The holidays are here again! I went to get a new warm winter coat as a present for my mother at the Beverly Center here in Los Angeles last night, and I was struck by the vast, enormous inventory of simply stuff everywhere, but particularly packed into Bloomingdales and other department stores. When I saw the endless racks of clothes, perfume, cosmetics and more, I started thinking about how much we spend and focus on all the external stuff.

Hey, I love shoes too, but it remains a fact that nothing is really more important than the stuff you can’t buy. This is especially true of the quality time you spend with your family and friends, which is directly influenced by their health, and ability to fully express their full potential in this world.

That’s why I have a very, very short holiday gift guide this year. While some things are important (like warm coats!), how much stuff do we really need in general? Will that extra pair of golf shoes, a few extra dress shirts, or another bottle of perfume really matter in a few years? What about giving that person a gift that will help themselves to become healthier, possibly help to prevent degenerative diseases, help them to have more energy, perhaps avoid having to live with certain medications, and all around help improve the quality of their life?

That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend the gift of a Vitamix this holiday season for a loved one or for your own family. Yes, I understand it is expensive. But if you add up some other gifts and things that maybe you can cut back on spending, perhaps it is doable. They also have refurbished ones you can buy that are less expensive but still work great. By giving this gift, you will be giving the gift of health and quality of life. What’s better than that?

1. Vitamix

I remember when I got my first Vitamix, it was after my around the world journey. I couldn’t afford much, but I cut back as much as I could in other areas- made all my own food at home, practiced yoga at home sometimes instead of going to class, etc. and my boyfriend at the time and I were able to scrape together the money to get a refurbished one. It changed my life. And I now don’t remember the other stuff I couldn’t get when I cut back saved up to buy it.

If you want to take the plunge and get one, with these links you will automatically receive free shipping!. The one I use and love is the classic 5200. I prefer to control the settings myself on a dial, rather than the models with set settings (green smoothie, vegetable soup, plant based diet etc.).

But…to be balanced, here are a few other things I like:

2. Sally B’s Skin Yummies

The Sally B’s Skin Yummies Stocking Stuffing Gift Bag. It contains my favorite mineral Get Even finishing powder (I still get oily in LA, believe it or not), and I love the lip yummy flavor of Mints in Harmony.

Happy, healthy holidays.

Wishing you love, peace and health during this holiday season.