Almond Milk Latte I wanted to continue to share more “swap” ideas. I also wanted to remind you that tonight (Thursday, July 28th) at 9:30pm EST, I will be doing another live chat on my Facebook page KimberlySnyderCN.  Whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle or change your eating habits, incorporating these swaps will help you take that next step in achieving your goals. One important step I tell my clients to take is to cut out coffee. I suggest cutting out caffeine altogether, and coffee is one of the worst culprits. There’s always “new” studies that coffee has health benefits, but one thing can not be disputed: coffee is a highly acidic food. You get enough acid-forming foods in the foods in your diet, and you certainly don’t need to be drinking it all day on top of that. It has also been linked to stimulating cortisol, which can lead to weight gain and belly fat.  The good news is that there are many alternatives you can try that will satisfy that same warm, creamy taste. The best replacement is warm almond milk with cinnamon and stevia. You will get that same comfort that coffee provides, but without the negative effects. Try my Vegan Vanilla Latte recipe. If you must, keep it to one cup of coffee a day sans any dairy or creamer. Soda Another drink that I tell clients to eliminate is soda. Soda is filled with sugar, and its a huge source of empty calories. Diet soda is actually worse in my opinion because it’s filled with chemicals and artificial sweeteners.  As I just discuss on my The Today Show segment last week, even though these beverages have no calories, they are sweetened with aspartame, saccharine or sucrolose, making them  acidic and actually contributing to weight gain in the long run. Instead, try getting hooked on a caffeine-free herbal tea. I personally love red rooibos. Add some stevia or xilitol to sweeten it up. It may not taste like soda, but if you swap these two cold drinks, you will soon get so used to the refreshing taste of iced tea that you won’t miss the soda. And you definitely won’t miss the added calories, chemicals and the lethargic, bloated feeling that’s left behind. Lately, I’ve seen lots of people on film sets drinking a lot of those iced yerba mate drinks also. I don’t recommend them. They are full of caffeine and are taxing on the adrenals. Yerba mate can be drank hot in moderation, which regulates portion size, but should not be guzzled by the can.Veggie Burger You can also start making swaps at the barbecue. Instead of eating a burger, switch to a veggie burger. Red meat contains an extreme level of toxins, and when cooking creates aging, inflammatory and disease-causing compounds called acrylamides and advanced glycation end products. Remember, toxins make you fat! My clients are highly intelligent adults that manifest a tremendous amount of creative potential. I don’t tell them they can never have red meat again, but I inform them on how it diminishes their health, good looks and creative potential, and they pretty much all stop eating it permanently as their own decision. They also get addicted to feeling really great on plant-based alternatives. Buns are just sugar disguised in a bread-like mounded shape. I never touch those things! Skip them and you’ll feel much better. Veggie Soup Finally, another tricky swap you can make is by eliminating cream-based soups, like clam chowder and cream of mushroom. Remember that dairy is a major doozie for your health and beauty goals. Instead start eating pureed vegetable soups or order broth-based soups at restaurants. You will be just as satisfied with the warm taste of tomato, squash, carrot zucchini soup. All you need is the vegetables, some sea salt, and possibly some almond milk for creaminess. It will satisfy that urge for soup, without the dairy, fat and excess calories. Now that you know about all these delicious everyday swaps, you can start making small changes to your everyday diet. You will become more magnetic, beautiful, and energized with so many foods that help burn fat!