Hey Guys,

It makes me SO happy when you write or leave comments here about the changes you’ve noticed since you started the Beauty Detox lifestyle!! You have no idea. When you experience improved digestion, more energy, and a boosted immune system, but you can also see changes on the outside. Your skin will start glowing and become smoother, your eyes will brighten, excess weight will start falling off and stay off, your nails will get stronger, and your hair will become more strong and shiny. You feel—and look—better than you have in years. These are results that are available to ALL. They are the birthright of each and every one of us because our bodies have incredible regenerative capabilities and potential.

Well…now I want to feature you here so we can all cheer you along and get inspired together as a community! Each month, I’ll choose a new reader whose story I’ll share here along with before and after photos. I want to hear all about how you’ve changed your life, started feeling more beautiful, and how you’ve incorporated the Beauty Detox tips into your busy lifestyle- to show others how it can definitely be done even with work, school, family, and other obligations!

Indulge us in all the details about the changes you’ve made and the effects they’ve had on your life so far. Your personal journey of transformation can motivate and inspire others to change their lifestyle and become healthier, happier people.

Just send me an email with your story and your before and after photos to transformation@kimberlysnyder.net. I can’t wait to share them! Thanks for being part of our community. I feel so grateful and honored to be part of it, and to personally be part of the group of before and after Beauty Detox success stories.

Much love to you,