We all need notebooks to write our shopping lists, notes, organize our thoughts, etc. right?? I know I do! I go through tons of notebooks. Well I wanted to share a fabulous company called ecojot that I’m in love with. They’re a family-run business with fabulous and fun notebooks and paper supplies, which were included in the gift bags for my book launch party. They are doing SO much good in the world!! If we’re going to use notebooks why don’t we use eco-friendly ones which are helping children and people worldwide? Please read on with my interview with ecojot!

KS: Tell us in a few sentences all about ecojot- the inspiration and the philosophy behind your brand.

ecojot is an eco-friendly stationery brand that is based in Scarborough, Ontario created in 2007 by designer Carolyn Gavin, her brother Mark Gavin and family.

Our products feature Carolyn’s whimsical designs which often include inspirational quotes and most recently hand painted designs.  We specialize in a variety of journals, sketchbooks, children’s sketchbooks, wrap, calendars, and notecards.

Wanting to be more then an eco-friendly stationery brand we adopted the Buy 1, Give 1 business model which was inspired by Toms Shoes. We have distributed directly to schools and students via two foundations: Free the Children and The Schoolbag. The Schoolbag and Free the Children, like ecojot, believes that providing young people with the basic tools to learn and investing in education is key to a sustainable future.

ecojot’s designs are awesome, and I see you’ve won some design awards. Who does the designing?

Carolyn : I’m the ecojot Creative Director. I do most of the designing but we do use other designers and illustrators from time to time, whose work we feel is appropriate for our brand. We have to constantly re-assess and keep it fresh and try and stay ahead of those biting at our heels!

KS: What projects are you working on at the moment?

Carolyn: Right now I’m working on a new stationery collection that will launch at the 2011 National Stationery Show in New York in May. I’m also working on our new holiday notecards, new quote journals, fun little fashion journals plus a secret project revealed.

KS: Explain all the “eco” features of ecojot products.

Carolyn: The paper content used is 100% post-consumer recycled

  • We use acid-free, processed chlorine free paper & board
  • All our inks & glues are vegetable based, therefore bio-degradable
  • No new trees are used to make our paper & the paper mill is powered by biogas harnessed from a nearby landfill.
  • All our protective packaging is corn-based. Furthermore, we try and use as much locally made raw material as possible.

KS: I am in LOVE with your “Give” program. Truly amazing! Please share with us how it works!

Carolyn: Through our partners we donate one for one, so based on the sales of each 5×7″ journal, Jumbo journal and all eco sketchbooks, ecojot will donate a school workbook. This coming fall we are donating 60,000 or more school workbooks going to Haiti through our partners Free the Children and The Schoolbag.

To date with your support we have donated 77,000 notebooks to countries all over the world including, Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Poland, and Zimbabwe. Our mission is to continue giving to children around the world, help us reach our goal of giving MORE! Because of You! Watch and share the video of Mark’s trip to Kenya.


6. I see you’ve worked with the organization of one of my personal heroes (who remains framed in my NYC apt) Dr. Jane Goodall. What did you design for them?

Carolyn: We started off choosing 4 animals which we thought were important to highlight and are on Dr. Jane Goodall’s list of endangered or threatened species.  The Chimpanzee, The Giant Panda, The Sumatran Rhino and Whooping Crane. Each of these 4 designs is featured on our standard Jumbo Journal, 5×7 and 3×4 mini notebook. I also designed 4 kids 6×9 sketchbooks which feature the same designs but with added color and sparkle. Each design also has a quote by Dr. Goodall. She is definitely an inspiring presence in the world, teaching how to get energy from the inner you and releasing it to everyone. We are proud to represent her name and her cause on our books. We also donate a percentage of the sales of this range to the Jane Goodall institute to support programs that they have in place.

7. Where can we find your fabulous products?

Carolyn: Ecojot sells in hundreds of shops throughout Canada, United States, Australia and beyond! You can shop online at www.ecojot.com or visit our retailers page to locate a shop near you!

How inspring is that? If you’re needing a new notebook, stationary or looking for some great presents for friends, family, children, etc. please keep ecojot in mind!

Love, Kimberly