The beloved is everyone.

                                    ~ Rumi

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is this week. If you are single, it might not be your favorite holiday (to put it politely), and even if you are coupled up, it may be full of expectations and stress and never pan out exactly how you envisioned. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and by “that way” I mean the cheesy/depressing/expensive/annoying/crowded-at-your-favorite restaurant holiday you may associate it as being.

You can shift your perspective about Valentine’s Day to make it be about fostering self-love. Seriously! Instead of thinking of elaborate, expensive plans with your significant other or friends, why not treat February 14 to love, honor and treat YOURSELF too!

Who says you need a date to celebrate this special day?  Make the time to take care of yourself, honoring your unique and beautiful self, and being good to yourself.  The foundation for any successful relationship blossoms when you realize this.

I’m a firm believer in the importance of carving out several days a month to treat yourself, but Valentine’s Day is a good day to start if you haven’t already! Create some reflective, alone time that day, where you can just breathe and re-assess where you are and what you’d like to shift, or where you need to de-stress. There’s no reason Valentine’s Day has to be about couples. It can be about anything YOU make it to be about. So choose to make it positive and about loving yourself. I am going to actually be apart from my husband this V Day for work commitments, but instead of pouting and being all “boo hoo” about it, I plan to use the day to pamper myself and have extra time for myself. :)

I also wanted to share a few great ways to pamper and spoil yourself- that I love to do myself:

1) Vapour Spirit No 1

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.42.59 AM

Changing up your perfume is a simple way to boost your mood and feel sexy.  I love this one by Vapour: it’s a seductive scent with a hint of citrus, and comes in solid perfume stick, which means I can toss it in my bag, easily apply whenever I need a pick-me-up, and not have to worry about it spilling anywhere. I love that it’s non-toxic, as most perfume contains a chemical concoction of “fragrance”. Just apply on your pulse points and feel more magnetic and sexy instantly!

2) K/LLER COLLECTION Brass Pistol Double V Necklace


Who says you need to wait around for your boyfriend or husband to buy you jewelry?  Adding an understated necklace like this one from K/LLER COLLECTION is an easy way to dress up or revamp an old outfit.  When purchasing jewelry and accessories, I always make sure it’s a versatile piece that will compliment the outfits and colors in my closet.

You can toss this longer necklace on just about anything from sweaters to long shirts, and it looks great with blazers and crop jean jackets (which get a lot of rotation in my closet!). It just looks so cool, doesn’t it?


3) K/LLER COLLECTION Ghost Peak Pendant


Another great piece from K/LLER COLLECTION.  It’s a bit pricey, but if you’re looking to splurge, it’s a really great piece! The brighter color of this necklace makes it truly stand out against color you pair it with (especially black), and I love the unique shape.

It’s a beautiful statement necklace without being “too much.” I absolutely adore it.


4) Bohemi + Chic Leather Feather Earrings



Another great accessory!  These gold leather hand-cut feather earrings are made from materials ethically sourced from around the world. They are super soft, and light as, well, a feather! They are hand cut. Such an easy way to dress up any outfit. I put them on the other day and even my dad commented on them, which is a good sign that they are indeed attention-grabbing.

4) A donation to Gardens for Health International


By now you probably know how special the Gardens for Health International  (GHI) is to me.  This amazing charity works with the people of Rwanda to ensure they have the proper skills, resources, and knowledge necessary to create sustainable nutrition for the families and children there.

There’s no better way to feel good about yourself than to share good and spread love to others. So instead of dragging yourself out to somewhere you don’t really want to go on V Day and spending moola you didn’t really want to spend, why don’t you (and a friend?!) make a donation to GHI and just hang at home, drinking an herbal tea or watching a fun girly movie together (or by yourself). You’ll know in your heart you are helping these amazing people, which is the completely awesome.

The more love you put out the more love you will attract.


5) Glow Bio Cleanse

download-6 (1) copy

One of the best ways to take care of yourself is by starting with your health of course!  Glow Bio’s cleanses are strategically designed by yours truly :), and they start and end with the fiber-filled, blood sugar stabilizing GGS, and also contain lots of boosters and probiotic-enhanced cold-pressed juices to help flush out water weight, clear toxins and waste from your system, get great start to getting your digestive system back on track, and “resetting” your system to help set up for better lifestyle habits!

All our cleanses are 100% organic. I plan to do one this month as well as I feel I need to clear out a bit from some heavier foods I’ve indulged in a bit lately!

6) Raw Cacao Truffles


Um, yes I’m following up cleansing with a treat, but (but!) these truffles are made without dairy or any processed ingredients, and cacao is even know to promote feelings of love and joy by tapping into the energy of your heart chakra.  I love making these as gifts for loved ones, but of course it’s nice to treat yourself to tasty truffles too.  You can roll them with love for yourself, as you deserve it of course. Here is my recipe:


  •  1/2 cup raw cacao powder
  • 1  cups ground raw almonds
  • 1/4 cup raw coconut nectar or maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp. stevia
  • 1/2 Tbs. organic coconut butter
  • Pinch of Celtic sea salt
  • 1/3 cup shredded, dried unsweetened coconut flakes (optional)

Combine all the ingredients except for the coconut flakes in a large bowl and mix thoroughly. Roll up your sleeves, take a small amount of the mixture, and roll small balls between your palms. Add your love! Dip each ball in a separate smaller bowl containing the coconut flakes.

Freeze overnight to harden the truffles. I keep them frozen until they are ready to serve.


6) A subscription to the New Yorker


Curling up to a good read is a fantastic way to relax and spend some quality “me time.”  I’m always reading at least a few books at a time, but I also love The New Yorker.  You’ll find some really great, interesting reads there on a range of topics, as well as short fiction pieces.  I usually have an issue in my purse for whenever I have some down time in line or just need a break.


7) Peonies


The peony has long been used in feng shui as a cure for love & romance.

Try getting some peonies from your local florist and decorating your apartment or bedroom with them, especially if you are looking to attract new love this year. By the way, be sure you have two bedstands on each side of your bed, which signifies you are ready for a relationship if you are single, or that you looking to create a balanced, healthy relationship, if you are committed.


Have fun with these tips this week, and have an amazing Valentine’s Day filled with love. As I hope you can see, it doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship. Make the day about love, and especially self-love, and it will be a beautiful day no matter what.

Sending love from my heart to yours,