I hope you are enjoying this very exciting time leading up to the official start of Spring! The energy is bursting open everywhere.

With all the freshness in the air, it reminds me of the great importance of keeping our indoor air and environment clean, but also toxin-free. We breathe the air in our home all night long when our bodies are resting and repairing, as well as many other hours.  Some even say that indoor pollution can be more harmful to us than outdoor pollution.

Choosing cleaning products should not be made casually. It is a choice that should be made consciously! We can really bring in harmful chemicals and toxins into our home with such products (!). Of course we have to make the effort to always choose the good stuff! Here are some household cleaning tips:

–    My favorite product is Simple Green,
which is a concentrate you mix with water and is a non-toxic, all purpose cleaner. I dilute it with water in a spray bottle, and clean my bathroom with it constantly.

–    I have about a zillion lemon halves that have been cut in half and squeezed on my salad. I take the leftover lemon halves and use them to scrub around the stove. I still use my stove to heat water for various kinds of tea every single day! :)

–    For deeper scrubbing, we can also add some baking soda.

–   White vinegar is good to be used as a disinfectant. Dilute with water and use to clean your floors. It cleanses the floors from bacteria, mold, fungi and other microbes. Commercial floor cleaners are full of chemicals!

–    Household bleach is made of something called sodium hypochlorite. You’re probably more familiar with the name “Clorox.”  It becomes a dangerous substance when it is combined with many other ingredients found in cleaning products, including ammonia and various kinds of acids. When mixed together, chlorine gas or volatile organic compounds can be produced (!). Here are some alternatives:
o    Seventh Generation Chlorine-free bleach.
(Totally unrelated ☺, but I also like this brands’ laundry detergent, which I recently started using.)
o    Ecover Non-Chlorine Bleach*
o    Oxo Brite Non-Clorie Bleach*
o    Bio-O-Kleen Oxygen Bleach Plus*

* Made of percarbonate, which is environmentally friendly. It is made up of salt, limestone and oxygenated water.

Look into these good choices and give your cleaning routine a makeover! It will support  your health and beauty goals immensely, and probably provide some headache relief! Our environment is very important!

In love and health,