energyHandstands may be considered advanced poses, but I think it is important even for beginners to see what is possible in the body. When I was a beginner, I found it very inspirational to be in a class with others doing poses I could not do yet… and now I can do those very poses!

Inversions are powerfully beneficial for the body. They reverse the flow of gravity, helping to send fresh blood and prana (energy) to all the upper chakras, or energy centers/wheels.

Handstands are a very active type of inversion- there are much simpler ones, such as throwing your legs up the wall. When you start to learn a handstand, it is helpful to work against a wall for support. From there, you can learn in the middle of the room with one leg at a time, balancing the energy of having enough oomph to get up while not projecting enough so as to topple over. After you learn with one leg at a time, you should learn with both legs (I’ll do another video on that).

After all that, you are ready to work your straddle press handstand, with no kicking up at all, which is what I demonstrate in this video. I used to think there was not enough space to get off the ground without kicking up, but I was able to do it for the first time a few weeks ago! Next, I’m going to work pressing up with both legs behind me. See? There is always somewhere to go. I’m so grateful for the practice and all that it teaches me.

Enjoy, and stay inspired in your own practice! Om Shanti.