I am finishing up my time in Korea and wanted to share one last picture post with you. The pics say a lot, so I’ll keep the writing brief. So hopefully you can just feel what the energy of being here is like! Take a breath, and come on the trip with me now…

I have enjoyed so many aspects of being in this fascinating land with ancient history. I love that Seoul has retained areas with traditional houses and doors, like pictured here in Bukshan Village. The architecture uses what is called geomantic principles to be in harmony with the elements and nature, and the structure of homes feel really harmonious.  As in Feng Shui, it just feels comfortable and as if everything just flows!




It is rare to feel space and a closeness to nature in a big city, but that is possible in Seoul. John and I climbed to the top of Mount Bukasan in Seoul, overlooking the city. There is a whole forest to walk through, and you feel immersed in nature, as if a big city were very far away. I even saw a pretty big red snake in the forest, next to our path!


I have enjoyed eating the Temple Food we found… when I think of Korean food I think of little wooden and porcelain dishes to hold banchan side dishes, composed of so many variations of veggie dishes.


We visited Olympic Stadium one day. The Seoul games were a beautiful example of how the Olympics helped to promote the city, but they were not too over the top. They used some existing structures, and on the grounds are an ancient tomb site, the site of an ancient civilization, and a museum housing the relics, as well as a lot of walking grounds and paths, trees and gardens. Today the site it is used by many people and families in Seoul as a gathering, fitness and social area.


I loved visiting the temples. This one is on a Buddhist temple site that is 1200 years old, though parts have been rebuilt.



La dee dah! Biking along the Han River. It goes for miles, and behind me are what they call the “Floating Islands.” I love biking in cities- as you get glimpses of the local life whizzing past.


These two imposing statues right in the middle of Seoul are of a famous admiral and king, the latter of which is credited with being behind the creation of the Korean language.




Veggie banchan! Bitter greens and yams are my favorite ones. Our one local restaurant (see the pic of the ladies below) would give me many portions of each, so that it was like a full meal- even though they are typically considered side dishes. :)



I sure did drink a lot of tea in Korea! Ginseng and hydrangea especially, but I explored so many different kinds.




The traditional, very graceful dance has thousands of years of history behind its movements and expression.


Nighttime is like a circus in Seoul!


I loved observing these women planting a new garden, and hearing them chatter away to the other women next to them. They were each in their own little worlds!


Here’s what I would load up with at the breakfast buffet (which had a lot of savory items), which I would eat or sometimes take to blend in my room to make a version of GGS!


Hiking in the mountains at the edge of Seoul you can get a sense how there is so much nature in the big city.


Again, I am so thrilled and grateful we were there for cherry blossom season. There is something truly magical about the blossoms. Beautiful gifts God gave us to enjoy and remind us of the infinite beauty everywhere!


Here are the ladies that cooked for us so many times in the tiny, hole in the wall restaurant where we sat on the floor and communicated by pointing and laughing!



So much writing, journaling, meditating. My mind has expanded and more consciousness has been able to come forth, and I am very grateful for this space to work on that.




Look at this little cutie! The children here are gorgeous.


Palaces and dragons and sacred spaces…


I have enjoyed studying and learning so much about different plants, green vegetables, beauty practices and more. I visited many markets, gardens, and some herbalists, among part of my learning experience.

I hope you have enjoyed coming on this journey with me through Korea for the past 3 weeks! It has been truly special.

Please check out the other pic blogs and the Youtube videos we have been posting of the trip, so you can meet the people here in person on video. We have another one going out this week!

I wish you all the best. Make today a great day, and do something that makes you look at things in a new way, even if it is just walking or driving home a slightly different way or picking up a new spice from the grocery store you’ve never used before. :) There is magic everywhere, if you look.

Lots of love,