As you know, we’ve been making some BIG changes in the community recently. In addition to the way we post, you’ve probably seen us talk about the blogging movement and how we’re encouraging everyone to be more active in participating, creating and sharing the Beauty Detox Lifestyle.

I hope that you’re as exited as I am about everything that’s happening!

I see you and everyone in this community as united and one. Sure, we have our own individual lives and paths, however, I feel such a connection to everyone here and we share a deep common bond in the way we live, eat and so many of the things we care about. We are on this journey together!

That said, I recognize that not everyone in your life may share this perspective. And that can, at times, lead to feeling like you’re alone when others around you don’t understand why you may make certain food choices, have started doing yoga or meditating, are taking the time each week to blend your big ‘ol Glowing Green Smoothie… or any other choice you make where you put your health first.

That’s one reason why we’ve been looking for ways to support you even more — here on the blog, in our social channels, and in the real world. 

Because I want you to know that you’re never alone and that you always have an amazing community here filled those who care about you on a deep level — who are eager and excited to help you.

That’s Why I’m So Excited to Introduce You to Our Wonderful New Community Manager—My Dear Friend, Katelyn Hughes

To help us with this process and make sure you have all the support you need to be successful, we’ve enlisted the help of a fellow Beauty Detoxer and very good friend of mine, Katelyn.

Her transformation has been amazing! She lost 50lbs after reading The Beauty Detox Solution and The Beauty Detox Foods and adhering to the principles. And she not only transformed physically. Over the years, Katelyn has become so much lighter, happier, more clear about life and passionate about this message.

You can actually read her full story on her blog, — as you can see from her pictures, she’s had quite the transformation. 20140522-223701-81421555

That, combined with her excellent leadership skills, makes her the perfect personal to help me lead this new effort to empower anyone who wants to become part of our network and begin blogging. Katelyn will be active in the Facebook group, helping and encouraging you, answering questions and getting ones to me (I’ll be answering all the ones here on the blog), posting tips, and more. She will also begin organizing the first in-person Beauty Detox meetups, starting in New York but then eventually expanding to many other areas this summer. Yippee!!! Strength in numbers and community :).

Katelyn is amazing! And together, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to succeed right out of the gate.

What To Do Now

This post was just an introduction, I promise you’ll be hearing from Katelyn much more now that she has this role in the community.

Before we wrap this up, I want you to leave with some action steps for today:

1) Welcome Katelyn in the comments below! She is a sweetheart, as you’ll soon see.

2) Make sure you post on the Facebook group, which we initially created for readers of Beauty Detox Foods. Katelyn will be spending a lot of time here and it’s probably the best place to ask questions and get quick feedback on something. If you need an invite, request one on that page and we’ll get you approved.

3) Just like Katelyn did, do your best to pick a good url and get your blog set up. All the instructions can be found right here in the training we linked to previously. As you see from hers, your blog doesn’t need to be super big or elaborate. Just get it started.

This is important because starting next week we’re going to be giving you recipes and other assignments, as well as expanding on the program that we’re offering anyone with a blog.

It’s going to be a really big part of what we do here, and so I want you to be ready so you can participate fully.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and are as excited as I am about Katelyn joining us.

Thanks so much and talk soon!