overmedicatedHave you ever noticed how many commercials there are pushing drugs, and telling you to “talk to your doctor” about such and such? Drugs are big, big business! If we were to believe everything that the drug companies tell us, then we wouldn’t really be able to perform any of life’s functions without pills! We’d all need separate pills to sleep, poop, be happy, have energy, not overeat, get our organs to function as they were naturally designed to do…

Want to know a scary statistic? About half of Americans take prescription drugs, and the #1 prescribed type of drug is antidepressants! I personally believe your diet has a lot to do with your moods, and it is important to sleep well, foster healthy relationships and have a job or a hobby/activity where you can express your creativity. Popping pills should not be so easy that half of us are taking them.

The question we need to ask ourselves is how to get energy from farm fresh foods, healing our bodies with natural combinations of nutrients.

Read on for more eye-opening, and rather frightening info on drugs, and drug-pushers…er, I meant pharmaceutical companies:

Overmedicated America
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