So I literally just walked in the door after finishing a Good Day LA segment. I will post that soon too! It was kind of rough because I was hosting a sit down dinner party last night for 9 people, which had 6 courses. I didn’t get home and into bed until 1:30 or so, exhausted, then had to drag myself to the studio by 7:30…Ugg. But now I can sleep! :)  I just wanted to quickly post the recipe for what I made.

With dozens of frozen yogurt brands constantly popping up everywhere that you can see (especially in my hometown, NYC!), touting themselves as health food, it is easy to get sucked in and eat frozen yogurt regularly as a “healthy snack.” Remember moderation!! While better than some other things I can think of, I certainly wouldn’t call commercial frozen yogurt health food. It is also usually made with refined, synthetic sugars, pasteurized skim milk derivatives, additives and chemicals. Remember just because something is low in calories and fat grams does not mean it is beautifying, easy to digest, or again… healthy!

So this Banana Soft Serve recipe is totally NATURAL!! Your body will be able to digest and process it easily, because there is nothing synthetic in it at all! You are going to die when I tell you how easy it is to make. And not only is it the most truly natural, unprocessed alternative, it will also save you money, as you don’t have to pay a few bucks every time cravings strike to wander down to one of the numerous fro yo counters. Last time I checked, organic bananas were oh…around $0.39 each at Trader Joe’s. :) I love it when healthy is EASY and CHEAP!!!!

Okay so here goes:

Banana Soft Serve with Raw Fudge Sauce
Serves 2 people, with extra fudge sauce to keep in your fridge!
  • Raw Fudge Sauce
  • - ½ cup raw cacao
  • - ⅓ cup organic Thompson raisins
  • - 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • - Liquid stevia, as needed to sweeten
  • Banana Fro Yo
  • - 4 frozen organic bananas
  1. That's it.


Amazingly so (and I think you will be truly amazed), when bananas are frozen well and blended well in your food processor, they will get blended into a smooth, creamy consistency just like soft serve frozen yogurt that you would buy.

Taa Daaaaaaaaaaaa!!! That’s it.

Show off t to your friends and make this, and they will freak out, and think you got an ice cream maker or something fancy. :)

Little shout out to my friend Gil that was the first person to show me this trick with the food processor!

Okay well write soon!! Try out this recipe and let me know how you do, and after mastering this recipe, try out my truffles recipe, simply delicious!

xx Love, Kimberly