I just got back from an incredible and super fun trip to London and Paris that I wanted to share with you. Take a few minutes to live the trip with me!

What was so special about the trip for me was that the last few times I’ve been to London, it has been to support clients on movie press tours as their nutritionist. But this trip was actually about my own stuff- and getting to talk about my philosophy and work and books. What an honor and a dream to be discussing it across the pond!!

Above, I had a meeting with my whole publishing office over there, to explain the philosophy to them firsthand. I love them all, and they all got to try the Glowing Green Smoothie made in my vitamix blender that traveled all the way across the Atlantic, many of them for the first time! I so appreciate their support over there.


Yes, they still have these classic phone booths. Tally ho!

During the press tour, we had drivers to take us to all the different interviews and appointments all over London. So we got to see so much the whole time, which was a real blessing.

london resize3

Here are some pics from a public demo of the Glowing Green Smoothie recipe and
short discussion I gave in Sloane Square.





Then on to doing radio shows!


Walking around Soho to editor and journalist meetings there at The Century Club. Oh and by the way, did I mention every day we were in London it was sunny and warm?!!


In one of London’s many parks doing videos for various websites…


And in between meetings we drove by Buckingham Palace. Ok, that doesn’t happen in LA or NY. Here I am, just passing by a huge palace between interviews, laa di daa! :)

Above- the Queen’s guards, and below, the beautiful statues in front of the palace.


How striking does Big Ben look against the clear blue sky?


Below, here I am with the absolutely lovely and spirited Lisa, who is part of the marketing team that works with my publisher. We are having lunch in a bright little corner of Covent Gardens between appointments. I got a big huge green salad and a dairy-free potato and leek soup.




Walking up to (one of) the gates of Kensington Palace.


More radio…and video interviews!


I love the ubiquitous “Underground” signs. I also love how it’s referred to as the “tube”, but people pronounce it as “chuube”!


What else was I eating? Well one night we found this amazing vegetarian Indian restaurant. I got a lentil and potato dosa, and shared daal and some aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower) with rice. I always take my digestive enzymes with me. I am really strict with no dairy no matter what, no matter where I am, but when traveling I will be more lax about things like white rice, which I wouldn’t eat at home very often.

I also found lots of quinoa! It is invading London I think. Two different restaurants had it- and I asked them to toss it with greens to make me enormous (as you can see!) quinoa-greens salad. Beet salads, non-dairy veggie curries, hummus were all easy to find everywhere as well.


Kensington Gardens!


Ok so when you’re in London you have to go to some pubs. How can you not? It’s part of the local culture! As you know, I am not a huge beer drinker, but when I was there I did indulge in my favorite beer, which was on draft- Guinness! I do admit I love the taste. We had a blast, and I definitely don’t worry about some treats here and there. As long as you follow the big picture most of the time, you can enjoy your life too, and those treats won’t set you back. :)


At Press Association, like the version of the US’s, “Associated Press” for interviews.


Harrod’s at night. Spectacular! London I love you so much!!

But now on to…Paris!


Is there anything better than Paris on a sunny day?

Yes! A sunny day NOT in the peak of the tourist season, as we were lucky enough to find ourselves in. I couldn’t have created a better time to be there.


Starting the day with a leisurely day sitting at an outdoor cafe, chilling and people watching, which is one of the prime activities in Paris. I think it’s absolutely great! What’s with all the rushing around us Americans always do all day?? I think we could all really learn from these European practices, especially just going to the cafe.

Crepes all around… but for me, a huge salad with haricots verts (green beans), beets and avocado. Yummy!



I’ve never seen the Louvre be so…uncrowded. Ah, magnifique, being outside in the amazing weather surrounded by centuries’ old vaults of some of the world’s best artwork!



I could not help but visit this chocolate shop we found, L’Atelier Du Chocolate, where I met the owner and chocalatier herself (imagine if you made chocolate treats for a living!). I explained we wanted dark chocolate “sans lait” (no milk) and she led us to her bins of the most amazing, dark chocolates ever.



Arc de Triomphe!




Oops this is a bit out of order, but this is walking through part of the Louvre, where you can see the enclosed sculpture gardens and see the pyramid peaking through outside!



I absolutely love the “green back” book sellers, which line the banks of the Seine. I could spend hours sorting through the old books and goodies (and I did!).


Notre Dame, oldest church in Paris, in all her glory!

london resize3

Okay here is what we ate for dinner one night. Yes, at a leisurely outdoor cafe- my favorite way of dining! I WILL indulge in some gluten here and again, especially when I am traveling. I just take digestive enzymes and don’t worry about it. It’s not like I eat it every day…and I was in Paris!

Here, I started with a big green salad. And then shared spaghetti puttanesca (with no anchovy), and a cheese-less pizza with tons of veggies and topped with raw arugula. Oh yes, and a delicious red wine. Hmm, hmm!!


Here I am, a little sleepy-eyed after waking up from a nap on the lawns at the base of the Eiffel Tower. It was like waking up…and still being in the dream!

I hope you enjoyed taking the journey with me. I hope you are inspired to see that A) Our community is growing worldwide, and we are all connected and stronger by it! B) You can follow Beauty Detox principles no matter where you are, and still enjoy your life. Pick and choose the most important things that are in your control (always start with green salad, no dairy, take digestive enzymes along with you, avoid heavy oily salad dressing, etc.). Guinness and spaghetti are not things you have to give up forever…just don’t eat them every week! And enjoy when you do. :)

A toute a l’heure! Love, Kimberly