Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! While every day is truly the chance to evolve, right now is a particularly fresh and exciting time where the collective consciousness is supporting the energy of regeneration and starting anew.

Now that the celebrations have settled I wanted to write to you about shifting your attention inward, and focusing on some ideas to help you achieve your goals this year.

Let’s jump right into it:

1. What are your goals and dreams?


Do you really know them yourself? It is really key that you write them out in specific terms. Sure you may want a “better job” or to “lose some weight” this year but what does that really mean, anyway? Do you want to land an entry-level job to get started in public relations or music, because those are fields you love? Or do you want to become a regional manager in your office? Do you want to lose 5 pounds or do you mean that you want to get fit and toned, and shed toxins from your fat cells in the process of shedding 10 pounds or more?

If you are not specific in what you want to achieve, you cannot attract or create it into your life. If you haven’t already, take some time to think about what you really want. Let yourself dream and visualize what you’d like to achieve, being open to your feelings without imposing boundaries or limitations.

Once you have the dreams clear, write down the goals that you would like to achieve this year in definite terms. For instance, if you dream of being financially free this year, you might feel now the lightness and freedom associated with that. Your goals could be that you experience a promotion in your position at your job. Or that you create another stream of income tutoring kids, which you love to do. This gives you something tangible to focus your creative powers on.

In order to achieve this in a fully authentic and Aligned way (the first step in the Realize Yourself process), it is essential to be still and listen to yourself and your true feelings. Self-reference feedback is key to ensuring you are desiring what is in alignment with your true self, versus feeding or strengthening your ego. For instance, many people who simply desire fame and to be known for its own sake, are really seeking validation and to be loved. But if you instead focus on serving or connecting with others, you would have more love flowing through you and be able to experience more love in your life.

Be as specific as possible, and write it down. I like to photocopy my goals and put them in places I always see them and am reminded of them- such as in my bathroom and next to my bed. When you look at them, ideally daily, allow yourself to feel the feelings you will feel when you do achieve your goals.

2. Focus on positivity, even if you have to force yourself at first.


You have to remove doubt, worry and uncertainty from your mind, even if in the past you have been too timid to dream of your goals…the past is gone! Now is the time to grasp the unlimited creative power within you.

You don’t have to know all the details for getting there exactly. In fact, it’s better to be definite in what you want and allow your deeper intelligence to work on figuring out solutions you perhaps haven’t figure out yet consciously. It is okay to not know exactly how you are going to get there! Have faith in your intentions and creative power.

If you send out the energy of doubt it cancels out the energy and focus you have for creating and defining your actual goals. Any time doubt creeps in, exhale out strongly and focus on your breath for a moment, to help clear your mind. Expect the outcome to come about with confidence and optimism.

3. Meditate.


I believe this is the most worthwhile activity you can engage in, and that it will make all other activities and pursuits in your life more successful, including being happy, material success, being a mother/father, spiritual understanding, etc.

Great spiritual masters teach that if you are only conscious of the material world, you will only be able to draw resources from there, which is limited in every way. But if you tap into the creative power of Spirit, God, the Universe, the Divine, Consciousness–whatever you want to call it–you will tap into the unlimited core of life itself, of which you are part. And you will see that you really have no limits, both in what you can do, achieve and in the personal transformations you can make.

I started meditating when I found my Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, in India the first time I journeyed there. But you don’t have to go to India to learn to meditate, or wait until you find the internal spanda, or pulse of inspiration, to find a guru necessarily. I can share with you that meditation has transformed every aspect of my life, and my entire perspective of life itself. I am still evolving and growing every day of course. But it has given me focus, awareness, a deeper understanding. It is an incredible tool that is always there for peace and tapping back into what is most important and real, when the swirl of chaos of daily life is pulling you in a million different ways.

Meditation takes many forms and there are many techniques by many different Masters and teachers. The simplest way to start is to begin a basic practice of setting aside at least 3-5 minutes in the morning and before bedtime to be still, to listen to your breath coming in and out of your nose. Let your palms rest facing up so remain open to deeper knowing. Keep your spine straight, and bring your attention back to your breath when your mind wanders.

But if you are called to learn very definite and scientific techniques of meditation, I suggest you do the Lessons of Paramahansa Yogananda. They are Lessons that are mailed you every two weeks, a few pages each, to walk you through meditation techniques and ways of conducting your lifestyle. They have supported me immeasurably on my path.

No matter what path you choose, going inward is key. Our world is so fast and loud and will throw your nervous system and focus off quickly, if you aren’t vigilant. Meditating and going within allows you to “reset” and realign with the true essence of consciousness, which you are. This is the way to access the full potential of your power.

4. Include others’ happiness in your goals.

includeothersYour goals and dreams will be much more powerful if they include supporing the welfare of others. Create ways to help others in your work and pursuits. For instance, if you are a mom, maybe a goal is to create a mom’s fitness group where you can hike or walk together with your strollers, so not only are you getting in shape/losing the baby weight, but you are helping other mothers feel connected and uplifted as well. Maybe you want to spread kindness at work to the other employees by being a peaceful and inspired manager.

This can take on many infinite forms. Feel how it fits into your specific goals.

5. Live the life.

IMG_3255What I mean by this is that you have to life a lifestyle that is in support of all aspects of you and your body as you pursue your goals. You need every strength you can to be aligned with your creative focus. Why diminish your power?

It starts with right diet. If your body is toxic, it will diminish your energy and cloud your higher thinking abilities. We give plenty of resources here to support you with that, including with the Beauty Detox Solution, and lots of blog posts, and I encourage you to start applying them to your life.

Besides diet, look at other habits that may be holding you back. Are you drinking alcohol too much, so that deep down you aren’t feeling good anymore about it? I’m only giving examples (based on personal experience and feedback from my clients). Only YOU know what you need to adjust in your lifestyle.

But sometimes you have to be honest with yourself, and stand up, which may be a little hard at first. It may involve spending less time with certain energy-sucking people, or avoiding situations (like regular bars or hangouts you went in the past), where you smoke, drink, watch negative television shows, whatever, that aren’t serving you anymore. I used to watch this certain reality show based on a bunch of women. At first I would say to myself, “It’s all in fun. It’s like watching a train wreck!” But then I started noticing that the drama was actually bringing negativity into my life, even by just witnessing it. So I stopped watching.


Remember that all aspects of your life are connected. There are not some parts that are isolated from others. So I encourage you to examine your life holistically, and ensure that all parts are aligned to support your evolution, and Realizing Yourself, which is the ultimate goal to tap into all creative power and consciousness.

I hope this has inspired you on your path. I do want the best for you. I know that as you grow, you will inspire and help others around you grow also, and together we will raise the consciousness of the planet and be able to support each other.

2014 is truly going to be amazing!

I send my love,