As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been more active on the blog as I travel the world. It’s been such a blast! Already, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Italy, South Korea and Thailand, and there are many more beautiful destinations on my journey.


The Atlas Mountains, Morocco- an adventure about two years ago :)

Each week, I’m posting a travel diary filled with beautiful pictures, a new recipe, my YouTube video, a detailed health/information post, our podcast and sometimes even more.

First and foremost, let me just say that it is a real honor and I really love being closely part of this community and sharing my experiences, thoughts and discoveries on this journey. The feedback from everyone has been incredible—and I’m so grateful that I’m able to share everything with you in real-time each day and week.

That said, I’m always looking for new ways to share and help empower you on your own path. That’s what this blog is all about—I want it to be an inspiring presence in your life, each and every day.


A New Way to Channel Your Passion for Food and Health

One of the things I’ve learned from you and others in the community over the years is how important it is to have a channel or outlet for personal expression. We’re all so passionate about food, health, beauty and the transformation that’s possible with this lifestyle. Yet, so few actually have a way to express that passion and creativity.

Today, I aim to change that.

In my personal experience, once of the most rewarding forms of self-expression for me has been this blog. I started this post by telling you how amazing it is to be able to document and share my travels, or share a new health tip, or a new Beauty Detox recipe—and I mean that with all my heart.

That’s why, starting today, we’re introducing a new opportunity and way for you to be able to do the same in your own life- and very importantly, connect with others in the Beauty Detox community that share the same lifestyle.

Yes—through blogging! Starting today, we’re going to give you access to some tools that will help you learn the A-B-C’s of  food blogging, so that you too can quickly launch your very own Beauty Detox food & health blog. So exciting!!! 

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Why Would I Want to Start Blogging?

Good question! And there are so many reasons. The first is to strengthen your connection to others in the community, and share tasty Beauty Detox recipes that you make, new creative ways you found to modify it and more. Sure, you could post it to Instagram or Facebook, but that’s just to a few friends, and there’s only so much you can say or share.

With a blog, you have total freedom. You can post as many pictures as you want, write as much as you want, and still share it with anyone and everyone—no limits!

Food Blogging is also a fantastic way to document and share your Beauty Detox transformation. I’ve met so many in this community who’ve lost 20, 40, or even 65 lbs or more —and it would be so amazing if they had been able to document the entire process on a blog and share their progress along the way.

Can you imagine how many people you can inspire with your story and journey? I’ve been fortunate enough to inspire people through my personal Beauty Detox transformation — how amazing would it feel if you inspired others also? Imagine the joy you’d feel when people say, “thank you, you’ve inspired me to change my life and lose weight or make better, healthier choices.” Just imagine the hearts you’ll touch with your story!

Just in our Beauty Detox community, we are sitting on such a goldmine of beautiful recipes, pictures, tips, inspiring stories, and so much more. And while social media is amazing, blogging is the single best way for us to collectively share all of that with the world—together!

Especially when you realize how easy it is to get started.

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The Beauty Detox Blogger Revolution

Let me explain exactly what this is, as clearly as possible:

  • First, I encourage you to get access to these powerful free tools you can use to learn the A-B-C’s of food blogging—including how to create and launch your own Beauty Detox blog in a matter of days. (Even if you’re totally “non-technical”and have never done this before.)
  • Becoming a Beauty Detox blogger will help keep you on track with your own eating, and gives you a safe place to share with others in the Beauty Detox community. We’re going to give you a Beauty Detox badge to put at the top of your blog, to denote you are part of our community—and help put you into this strong network so you can constantly be inspired and share.
  • As I explained, blogging is an amazing tool for personal expression and empowerment. It’s your own personal channel (and quite possibly your own business) where you get to share your stories, recipes, pictures, thoughts and journey with the community and world.
  • Blogging is EASY. It’s your own personal diary that, once set up, is as easy to create posts as it is to send out emails. I fit it into my busy schedule, and I know so many others who do as well. You can do it as little as an hour or two per week, tops.

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Next Week Well Be Launching a Special  Club to Support You in this Journey!

This is perhaps the most exciting part of all. Next week, we’ll be creating a special club for anyone who gets started with this process. Here’s how it will work:

Step 1: You’ll need go through this simple A-B-C training on getting your blog up. It breaks down the process in a simple, doable way – so that you quickly see it’s not hard. You should do this today, as it’s very easy to get started.

Step 2: You’ll submit a simple application with your blog name, url and a little about you.

Step 3: Once approved, you’ll get access to a bunch of benefits, including:

  • Monthly Q&A Calls with Me (I’ll answer questions, discuss health topics and share everything I can!)
  • Our unique “Beauty Detox Blogger” badge that you can use on your site.
  • The ability to share your blog in our private Facebook group, which will give you an instant audience!
  • Ability to communicate directly with our amazing new community manager who is super knowledgable and helpful – we’ll be announcing her next week.
  • Invitations to private, in-person meetups that will start in select cities and expand over time
  • Exclusive, informational emails where we share new tools, trends and insights that can help you grow your blog
  • And much, much more.

As you can see, this dimension of the program is pretty amazing – and it’s all about helping you each and every month. I really hope you get your url and apply when we include the application link in next week’s post.

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What to Do Right Now

Getting started and becoming part of the Beauty Detox Blogger Network is easy and is going to be hugely beneficial to you!

For now, all you need to do is go through some of the food blogger training, get your blog url, and then apply to be part of the program next week. There is no cost to join and it’s all about supporting you. We’ll be emailing you a link to the application and it will be in the next blog post we do about this – so definitely look for it.

If you take these steps and make it into the club, again there is no cost. And you’ll get our advice, calls, encouragement, assignments, posting guidelines, and more about how to build and grow your Beauty Detox Blog.

Plus, we’re making some important additions to our own blog content this month, adding new ways to help and support your efforts as you get yours up, and to help spread your thoughts, story and journey on your site and social media channels.

As I said in the beginning, I’m so amazed and honored to have a community filled with such beautiful, authentic, passionate individuals—and the sole purpose of this process is for us to come together, empower each other, and expand in amazing new ways. We are one! 

Thank you so much for your time today, and definitely stay posted for more from on this and all the content we’ll continue to post on the blog.



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