Today I have a quick tutorial for you on how to get into a basic yoga handstand, without the help of a wall for support.  It may be a bit daunting for some of you at first, but remember to always push yourself to move away from your comfort zone and push your limits.  

If you’re new, absolutely use a wall for a while, keeping your hands a few inches from the wall. If you’re game to try in the middle of the room, move the furniture! It might take years to get into handstand (I think it took me 3 years from when I started practicing), but keep trying and your body will learn it, so long as you keep the right form.

If you’re advanced and want to learn how to do a handstand with no kicking up at all, check out the second video.

This always reminds me of pregnant ladies (ones only a few months in lol!) who try to do handstands, and it was so funny watching them. Afterwords, we would always chat and I would tell them about what foods to eat while pregnant and they would always complain about cutting back on sugars, but I always told them “there is hope!”

Hope you find this video helpful!