Well here I am in New Orleans as a first-timer…but I get to actually live here for the next few months! I am already in love with it! What is awesome about my work as a nutritionist for actors is that I can “sample” living in various cities for the few months that it takes to film a movie- but with the bonus of housing, a car and other expenses taken care of. I admit… it’s sort of a dream! This past year I got to “sample” Chicago and Atlanta, outside of my main locations still being New York and LA. Getting to live somewhere for a few months is so much different than just passing through in a week or less- it lets you really get a feel for what the city is all about!

Here are some great things about New Orleans that I love so far:

1.     The food shopping has been great! I haven’t had a chance to seek out a farmer’s market yet, but in the grocery markets I’ve been able to find most everything I’ve needed, such as gluten-free breads, tortillas, etc. vegan chocolate chips, etc. On the slightly downer side I’ve had a hard time finding organic collard greens, spinach, and celery. But amazing sprouts, and other awesome foods that increase metabolism! Since I’m starting from scratch, I’ve been getting things set up from a blank kitchen. Today I was in the store 3 separate times!

2.     The restaurant I went to catered to us! Restaurant is singular because I’ve only been out once since arriving late Fri. – Saturday night for a kickoff party for the movie. We ate dinner in a private dining room with about 25 people. Despite the repute of New Orleans cooking- which seems to largely be the antithesis of healthy eating- gumbo and jumbalaya and Cajun fried stuff, etc. – I was thrilled that this particular restaurant in the Roosevelt Hotel made veggie dishes like lightly cooked kale, roasted brussel sprouts, cheese-free salads, and veggie entrees as requested. Yay! So it is possible to eat healthy out anywhere if you try!!


3.     I love the Uptown/Garden District areas! How come I never knew about these adorable walking areas, full of pottery- making shops, dance studios, beautiful homes and little boutiques? I LOVE! I never wanted to come to Mardi Gras in college, because well you know, I thought the scene would be too much. And everyone talks about the French Quarter… But I love the little areas near me I’ve been exploring! Love, love, love!!

4.     I found a yoga home! I’m pretty specific about the yoga I practice, and on the road 99% of the time I only do self practice. I definitely have my spots in NY and LA. In the past year, I did not find a yoga home in Chicago and Atlanta. BUT, though it’s really early I have so far loved Wild Lotus Yoga, which is where I’ll be taking class here when I can fit it in- as an option from self practice.

5.     Everyone is so freaking nice! Like really nice, in a genuine way. People are present, and really talk to you and want to help you out. It makes me so happy to find everyone so nice!!

I will write more soon about my new fantastic adventure, as I am getting settled. I still haven’t unpacked anything at all except for kitchen equipment, but I am slowing going in that direction. :) I hope you are doing well and had a great holiday!

Om Shanti,

Love, Kimberly