwiches with 2 different spreads and avocados

And one thing I always think about when on the go is my simple salsa recipe, something easily stored and stays fresh for days!

These are just a few of my travel snacks that I hope will inspire you the next time you find yourself on-the-go, whether in town or out!

Happy Travels!