It’s here…Memorial Day which marks the beginning of summer! Very exciting and very fun, but remember that summer also marks the beginning of short shorts and sundress weather. Many of you have started your Beauty Detox, so you don’t want to get set back too far with your health and beauty goals by this weekends’ barbeques and parties.

Don’t worry, I have some easy tips for you to help keep you on track, holiday parties and all:

1. Have the watermelon first, or don’t have it at all.

One of the worst habits we have at the summer barbeque is to get loaded up with our burgers and grilled chicken and pasta salad, then bring out the watermelon at the end as a dessert. This is terrible from a digestive standpoint, as fruit digests very quickly, and if we eat it for dessert after heavier foods, it gets backed up in our system like a traffic jam. It can then ferment, leading to bloating and other digestive issues, and essentially rotting before we get many of its nutrients.

So  try starting a new holiday tradition by bringing out the watermelon at the beginning of the party, before the grills are fully fired up, and you can lovingly explain why to your family and friends!

2. If you are going to eat meat, choose one type and stick with it.

Breaking down animal protein takes a lot of our digestive energy, as the animal flesh has to be broken down from complex chains of amino acids. On top of that, since it is grilled to a large extent the amino acids have become denatured as the flesh goes from pink to brown (kinda like burning your finger, as the cells are destroyed), which makes for more work for your body to break down.

Stick to one kind of animal protein rather than picking a few different kinds of meats- for example having a chicken breast, then later going for a steak. Give your poor belly a break! One type of animal protein is already enough work, but giving it a mix of different proteins takes the overload of work to the next level. Make one choice and stick with it, if you go back for seconds!

3. Or skip the meat and bring/make sure there are veggies/veggie burgers!

Portobello mushrooms anyone? Or maybe some Alkaline-Grain Veggie Burgers, the recipe in The Beauty Detox Solution! Or maybe some veggie skewers? Or try my simple salsa recipe, you’ll feel far lighter if you go the veggie route! Not your party? Bring it as your party food contribution! And bring enough to share. That way it isn’t “weird” that you’re bringing your own food just for you, like you’re on a “special” diet.


4. But if you really want do want to eat that meat, don’t eat it with the bun.

This is a classic example of my Beauty Food Pairing principle. It is better from a digestive standpoint to separate proteins and starches, as they require different digestive enzymes to digest and if we eat them together it takes a lot more energy and work to get them through the stomach. Digesting foods efficiently frees up energy and keeps them from putrefying (rotting) in the digestive tract. Burgers, chicken sandwiches and hot dogs contain both a protein and a grain, and are abysmal combos. Sorry, but they are!! Stick to something like a small piece of chicken with a lot of salad and veggies. Again if you know you’re going to have meat you might want to bring a nice salad or the veggies, so you know it’s there!

If you’re having a true veggie burger (aka no soy in it) then it can be paired with some bread, preferably a gluten-free variety!

5.  Chew, chew, chew… and not while talking!

Barbeques are a popular time to wolf down food, because we’re so busy talking with our friends and laughing and having a grand old time. Well, wolfing down food leads to serious indigestion, bloating, improperly digested food, which we know leads in various forms of toxicity in the body. So sure, I want you to talk to your friends, laugh and have a grand old time, but do it in between eating! Still take little bites, and try to not talk until you’ve chewed that bite properly and swallowed it. It will help keep your digestion in check, and it will also help keep you from overly pigging out, since you’ll have to slow down, and you’ll get full with less food.

Okay, well I hope y’awll have a fabulous Memorial Day! Enjoy yourself, relax and incorporate these tips into your weekend, so you have a great time but don’t set yourself back too far with your Beauty Detox!