Many of you have asked me on Twitter and Instagram how I do my hair, so I thought I’d put together a quick video to show you step by step.

The truth is that usually, I just let me hair dry naturally, and do nothing. I am blessed with thick, naturally wavy/curly hair. I’m a huge advocate of letting your hair be its natural texture. Now, I can’t believe that I used to get it blow-dried straight in the past!! Whatever your hair is like, I say go with it instead of fighting it (at least some of the time!).

That being said, more defined curls are super fun to have sometimes. This is a great trick and can be done the night before, so you wake up with big, beautiful curls just in time for work, school, or whatever you’ve got going on for the day.  In fact, I do this the night before early regional shows sometimes, when I know there is no hair and makeup there. This topic was top of mind for me, since earlier this week I burned my arm on my curling iron when I curled my hair quickly, and so now I’m feeling anti-curling iron and pro organic-makeup brands. :)

Hope you try it out this weekend. xx Kimberly