A lot of you have been writing to me lately and asking me about my hair! It is very sweet and very flattering that some of you like my hair :), but I promise you that it was not always the case that I had good hair!! Once upon a time, I had to keep my hair in a bun all the time, because it was so dry and brittle, and clumped together like semi, unintentional dreadlocks. Soooo not pretty! And quite unfortunate. So If my hair can change, and now be healthy and soft with very minimal care, the same can happen for you, and you truly can grow the hair you want from the inside out!

I promise you that your diet has a major impact on your hair. The changes might not show as quickly as other parts of your body when you change your diet, because your body will work to cleanse, repair and revitalize the more life-giving parts of your body, like your organs, blood, digestive tract, etc. You will usually see a difference in your skin first before your hair. But as you continue to cleanse and alkalize your body, consuming plenty of beauty minerals a day, your hair will start to really shift!

Here are a few of my hair tips:

1. Eat your greens! (I’m sure you knew that would be my number #1 :)  ). Again, the easiest way to really up the anty on your intake of greens to to get your Green Smoothies in!!

2. Use minimal products. They just weigh your hair down. Your hair really doesn’t need that much. The peeps in Bora Bora that didn’t put anything in their hair had stunning locks! My routine is this: Shampoo, condition, and comb my hair out in the shower. When I get out, I turn my head upside down and put a little bit of leave in conditioner in it. That’s it! Air dry all the way, all the time. Sometimes, if I am in a rush (or forgot shampoo, like this last trip to LA!) I just wash it with water. But I never skip the leave-in conditioner!

3. Use products without sulfates/sulfites– these are toxic ingredients that will go into your scalp and body. There are a bunch out there now. I like the  Hamadi and Ojon brands. One of my yoga students Emily gave me a bottle of Bumble and Bumble’s Curl Conscious leave in. It rocks the house! But it is not exactly natural, unfortunately!

4. If your hair is feeling really weighed down, I highly recommend a Lemon Rinse. Simply dampen your hair, then pour lemon juice onto your scalp and massage in. Leave in for 5-10 minutes. Rinse out. For this you don’t have to squeeze fresh lemon juice, you can use the pre-bottled stuff. Save the fresh lemons for your salads and smoothies!! It’s a really great and natural way to cleanse out any old debris from your hair and scalp.

5. Cut down on the really acidic stuff that will delay how the changes in your diet that will affect your hair. The really acidic stuff includes coffee, sodas, all dairy products including yogurt, meat, refined sugar and refined starches. You know, the crap you hear me tell you to avoid over and over again. But now that you  know it will affect the bounciness and beauty of your HAIR, maybe you will listen now, hmmmmmm?? :)

I’m excited for you to have GREAT HAIR, and really love using organic makeup brands!

Lots of love,

xx Kimberly