I’ve mentioned to you before how grateful I am for the Beauty Detox lifestyle- it hasn’t just helped my clients, or you, my readers, but it has pretty much saved me personally. These pictures are going to tell you my story.


If there is hope for this super ruddy-faced, zit-covered gal, there is hope for you too! :)

As you can see from these pictures in my early 20’s, I was the perfect “before” test case. I had to have my mom dig up these pictures- they are not in my apartment in NY or my home in LA. I don’t exactly keep them around to show off to friends or my fiancé.

They are painful to look at…because I can acutely remember that time in my life, when I was sinking. I was eating all the wrong foods, even as I tried to eat the “right” way to lose weight, but I continued to gain weight and have worse and worse acne. Looking back, I can see now that I had low self-esteem, and I didn’t really like myself.

As you can see from that picture on the left, I used to have acne in all areas of my face, from my forehead, to cheeks and chin. It wasn’t concentrated in one area. Back then I was eating lots of cheese (yes, lots!), coffee (black, or soy milk cappuccinos), olive oil-drenched salads, whole wheat bread and regularly drinking beer.

The redness/rosacea in my face was a chronic occurrence, probably due to surges of gluten intake and clogging foods, and not to mention the dairy and acne correlation. I was heavily constipated, only going to the bathroom a few times a week, if that.

kimbeforeafter4In the picture to the left, you can see that I was um, just a wee bit heavier.  In fact, around that time, I gained 25 pounds. With my body type, it didn’t deposit heavily in my belly (though admittedly a roll did develop), but what really fattened up were my hips and thighs.

My arms swelled larger also. What were some of my main foods? Yes, cheese sandwiches and paninis, falafel wraps, egg white omelets, Chinese food dishes, veggie dishes with lots of olive oil.

It wasn’t sweet stuff I craved (though I did eat chocolate sometimes), but as you can see, it was more fatty/dairy-type dishes, or high oil-containing stuff. Oh! In both “before” pictures, my hair is in a bun. I never wore it down, because it was so coarse and unhealthy that it made it impossible for me to do so.

What’s interesting is that I didn’t think I was eating bad per se, but with when you looked at my worsening skin and hair, widening body (I had to keep buying bigger pants sizes), and dulling eyes, there was no denying it.

I counted calories during this time, and wrote it all down in a little notebook. I couldn’t understand how I couldn’t lose the weight when I only stuck to 1500-1800 calories a day, plus went running a few times a week.

I started with protein (egg whites) in the morning, then had “balanced” meals with low-fat cheese and whole wheat bread and the “good” oil- the olive oil! All the stuff I read about it the fitness magazines. Why was I still big and zit-faced?!

My boyfriend at the time went on Atkins, and so I tried it too- eating chicken and fish throughout the day. Things got worse for me, and I got more bloated and constipated.IMAG2336

Fast forward to now. Between then and now it’s been a long journey that I talk about in the books and in various blogs here.

It involved an around the world, 3-year journey, and an incredible amount of learning and studying in lots of traditional and non-traditional ways.

I’ve worked really hard to change my old eating habits and give up some of the foods (cheese!) that I used to think I could never live without.

I made the gradual, then full transition to what is now today known as the Beauty Detox lifestyle.

I cut out cheese, started having more greens, took a detour into an all raw diet for a few years, then starting noticing bad symptoms again- heaviness, excessively oily skin, weight creeping up. Again, I adjusted.

Today I follow the Beauty Detox principles just as I teach you to do. I don’t focus on restriction, but I focus on drinking fiber-filled GGS, fiber-filled salads and tons of veggies, keeping meals simple and cutting out processed foods not found in nature and that nature did not intend for us to consume, like concentrated oils stripped from their whole food-based form and dairy. I cook simply and enjoy lots of Beauty Foods.

So you see, when I talk about getting past cravings or improving bad skin from diet, or losing weight without counting calories, I speak from personal experience. I have been there too. Pictures are powerful. I am a visual person.

I am happy that my publisher agreed to make Beauty Detox Foods full-color with pictures, because I wanted to share happy pictures of me cooking, doing yoga, and relaxing in the grass on a picnic (that’s my real fiance’s lap by the way!).

I hope you see the pictures, and me, as a friend that is inspiring you to realize that you too can make great progress and improve, and that you are incredibly powerful. But now you get to see the beginning pics, the starting point.

I wish I had put some of these in the book too, but I honestly didn’t think of it at the time. Oh well, they are here now, and you can see for your own eyes, that Beauty Detox is for everyone, for householders everywhere like you and me.

With love, your friend,


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