Wanted to share these excited features with you on The Beauty Detox Solution this month in  2 other great mags- Redbook and Marie Claire!

We need to rely on not only external beauty products, but build beauty from the inside-out, with what we are putting into our bodies. The food we put in is the fuel upon which our bodily cells are built, including our skin cells and our hair.

What was funny about the Marie Claire interview was that they kept asking me how many calories I ate and how many were in each meal. I couldn’t answer them because I never, ever count! I don’t believe in it. I do believe in focusing on eating natural, whole foods and a plant-based diet (think green smoothie diet!). Our ancestors didn’t count calories and they were slimmer as a society, because they didn’t eat processed foods, including fat-free, sugar-free diet foods, and they ate more vegetables and much smaller portion sizes of heavy animal products.

Have a healthy day, and try to look at your foods today not just by their calorie count, but by how little processing it underwent to go from the field to your plate.

Love to all! Kimberly