I am thrilled to announce that my first organic smoothie & juice bar, Glow Bio is officially open!

In the last few days since we’ve opened, it’s been a pretty surreal experience. I’ve gotten to meet and talk to lots of awesome people in the Beauty Detox community that are living the Beauty Detox lifestyle! It’s like seeing the contents of the book come to life and start walking around. Living on its own! It has been moving and amazing for me. I’ve met people that are changing their lives with this information- losing tons of weight, getting off medications that their body doesn’t need anymore to run properly, improving their digestion and skin, having more energy and in general enjoying their life more. It is wonderful and thrilling and humbling for me to hear, as a channel for this information to flow through. May we all continue to grow and support each other on the path.

More beloved clients, Ben Stiller and wife Christine Taylor at our party, trying all our drinks!

And seeing my green smoothie recipes available in a public space has been a trip. Usually I only get to make them for my clients, and really only get to regularly talk to clients, people on a set, and to you guys only in cyberspace through the blog comments, FB and Twitter (BTW I know I’ve been slow to answer some as it has been nuts. But I will get around to it!). But now I get to talk to everyone about the inspiration behind the recipes and their benefits. And just meet everyone, which I love!

Drew (beautiful inside and out) and I at the launch party of Glow Bio!

You know how “they” say life is a big adventure and you don’t know what you’ll get next? Well opening Glow Bio is a case in point! For the last many years, I backpacked around the world, took a pause, and then started traveling quite vigorously again, but the latter times as a nutritionist, traveling with clients around the country and world for film and press work.

So creating a brick & mortar store in the heart of Melrose, Los Angeles, is something that is very contrary to my free-flying lifestyle. It’s a different experience for me to feel that a physical space is quite permanent in my life (as much as possible in this life anyway). I’ve had my place in NY for a while, but I end up leaving from it for long periods. Here, Glow Bio really feels like a home base to me where I will be circling around for a long while, like a honing station, though I’ll also be traveling back and forth to NY and other places as well as I need to.

Kate Mara and Jenna Dewan-Tatum- my girly girls!

Every day Glow Bio grows and develops! We added these benches I found that are made from reclaimed wood from Jodhpur, India. You can see a thousand different paint colors on them; a fading memory of multiple elaborate Indian festivals the benches have lived through. I love their energy. The bee pollen at Glow is sourced fresh from my beekeeper. The recipes are all packaged into bundles according to the goal you would like to focus on- whether it is enhancing energy, increasing beauty, supporting a fitness regimen, weight loss, or creating overall balance. I highly recommend the Glowing Green Foundation, which includes the GGS, our LemonAid Probiotic shot, the GGJ and Power Green cold-pressed juice. The menu is designed so that I can truly be a nutritionist and friend to everyone that steps into Glow Bio.

benches made from reclaimed wood from Jodhpur, India

It’s not to say that it’s been a dandy journey with no hitches. Like anything in life, there has been sunshine and thunderstorms. The builder built our cabinets to the wrong specs and they had to be redone. Our signage came in wrong due to a glitch in our proof, and now we have to get that redone also. Our phone just started working today! And no, the full website isn’t up yet (should be this week though). Our awning isn’t coming for a while, and neither is the middle counter of our open kitchen. But I’ve been working on embracing the process- and yes, it has been a process! It’s a yogic lesson in non-attachment. Watching Glow Bio unfold and come to life as a safe space for health and a happy community space has been really amazing. We are gearing up in the near future for deliveries in LA and soon after deliveries nationwide for all our products and cleanse packages. So don’t worry non-LA beauties, stay tuned for that.

The gorgeous Dita Von Teese and I

Please come visit us if you are in LA, and please share it with friends and family in LA! We are at 7473 Melrose (cross Gardner). We have an outdoor patio too ☺ . See you here!

With much love and gratitude,

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