I am thrilled and super grateful to share the piece in this month’s Vogue issue with you, which officially introduces my new organic smoothie & juice shop to the world!  THANK YOU Vogue for your wonderful support and introduction!

We are opening NEXT WEEK. Stay tuned. Tune in and visit us on www.MyGlowBio.com.

7473 Melrose Avenue (Cross Gardner). West Hollywood, CA 90046


Like The Beauty Detox Solution, this shop has been created from my heart in the most sincere way. It is born out of the idea of creating a community place where people can gather to have access to true health, life-giving and cleansing foods and to learn more about health in a fulfilling way. The full name of the shop is Kimberly Snyder’s GLOW BIO. BIO stands for “Balanced Inside Out” and also is a reference to biology, the study of living things. It also nods to our thoroughly superior bio-nutrient ingredients, our bio-available processes, and the bio-power (results) of what is achieved by the input of the prior two factors. I will explain more below.

The birth of GLOW BIO is the creative culmination of months of work from myself and my super amazing partners. It’s been a pretty intense and humbling experience to look up at the wall and see my name on the front of a storefront, and know that I get to be a channel for this information to flow through, which belongs to everyone! It is one thing to start seeing a book you write in different bookstores, but books can be picked up and moved. A brick and mortar store is really…well solid. We’ve carved out a health home in the world where all are welcome.

There have been many, many facets of the process, including testing and retesting recipes to create the menu, carefully choosing our eco-packaging, composting partners, working with the designers on the shop and logo layout, picking out reclaimed wood and recycled furniture, conducting the final third round interviews for our team member Brand Ambassadors, designing the POS system, shirts, bags, and about a million other things.

Ylva, my favorite photographer who shot the food pics for our website (www.ylvaphoto.com) and Forrest, our GM, picking out the selects for our website- launching soon!
And Team member Aubrey mocking up the big wall in our shop, getting sizing and colors right!

GLOW BIO is no ordinary smoothie/juice shop. As a nutritionist, I’m fully booked with clients and projects, and it isn’t possible for me to be a nutritionist to everyone personally. But at GLOW BIO, it’s the next closest thing to having me at your nutritional service. I’ve designed and created all the products and cleanse packages myself, in the most strategic way – according to my Beauty Detox philosophy. All our bio-nutrient ingredients are organic, live, unrefined, and plant-based. All our products are completely bio-available to the highest possible degree with specific enhancing processes – namely pre-hydrated, activated/sprouted, properly combined, and with the strategic addition of probiotics. Some establishments may be organic and plant-based, but they aren’t unrefined because they use heavily refined products like agave. And some places are organic, but practice poor food combining (ie mixing fresh fruit with nuts or protein powder, etc.) and don’t pre-hydrate or activate foods to specifically optimize digestion. At GLOW BIO we do all of that.This certainly isn’t a “build your own juice/smoothie/cleanse” type of shop. You don’t have to think through what’s best for your nutritional health. I have already done that for you.

I have always emphasized in my Beauty Detox program that cleansing should be an ongoing endeavor. Every day bi-products of digestion and natural metabolic processes need to get cleared out of the body, as well as heavy metals pollution, etc. You wouldn’t just clean your house a few times a year, would you? Cleansing should be thought of as a verb, not just a noun. Cleansing is an ongoing process. When I spoke to Rachel, the writer of the Vogue piece, we discussed how unfortunate it is that many cleanses out there are approached synonymously as a crash diet, and people just do them as a quick way to lose weight. I do not believe in cleanses that are conducted in that way.

At GLOW BIO, our Glowing Green Foundation ongoing cleanse program includes consuming the Glowing Green Smoothie and Glowing Green or Power Green Juice daily, along with our daily LemonAid probiotic shot. However, we are also offering 2 different types of 1, 3 and 5 day cleanses that are designed to help you get back on track to your long-term lifestyle of ongoing cleansing, when you feel you need a kick in the butt or need to get through a rough patch where you fell off the wagon. Such cleanses are not intended to be a cure-all or a fad diet. They are designed as helpful tools to help you get back to the long-term progress that is necessary for long-term success.

I also wanted there to be something on the menu for everyone. Our bio-available smoothies are simply radical. Very delicious and unique in taste. And with the proper combinations and enhancements of various ingredients. For example, our Youth Fountain smoothie is a mix of turmeric, mint, fresh lime juice and mango. Our sugar-fee Beauty Builder juice is made of raw aloe, cucumber and lemon juice. The raw aloe we use is super oxygenating in the body, made in small, artisinal batches and nothing like the pasteurized aloe juice most people are familiar with. Surprising and like nothing you’ve ever had! Our Active Choc and Active Vanilla Shakes include raw sprouted buckwheat to thicken the raw sprouted almond milk we use as a base, and are more delicious than regular milkshakes- besides the fact they give you lots of energy and are sprouted, so the minerals are even more bio-available to your body. Great for desserts and kids alike. We’re offering probiotic-enhanced cold-pressed juices. Yes that’s right. Billions of beneficial cultures of ProBIOtics in our products to help you Balance from the Inside Out! Okay. You can see I’m obsessed with the BIO part of our name. But being balanced with nature to reach our highest health and beauty is what we are all about.

Forrest and I doing the tasting with our caterer today for our launch party!

Besides our signature organic smoothies and cold-pressed juices, we will offer organic, loose-leaf teas and lattes, made with organic, shade-grown coffee and our own sprouted raw almond milk. I outline in the Beauty Detox my 80/20 alkaline-acid principle. If you want to use some of your 20% for a coffee, you should get a GLOW coffee lattes which is fully organic and made with delicious frothed raw sprouted homemade almond milk and raw coconut nectar, rather than having a coffee that is not organic, and contains artificial or refined sugar, or high fructose products like agave, and dairy. Whether you are a young mover and a shaker, a gym rat, a hipster, a mom with your kid in tow, a 9-5er, a student, a grandpa or anything in between, you are welcome to Glow and there is something on the menu for you!

We have indoor seating as well as an outdoor courtyard, so you can chill with your cold or hot drink and hang out. We’re compostable coffee cups and using compostable as well as non-leachable, fully recyclable post-consumer PET bottles. The advantage of glass bottles is that they don’t leach chemicals. But our bottles are completely non-leachable and recycle easily. Glass leaves a larger carbon footprint in many ways as it is over 9 times heavier than post-consumer, non-leachable plastic bottles, which takes a lot more energy to ship and move around. Don’t worry if you don’t live in LA- as we are soon going to be shipping nationally!

Here is more info about our name and the strong philosophy behind it:

GLOW Bio-Foods: The name

Balanced Inside Out, or Bio, is the core belief of the Glow philosophy that the power to create real, lasting transformation comes from within. I’ve always said that you need to build health and beauty from within, not depend or look to outside sources. When you balance your body by giving it the proper, unrefined fuel that can be digested in an optimal way, you help your body create balance, which is its inherent state and parallels the balance found everywhere in nature.

Bio also references biology, which is defined as “the science of life and of living organisms.” There is biology behind the Glow philosophy, which results in superior uptake of nutrition and optimal digestion. The increased nutrition and better digestion you get from the Glow Bio Foods products frees up incredible energy, which will be unleashed so that you naturally manifest health, beauty, vigor and youth to your fullest potential.

 The mantra upon which our philosophy is founded is 3-fold: Ingest, Digest, Manifest:

Ingest: What you put into your body becomes the fuel upon which all the cells in your body become formed. Build your body from the most superior products on earth: Glow Bio Foods.

Organic: Organic ingredients free of neurotoxic pesticides and are grown in better quality soil, to help product more mineral-rich, nutritious foods. The more naturally superior your foods are, the more naturally superior your health becomes.

Plant-based: Plants are abundant in the essential nutrients necessary for thriving health, including a wide spectrum of minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids to form proteins, enzymes, fiber and thousands of other phytonutrients.  Plant foods digest efficiently and quickly through your long and winding digestive tract, without leaving acidic toxins and wastes.

Live: Our products are built of plant foods that are made more “alive” through digestive enhancers such as being pre-hydrated, activated, sprouted and having probiotics added to them. Our ingredients are also unheated, so that you obtain the maximum amount of essential vitamins, enzymes, and nutrition. Any type of heat will destroy some of their nutrients.

Live is beyond raw. Raw simply means foods that are not cooked, and eating large amounts of certain raw foods can actually be unhealthy. For instance, consuming large amounts of nuts and oils would lead to consuming too far too much fat and acid-forming. In contrast, GLOW BIO’s foods are live, always in perfect balance and easily digestible.

Unrefined: We work with only pure, natural ingredients. The core of the GLOW BIO program is the Glowing Green Smoothie, which retains the integrity of the whole vegetables and fruits, with both the fiber and juice intact, the way the ingredients are grown in nature. All that we do is blend these ingredients to make them even more easily digestible in the body.

We only use pure stevia and raw coconut nectar (a low fructose product) as sweeteners, and never use agave, which is an extremely high fructose product, which can lead to health issues, weight gain and accelerated advance glycation end products (which may be a precursor to wrinkles), and is not a whole food found in nature. Instead agave usually has to undergo extensive processing to arrive in a sweet liquid syrup form, which may involve many chemicals and/or heating processes. We do not use processed soy products such as texturized vegetable protein, soy protein isolates or soy milk, nor highly refined dairy products such as whey protein, whey protein isolates or low-fat skim milk powders, which are commonly the base of many smoothies out there. We use minimal oils, as oils are also not naturally found in nature separate from a whole food form. Natural ingredients in their natural state are the foundational ingredients that make up our products.

I personally taught the nutrition and philosophy part of the training of our wonderful Brand Ambassadors, who you will meet when you come into GLOW BIO! We taped it, so it is available for future team members as well. After all, who better to teach my own philosophy than well…me!

Digest: This critical middle step between the input and output of the body is the energy- exhaustive process of digestion, which determines how fully (or not) whatever you ingest can be fully utilized by you body. Utilizing powerful digestive enhancers that work with body’s natural biochemistry, Glow products optimize digestion, ensuring that you obtain the maximum amount of nutrition while saving the maximum amount of energy from digestion.

Pre-hydrated: We pre-hydrate certain ingredients in water or other liquids, to put them into an optimal state for digestion and awakening their enzymes and other nutrients, and/or to prepare them for sprouting. Pre-hydrating creates a gel full of soluble and insoluble fiber that helps to greatly enhance cleansing by sweeping debris out of your system and provide you with long-burning energy. If such ingredients were not pre-hydrated, instead of being cleansing they would actually be dehydrating, by pulling excess fluids out of your digestive tract as they moved through it.  Our bodies are over 70% water, and eating pre-hydrated and water-containing foods are naturally in sync with the biological makeup of our bodies, and will help to promote vibrant, complete health.

Activated: Glow Bio foods are awakened with natural aliveness and enzymes that may be dormant until they are purposely awakened. Part of activation includes sprouting, which is the miraculous, transitional time when foods in a seed form are awakened into a living form, and begin to multiply their nutritive value of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids as well as enzymes, which supply abundant plant protein and many other nutrients needed to sustain the mature plant. We also up the enzyme factor of certain products with the addition of bee pollen, which is an extremely enzyme-rich product (if from the right source).

Probiotic: Much of your health and beauty is rooted in your gut (which is also where about 80% of your immunity resides), and in your balance of inner bacteria. Adults have over 400 different strains of friendly bacteria within the gut. As your inner balance of good bacteria is restored in the body, you increase your health and vibrance in many ways. You are better able to shed excess weight, your skin will improve and your energy will become more vibrant. Digestion and liver function will improve, as well as vitamin synthesis (especially the manufacturing of B vitamins), the absorption of nutrients, resistance to allergies, bloating. When there is an overbalance of unfriendly bacteria in your system and the percentage of friendly bacteria diminishes, it creates a condition known as dysbiosis, which is the basis for bad health and accelerated aging. Many Glow products are fortified with natural probiotics.

Manifest: The results of ingesting and efficiently digesting Glow Bio-foods are health and beauty, which are truly synonymous. A healthy body has no obstructions to the expression of its own life force, which extends to healthy blood, joints, bones and all other tissues. Glow Bio Foods defines beauty not in a superficial way, but as external proof of abundant minerals and nutrients distributed throughout your cellular tissues, and visible through glowing skin, healthy hair and bright eyes. Vigor is also created in your body, which is defined as superb strength and energy, and being able to move in a powerful way and having a powerful presence. Vibrant youthfulness is also obtained, which is independent of chronological age but rather decided on biological age, ie how youthful your internal organs can be maintained. You can create all these outward manifestations from strengthening your body’s balance from the inside out with GLOW BIO.

 We are opening NEXT WEEK. Stay tuned. Tune in and visit us on www.MyGlowBio.com.

 7473 Melrose Avenue (Cross Gardner). West Hollywood, CA 90046

 I will see you at there at GLOW BIO! Start GLOWing today with us.