Hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend. 

We’ve had a great start to the Beauty Detox Blogging program —congratulations to those of you who have gotten started!

At the same time, we’ve had a lot of interest and questions about it…and I sense some hesitation from those of you on the brink, but are unsure about starting. I recognize it’s a new thing and may not be completely clear yet to everyone, so I’m going to use this post to explain a bit more about it and why we’re doing it. Hopefully this makes the process and purpose of it more clear, and helps you get going, so you can join this exciting movement!!!

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The What and Why

First, let me outline what the program is. Simply put, this is a program that helps you create your very own blog/website, where you can share your Beauty Detox story, your personal journey, recipes, pictures, experiences and more.

Sure, we all have free access to social media. But channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others often noisy and build more for short-form content. With a blog, you have unlimited freedom to create, express, and share with the world. This also gives blogs tremendous power in their ability to help others.

That’s a big reason why we’ve created this program. Because, over the years, I’ve seen how my blog started with very humble beginnings and grew into a tool that now helps millions around the world. And I want to help give others access to this same power, even if on a smaller scale. It’s not the size of your blog that counts, but rather, the heart and passion that you share.

Imagine documenting your own transformation, your recipes, your experiences —and then sharing those in a way that helps others in your life, or even total strangers, get inspired to make positive food choices and get healthier. You can make an amazing difference in people’s lives —simply through blogging! And together, our power multiplies and becomes exponential.

This goes to the core of the Beauty Detox mission —to help bring more health, wellness, consciousness and joy to the world —and is one of the many reasons why we’re doing this program with a strong focus on blogging.


Our New Community Manager, Katelyn, Is the Perfect Example!

To understand what I mean, let’s look at our new community manager, Katelyn’s story and blog. When I met Katelyn years ago, I could tell that she had an amazing light inside of her. She was so sweet and dedicated and such a big heart —I couldn’t help but love her! And yet, she struggled with her health. So I gave her my book and didn’t see her for a little while.

Well, the next time I saw her some time after that, I was floored. She had dropped so much weight and looked amazing. Katelyn had taken the book’s advice to heart, made many amazing changes, and had reaped the benefits of this lifestyle. In fact, she tells her story (with before and after pictures), right here on her blog —beautydetoxgirl.com.

A blog is simply the most powerful format for sharing her amazing story —and that will be the same for many others —you included. In addition to supporting you in our Facebook group, on our social channels and more, Katelyn will be blogging right along with you. As you can see, she’s already started by telling her story, posting a recipe and will be doing the assignment each week at the same time you do.

(Btw, there is still time to complete the recipe assignment —which you can see by clicking here. You have until this coming Thursday to complete it and post on your blog, and we’ll announce the winner next week in our next recipe post.)

This way, you have our main blog, Katelyn’s blog and others in the community to learn from and share with each and every week.

What You Get as Part of This Program 

Above all, we want this process and movement to be fun and inspiring. That’s why we’re creating a full blown program exclusively for anyone who sets up their blog and actively participate.

Let me break down everything you get:

  • Access to exclusive live monthly webinars —This is where I’ll share new, cutting-edge information…health tips and secrets…latest/greatest trends and discoveries…my personal experiences and more…this is like “inside access”to what’s happening with me and the movement —and it’s a way for you to know about cool, fun stuff way before everyone else
  • Fun, in-person meetups—Let’s face it, experiences are always better when you can share with friends! And so we want to facilitate you connecting with other liked-minded individuals in this community/movement, make amazing new friendships, and bond. They will start in New York but our goal is to quickly roll out to other cities, and as part of this blogging program, you can apply to lead a group in your area.
  • Exclusive contests—As we grow, we’ll also start creating contests for members where the winner of certain assignments can get prizes. It may be a free membership to a new program, or bottle of one of our products, or something even more special. The goal is to simply reward you and others in the program for your hard work and help keep our fun and excitement levels as high as possible…
  • Early bird access and unique discounts—By being in this program, you’ll also often get the chance to access products and courses we offer —before the rest of the community. On top of that, we’ll give you a VIP discount on select products, provided you’re actively participating each week. 
  • Sharing of your blog with the entire community—If you do a great job with your blog, whether it’s a recipe or story or another post/assignment, another benefit is that we’ll share your blog with the entire community. That’s tens of thousands of real people with the potential to see your blog and be inspired. Amazing!

There will probably be even more perks to being part of this —but as you can see, it’s already pretty awesome. Definitely valuable and something we could charge good money for. But it’s FREE for you, simply for getting your blog up and participating in the process with us.

Are There Any Requirements? Yes.

Of course, the Beauty Detox Blogging Network is not something you just sign up for and then coast along without doing anything —not at all!

We’re offering all these perks, tools and support because we want you to be active in creating content on your blog each week —because that’s how you’ll learn, and it’s how you’ll help transform the lives of others you care about.

Specifically, we expect the following from members:

  • You have an active blog where you post weekly
  • You participate in the weekly assignments
  • Send your url to Katelyn once your assignment is done — email her at beautydetoxgirl (@) gmail dot com 
  • Be part of the Beauty Detox Facebook group
  • Put the Beauty Detox seal of approval somewhere on your blog (don’t worry about this for now, but it will be coming this month!) 
  • Link back to us whenever you use or reference content of ours, including recipes. And add the hasthag #beautydetoxrecipe to post pics of recipe assignments on social! 
  • Join our network email list for updates (we will be sending out a separate email about this list)

As you can see, this requirements are not crazy difficult, yet they do require consistency. And that’s one of the most important aspects of blogging. Your content doesn’t have to be amazing, your writing doesn’t have to be good, your pictures don’t have to be stunning. You just have to be consistent and stick with it as your skills improve and the quality of your blog goes up.

Not before long, you’ll notice an immense improvement in the quality of your blog content and also in your traffic. People will start coming to your blog as a source of  inspiration. And that is so powerful!


All across the world, we are ONE!

Action Steps — What to Do Next!

Now that we’ve covered what this program is, why we’re doing it, what you get and the requirements —I hope everything is clear.

If not, feel free to ask questions below and/or post questions in the Facebook group for Katelyn to answer.

Remember that above all, our mission is to serve and support you. We want to help you transform your body, beauty and life —in a way that’s aligned with your true self, and in harmony with nature.

Thank you so much for being part of this —I can’t wait to share more with you soon!